Top 10 Best Offline Games For Android

Hello Guys, if you want the best offline game to entertain yourself, then you are at the right place because here we will share some of the best offline games for android that can be played offline easily and they don’t have the required internet to play. Also, you can play these games online as well as.

You might not always have a proper internet connection, so what should you do to keep yourself away from that boredom. Well, we have got that solution for you. Yes, you can play offline games to keep away from boredom, but the issue is you need better and reliable offline games.

But don’t worry Today, we are going to review some of the best offline games for android in 2021. you can play these games without any internet connection, and enjoy.

Here is the list of the best offline games for android.

So, lets start the review of the best offline games for android in 2021.

Best Offline Games For Android

In this post, we are going to review some of the best offline games for android that are available on the play store and are free to play.

Also, we will share the highlighted features of these games and the playing experience for better understanding. These offline games are self-tested. Yes, we had played all these games himself before writing this article.

#1. Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 logo
Best offline android game 2021

Angry birds 2 is one of the best and most entertaining game available offline for android. It has an amazing design and setup too. It is sometimes difficult to manage the touch system properly, but that’s not an issue always.

There are many offline android games available, but this one is the best games for android. The graphics and design are very organized and easy to understand. The levels of Angry bird 2 are most challenging and enjoyable.

Highlight Features of Angry Birds 2

  • Easy to play: Check for your lives in the game and see the level at which you are. You can see the whole map of the game too. 
  • Interesting game: You have to unlock many angry birds by keys that you will find through the game. 
  • Multiple challenges: Unlock the daily challenges, the clan, the arena at different levels.
  • Treasures and rewards: You also get some treasures that give you great rewards.

Playing experience in Angry Birds 2

Get a tutorial first to learn how to play. Pull back the tweaker and aim at the room in front of you. Destroy it all with a single angry bird to reach the new level. You can always check for the tutorial by the option present on the screen.

#2. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Game logo
Best Offline game in India

Candy Crush Saga is actually the best offline game available for android users. It has more than 1000 levels that keep you hooked up. With an amazing and easy to understand design, it is a very easy game that keeps your mind working.

Check the how to play feature to understand the game a bit more. You can take part in many events and leagues too. Also, get reward and extra moves after completing the multiple levels in one time.

Highlight Features of Candy Crush Saga

  • Save your progress: You can login in the game to save your progress or to see your progress in any other device.
  • Leagues: Also check for the events going on and your stand at the leaderboard. Clear the level in the first go to get the crown.
  • Store: In app purchases can be done in here.

Playing experience in Candy Crush Saga

Get a tutorial in the first level itself and learn to make various types of candies that help you clear this saga. Win the level within the number of moves available and with those 5 lives, which are automatically renewed after some time.

You also get many other things like hammer, hand and much more which help you win the game. It is a very easy but mind wrecking game that you are going to enjoy for sure.

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#3. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers Game logo
Offline android game

Subway surfers, another best offline game for android users in 2021. It has a very easy design which makes the game very easy and suitable for anyone to play.

Being one of the best android games offline, the functioning of the game is very smooth which makes it easy to play. Change your look in the game by purchasing them with coins. Moreover, choose the different-different character for gameplay and get the various rewards after every run.  

Highlight Features of Subway Surfers

  • Save your progress: Connect with your Facebook account to save your progress, but it will also show your first name and Facebook profile picture to other subway surfers players.
  • Music and sound system: Play with music and sound effects to get it more interesting. 
  • Different languages: Choose any one language from the many languages available in the game. 
  • Notification: Change the setting of reminder, if you don’t want to get reminded about the game. 
  • Rewards and purchases: Unlock different codes and claim your digital reward. In app purchases can be done from here. 

Playing experience in Subway Surfers

Start by running from the officer and collect maximum coins and complete the mission provided in each level. Double tap to get the hoverboard and start playing smooth. Save yourself from all the hurdles that come in your way to win the game. 

#4. Word Cookies

Word Cookies logo
Best Offline Android Game

Word cookies is another best offline game available for android system. All you have to do is to keep thinking about different words that you can form from a given set of letters.

Different packs are present in here that can be opened after you have certain baking points. Though ads are present here, but they don’t bother much which makes this game best android game offline.

Highlight Features of Word cookies

  • Save your progress: Save your progress by signing in with your Facebook or your google account. 
  • Easy to play: It is a very easy and interesting game that keeps your mind thinking about different words that could be made from those letters.
  • Store: In app purchases for coins can be done from here. 
  • Multiple leagues and missions: Get to play the season events that you might have missed. Also play those weekly missions and collect letters to complete the phrase. 

Playing experience in Word cookies

Get started by a brief tutorial of the game and get the baking points. Your level 1 will be easily completed. Join the letters given on the plate to make a suitable word of the same number of letters, as given above.

If you get stuck, try to tap shuffle or hint button. Though there are ads in here, the game is very exciting as the level gets harder and harder every time to move up to a new level.

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#5. Mini Militia

Mini Militia Game logo
Offline android game

If you like to play some action and army games, Mini militia is the best offline game available. You can login if you want to, and start with the battle. Get 20 game cash if you login with Facebook account.

The functioning of this game is quite good which makes this best offline android games 2021. The design and graphics give the perfect feeling for the action that happens in here the game.

Highlight Features of Mini Militia

  • Special features: There are many special features available after you clear level 2 like rewards, playing with friends, custom games, armory and many more. 
  • Play with friends: You can choose if you want to be seen online by your friends. Turn on/off notifications for the same, when your friends come online.
  • Smooth controls: Check out the different controls which will help you play the game smoothly.

Playing experience in Mini Militia

Battle at some random place in the beginning and as you reach different levels, open up different spots like jungle, outpost, junkyard and many more.

Select the map and start playing with total 6 players and get the maximum kills to win the game. Drag the move button to move ahead and click on aim and kill button to kill the target. You also have grenades to kill the enemy.

#6. Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving logo
Best Offline game

Dr. Driving is one of the best car racing games that you can play offline on your android phone. You can also play this game online. To sign in here in this game, you must have Google play games installed in your phone. Though google play games is not necessary to play the game. The programming of the game is good but the layout is a bit difficult to understand.

Highlight Features of Dr. Driving

  • Easy to play: Once this game is installed along with Google play games, it is quite easy to use and play. 
  • Easy controls: Change the controls of the car as you like and you are comfortable with by clicking on settings.
  • In game purchases: You can select any car that you want by buying it with the coins. 

Playing experience in Dr. Driving

Start by choosing the car that you want to complete the mission. Control the car and don’t let it collide with anything or any other car, otherwise the mission is failed. It is an easy and quite entertaining for the ones who like racing.

#7. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 logo
Best android game offline

Temple run 2 is another best offline game available for android users in 2021. It is somewhat like the subway surfers, you have to run and run and save yourselves from those beasts and take the idol with you.

You can also check for the tutorial on how to play the game. The graphics and set up of this game are too good and give it a realistic feel. this offline game gives you full entertainment once you start playing.

Highlight Features of Temple Run 2

  • Amazing layout: It has an amazing design which gives the gamer, a thrill and a rush while playing this game. 
  • Store: Though there are Ads present in here, in app purchases can be made to remove them. 
  • Change your look: Change how you look in the game, see the stats and challenges and objectives. 
  • Map of the game: See the map of the arena, that you want to play in. Earn gems by watching the ads.

Playing experience in Temple Run 2

Start by running from the beast and earn those coins present on the way. You can tilt your phone to move to left or right.  Swipe up to jump and swipe down to slide in the game. Earn those rewards from the way which help you to run faster and give energy to you. 

#8. Bricks Breaker Quest

Bricks Breaker Quest logo
Best offline android games 2021

Bricks Breaker Quest is one of the best offline android games available. It is an easy to play game, where you have to break the bricks with gun, that fire rapidly on the brick that you target.

Out of all the offline games for android, this one is the best game. It has 1000+ levels which keep you going on continuously. In app purchases can be done here. Watch how to play the game, if you want.

Highlight Features of Bricks Breaker Quest

  • Multiple levels: Play the game to unlock different levels and rewards too. Play in multiplayer mode and see your achievements along with your leaderboard position. 
  • In store: In app purchases can be done in here. Login with your Facebook account to save your progress.     

Playing experience in Bricks Breaker Quest

Aim at the brick you want to break, so that it further breaks many bricks. Each time the firing stops, the bricks step down, which you have to clear in the next firing, otherwise you will be out. Watch ad to get 50 bonus balls to fire. Increase the speed of your firing by clicking on 3x.

#9. Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution logo
Best android games offline

Hungry Shark Evolution is one of the best games available for android users. You can download it from play store and play it with or without google play games. If you download google play games, it will help you in saving your progress.

The designs here, give you an underwater sea experience.Controls can be a bit difficult to handle sometimes, but it’s the best offline android game in 2021.

Highlight Features of Hungry Shark Evolution

  • Different languages: This game is available in different languages. 
  • Phone controls: Control the tilt of your phone to decide the move. 
  • Total gaming history: You can check for more information regarding your overall games, like total deaths, total eats and much more here. 

Playing experience in Hungry Shark Evolution

Control your moves from the left screen of your phone and boost your energy from the right screen of your phone. Try to eat as much as you can and avoid the bigger sharks and other hunters to protect yourselves. 

#10. Nova Legacy

Nova Legacy logo
Most popular Offline android game

Nova Legacy is one of the best offline games available for android. It is a game with lots of action. As you install this game, it will extract those resources which are needed to play the game smoothly.

You can check out the various events going on but after you clear some levels. You can see tutorials on how to play this game. Get some other amazing levels from here too.

Highlight Features of Nova Legacy

  • Multiple options: It has got many options like multiplayer, campaign and much more. 
  • Store: In app purchases can be done here. You also get free rewards from here. 
  • Multiple Languages: Different languages are available for this game.

Playing experience in Nova Legacy

Swipe right to see around. Swipe bottom right and bottom left to move right and left respectively. To fire from the weapon, tap on the fire button at the bottom right corner of your screen.

There is a limited amount of ammunition, so you should keep an eye on it too. You also have grenades, which will help you to kill more than one enemy at a time. 

Final Words

Games are an interesting way to entertain yourselves and get free yourself of all the stress. You don’t need to have a stable internet connection for playing games on your phone.

Because these offline games provide smooth gameplay and full entertainment, these best offline games for android never let you bore. Just go and download them and enjoy better gameplay yourselves.

We hope you like this review of the best offline games; All these games are free and available on the google play store. So, why are you waiting for, just go and enjoy any offline game which you like in this article?

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Heartfelt thanks for reading!

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