15 Best Puzzle Games For Android

Hey Guys, If you love to play puzzle games day-to-day, then you are at the right place because here we will share some of the best puzzle games for android that are available on the google play store, and all games can be played online and offline easily. Also, some games have many modes that mean you can play as long much as you can without bore.

Solving Puzzles not only keeps you engaged for hours but also provides better mental exercise. Many schools use these Puzzles games to keep their students more mentally strong and enhance problem-solving ability.

That is why we will list some of the best Puzzle games which you and your family members, especially kids, must definitely play and enjoy thoroughly. 

So, let’s start the review of these best puzzle games for android.

Best Puzzle Games For Android

In this post, we will review the top 15 best puzzle games for Android, which are available on the Google play store; You can download these games for free. Also, we will share the highlighted features and playing experience of these puzzle games for better understanding.

#1. Block Puzzle Jewel

Best Puzzle Game For Android

Block Puzzle Jewel is one of the best puzzle games for Android. Block Puzzle Jewel is a very fun block game in which you arrange the blocks well. If you place the blocks from the wrong side, you will soon reach the top surface of the screen, and the game will start again. 

This way, you can reach the best score by placing the blocks correctly. Block Puzzle Jewel game can be played online and offline. Also, it can be played by four players online; it is one of the best multiplayer games for Android. 

Highlight Features of Block Puzzle Jewel

  • Simple and Easy: This is a very simple and easy game
  • Rotate Blocks: You can rotate the block as per your convenience.
  • Colorful Graphics: Blocks of different shapes keep coming in this game. Their color is very good and they are easy to organize.

Playing Experience in Block Puzzle Jewel

In this best puzzle game, You can drag blocks horizontally and vertically. Also, You can rotate these blocks as per your convenience. Up to 4 players can play this game through the internet.

This game requires very little memory of approximately 21 Mb, so it runs better on any device. This is a straightforward game and enjoyable. the graphics of this latest puzzle game is really lovely and look study.

#2.  Roll the Ball – slide puzzle

Best Offline Puzzle Game for Android

Roll the Ball is one of the Best Puzzle Games For Android. In this game, we move the tiles to make go from start to finish. The main task of this game is to arrange a passage grid of tiles made up of pipes.

When you make arrangements for this type of passage, then the ball keeps rolling this passage quickly. Moreover, you can play this best puzzle game online and offline. That is why it is one of the best offline games for android.

Highlight Features of Roll the Ball

  • Mode:- The game has two modes in this best free puzzle game: main mode and game mode.
  • Unique Stage:- All the stages in the game are unique and interesting.
  • Graphics and Control:- This game has very clean graphics. This is a very simple but challenging and addicting game.

Playing Experience in Roll the Ball

The best thing about this game is that it is freely available on the play store. There are a lot of add-ons in the free app so that you can buy them. If you like this genre of game, then you can play it to exercise your brain. the gameplay is excellent and loveable.

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#3. Unlock Me Free

Top Rated Android Puzzle Game

Unlock Me Free is one of the top rated android online puzzle games. The task in this game is to unlock red blocks amid the board by skating the other block out of the way, keeping in mind that the move should be minimum.

Many schools use this game to improve their students in the study. This game keeps your mind mentally fit and healthy. 

Highlight Features of Unlock Me Free

  • Difficulty level :-  There are 4 difficulty levels starting from beginner to Expert.
  • Many Puzzles :- This game has 4200 puzzles. It will be a lot of fun to complete these puzzles.
  • Game modes :-  Relax and challenge Mode are two different Modes in this game.
  • Ranking System :- Ranking system of this game makes it a more challenging game.

Playing Experience in Unlock Me Free

Unlock Me Free is a very easy-to-handle puzzle game, and it is very addictive too. It is equipped with many levels, the highest in any puzzle game; it has 4200 levels in the total count. You will keep engaged for hundreds of hours playing this game. Unlock Me Free is enjoyed by adults as well as kids also.

#4. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles – Picture Puzzle Games

Best Puzzle Game For Android

Magic Jigsaw Puzzle is the fourth game in the list of top 15 best puzzle games for android and the online community. It has got over 50 million downloads all over the world. This game has more than 30000 HD images to interpret and entertain. You will be given a daily free jigsaw and complete collection via our associate.  

Highlight Features of Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Many Puzzles:- At a time you can work on more than one puzzle. It also has a collection of puzzles containing painting, portrait , natural landscape and animals.
  • Various difficulty levels:- Many difficulty levels are there starting from beginner to master. 
  • Tournaments:- You can also participate in weekly games and tournaments.

Playing Experience in Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

This game would become one of the favorite puzzle games of you and other members of your family. You can also create a personalized puzzle by using your own image. You can also enjoy a melodious song from the collection of in-game music while playing this wonderful game. Best puzzles can also be shared with your friends.

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#5. Small Puzzle Collection

Best Offline Puzzle Game for Android

Small Puzzle Collection is one of the best offline puzzle games for android. It has a very refreshing design, and it contains many games in one game. Various games are kept in one place, resulting in significantly less memory.

This game is very much enjoyed by those who love to play brain games and logical games. If you play chess games for mental exercise, then this game also helps keep your brain fit and healthy.

Highlight Features of Small Puzzle Collection

  • Little Space:- As this latest puzzle game occupies very less space hence it becomes very comfortable and easy to play .
  • Offline Game :- This best puzzle game can also be played in offline mode. Which makes it a much loved game.
  • Family Game:- It is a highly suitable game for entire family. Kids as well as adults both enjoy it a lot. 

Playing Experience in Small Puzzle Collection

This Top Android Puzzle Game runs very smoothly, even on old android devices. It is highly recommended for the entire family to download this free Smart Puzzle Collection game. 

This game contains Block puzzles, Hex puzzles, Pipe games, Online puzzle games, offline puzzle games, Puzzles with matches, and many more. It is a very simple and addictive latest puzzle game also.

#6. Puzzle Game

Best Puzzle Game For Android

Puzzle game is one of the top android puzzle games. This is the latest puzzle game released in June 2019 and has got the newest update in July 2019. It comes in the category of most addictive games.

There are many classic puzzle games come under this game, such as Block Puzzle, Bubble Shooter, and Onet Puzzle and many more. It is a group of the best puzzle games for android that has many games in the single app.

Highlight Features of Puzzle Game

  • Different Levels:- There are more than 1500 levels in this game, many of them are currently in the development stage.
  • Graphics :- The graphics of this latest puzzle game will mesmerize you.
  • Easy and Fun Game:- The guide of this game will keep giving you detailed information about the game, which makes it very easy and interesting.

Playing Experience in Puzzle Game

These Offline Puzzle Games are very easy to play, and they are very fun. If you are a puzzle game lover, then you don’t need to search too much on the internet. Puzzle games are the best for you. 

The developers of this game are continuously working hard to make new updates. Puzzle Game is highly recommended to play due to good graphics and smooth gameplay.

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#7. Free Flow

Top Rated Android Puzzle Game

Free flow is one of the top rated and best puzzle games for android. The task in this game is to connect the matching colored dots . While doing so we must avoid the overlap of colored lines. It is a very logical game entertained by kids. Free flow Puzzle game is available for both android as well as iOS.

Highlight Features of Free Flow

  • Various Puzzles:- This game has many puzzles inbuilt total 750 in numbers. These puzzles range from simple and relaxed, to further challenging and frenetic. 
  • Graphics:- This game comes with very clean and colorful graphics.
  • Sound Effect:- This game has very effective sound quality.
  • Better Display:- This game has a very bright screen and a bright dark color background. 

Playing Experience in Free Flow

Free flow is a very basic and simple game in which the difficulty level increases as one approaches the highest level resulting in your ward to think more critically. The game contains more than 1000 levels. The player plans to connect the pathway in minimum moves; this results in developing problem solving ability.

#8. Unblock Ball: Slide Puzzle

Best Offline Puzzle Game for Android

Unblock ball is the best puzzle android game . In this game we guide the ball to the red goal block by moving the tile slots with your both fingers. In this game we look at the passage and direct our ball to the target . When we keep our box moving the ball automatically moves to the square target.

Highlight Features of Unblock Ball

  • Different levels:- This game has over 1000 levels starting from beginner to expert level.
  • Game Modes :- This game have many modes like Single ball, Multi ball, Red and Blue ball, Magic Ball, Splitting Ball etc.
  • Attractive Animation:- This game is blessed with very lucrative animation.

Playing Experience in Unblock Ball

This game builds your mind to enhance your skill and problem solving ability. The handling of this game is very easy; you have to only drag the blocks using your fingers. Unblock Ball game is available for both android as well as iOS. It is a highly recommended game which is very addictive in nature.

#9. Numpuz: Classic Number Games, Free Riddle Puzzle

Best Puzzle Game For Android

Numpuz is one of the latest puzzle games for android. This game offers different categories of 5 games. These games are: Number riddle, Snake vs Brick, Block gems, Keep Bounce, and Stack Jump. Number Riddle has further two categories 3×3 which is ideal for kids and 8×8 is very challenging for all.

Highlight Features of Numpuz

  • Different Levels :- 5 different levels are there in this game. The difficulty level is increased in further levels.
  • Simple Control:-  This game is very simple to control and easy to handle.
  • No wifi Needed:- This game becomes more loved as it requires no wifi.

Playing Experience in Numpuz

It is a classical offline game that challenges brain power and problem solving ability. This game has great animation and the tiles slide very smoothly. Game is also equipped with a timer where you can record your game time and you play to make your record much better.

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#10. BlockPuz: Jigsaw Puzzles &Wood Block Puzzle Game

Latest Puzzle Game for Android

Blockpuz is a top offline android puzzle game. Blockpuz is a puzzle game developed by Rejoy Studio. This game has got over 10 million downloads worldwide. It is a brand new Jigsaw picture Puzzle game. This game is designed for the lovers of picture puzzles. In this game we have to drag the different cube block pieces to match the appropriate pattern.

Highlight Features of BlockPuz

  • Two Puzzle Game play:-  This game has the gameplay  Blockpuz and Sudocube.
  • Unique design Picture:- Every jigsaw image has an entirely different design.
  • Many Levels:- The game have thousands of levels.

Playing Experience in BlockPuz

This Latest puzzle game occupies very less memory of 50 MB. BlockPuz can be played without the internet. Daily few minutes of play can enhance your brain power. So it is highly recommended to download this brain teaser game and play with your companions and compare your score with the friends who scored higher. 

#11. Jigsaw Puzzle – Classic Puzzle Games

Latest Puzzle Game for Android

Jigsaw Puzzle is a top puzzle game.  It is a free game , and quite easy to play. This game provides a daily HD collection of jigsaws for adults. This is developed by top developers of the world and it has got the highest download among any jigsaw game.

Highlight Features of Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Free HD pictures:- This game requires more than thirteen hundred HD pictures which are of categories like flowers, nature animals etc.
  • Difficulty level :- This game has levels from easy to difficult.
  • Daily updated Gallery:- In this game your gallery will be full of puzzle updates every day.

Playing Experience in Jigsaw Puzzle

You can practice for better short term memory and concentration through this game. In this game, if you turn off screen rotation, the game will become more difficult. So indulge in jigsaw puzzles for a wonderful experience and make each and every day of yours comfortable and joyful.

#12. Block Puzzle Gem: Jewel Blast Game

Best Offline Puzzle Game for Android

Block Puzzle Gem is one of the top android puzzle games. This is a simple but challenging game where you make full lines horizontally vertically through jewel blocks. As soon as full lines are formed, that line will end and your score keeps on increasing. Block Puzzle Gem is a very interesting and fun game.

Highlight Features of Block Puzzle Gem

  • Game Interface:-The interface of this game is very nice and clear.
  • Control:-  Control of this game is not very complex. 
  • Free and No wifi:- This game is freely available on playstore and it doesn’t require internet to play
  • Time Limit:-  There is no time limit for any level in this game which makes it very interesting.

Playing Experience in Block Puzzle Gem

This game is great to relieve stress and sharpen the mind.  This game is also great for improving your spatial geometric skills.  Therefore you are advised to improve your mind while playing this addictive game.  If you start playing it once you will get addicted to it.

#13. Puzzledom – classic puzzles all in one

Latest Puzzle Game for Android

Puzzledom is one of the best android puzzle games. It is the most addictive game. There are many types of games in this such as connect, block, rolling ball, escape and many more games are coming.  These same games are very interesting and there is a lot of difference in them.

Highlight Features of Puzzledom

  • Graphics:- This ‘latest free puzzle game has very marginalized graphics. 
  • Level :- This game has over 5000 free levels it also has many underdevelopment levels. 
  • No time limit:- This latest puzzle game has no time limit . It can also be played offline. If you find any level to be very difficult you can also skip it.

Playing Experience in Puzzledom

If you are a puzzle game lover then you do not need to search like there is a puzzle dom available for you.  You can play Puzzledom game with your friends and challenge them. No time limit in this game makes this game very interesting.

#14. Puzzly Puzzle Game Collection

Best Offline Puzzle Game for Android

Puzzly Puzzle Game Collection is the top puzzle game for android. This is a very interesting logic game with different types of games like tangram, rolling ball, blocks, connect and many more.  You will feel great pleasure while playing many games like this. 

Highlight Features of Puzzly Puzzle Game Collection

  • Thousands of Challenges:- There are more than 1000 levels in this game and more interesting levels are coming in it.
  • Graphics :- The graphics of this game are very awesome. Playing games is also very easy and it has different games also. 
  • Time Limit :- It has unlimited time limit so you can enjoy it any time.

Playing Experience in Puzzly Puzzle Game Collection

See the tutorial given to all games carefully and play accordingly. If you get struck somewhere then click on the hint icon. Play new levels and unlock new puzzles. You can click on the Statistics icon to get your score in the game. 

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#15. Onet 3D – Classic Link Puzzle

Best Puzzle Game For Android

Onet 3D – Classic Link Puzzle is the latest puzzle based game. This game is freely available for android. There are many puzzle games given in this game that are very beneficial for your mental exercise. You will also like these puzzles very much.

Onet 3D is one of the best 3d puzzle games for android that offers many game modes and mini-games. It is easy and straightforward to play.

Highlight Features of Onet 3D

  • Easy and Interesting:- This is a very easy and very interesting puzzle game .
  • Powerups:- If you are struck into any difficulty you can immediately use power ups.
  • Puzzle Game 3D:- All the tiles in this game are 3D designed.
  • Themes:- This game have a lot of very interesting and good looking themes.

Playing Experience in Onet 3D

This is one of the best offline puzzle games, so it becomes very easy to play this game. This game is enjoyed by kids as well as adults as it is very easy to play and no time limit is there. You will also be given hints about this game. By following these hints, you can easily place tiles according to the Puzzle.

Final Words

So, the list of the top 15 best puzzle games for android ends here; We hope you liked this review of these best puzzle games, all these games are available on the Google Play Store, and you can download them for free. Now, it’s your turn to download your favorite game and play as per your requirement.

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