10 Best Cooking And Recipe Apps To help You Cook New Dishes Daily

Hello Friends, if you love to cook food every day, you can explore some cooking and recipe apps that will help you provide exciting recipes and cooking ideas every day. Here, we will share some of the best cooking and recipe apps for android that includes cooking videos and pre-built food recipes. Everyone can download and save these recipes for free.

Best Cooking And Recipe Apps for Android

So, let’s start the review of the best cooking and recipe apps for android.

#1. Tasty App

Best Free Food Recipe App

Tasty App is one of the Best Cooking And Recipe Apps for Android with more than 3000 recipes. This app can be your guide for Cooking. This app comes with different recipes and instructions to cook them.

This Cooking Recipe App can be your cooking coach, and help you cook delicious food. Without having any previous experience in Cooking. This app also comes with a special mode to keep the screen awake while you are cooking.

Highlight Features of the Tasty App

  • Personalize meals: You can personalize your meals in categories like vegetarian and non-vegetarian.
  • Save recipes: This feature allows you to save recipes so that you can try them later.
  • Customer support: Tasty has the best customer service. If you face any problem, you can directly contact them.
  • Ingredient search: You can search the recipe using the ingredients used in it.

Pros and Cons of the Tasty App


  • More than 3000+ recipes.
  • The screen will never sleep while cooking
  • Personalize meals
  • Update new recipes every day


  • The app can sometimes crash due to Bugs

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#2. Cookpad App: 500,000+ easy recipes in 6 languages

Best Cooking And Recipe App for Android

Cookpad App is the Best App For Recipes, and these recipes are shared to improve the lives of people who cook daily in their homes. This app consists of more than 5,00,000 recipes. 

New recipes are updated each day. This Best Cooking And Recipe Apps for Android is available in 6 languages. This is the best app to guide yourself while cooking. You can search for recipes, and like a social media app, you can add your comments for the recipe. 

Highlight Features of the Cookpad App

  • Upload recipe: You can upload your own recipe to the app. So that others can use your recipe.
  • Chef recipes: The app has millions of users, including chefs, and they upload their recipes.
  • Photo sharing: You can also share photos with other home cooks and grow your cooking skills together.
  • Promote recipe: This app will also promote your recipe on social media if it is loved by many.

Pros and Cons of Cookpad App


  • 5,00,000+ recipes and new recipes daily.
  • Save your favorite recipes.
  • Follow other home chefs.
  • Cooking with the community.
  • Learn cooking from experts.


  • The App takes time to load.

#3. Cookbook Recipes App

Best Free Food Recipe App

Cookbook Recipes App is the best Cooking Recipe App. It gives you step-by-step instructions to make your recipe with pictures. There are thousands of free healthy food recipes for you to choose from.

This cooking guide is the best android companion for your kitchen to make new recipes. It can be used by professions, families, and bachelors. Get healthy recipes that can reduce your stress and help weight loss. it is one of the best diet food apps in India.

Highlight Features of Cookbook Recipes App

  • Short recipe: Most recipes won’t take more than 15 minutes to make.
  • Recipe manager: The option can help you manage your recipes based on their energy value.
  • Allergy ingredients: Unlike other apps, this app shows all the allergenic ingredients used in the recipe.
  • Create plans: Select your own meal plans for holidays and special days.

Pros and Cons of Cookbook Recipes App


  • Allergy-free foods.
  • Create a shopping list.
  • 5-minute recipes to cook.
  • Diet recipes for weight loss.
  • Nutritional and low cholesterol recipes.


  • No big difference between free and paid apps.

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#4. Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools

Best Cooking And Recipe App for Android

Yummly App is one of the Best offline Indian Cooking Apps which also acts as a smart cooking app. It comes with customizable meal plans and goals, and it also has personalized recipes and recommendations on recipes.

You can also use the smart shopping lists with Best Cooking And Recipe Apps for Android. With this app, you can make multiple recipes in 30 minutes and surprise everyone with your amazing cooking skills.

Highlight Features of the Yummly App

  • Smart planning: Smart planning allows you to follow a diet with nutrition and required proteins.
  • Personalized recommendation: It can recommend you different recipes based on your meal schedule.
  • Digital Chef Book: Create your own digital recipe book from more than thousands of recipes.
  • Timely notification: It can give you timely notification on when the food will get cooked and when to stop cooking.

Pros and Cons of the Yummly App


  • Search Recipes through voice commands
  • Assisting timers and alerts.
  • Add recipes from the internet.
  • User-friendly app interface.
  • Guidance for beginners


  • No Cooking instructions for some recipes.

#5. Kitchen Stories App: Cooking tasty & healthy recipes

Best Free Food Recipe App

Kitchen Stories App is one of the Best Cooking And Recipe Apps for Android. It is already used by millions of users and it can teach you cooking and will also inspire you.

These Best Free Food Recipe Apps can turn beginners into experts. This app is the Best Apps For Cooking and it is also used for finding more recipes. You can upload your cooking video and show everyone your talent.

Highlight Features of the Kitchen Stories App

  • Tricks and tips: Follow the tips and tricks that are updated in this app daily.
  • Instructional videos: It will guide you to cook with its step-by-step instructional video cooking.
  • Measurement: Use the measurement option to measure the number of ingredients required for each meal serving. 
  • Share experience: Upload photos of your recipe and share your experience with others.

Pros and Cons of Kitchen Stories App


  • Connect with the foodie community.
  • Comes with various cooking mode
  • More than 1000 food recipes are added daily.
  • Publish your recipes
  • Create your grocery list


  • App crashes sometimes
  • It contains ads.

#6. ChefTap App: Recipe Clipper, Planner and Grocery List

Best Cooking And Recipe App for Android

ChefTrap App is a well-organized best Cooking Recipe App for Android that is used by many all around the world to learn Cooking. This Best Apps For Cooking can grab any recipe from any website without any problem.

This extraordinary app can help you plan your whole week, and then you can use the recipe clipper and meal planner for Cooking and executing the new things you learned in Cooking.

Highlight Features of the ChefTap App

  • Auto Grocery list: Just add the ingredients, and the list will automatically differentiate the items based on product, spice, etc.
  • Free pro trial: Don’t worry about paying to use the free pro version for 30 days as a trial.
  • Recipes: This Best App For Recipes comes with several recipes and instructions to cook. 
  • Autosuggestion: If you forget some item, then the app will suggest you buy the item.

Pros and Cons of ChefTap App


  • Sync with other devices.
  • Make your favorite recipe list.
  • More than 1000 food recipes update every day
  • Use online and offline.
  • 30-day free premium trial.


  • The Pro version is much better than the free version

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#7. Paprika Recipe Manager 3

Best Free Food Recipe App

Paprika Recipe Manager 3 app is an all-rounder Best App For Recipes. Create your own recipes by combining different ingredients and make new recipes for you to try. It allows you to cook the recipe as per the requirement, so no wastage.

Paprika App can be considered as the best Offline Indian Cooking Apps, and it can help you cook a variety of dishes irrespective of the country where you are. Search and organize your recipes easily without any issues.

Highlight Features of Paprika Recipe App

  • Pantry mode: Use the pantry to know and keep a note on the ingredients that are available and know when they will expire. 
  • Timer: This timer can help you with directions to cook and will help you to cook tasty meals.  
  • Share Recipes: This app allows you to share recipes with others through the mail.
  • Cloud sync: You can save your data in the cloud and prevent any loss.

Pros and Cons of Paprika Recipe App


  • Keep track of your meals.
  • Use the app without the internet.
  • Create grocery list
  • Screen on during cooking or reading recipes


  • The free version can save only 50 recipes.

#8. Recipe Keeper App

Best Apps For Cooking

Recipe keeper App is the Best Free Food Recipe App for Android that allows you to copy and paste recipes from other apps or documents. Categorize each recipe and add it to your favorite list in this Best Cooking And Recipe Apps for Android. 

This is the best way to collect recipes and store them safely so that you can cook the meal when you like. This Best Apps For Cooking is also available for tablets and windows.

Highlight Features of Recipe Keeper App

  • Scan: Use this app to scan the recipe from magazines, cookbooks, and even handwritten notes. 
  • Instant recipes: This app also comes with instant recipes to make within a few minutes with this Best app For Cooking.  
  • Calculate ingredients: This option allows you to calculate the required ingredients to make the dish taste better.
  • Shopping made simple: This app can be your best companion in case you go shopping.

Pros and Cons of Recipe Keeper App


  • Share recipes with different devices.
  • Add video links to the recipe.
  • Keeps the app awake while cooking.
  • Scan Recipes and Meal Planner


  • You have to sync your data manually.

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#9. My Recipe Box App: RecetteTek – Cookbook

Best Free Food Recipe App

My Recipe Box App is one of the Best Apps For Cooking and capturing new recipes which has made finding new recipes easier than ever. It has its own library to manage all the recipes.

This Best Cooking And Recipe App for Android can also import dishes from other cooking sites and make recipes based on that. Use several filters to categorize the ingredients and directly add the items to your shopping list.

Highlight Features of My Recipe Box App

  • Own recipes: This app allows you to add your own recipes to your favorite recipe list. 
  • Share recipe: You can share your own recipes with others by mail.  
  • Backup: This option helps you to back up your recipes easily so that you don’t have to worry about losing them.
  • Quantity calculator: This app can calculate the number of ingredients required automatically.

Pros and Cons of My Recipe Box App


  • Plan weekly recipes
  • Add video links to the recipe.
  • Categorize the recipes.
  • Add your own recipe.
  • Recipes as per ingredients.


  • Can’t upload recipes to Drive.

#10. Cookmate App – Recipe manager

Best Cooking And Recipe App for Android

Cookmate App is one of the Best Cooking And Recipe Apps for Android. You can store all your food recipes in one place. You can also search for the recipes and import them to other devices.

The cookbook is the best Offline Indian Cooking Apps that can be a guide and companion in Cooking. You can add your own recipes and add photos and comments to them using the Best Free Food Recipe Apps.

Highlight Features of the Cookmate App

  • Create a shopping list: This app allows you to create your own personal shopping list. 
  • Scale the ingredient: Depending on the members, scale the number of ingredients required.
  • Instant meals: This Offline Indian Cooking App allows you to cook instant meals with minimum ingredients.  
  • Share recipes: This app allows you to add 60+ recipes and one shopping list to the cloud.

Pros and Cons of the Cookmate App


  • Invite your friends.
  • Create shopping list
  • Categorize the recipes
  • Speech recognition feature
  • More recipes to select from.


  • It contains too many ads.

Final Words

So Guys, the review of the best cooking and recipes apps for android ends here; we hope you like the review. You can download all these apps from the google play store for free.

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What are the best cooking and recipes apps for android?

List of the Best Cooking And Recipe Apps for Android.

1. Tasty App
2. Cookpad App
3. Cookbook Recipes App
4. Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools
5. Kitchen Stories App
6. ChefTap App
7. Paprika Recipe Manager 3
8. Recipe Keeper App
9. My Recipe Box App
10. Cookmate App

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