Top 15 Best iOS Games in 2022 That Can Provide Fun Gameplay

Hey Guys, if you own an iPhone, then you must be looking for the best games which run on iPhone; if you are really searching iPhone games, then you are at the right place because here we will share some of the best ios games that are very popular and everybody loves to play. These games are free, and anyone can download them from the Apple app store.

If you have an iPhone and feel bored at home due to no work and pandemic, do not worry; we have a solution that entertains you, and you will have fun whenever you want. That is ios games.

Yes, you can download the best iPhone games to entertain yourself. Mobile Games are just the correct thing that will pass your time and get you entertained. We have prepared for you a list of the best iOS games in 2021 to relieve you from your boredom.

So, let’s start the review of the best ios games.

Best iOS Games in India

In this post, we will review in detail of the top 15 best ios games that are available on the Apple app store. Also, all these ios games are free, and these games will efficiently run on all the latest iPhones. Moreover, we will share highlighted features and playing experiences for better understanding.

#1. BGMI (Launch Soon)

Battlegrounds Mobile India logo
Best iOS games in India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the best iOS game; It will be released on 20 August 2021. The game was previously known as PUBG. It is developed by Krafton, especially for India. BGMI can also be called the Desi version of PUBG. 

The android version has already been released, and people are loving the new game. Its interface is pretty similar to that of PUBG. BGMI is the new virtual battle game where people from different places use their tactics to win the matches, and the last person or squad wins the match and gets a chicken dinner.

It is the best multiplayer game in India that is available for android and ios platforms.

Highlight Features of BGMI

  • Diverse map feature: Featuring diverse maps with different terrains in a virtual setting.
  • Bottle exchange feature: Sand Bottle exchanges are reintroduced as events in the events section.
  • New events: It brings you some all-new events such as Damage Missions, Movement Missions, and keeping in line with the theme, all-new Mission Ignition event.

Playing Experience in BGMI

It’s an awesome game of strategy and shooting. It has many maps and also different modes of gaming. We can also adjust the graphics, controls, etc. We can change different dresses, suits, shoes, caps, etc.

We can even change the skins of vehicles such as cars, buggy, bikes. Skins of weapons such as guns, pan, etc. In this, we have a multiplayer mode and we can play with friends as a team by sharing our ID.

#2. Among Us

Best iphone Game in India

I’m sure almost all of us played Among Us at beginning of the lockdown with our friends. Among Us was developed and published by Inner sloth (American Game studio) in June 2018. The game starts with a spaceship setting with two roles for players i.e. Crewmates and Imposter. it one of the most popular iOS games in India.

Imposters has to sabotage & kill all the crewmates whereas crewmates have to identify and kill the imposters and finish their designed tasks. The game received major popularity in 2020 due to Covid 19 pandemic lockdown.

Highlight Features of Among Us

  • Multiple Platforms: The game can be played on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox series X/S.
  • Multiplayer game: Among Us is a multiplayer game that can be played by 4 to 15 players.
  • Worldwide: You can play Among Us on different servers enabling you to play among us with players from many different countries and even continents.

Playing experience in Among Us

Among Us can be called the best game for iOS. The game has an amazing interface. The classic murder mystery theme of the game is amazing. The game is really fun & you can play it with your friends too. The game connects you with people from different parts of the world.

#3. Call of duty Mobile

Call of duty logo
Best Games for iOS

Call of Duty is the best ios game in 2021, it is published by Activision and released on 1st October 2019. It is developed by Timi Studio Group. The game is shooter play videogame. The release of the game was one of the largest and popular launches.

Only one year after its release, the game reached 270 million downloads! The game has pretty good loadouts which a player can take into Different modes in Battle Royale.

It has many multiplayer modes like a gun game, free for all, team deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, Frontline, etc. It is the best game for iOS in our list.

Highlight Features of Call of duty Mobile

  • Equipped Loadout: The Multiplayer game isn’t complete without a special weapon, tatic equipment & operator skills that can help you win the battle.
  • Battle pass: The normal people play the game by completing many daily & weekly tasks allotted and on completion of these tasks the player gets some rewards.
  • COD points: COD points are an optional currency used to purchase various items in the store.

Playing Experience in Call of duty Mobile

Love this game. From the graphics to the gameplay to the variety of the games and maps, this game is perfect. The updates with new storylines and arsenal upgrades with every level up and the rewards and bonuses that come with them are not hard to achieve.

#4. Clash Royale

Best ios games

Clash Royale is developed and published by Supercell. It is a strategy video game. The videogame was launched on March 2nd, 2016. The game is formed by putting together different tower defenses.

It can be called as best iPhone game. There are almost 1 million players that are active on Clash Royale daily. The game is rated for 13 and over-age players. The highest possible level that a player can reach on Clash Royale is level 13.

Highlight Features of Clash Royale

  1. Challenging: Clash Royale is a strategic game. The game is pretty challenging as you have to carefully plan on how to win the battles.
  2. Knowledgeable: The game teaches you different tactics you can use in war to win a battle. These strategies can be applied in the practical world too so it is knowledgeable.
  3. Multiplayer: You can dual players from around the world in both 1v1 & 2v2 battles.

Playing experience in Clash Royale

The game is challenging and fun. Though It’s really difficult to play the game without a great deal of patience. The rewards and upgrades require a great amount of time or cash to unlock. The game is ideal for apple iPhone games.

#5. Dead cells

Best Game for iOS

Dead cells are ideal iOS game. Dead cell is a game developed and published by Motion Twin. It was released on 10 May 2017. A gas-like substance with crystal inside is the protagonist of the game called the beheaded, the prisoner, or the fallen ones.

It is easy to play this game because the controls are so straightforward. The player has to control a group of cells that controls the body of a deceased prisoner. The cells dropped by the enemies can be collected by the players to gain permanent power-ups.

Highlight Features of Dead cells

  • Multiplatform: The game is available on many platforms such as iOS, Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, etc.
  • Integration: The game has an integration with Twitch which allows the viewers to influence the game through streamer’s chat.
  • Many upgrades and rewards: The player can sometimes earn cells the in-game currency to buy or unlock many upgrades and rewards.
  • Nonlinear progression: You can Unlock new levels with every deceased you can take a new path.

Playing experience in Dead cells

The Dead cells game can be called one of the best iOS games. It is easy to play this game because the controls are so straightforward. The game is known for its flexibility. The game makes you push your ability to its highest.

#6. Genshin Impact

Best iphone Game

This game for iPhone is a very popular game among the elemental games. The player enters a different world where he gets separated from his sibling. In this world, there are seven elements with different meanings, power, and strength.

The player has to find answers to complete his quest. The game has mind-blowing scenery, a beautiful soundtrack, and many more features such as combat-using elements. The player travels across the map to explore new elements and challenges.

Highlight Features of Genshin Impact

  • Elemental Combat: The player has to win the elements in the game which make him stronger in each level.
  • Soundtrack: The game has a piece of very soothing music that enhances the playing experience.

Playing Experience in Genshin Impact

The player gets to enjoy the beautiful world, make new friends, increase his power in a whole new and mystical world of the game. Also, the challenges are interesting to complete. The strength of the player increases as he progresses in the game.

#7. The Battle Of Polytopia

Best Apple iphone Game

The battle of polytopia is a world-building game in which the player has to build a world with many amazing tribes. The player has to defeat his opponents to expand his world. This offline ios game has a small square world in the game.

The player can explore different places on the map, travel across the game. Also, he can build a civilization by playing as the ruler of a particular tribe. 

Highlight Features of The Battle Of Polytopia

  • Single and Multiplayer: The player can choose either to play as a single-player or he can also play in multiplayer mode.
  • Player Avatar: The player gets to select among a variety of player avatars.
  • Modes: The player gets to play three modes in this offline iPhone game. They are Perfection, Domination, and Creation.

Playing Experience in The Battle Of Polytopia

The battle of polytopia is an ios game that allows that player to farm, build a civilization, explore, travel, etc. The player can also find players across the map in multiplayer mode.

#8. Formula 1

Best Offline Game for iOS

Formula 1, popularly known as F1, is the best offline game for the iPhone. This game is inspired by the world’s biggest motorsport racing competition. Formula 1 is a mobile racing game in which the player can enjoy a racing competition just by sitting at home.

The player can design his F1 car. Also, he gets a chance to compete with players all around the world. This is a fantastic game for the iPhone and iPad. formula 1 is the best racing game, it is very popular game in India.

Highlight Features of Formula 1

  • Real-time Multiplayer: The player can challenge other players and play a real-time race with them. He can also challenge the official F1 teams.
  • Designing: The player can make and customize his F1 car.
  • Events: The player is allowed to take part in high-stake events and win exciting prizes. Also, get a chance to be mentioned on the global scoreboard.

Playing Experience in Formula 1

The gameplay of this offline ios game is amazing and thrilling. Especially the part that you can collect the parts of your car and improvise it at every level is exciting. you have not seen any famedrope and hang during gameplay. its graphics look real and feels like we really drive f1 car.

#9. EFootball PES 2021

Best iphone Game

EFootball PES 2021 is an offline game for the iPhone that allows the player to gain a wonderful experience of playing football on mobile. This game is an upgraded version of eFootball PES 2020.

This version of the game has new faces of players that played well during the matches. It is considered to be the best ios game among the football community. This game has a lot of fantastic features.

Highlight Features of EFootball PES 2021

  • Iconic moments: The players can add their version of the iconic moments of the famous superstars of the football community.
  • Model Teams: The players can now select the national teams as their Model Teams.
  • Real-Time Matches: This feature allows the players to play real-time matches with other players across the world.

Playing Experience in EFootball PES 2021

This iPhone game has wonderful gameplay which allows the players that perform well during the weekend matches to be selected as featured players. The game is a wonderful experience for players that are not able to play football in the real world.

#10. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars logo
Best iOS Game

Brawl Stars is the best ios game that is a battle royale. It has 3v3 battles which can either be played as multiplayer or as single. The players can form their team to battle. In this game, the player has to complete quests and open the brawl boxes.

The players get a chance to lead the scoreboards in the game. They have to earn gems and Brawl skin to become the best Brawler in the game.

Highlight Features of Brawl Stars

  • Modes: There are multiple modes available in the game that keeps the player interested in the game.
  • Multiplayer: Teams can be formed by the players to battle in the game.
  • Map Design: The players can design their maps in the game and challenge others.

Playing Experience in Brawl Stars

Brawl stars is a wonderful offline ios game. This game has many amazing features and modes for the players to enjoy. Also, the game has very easy gameplay. Some brawlers have their super ability.

#11. Getting Over It

Best Apple iphone Game

Getting Over It is an iPhone game with very easy gameplay in which you play the entire game just by moving your mouse. This game is all about hiking. The player has to climb the mountain with nothing but a hammer.

The players slowly learn to climb, fly and jump. There are many challenges in the game to attain. The players who complete all these levels and reach the top, receive amazing rewards. 

Highlight Features of Getting Over It

  • Easy to Play: The players get a hammer and a pot with which they have to climb the big mountain.
  • Concentration Booster:  As the player loses all his progress, again and again, he has to be extremely concentrated and have a lot of patience.

 Playing Experience in Getting Over It

This is game is considered to be the best game for hiking lovers. The simple and understandable game is exciting but tests the patience of the players. Many mysteries are waiting for the player at the top of the mountain.

#12. Beyond A Steel Sky

Best iphone Game

Beyond A Steel Sky is an ios game that has a very comedy, mysterious, and interesting storyline. The player has to save a boy from a deserted world. There are many puzzles to solve on the way.

There are amazing features in this iPhone game. The plot is the brainchild of famous comedy artist Dave Gibbons which makes the game more interesting to play. The concepts of AI, total surveillance are used in the game.

Highlight Features in Beyond A Steel Sky

  • Amazing Story: The storyline of the game attracts the players to play the game. 
  • Mystery: The conspiracies of the villain in the game go on unraveling as the game progresses. The player has to defeat the villain and save the little boy.

Playing Experience in Beyond A Steel Sky

The game adds to the thrill and comedy when the player enters the regions under total surveillance. He has to fight all the odds and save the boy he has pledged to save. The game world is automated by AI.

#13. Brawlhalla

Best Apple iphone Game

This Apple iPhone game has many amazing battle options. The player can invite his friends and play matches with them or he can also enjoy 4v4, 2v2, 1v3 matches with other players in the game.

The players get a chance to become the brawler of the week by scoring the highest scores. There are many maps for the players to explore. Also, the player can record the match and replay it whenever he wants to play it.

Highlight Features of Brawlhalla

  • Custom Rooms: The player can invite 8 friends to play 4v4, 2v2 matches with them.
  • Training Rooms: The player can practice the battles in the training rooms available inside the game itself.
  • Modes: There are many amazing modes for the players in this ios game.

Playing Experience in Brawlhalla

This iPhone game has a feature that allows the player to mix the modes and make the game more interesting. The gameplay allows multiplayer as well as single-player options to the player.

#14. Crashlands

Best Games for iOS

Crashlands is the best offline ios game with an amazing storyline o explore. The player is left alone on an alien planet. He has to make new friends, discover secrets and make his way through the crashlands.

The player also has to encounter the attacks from the enemies and deliver the packages meanwhile. There is a total of three continents on the planet and the player has to face many problems to survive there.

Highlight Features of Crashlands

  • Craftable Items: There is a variety of items that the player can create. The power of the player goes on increasing as he creates many items.
  • Creatures: The player finds an egg and hatch it by fulfilling the requirements to have his creature.

Playing Experience in Crashlands

This game is the best game for ios. The player has to complete many challenges to deliver his packages on time. On the way, he gets to explore, build new items and make new friends.

#15. The Escapists: Prison Escape

Best Apple iphone Game

The Escapists is one of the best ios game and This game for the iPhone is very interesting as the player needs to escape the prison. The player has to undergo many challenges and difficulties to get out the jail.

The prison system is very made very hard to crack and every level needs a new set of ideas. The player has to collect items, that can help to dig holes in the cell or unlock the lock, of the prison-like brush, screwdriver, etc.

Highlight Features of The Escapists: Prison Escape

  • Challenges: This game is very challenging. The player has to use all his strength, logic to escape and survive.
  • Time Limit: The player has executed his plan according to the routine of the prison. 

Playing Experience in The Escapists: Prison Escape

The player needs to have a strong mindset and patience to escape the prison. He has to adapt to prison life. This game is considered the best game in the escape game community. 

Final Words

We hope you like the review of these best ios games in 2021. The above games are very challenging and will also entertain you while playing them. These games are very thrilling and exciting and will get your enjoyment increase.

These ios games are the best to kill your boredom and do your brain’s exercise. You surely don’t wanna miss trying them out. Now, download your favorite game and enjoy the gameplay on your iPhone or iPad.

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