10 Super Battery Saver Apps for Android

Hello friends, if you are worried about battery backup due to excessive usage, then you need to use the best battery saver app on your phone. But the main problem is that most battery saver apps are not safe; That’s why we will share some of the best battery saver apps for Android that optimize your battery performance and provide long lasting battery backup.

Modern mobile devices have two main problems: battery drain and short battery life. The Android mobile battery doesn’t last very long for many reasons. 

Even if your smartphone does not have a huge battery, it can still be used to get you through the day. You can monitor the health of your battery by installing a battery monitoring app on your smartphone. And also the Battery saver for android can help you to save your phone battery and provide long battery backup.

So, we have selected some of the Best Battery Saver Apps for Android, that will help you to save your android phone battery.

Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

So, let’s start with our review of the best battery saver apps for Android. Here we will mention some free and paid battery saver apps. Some battery saver apps have an in-app purchase option for advanced features. You can download all these apps from the google play store or Apple Apps store for free.

#1. AccuBattery App

Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

AccuBattery offers detailed battery monitoring and a “charge alarm” to prevent you from overcharging. A quick overview of the battery status can be accessed by users. It will also stop other apps from secretly using more battery power. 

Your phone will not be used for unneeded battery consumptions. It will also keep your phone clean and your phone will work faster. This battery saver app will ensure that your battery charges faster than ever before.

Features of AccuBattery App

  • Battery Details: This includes battery percentage, charge percentage in mAh, temperature, and estimated runtimes, based on past usage.
  • Detailed Report: AccuBattery analyzes your battery status and shows you the detailed report including how much time your battery will last.
  • Extends Battery Life: The app is designed to extend battery life by recommending those apps which consume more power and it also stops them from running in the background.

Pros and Cons of AccuBattery App


Detailed Report of Battery
Free To Download
Stops unused apps running in background
Consumes less RAM
Increase phone performance


Take some time to calculate accurate readings

#2. Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

Best Android Battery Saver App

Kaspersky Battery Life is a mobile utility developed by Kaspersky Lab, a computer security company which produces the best battery saver app android. This app is a battery monitor and a battery extender, by trying to kill battery-consuming applications from the background. 

Kaspersky battery life is the Best battery app for android to save your battery. This vital battery-saving app for Android devices is known for giving accurate information about your battery levels. It also calculates how long your smartphone can be used. 

Features of Kaspersky Battery Life App

  • Closes Apps: It will automatically close any app that consumes more power. You can use the battery saving mode to extend your battery life.
  • Battery Details: Kaspersky Battery Life shows you your current charge, estimated runtime, and expected battery life based on your use patterns. 
  • Apps Usage Details: You can choose to whitelist or shut them down. It will notify you if any app is using more power. It can also control background applications. 

Pros and Cons of Kaspersky Battery Life App


Battery Life Prediction
Battery Saver Mode
Automatically closes unused apps
Charge Level in Notification Bar


Delay scanning 

#3. Battery App (By Macro Pinch)

Best Battery Saver App For Smartphones

Battery is a sleek, elegant, and small app that allows you to monitor the battery level on your Android device and can even be used as a battery-saving tool. 

It is one of the most used and Best battery app for android, as it works as Battery saver as well as Battery consumption details giver.

You can also view the charging consumption of various applications in the app. You will get memory cleaning support along with battery-saving. 

Features of Battery App

  • Simple UI: Battery’s UI is simple, yet extremely practical. It also calculates how long you can watch videos, play a game, or listen to songs with the estimated battery life.
  • Boost Option: There is a boost option in the app. The boost option will maximize the charging capacity once you have pressed it.
  • Battery Information: You will also be able to view all information regarding the battery.

Pros and Cons of Battery App


Lock Screen Widget
Battery Saver Mode
Lightweight App
Battery Health status


Low in performance

#4. Battery HD App

Best Battery Saver App Android

Battery HD is one of the most amazing Battery save for android. This is because it shows how much battery you have and how much use you can expect to get from that charge. 

It also shows how much battery charge has been consumed over time. Battery HD, unlike other apps, is all about monitoring. It doesn’t have any battery-saving features or dodgy task killers. 

Battery HD app provide long lasting battery backup when you play games on your Android phone.

Features of Battery HD App

  • Automatic Adjusts: It can be adjusted to suit the device type. 
  • Monitor Battery: It not only displays your battery percentage but also shows you your battery usage times and patterns. 
  • Various Uses: Battery HD displays run times for various use cases, including gaming, video, GPS, and can display temperature and voltage.

Pros and Cons of Battery HD App


Monitor Battery Performance
Details in Notification Bar
Voice alerts
Free to use App



#5. Battery Doctor App

Free Battery Saver For Android

Battery Doctor is a popular and Best battery app for android that offers many features such as 1-tap Power Optimization and Monitor Charging Status, Control Power Draining apps, Battery Remaining time, and Kill apps when the screen’s off. 

This app offers a multitude of free features, making it the best option. You’ll notice the clean interface as soon as you open the app. The Saver tab shows you how much of your battery life is left. 

It includes a 1-Touch task killer that maximizes battery life by closing all background apps and clearing cache. 

Features of Battery Doctor App

  • Easy To Use: Battery Doctor is an easy-to-use app that can be used for a variety of purposes
  • Real Time Monitor: There is also a real-time monitor that estimates how much usage time you can get from each remaining charge (based upon the task nature), and a scientific charging monitor.
  • Extend Battery Life: This helps extend and save your mobile battery life. As doctors are supposed to save lives, the Battery Doctor app can help save your phone’s battery. 

Pros and Cons of Battery Doctor App


1-Tap Power Optimization
Monitor Charging status
Control Power Draining Apps
Easy To Use User Interface
Monitor Battery Performance


Can’t Shows estimated data of remaining time of battery

#6. Green Battery Saver App

Best Battery Saver App

Green Battery Saver is an app with tons of features. This app is professionally designed to increase your battery life by up to 50%. That is why it is the Best battery app for android.

It optimizes the use of your battery. Green Battery  Saver app can be used with advanced settings. You can use a one-tap battery feature to increase your battery life. 

Green Battery also offers a configurable battery saving mode. You will also receive memory cleaning support.

Features of Green Battery Saver App

  • Phone Brightness: The app will keep your phone’s brightness level constant. 
  • Manage Your Device: It allows you to manage Android devices from one place. 
  • Junk Cleaner: The Junk Cleaner utility can delete cache files, while the Memory Booster utility optimizes your phone’s speed.

Pros and Cons of Green Battery Saver App


Manages Wi-Fi, Data etc
Battery life Indicator
Battery booster mode
Monitor Battery Performance



#7. Battery Saver & Charge Optimizer App

Battery Saver for Android

Popular battery-saving apps and Best battery apps for android are Battery Saver $Charge Optimizer. This app also offers a flip-saving option that turns off the battery saving feature. 

Android Battery saver & charge optimizer is a Battery save for android specially designed to fully-feature an optimizer app. Flip & Save helps you save energy and optimize battery consumption. 

Features of Battery Saver & Charge Optimizer App

  • Flip & Save: You can personalize the Flip & Save app to increase your battery life, making it last longer, and saving up to 50% on energy. 
  • Monitor Applications: The app will monitor all applications and give you a report on their battery usage. 
  • Notification: It will notify you when your battery is low or full. The app has all the features you need to be a battery doctor for your smartphone.

Pros and Cons of Battery Saver & Charge Optimizer App


Monitor Battery Performance
Boost Battery life
Battery Status Notifications
Easy to use Application
Flip & Save


App contains Ads

#8. DU Battery Saver App

Super Battery Saver App

The DU Battery Saver app is the Best android battery saver app. It has a Smart preset mode feature that allows you to choose from a variety of options that best suit the use of battery power. 

You can optimize your device with a variety of features, including this versatile battery saver. This battery saver app features smart pre-set power management modes, one touch controls, healthy battery charging stage, Battery Saver & Battery Monitoring, smart charge and fight against deceptive advertisements. 

Features of DU Battery Saver App

  • Increase Battery Life: This app can increase your battery life by up to 50%, according to the company. 
  • Healthy Charge Master: This battery saver also comes with Healthy Charge Master, which allows you to track charging status.
  • Apps Identifier: It can identify apps that are consuming the battery and close them.

Pros and Cons of DU Battery Saver App


Organizes Brightness, Data and More.
Boost Battery life
Battery Status Notifications
Free To Download
Various Battery Modes


Requires large space

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#9. Dfndr Battery App

Best Battery Saver App for Android

Dfndr battery, which is a battery app that can also act as an energy saver and provide useful information about your battery’s state, is one of the best Battery saver free for android. 

You can also conserve energy during a full day of usage. If you need to keep your smartphone’s battery charged for a longer time, the dfndr Battery Saver App is a good choice. This app saves battery life by allowing you to create a profile that is intelligent and customizable.

Features of Dfndr Battery App

  • Optimizes Background Process: This app optimizes the background process of the phone to ensure that the phone remains stable.
  • Close Apps from Background: The app forces you to close any background apps or services that drain your battery.
  • Increases Battery Life: It also lowers the screen brightness to conserve battery and increase the life of your device.

Pros and Cons of Dfndr Battery App


Battery Monitor Feature
Customizable performance profiles
Screen-saving feature
Power Saving Mode


Inconsistent Malware protection
Several Ads

#10. Battery Saver-Ram Cleaner, Booster, Monitoring App

Free Battery Saver For Android

Battery Saver works as Ram Cleaner, Booster, Monitoring. This Android app is a battery saver app specially developed to fully-featured charge apps. It is the Best android battery saver app.

Battery Saver 2021 offers a variety of battery optimizing modes. It also manages battery-draining apps that can help extend your battery life. 

It is a saving app that has been specifically designed to be a fully-featured charging app. It also cleans your junk files, cache data and boosts the performance of your phone, these features work as an Antivirus for Android phones.

Features of Battery Saver App

  • Battery Monitor: The Battery Monitor feature shows you the battery usage of apps running in the background and in the foreground in real-time to show how long your phone can last and check your battery health.
  • Battery Optimization Modes: There are a variety of battery optimization modes that can be used to meet your daily needs (Balanced mode or Sleep mode, Standby mode). 
  • Auto Optimization: This app also can optimize the battery and clears junk files. Also cools down the CPU.

Pros and Cons of Battery Saver App


Battery monitor
Auto Optimization
Several Optimization Modes
Free to use
Increase the battery life


Several Ads in Free Version

Final Words

So these are some of the Best Battery Saver Apps for Android and almost every application listed above is Battery saver free for android. You can download any of these free from Google Play Store and use them to save and increase your android phone battery life.

Well, with the main battery saving features, all these applications are also capable of closing the applications running in the background. But you can also limit these features if you don’t want any app to be close. And there are several more features too with which you can enhance the battery of your phone.

Now it’s your turn to select any of these Best android battery saver apps and install them on your device.

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