Best Food Delivery Apps in India

People are concerned to learn about suitable food delivery apps that deliver food to their doorstep because for some reason they do not cook at home or due to an epidemic they do not want to go out to get food.

If you too are looking for online food delivery apps that deliver food at cheap rates, then you are in the right place because in this article we will review some of the best food delivery apps in India.

All these apps are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store you can install them for free and its user interface is easy to use.

List of the Top Demanding Food Delivery Apps

Food apps are an essential part of life in today’s world. There are many online food delivery apps in India. Some of the best online food delivery apps in India have been listed below:

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Zomato Food Delivery App

Best Online Food Delivery App

Zomato is an online food ordering app and the best food delivery app in India. It is a multinational company, which is currently operating in 25 countries, including India.

Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah founded it in July 2008. It is present in almost all the major cities of the country.

There are many unique features in the app that make it the best food delivery app. You can rate the restaurant or the food. You often get discounts which save your money.

One of the best qualities of this food delivery app is to subscribe to Golden membership, which gets you up to 40% of discount, one meal free with one meal, and two drinks free with two drinks.

You can even make a reservation in one of the most prominent restaurants around India. These qualities make Zomato the best candidate among food apps in India.

Want online food delivery fast? Then Zomato must be your food delivery app. Zomato app provides online food delivery quickest doorstep delivery of your favorite food, making it best among other food delivery apps.

Zomato food delivery app allows you to discover a new restaurant, dishes, cuisine around your city. Zomato provides you contactless online food delivery of your favorite food and dining.

It offers accessible tracking services and exciting offers and discounts over online food delivery, and safe and hygienic food following all the sanitation processes concerning customer health.

Zomato app is available on both Play Store and App Store to install. The app’s interface is user-friendly and takes the lead among many other online food delivery apps in India.

Zomato provides the option of being a Zomato pro member to get extra benefits over your online food delivery.

Zomato food ordering app also delivers groceries from a supermarket near and far with less than 1hour delivery time.

Besides ordering your food from the favorite restaurant, you can now book the table without standing in a long queue. Zomato is rated number one among other online food delivery apps.

Benefits of ordering Food from Zomato App:

  • Safe and Secure food delivery process.
  • Contactless delivery for every order.
  • They deliver food packages with tight seals.
  • Thousands of restaurant brands are listed in the Zomato app.
  • You get your food in under one hour.
  • food order Live tracking via the Zomato app.
  • They deliver clean and hygienic food.
  • They provide discount coupons and offers.
  • Cash on delivery and other Multiple payments options.
  • You can book a table in a restaurant if you are a Zomato pro member.

Swiggy Food Delivery App

Swiggy Food Delivery App

Swiggy is another food ordering app in India. Zomato and Swiggy are rivals. With 10M+ downloads on Play Store, it is one of India’s most top-rated food ordering apps. It was founded by Nandan Reddy and Sriharsa Majety in 2013.

It offers many filters. Thus, if you have a tight budget, you can always set the price filters to your range and enjoy the most delicious meals on your doorstep. It is available countrywide in India, including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and many more.

The offers and discounts provided by the app are jaw-dropping, and the number of choices is countless. It has safe services for payment, including cash on delivery, or online delivery by debit card, and other online fund transfer mediums.

Get your online food delivery along with groceries and essential goods online through the Swiggy food delivery app.

Swiggy food ordering app gives you a safe and hygienic method of online food delivery in the minimum time possible making it popular among other food delivery apps.

Swiggy food ordering app is one of the food apps with no minimum order condition to order no matter how minimum their order is. Swiggy gives late-night deliveries and provides live tracking of your order.

Swiggy food delivery app offers you freebies, cash backs, discounts, and other deals on your online food delivery; other food delivery apps do not give that.

The free app is available for download on both the Play Store and App Store. Its creators care a lot about the customer’s needs to make such an inspiring and friendly app.

Benefits of ordering Food from Swiggy App:

  • No minimum order condition.
  • No contact delivery.
  • It has top cuisines and categories.
  • They deliver clean and hygienic food.
  • You get tight food packing.
  • You get groceries and other essentials along with food.
  • Popular restaurants are available on Swiggy.
  • You can track orders via live tracking in App.
  • They provide discounted coupons and offers for every meal.
  • Well-dressed and educated delivery partners.
  • They are available in 500+ cities in India.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Dunzo Food Delivery App

Online Food Delivery App

Dunzo is also a food ordering app in India. It is one of those food apps which offer many services in addition to food delivery from restaurants. This online food delivery apps can deliver groceries, vegetables, medicine, and many more. It was founded in July 2014 by Kabir Biswas.

If older adults have to order their medicine, they can easily do so with one click. It also has one more service that is not related to food. The service is called Dunzo Bike Taxi, which is very useful when stuck in traffic or broke, as the fares for bike taxis are very low.

Dunzo food delivery app provides anything anytime at your doorstep, which makes it popular among other food delivery apps.

Dunzo allows online food delivery from any restaurant of your choice with a safe, hygienic delivery method. Apart from online food delivery, the Dunzo food delivery app gets your fresh groceries and vegetables in 30 minutes at your door.

Unlike other food apps, the Dunzo food delivery app gives you services like send packages anywhere in the city, fresh meat from the supermarket, medicines from the best chemist at a discounted rate, pet supplies from the store.

Dunzo gives you a bike ride to travel anywhere in the city at a low price, making it a popular, affordable, pocket-friendly, and most valuable food delivery app.

Benefits of ordering Food from Dunzo App:

  • Get food delivery from top hotels in the city.
  • You can order medicines and groceries from local shops.
  • Get your food delivery in under 30 minutes.
  • You can send food packages anywhere in the city.
  • You get your food in good and tight packaging.
  • They provide in-app discount coupons and offers for every order.
  • Get up to 50% discount on every meal.
  • Trusted, educated, and hygienic delivery partners.
  • No minimum order condition.
  • Flexible payment option either you can make online or offline.

EatSure (Faasos) Food Delivery App

EatSure Best Food Delivery App

Faasos is a company that offers a food delivery app called “EatSure,” which is available on Play Store and App Store. It was founded in 2011 by Jaydeep Burman and Kallol Banerjee.

Since its existence, people have loved this food delivery app, and many moved from food apps like Swiggy and Zomato to this small startup. It has thousands of customers in big cities where it operates.

One of the leading causes of its success is its wide range of choices and ability to track your order. The app also offers a premium service, namely, Bolt, which gives its user many benefits. One such use is that if you don’t get your food within 30 minutes of your order, you get it for free.

EatSure food delivery app provides 100% safe online food delivery with UV sure bags, ensuring customers’ and employees’ protection, making it different from other food apps.

It can provide online food delivery from multiple restaurants in one order, unique among other food delivery apps.

This Online food delivery app gives the best price on your top restaurants and provides super points which you can redeem to get beneficial offers.

Unlike other food delivery apps, the EatSure food delivery app takes party orders at the best discount price, making it the best among other online delivery apps.

EatSure food ordering app has a user-friendly interface, easy tracking options, and customize online food delivery options.

Benefits of ordering Food from Eatsure App:

  • You can order food from multiple restaurants at the same time.
  • It provides 100% safety and security.
  • They deliver meals at affordable rates.
  • You can track your orders in the app.
  • They check the food quality before packing.
  • Multiple payment options are available.
  • 24/7 Customer support via chat or phone call.

Box8 Food Delivery App

Box8 Online Food Delivery App

Box8 was started in 2014 by Amit Raj and Anshul Gupta and is currently operating in some big Locations: Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, and Pune. It is famous because of the insane number of abilities it provides to its users. It is the best online food delivery app in India.

Its timing is very flexible, it closes at 1 am. Thus, late-night meals are not a problem anymore. It accepts big meal offers. So, if you forgot to order food for your party, it is the perfect food delivery app.

Box8 food delivery app has a night delivery option operational till 1 AM for online food delivery. Box8 promises 28 minutes to deliver time faster than other online food-providing apps.

Many discount and promo codes are provided to its user daily, which offers up to 50% off, it may cost even less in many cases!

Want to experience the irresistible taste and super convenient online food delivery, then Box8 food delivery app is the best among other food delivery apps.

Box8 food delivery app provides a heavy discount on your order with super-fast online food delivery. Box8 food ordering app provides hand-picked meals quickly to carry box never offered by any other food apps.

Like other food delivery apps, it also gives a wide range of restaurants, food, cuisines options, and different payment methods, and hassle-free online food delivery.

Box8 food ordering app provides, refer and earn opportunity where credits can be redeemed while giving your next order making it renowned among other food delivery apps.

Benefits of ordering Food from Box8 App:

  • Get food delivery safe at your doorsteps.
  • It is India’s largest desi meal delivery app.
  • Trusted and safe food delivery app.
  • Get super fast delivery in 28 minutes.
  • They provide many discount coupons like Meal200, Flat200, and more.
  • They can deliver your order even at late night.
  • Wide range of restaurants listed here.

Domino’s Food Delivery App

Domino’s Food Delivery App

Everyone knows Domino’s as the top pizza makers around the world. The once-call-ordered service has now been given the face of a food app. The food ordering app is available to download from Play Store and App Store.

It is one of the best online food delivery apps in India. this pizza venture was founded in 1960 by James and Tom Monaghan.

It provides order-based discounts as well as discounts on special events. The worldwide renowned Pizza company is known for its quality and deliciousness. This deliciousness can now be provided without any hassle and with one click. It is indeed the best food ordering app in India.

Domino’s Pizza delivery app gives safe, convenient online food delivery at your doorstep. Domino’s food ordering app maintains sanitation protocol keeping in mind the health of customers and employees.

Domino’s Online food delivery app gives zero contact delivery and easy order tracking. This helps to save your favorites and offers a wide range of pizza and other food items.

Domino’s app allows customers to customize their pizza completely, making it unique from other food delivery apps. Domino’s provides a one-click reorder of your previous order and delivers it the same to enjoy your order.

Late-night online food delivery with the quickest time possible offers Domino’s Pizza delivery app to be better than other online food delivering apps.

Benefits of ordering Food from Dominos App:

  • Zero contact delivery.
  • Get order food anytime anywhere.
  • One click Order Repeat.
  • Multiple payment mode available.
  • Easy Order Tracking in the app.
  • They offre freebies with every order.
  • They provide discount vouchers and offers.
  • Staf follows stringent safety protoclos.

Final Words

You can use these food delivery apps as per choice all these give the best services on this platform. these online food delivery apps have good demand in the existing situation, also they follow all safety protocols to make self-clean and clear.

These Online Food delivery apps get the best ratings on the Play Store and Apple App Store and get a large number of installs.

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