Top 10 Best Dating Apps For Find A True Loving Partner

Hello friends, if you want to meet new people and want to go on a date with a new partner, then you must definitely check out the dating app. If you are searching for dating apps, then you are at right place because here, we will share best dating apps in India.

Every day, the online dating trend in India is growing. Even in these times, when everyone is at home, why not work online, study online, and make friends online?

If you are bored at home and live alone, it is a good idea to have someone to talk with through dating apps. Because Your mental health can be affected if you stay alone, especially if you have the stress of work and not possible to meet your old friends.

So, get the phone and instal a dating app and meet new people because it is easy to make a new friend online via the app.

In this article, we will discuss the Best Dating Apps In India. These apps can help you meet your perfect match for Online Dating. 

Let’s start the article with the review of dating apps.

#1. Happn App

Best Dating App in India

Happn is one of the Top Dating Apps In India, it uses your phone’s GPS location to find similar matches for Online Dating. 

Each time you meet someone, their profile will appear at the top of your feed. It’s similar to Highlight but for dating. Happn users can connect with other Happn users, who are also connected throughout the day. 

It’s a match if both users like the profile of each other. Happn’s user experience is more fortunate and imitates real-life dating in some ways. Happn is one of the most popular dating apps in India. It shows you nearby people. it is the most popular and top app in India.

#2. Tinder App

Top Dating App in India

Tinder is India’s most loved dating app. Its user base is rapidly growing. It is the ultimate dating app for those who are searching for an Online Date. 

Users can find single people near them by swiping to the left or right. Tinder matches are made when two people find each other attractive and they can chat in person. 

Tinder also offers video calling

Video calls can only be made if both of you choose to use them. If the person isn’t comfortable speaking with one another, it is possible to unmatch them. 

Tinder’s Free version gives you limited swipes and limited access to singles within your area. Tinder Premium is a premium online dating service that takes your experience to the next level with unlimited swipes. 

#3. OkCupid App

Best App for Dating

OkCupid, an international dating platform, is available in 113 different countries. It is also one of the oldest dating apps still available. OkCupid is the best dating app in India because it has over 10 million users, and it’s free to download. You can meet people from all over the world, or only in your area.

This app will ask you many questions in order to find the right matches. These questions have been localized to ensure that they are applicable to Indian users. 

OkCupid, unlike other dating apps which rely more heavily on pictures, uses the set of questions that both users answer to discover perfect matches

The app is also very concerned about privacy and security.. 

#4. Bumble App

Best Dating App in India

Bumble is an online dating app, which was founded in 2014 by a former Tinder executive. Bumble, like Tinder, uses a swipe left/swipe right model to help users find and match perfect partners.

 It is possible to swipe right to like someone’s profile.

Video chats can be started after you start the conversation. The app allows users to send videos and photos within the conversation. 

Bumble does not allow the male to move first, but the girl must send the message first. Bumble is one of the free and best Indian dating apps

#5. Hinge App

Top Dating App in India

Hinge is a matchmaking dating app that allows users to connect with other singles based on their interests. Hinge is the perfect way to meet someone who shares your passions, and more importantly, who gets you. Hinge uses Facebook  Account to sign up, then matches you up with friends. 

It will then suggest friends based on their friendship chain. It will give you suggestions based on your friend’s list on Facebook. It is useful if you are not able to approach the person directly but know them well. 

Hinge creates a timeline of photos and other interests that people can see. It allows individuals to approach you based only on shared interests.  People can view your timeline and click on the “Like” button to add you to their timeline. If someone likes any item on your timeline, they will notify you. And you can chat with that person and then can Date.

#6. TrulyMadly App

Best Dating App

TrulyMadly is another one of the top dating apps in India, similar to Tinder. It has a few of the same features as Tinder

TrulyMadly can also be used as a Good dating app for India. It takes the verification of profiles seriously. Before making a profile live, it asks for proof of identity documents. Once your profile is created, it will display your matches. 

You can like or even pass on a profile just like Tinder. You can chat with the person you like if you are interested in their profile. But it is very secure and does not allow for fake profiles. TrulyMadly verifies its users using a trust-based score. Your photos are safe, as nobody can download or take a screenshot of your photos. 

#7. Woo App

India’s Top Dating App

Woo is another amazing dating app. It only focuses on placing well-educated professionals in its network. 

It has a voice intro, and Questions & Answers, as well as Direct Messaging, features. You can even make voice calls with this app. Voice calls can be made by girls without having to share the numbers. 

It never shares the number, name, or geographic location of any woman. Women can now meet online with their partners while remaining secure and comfortable

It also has a swipe left or right feature to like or dislike the profile. Matches are made when both the persons like each other’s profile. Two people can have a conversation after a match. 

Final Words

So, these all applications are some of the Best Dating Apps In India with which you can find your soulmate for Online Dating.  These apps are used by millions of people across India.

The majority of apps available on the play store are only made to just collect user data and earn money. That is why you should avoid downloading random dating apps. The applications listed above are genuine and the best dating apps in India. 

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