Top 8 Best Music Apps That Have A Playlist Of lakhs Of Songs

Hello Friends, if you are searching music apps then you are at the right place because here we will share some of the best music apps in India and also we will share its benefits and subscription plans.

Music streaming is a new growing industry; Most people rely on music to reduce stress. In a lockdown, people follow certain virtual things to self-entertain. Also, they start using the best music streaming app. Music apps are the best platform to outsource positive energy.

In addition, music helpful for our mental health, which we get stress-free from listening to meditation music, workout music, and more.

The demand for online music streaming has increased, with most companies launching their own music streaming platforms, which store millions of songs in all languages. Users get affordable music streaming services to their liking as many service providers are available on the Internet.

Music seekers want decent music streaming with high quality, but most users have problems finding the best music streaming app. That is why we will suggest some amazing and best music streaming apps in India that allow users to listen to music for free or paid.

All of these best music apps are available on the Playstore and Apple App Store, and you can download these apps for free.

YouTube Music App

YouTube Music App in India

YouTube Music is a music streaming app in India. YouTube, the subsidiary of Google, launched this best music app in India. It was established in India in 2017.

Youtube offers both free and paid services for music streaming. In Free Tier, you do not get the benefit of background playback and also have to face ads in between songs.

By registering the Premium service, known as YouTube Premium, you get many facilities such as listening to million of songs without worrying about ads, play songs in the background, and even download the songs for listening offline.

It has become the best music app in India as it provides excellent services to its customers. YouTube has a hold in all the music industry in India since 2010. Users get the latest songs in the form of video or audio.

This mp3 audio app has 35 million songs in all categories. It streams songs at 256 kbps which is provide high-quality music. Along with the music, users watch a live performance, remix songs and cover songs makes it best music streaming app in India.

Benefits of using the Youtube music app

  • Enjoy Songs without Ads in Youtube premium service.
  • Download the latest songs and listen offline.
  • Keep adding trending songs in your playlists.
  • You get lyrics with all songs.
  • Simple and Easy User interface
  • You can switch between video to audio.
  • Listen to songs in the background.
  • Get Automatic suggestions as your taste and choice.
  • Official Albums, Prebuilt playlists, singers library and more.

Subscription Plans of Youtube Music

Youtube Premium Subscription PlansPrice
Students Plan59/month
Individual Plan99/month
Family Pack149/month for Six users

Amazon Prime Music App

Best Music App in India

Prime Music is one of the best music apps in India. It was launched in 2007 by Prime Music is one of the best music apps in India. It was introduced in 2007 by Amazon. Amazon Prime Music is a service that falls under Prime Membership.

Users benefit from all of Amazon’s premium services. It provides a 256 kbps streaming service that delivers high-quality music to users.

Amazon Prime Music users can enjoy over 2 million songs in various categories. It has a large gallery of all kinds of songs in the form of playlists and libraries.

Prime Music allows users to have ad-free streaming. You can download songs as per your choice and listen offline. In addition, you can search for any song to listen to by voice command as it has Alexa support.

Benefits of using the Amazon Prime music App

  • It has 70 million songs stored.
  • You get music in high audio quality.
  • Users can listen to 6 million Podcast episodes in the app.
  • Prime Music has a large number of prebuilt playlists according to the user’s choice.
  • Download songs and listen offline.
  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • Search song by voice command.
  • It offers 30 days of free trials for new amazon users.

Subscription Plans of Amazon Prime Music

You can get additional 50% cashback on prime membership if your age between 18 to 24 year old.

Prime Membership Subscription PlansPrice
Monthly Subscription129/month
Three Month Subscription329/3-months
Annual Subscription999/year

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Gaana Music App

Gaana is the best music streaming app in India. It has become one of the most famous music steaming provider in India. It more than 150 million user base and has topped the market as the best music app in India.

Gaana provides its users with thousands of choices of music from India as well as abroad. Now you can listen to English as well as Hindi music. It was founded in April 2010 by Times Internet and is currently being backed up by the Chinese company Tencent Holdings.

The app provides its users with old as well as new Hindi songs. The option to download Mp3 songs to listen to when offline is also available. It is the best music app in India as it offers a wide range of songs from many genres.

Gaana provides 50 million high quality songs without ads or listening to songs with ad support for free, but you do not have the download feature in free streaming. Barring music, Gaana has some other encouraging features like podcasts, discussion and hotshots.

Moreover, it has a rating of 4.2 on the Play Store, which shows the quality songs it provides to its users. Ganna offer some affordable plans, you can subscribe any plan according your choice. All plan are listed below and ganna accept all payment methods including UPI payment.

Benefits of using the Gaana music app

  • Songs divide into well-trending headings.
  • It has pre-built playlists as your interest.
  • You can search for the song via voice command.
  • It has podcasts and buzz features for users.
  • Enjoy Songs in HD audio.
  • All regional songs are available for Indian users.
  • Get lyrics, including songs.
  • Download unlimited songs as per your choice.

Subscription Plans of Gaana Music

Gaana Subscription PlansPrice
Basic Plan99/month
Annual Plan399/year
No Ads Plan10/month

Spotify Music App

Best Music Streaming App in India

Spotify is a world-renowned music platform where people worldwide listen to musical playlists and enjoy the magic of music.

It is the biggest music platform in the world and the best music app in India. A Swedish Audio streaming service founded in 2006 by Daniel K. Spotify started its journey in 2019 in India.

You can play unlimited pre-built playlists listen to music for a low price. You can listen to the song of your choice with the existing playlist. It has very 50 million songs in various categories.

Spotify includes some famous music banners like Saregama, t-series and more; Now, this best music streaming app adds trending track for users. Users can listen to those songs with ads supports or enrol a subscription to listen to songs without ads in HD quality.

As the best and most popular music streaming service globally, it is one of the best music apps in India.

Benefits of using the Spotify music app

  • Free music and podcast streaming service in India.
  • Listen to songs by discovering the name of the artist.
  • Pre-built playlist for every moment.
  • Simple and Easy User interface.
  • You can make and share your playlists.
  • Top Songs Albums are recommended for new users.
  • Download or Listen to music from all your favourite artists and albums.

Subscription Plans of Spotify

Spotify Subscription PlansPrice
Premium Students66/month
Premuim Individual Pack129/month
Premium Duo Pack165/month
Premium Family Pack199/month
Mini Pack7/per day

Apple Music App

Apple Music Best App in India

Apple Music is another best music streaming app in India and all over the world. Apple Inc created it, and like all of Apple’s services, it is also quality music providing service.

Apple always cares about the quality of services; that is why Apple music is the best music streaming app which holds millions of users for its music service. Apple Music always provide 256kbps streaming for high-quality audio.

You can listen to existing playlists as well as music of your own choice. It offers 75 million songs from many countries.

For Apple users, the app is already installed on their devices. Now you have to subscribe to a plan and listen to your favorite songs. The amazing thing about it is they offered three months free trial of his premium music service for every user in India.

It also offers a subscription plan for college students, with low prices but the same facilities and music choice. Apple Music app is available for IOS as well as Android users, and you can have it from both Apps stores.

Being one of the best music apps in India, Apple Music is loved worldwide and is always one of the top music apps around the world.

Benefits of using the Apple music app

  • More than 75 million Songs without ads support.
  • You can read lyrics while listening to music.
  • Download any song and listen offline.
  • Yon can listen to the radio channels with his favorite host.
  • Explore pre-built playlists as per your choice.
  • Simple user interface.
  • New members get three months trial for free.

Subscription Plans of Apple Music

Apple Music Subscription PlansPrice
Students Pack49/month
Individual Pack99/month
Family Pack149/month

Wynk Music App

Wynk Music Streaming App

Wynk is another music streaming app in India and one of the best. Airtel owns this music app, and It was started in 2013 by Kartik Nitin Sheth. The service of Wynk is premium and free; Wynk music provides fewer features for free users.

You can listen to and download unlimited songs in the free version, but you have to see ads. If you want to remove ads and listen to high-quality music without ad interruption, then get a subscription to Wynk music. This music app never disappoints with its service.

This music streaming app has the perfect platform to listen to Bollywood, Podcasts episodes and other regional songs at a minimum subscription cost; it offers 320 kbps streaming, making it the best music streaming app in India.

You can choose from a gallery of 10 million Indian and International songs. Under all these facilities, Wynk is the best music app in India.

Wynk allows you to watch the lyrics of the songs you are listening to; additionally, for Airtel users only, the app does not require them to buy the full version as a complete app version is present for them for free. Airtel users know it is the best music streaming app in India.

Benefits of using the Wynk music app

  • Download unlimited songs and listen to it on the go.
  • It has thousands of podcast episodes in major Indian languages.
  • It offers a free hello tune for airtel users.
  • You can create and share your favorite playlist on social media.
  • Listen to songs of favorite artist.
  • Read Lyrics while listening.
  • Search song by voice command.
  • It has a sleep timer.
  • Set the streaming quality as per your choice.
  • AI suggests the related songs as per your choice.

Subscription Plans of Wynk Music

Wynk Music Subscription PlansPrice
Monthly Pack for Airtel users49/month
Annual Pack for Airtel users399/year
Wynk Premium Pack78/month+ 5GB data

Jio Saavn Music App

Best Music Streaming App in India

Jio Saavn is one of the best music apps in India. It was founded in 2007. The name of the app when it was based was Saavn.

The BODVOD network established Jio Saavn. English, Tamil, Hindi, and songs from many more languages are available to play. You can choose from more than 5.5 crore choices.

Jio Saavn has millions of songs in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Tamil and more. Also, it has a collection of Bollywood and Hollywood songs. After the merger with jio, this music streaming app gain heights of success. Millions of users join the Jio Savan.

Users love its user interface and the features with the latest songs, exclusive shows and podcasts. Some people might think that Jio Savan, as the name suggests, is only available for Jio mobile users.

However, that’s not the case at all; go to Play Store or App Store and download the dedicated app, then enjoy listening to millions of songs with just one click. That is why it is the best music app in India.

Benefits of using the Jio Saavn music App

  • It has 45 million songs according to the users choice.
  • You can find songs in 15 languages.
  • It has exclusive shows, music and podcast from premium users.
  • Attractive and Simple user interface.
  • You can set hello tunes on his jio number.
  • Pre-build playlist for every occasion.
  • It has a smart recommendation as per your choice.
  • Users get 30 days free trial of Jio Saavn pro.

Subscription Plans of Jio Saavn

Jio Saavn Subscription PlansPrice
Jio Saavn Pro33/month
Jio Saavn Plus Jio Tune25/month
Jio Saavn Plus Ad-Free25/month

Hungama Music App

Hungama Music Streaming App

Hungama is the best music streaming app in India. The app was brought to existence by Neeraj Roy. Offering countless music choices in English, Hindi, Punjabi, it has become the best music app in India.

Its most prominent quality is that it is a free and paid service by Hungama Digital Entertainment. Hungama Music is indeed one of the best music apps in India.

Hungama has a wide range of songs varieties; users can choose as per their choice in a single click. It provides a 320kbps streaming service that is high-quality audio. It has the feature of background playback music on HD quality.

You can find all your favourites in this one app. You don’t have to subscribe to different platforms to listen to your favourite songs when each one is present here for free. Being one of the best music apps in India, it is an excellent and trustworthy platform.

Benefits of using the Hungama music app

  • It has 15 million songs listed.
  • You download songs and listen to them as per choice.
  • It recommends a playlist of trending and famous songs.
  • You can listen to the latest podcasts.
  • The App has a night mode.
  • You can earn coin and redeem for various deals.
  • Read lyrics along with listening.
  • You can search for music according to your mood.

Subscription Plans of Hungama

Hungama Subscription PlansPrice
Monthly Pack99/month
Three Months Pack269/3-months
Annual Pack499/year

Which music stream app will we choose to listen to songs?

We will use Amazon prime music and the Gaana app to listen to songs because both music streaming apps provide rocking, high-quality audio. Also, they offer 320kbps streaming on over 50 million songs.

We get access to a pre-build playlist of hit songs and millions of podcast episodes on both platforms. Prime Music has Alexa support, which helps to search your favorite song through voice command. You can download unlimited songs to listen offline.


After reviewing all the best music streaming apps, we know that all apps allow users to listen to songs without a subscription with advertising support. If you are not comfortable with advertisements, you can buy a membership plan at your convenience.

Listening to music is a natural therapy to eliminate stress and increase energy in our body. Most studies show that a person who listens to music at least one hour a day does not suffer from mental stress or trauma.

We have explored all these best music streaming apps after comprehensive research. Keep enjoying and listen to more music in a day.

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