Top 10 Famous Action Games for Android

Hello Friends, if you are searching for some of the best online and offline action games, you are at the right place because here, we will review some of the best action games for android that you can play online or offline. Some games are very popular, and some are new in this review.

If you want to improve your attention better, then you must play action games. According to a study, the memory and problem solving abilities of people who play games were found to be more than those who never played any game.

Action games today become even more exciting thanks to state-of-the-art 3D graphics and enhanced audio quality. That is why we recommend playing the best action games on your android phone.

Today we have reviewed some of the best action games for android. If you like thrill and adventure, then definitely play these action games.

So, let’s start the review of the best action games.

Best Action Games for Android

In this post, we will be going to review the top 10 best action games for android that are available on the google play store for free. Also, we will share highlighted features of these games and the playing experience for better understanding.

#1. Cover Fire

Best Action Game for Android

Cover Fire is one of the best and most entertaining Action games available for android. This game can be played both online and offline. You will be the leader of your team in the war against terrorists or Zombies.

As you are army chief you have to lead your army in battle with rebels. This shooting game has various weapons and game modes that you can use for gaming. It is one of the best android games in India.

Highlight Features of Cover Fire

  • Online as well as offline game: This game can be played both online and offline.
  • Different type of weapon: The use of different types of weapons like bullet, grenades is very thrilling.
  • Different Modes: The game has the option of complaint mode and action mode. Apart from this, the game also has the option of  multiplayer and tournaments. 
  • Purchase New weapons: You’ll be able to buy new sniper rifles and rocket launchers as you progress through the game. 

Playing experience 

Warlike surroundings and terrain will be experienced while playing this game. The graphics and sound effects of this game have been very impressive. We will battle with our innate intelligence and our defence team to a destructive force called tetracorp to protect the world which will be a very thrilling experience.

#2. Worms Zone

Best Android Action Game

If you want to play more exciting Action games then welcome to Worms Zone. This is one of the best action games for android. You can make your worms the biggest one by collecting various delicious fruits and powerups. You have to take whatever food you see and increase the length of your worm as much as you want. Stay away from other players.

Highlight Features of Worms Zone

  • Power-ups: You’ll find a lot of power-ups inside the gaming arena.
  • Map of Arena: The map of the entire area is given in the top right corner.
  • Your Rank: At the end of game your rank will be displayed.
  • Protect your insect: Once youre snake touch other insect you will loss.
  • Eat More: In the map, you will consume more by going to the area with higher food intensity.

Playing Experience in Worms Zone

It is a very exciting game in which you have to move very carefully keeping in mind both your insects and the high-intensity food area. Even small children can play this game.  It will not require much experience.  The game’s graphics are also very good.

#3. Sniper 3D

Top Rated Action Game

It is one of the best action games for android. Sniper 3D is a snipping game in which you have to kill the target as mentioned. You will never target any innocent civilians.

The game has different modes and you will be able to upgrade your sniper while earning rewards. Also, you can play this game in offline game mode.

Highlight Features of Sniper 3D

  • High Memory: Sniper 3 D is a heavy game with 133 Mb memory.
  • Great Battle locations: This game has very nice battle fields like you see in movies
  • Rewards: You’ll get great rewards as you progress in this game.
  • Game Addiction: This game is so exciting that you will get addicted to it. 
  • Graphics and Sound: The sound and graphics of this game are very good. 

Playing Experience in Sniper 3D

This game is very exciting. While playing this game, you will get the feeling of being a spy or an army soldier. You will get to know about the different types of rifles and you will be able to feel the reality of the scenes seen in the movies.

#4. Free Fire

Best Online Action Game

Free Fire game needs no introduction. This is a top-rated online action game. This game has been downloaded by more than 500 million people on the Google play store. 

In this game, you have to go to an island sitting in a plane and complete your mission by killing the enemies hidden there. if you want to play the best adventure game then must try Free fire.

Highlight Features of Free Fire

  • Many players: There are upto 50 players in this game.
  • Game and Social Platform: This game has a gaming as well as social platform similar to instant messaging where you can chat with friends
  • Vehicles: You can travel faster with vehicles like jeep and trucks
  • Solo or Team operation: You can fight in a squad of up to four players.
  • Less game time: Unlike other games, it takes a maximum of 20 minutes. 

Playing experience in Free Fire

This game runs very well on mobile. The performance of this game is very good due to the transcendent graphics. By playing this game you will feel the operation of which army. You can also play this game by inviting your friends online. Anyone can play this game on any Android device.

#5. Shadow Fight Games

Best Android Action Game

The Shadow Fight action game that has hit the market a long time ago has many updated versions. this is a very nice mobile action game for android. To defeat the opponents, we will select three players who have more fighting abilities. We will choose the appropriate players to fight the opponent tactics. 

Highlight Features of Shadow Fight Games

  • Diverse Hero: Use anyone from sword wielders to bow wielders to dominate your opponent and create your own impressive style and logic game.
  • Various Tactics: Use your brilliant skill and canning behavior anything possible to win the game.
  • Strategic Hunt: Hunt the  monsters that plunk down  powerful gears or buffs.

Playing experience in Shadow Fight Games

This game runs very smoothly on mobile.  The animation of the warrior is very good. Its music is very mesmerizing, changing from calm atmospheric waves to distorted guitar sounds. This combat game is really very enjoyable. It gives a very pleasurable experience to do compensation while being saved from the enemy’s attack.

#6. Hunter Assassin

Best Action Games For Android

Hunter Assassin is a great online action game. It offers great gameplay for Android. You have to control your assassin and kill all the guards. You will use your surroundings and shadows to hide yourself. Each killed enemy will give you a diamond which you will collect to unlock the next stage.  The more gems you get, the more points you will get. 

Highlight Features of Hunter Assassin

  • Control: The control of this game is very simple. Your character can go to someone’s location where you type.
  • Graphics: The graphics of this game are very basic. The graphics don’t change much which can give you dullness
  • Playtime: Each level takes about 20 seconds to complete and there are at least 200 levels in the game.
  • Rewards: In this game, upon completing the level, you will be given rewards so that you can choose even better characters.

Playing Experience in Hunter Assassin

In this game, you finish a level in 15 to 40 seconds. At the end of each level, there will be a promotion. The game is easy in the beginning but it gets harder as you progress through the level. You have to keep your speed very fast to win this game.

#7. Dead Target

Best Action Games For Android

Dead Target is a very interesting and very exciting online action game. This game is full of action and adventure. There will be some very strong stages and levels in this game.

Many zombies have occupied the city, your mission is to kill them all and save the city.  As you kill zombies you’ll get rewards that you can use to buy better weapons and bullets. 

Highlight Features of Dead Target

  • Controls: This game has very good control by both the thumbs. All the controls are given at the bottom portion of the screen.
  • Weaponry: You get a very basic pistol at first but as you progress through the game you will earn more money to purchase more advanced weaponry.
  • Zombies type: There are many type of zombies like worker zombies, homeless zombies, cop zombies, toad zombies, Zombies bat, spider women. zombies, venom zombies, bomber zombies, professor zombies, zombie dogs and bosses.

Playing Experience in Dead Target

On reaching higher levels, some zombies grow in size, which makes them difficult to kill. The creators of this game have not put any promotion in it so that it gives an outstanding experience; this game comes with some casino wheels and watching videos, which you can get rewards by watching.

#8. Gangster Vegas

Best Action Game for Android

Gangster vegas is one of the best online action games. We play this game to become the leader of a gangster gang inside Los vegas city in gangster vegas. You can also purchase houses and property thereby earning money while fighting the criminals and gangsters in Las Vegas city.

Overall it’s a very interesting and fun-loving game that requires very high attention tactics. this game is the package of racing games and action games, you can do missions on this game using bikes and cars.

Highlight Features of Gangstar Vegas

  • Graphics: The graphics of this game is very good for android.
  • Upgrades equipment: You will have some girl and some equipment that you! Can upgrade.
  • Control: The screen of this game is very good so that you will be able to control the game very easily.
  • Graphics and sound: The environment seen in this game and the car look very attractive. Sound quality of this game makes an extra impact.

Playing experience in Gangstar Vegas

Listen carefully to the script of the game and start your mission. Build your team to take over the city of Las Vegas. Explore the map that appears in the game completely. You face different stage zones like races, MMA fights, casino games, and carnage missions. Try to achieve the lethal weapons and vehicles very early.

#9. Critical Ops

Best Android Action Game

It is a top-rated action game for android. Critical Ops is a mobile game in which we kill the opponent with bullets. In this, the battle is fought with the terrorists at a very fast pace. We work as a team to fulfil our mission.

In this game, there are many types of rifle hand grenades which we should know to use very well and according to the opponent we use these weapons. It is one of the best multiplayer games for android.

Highlight Features of Critical Ops

  • Weapons: In this game, you will get a lot of variety of weapons, which we have to get used to.
  • Customize Weapons: In this game we can customize the weapon as per our convenience.
  • Clan System: you can make friends and play against them just by joining a clan. You can play with multiplayers as well.
  • Private Matches: You can even host a private game to play with a friend.

Playing experience in Critical Ops

You will start the game by pressing the play button in the main menu. In this, the option of Quick Game and Custom Game will be available. If you have taken a custom game, then you can customize it according to you. The team that kills the most opponents is the winner.

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#10. World War Heroes

World War Heroes are among the Best action games for android. This game will make you feel like you are fighting a world war. You will be equipped with various types of pistols, machine guns, assault rifles and weapons along with vehicles. 

This game has mesmerizing animation, attractive graphics and better sound quality. Different modes of the game enable users to use more lethal weapons. it is the best action game which available on the google play store.

Highlight Features of World War Heroes

  • Type of Modes: Many modes are inbuilt in this game like hardcore mode, bomb mode , custome mode and many more.
  • Battlefields: 7 legendary world war 2 like battlefields are there in this game.
  • Battle Vehicles: The game has many vehicles brought from various countries like the USA , Russia , Germany and Japan.
  • Weapons: Assault rifles, pistol, Machine guns, shotguns any many more. 

Playing experience in World War Heroes

First of all, we will go to the settings of the game and set it accordingly, like zoom, auto fire. You will choose the weapon. There are many weapons, and they can also be upgraded. You can fight as a soldier of any country from America, Russia, Germany, or Japan.

Final Words

Playing online or offline games is an exciting experience, out of which action games are even more thrilling. All the games mentioned above are fascinating, which you must definitely try. we hope you like the review of the best action games for android, all these games are free, and you can download them from the google play store.

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