Top 10 Exciting Running Games for Android

Hello Friends, if you are getting bored at home and want some entertainment, then you can try Amazing running games; yes, you can play running games on your android phones. Now, if you want top running games, then you are at the right place because here, we will share some of the best running games for android that provide fun and enjoyable gameplay as long as you want. Also, these endless running games are available on the google play store for free.

Running games are very popular these days, everyone wants to play these games, but they don’t have the best games, also, sometimes they will download the unnecessary games that cause the increase the boredom.

To solve this problem, we recommend you play endless running games on your android phones that provide amazing gameplay and the perfect to kill your boredom. Today, we have listed here top 10 best running games for Android which are free and have good graphics.

So, let’s start the review of these best running games for android.

Best Running Games for Android

In this post, we will review some of the best running games for Android that are free and available on the Google Play Store. There are many highlighted features in these games, which we will share in this article, so read the article till the end. Also, we will share the experience of playing these running games for android.

#1 Subway Surfers

Best Running Game For Android

Subway Surfers is among the top 10 running games for android. Kiloo programmers created Subway Surfer, which is focused on a guy sprinting continuously across tracks and trains.

In Subway Surfer, a policeman and his pet attempt to apprehend the gamer, and you may switch tracks and go over trains while collecting money with various powers such as Magnate, Jets, mystery boxes, and more.

Subway Surfers is one of the best adventure running games to play while getting bored. it is one of the best adventure games for android.

Highlight Features of Subway Surfers

  • Graphics: Subway surfer is a vibrant game in terms of graphics and has a very beautiful colorful background.
  • Weekly Hunt prize: In the most recent edition, there is a Weekly Hunt award that gamers may obtain by playing.
  • Power-Ups: Every power-up in the video game performs a distinct function. When these power-ups are used effectively, gamers can travel great distances without committing incorrect selections.
  • Customizable Characters: It has many characters which can be customized with costume, hairstyle, or other many faces like a robot, doodle, and many more. Also, you can choose the male or female character for running.

Playing Experience in Subway Surfers

This running adventure game is among the best running game for android. This online running game allows you to compete with others and have fun while competing with other players online. It is an amazing run game for the running game lovers. The graphics and sound effects make it realistic and more enjoyable.

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#2 Alto’s Adventure

Best Adventure Running Game for Android

While continuously running over ice and hills, Alto’sAlto’s Adventure leads you through several adventurous land scenarios. It is the best running game for android. There are lovely alpine hills, wildness, wooded colonies, and deserted sites to be crossed by the players.

It is a great adventure running game. The objective is to preserve flame, securely browse roofs, and a lot more. There are various snowboards in this endless running game. You must try this game.

Alto’s Adventure running game can be played offline, so you don’t need the internet to lay this game. It is one of the best offline games for android.

Highlight Features of Alto’s Adventure

  • Graphics: The graphics of this running adventure game are of very high quality with various effects.
  • Snowboarders: Find out about 6 different snowboarders, each according to their distinct skills and capabilities.
  • Various levels: There are about 60 levels in this amazing run game. All the levels will excite you to play more and more.

Playing Experience in Alto’s Adventure

In this game, many characters can be unlocked after completing the challenge. This online running game is very addictive and super fun. The graphics and the audio quality of this game both are amazing.

#3 Temple Run 1 or 2

Best Running Game For Android

Temple Run is the most well-known and endless running game. It was launched by Imangi studio. The temple run’s main idea is that a solo guy saves his existence by racing into a temple and gathering money without collapsing or hitting anywhere.

The basic motivation is simply the collection of money and to make the increasing score in various scenarios feasible. This game is one of the top 10 running games for android. Also it is one of the best android game in India.

Highlight Features of Temple Run

  • Graphics: Temple Run’sRun’s graphic quality is incredible, and creators have incorporated several distinct circumstances that make it fascinating.
  • 4 Controllable Characters: Through the various occurrences of Temple Runs level plays, there are four distinct avatars to choose from.
  • Various maps: Apart from the updated appearance, the videogame also has several maps to visit.
  • Rewards and Coins: You get many rewards and coins after every run, and you can collect the coin using various tools such as magnets, scrolls, and more.

Playing Experience in Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the amazing adventure running games with great graphics. It also contains some ads, but you can just turn off your wifi or internet, and you are good to play without any disturbance.

This game is among the best running game for android. Also, you can change or customize the playing character or customize them according to your liking.

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#4 Minion Rush: infinite run game

Best Adventure Running Game for Android

Minion rush is an amazing run game, and it is among the top 10 running games for android. If you enjoy critters, there’s a good chance you enjoy cartoony characters as well. In the beginning, just Dave is the primary figure.

The functions of this adventure running game are completely distinct from existing minion running videogames. There have been 15 distinct kinds of minions accessible for purchase at all times in the store. Minion lovers will love this online running game.

Highlight Features of Minion Rush

  • Endless running: The minion rush app version allows its gamers to operate endlessly. Running has no boundaries on this running adventure game.
  • Unique locations: The other favorite characteristic of the videogame is varied locations. This is the best running game for android.
  • Customized characters: If a minion puts on certain garments, they appear more attractive. So you can customize your minion as per your wish.

Playing Experience in Minion Rush

Minion Rush is the best endless running game and the most favorite game of minion lovers. The graphics of the game are super amazing. Minion Rush is an addictive game and is most popular among minion lovers. the music while running is just amazing and motivates to play more and more.

#5 Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

Best Running Game For Android

Sonic Dash 2 is one of the best running games for android. Sonic Dash is the kind of endless running game that each player desires. You may operate the adorable hedgehog as the guy wanders among three lanes in this best running game for android. 

In this adventure running game, you’re going to leap over barriers, snap opponents and move fast throughout the area. Help Sonic gather rings, stars, and energy orbs while exploring the densely packed route full of difficult opponents. Unlock various avatars and their particular abilities.

Highlight Features of Sonic Dash 2

  • Unique Characters: Every avatar possess his or her unique qualities which allow him or her to easily tackle the obstacles on the racecourse.
  • Endless Run: You’ll notice that it doesn’t have a power structure and that you may enjoy it as much as you prefer.
  • Earn rewards: Participating in tournaments allows you to win great benefits, such as the collection of 100 rings in one round.

Playing Experience in Sonic Dash 2

Sonic Dash is one of the top 10 running games for android that is available for free. There are no missions available on this run game for android, but you can compete with your friend or other players online. The graphics and sound effects are very amazing and give the feel of realistic.

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#6 Jungle Adventures 3

Best Adventure Running Game for Android

Jungle Adventure 3 is a game that we suggest to anyone who wants to go on a forest trip. It is one of the best adventure running games for android. In this game, you have to run through forests avoiding various obstacles and also collecting coins while running.

You can also get the power-ups in the game, and you have to jump and slide to avoid obstacles. It is one of the top 10 running games for android. This game is perfect for adventure lovers, and you must try it once.

You need to take action after looking at any barriers on the path; if you respond on time, then you can play this game as long as you cross every barrier, but during the time speed of the game increase; it is one of the best action games for android.

Highlight Features of Jungle Adventures 3

  • Easy controls: The controls of this game is very easy to understand and smooth.
  • Graphics: The graphics are very cool, and the forest environment excites the forest adventure lovers.
  • Audio quality: The audio quality and background music both are awesome. You will just get addicted to the background music and just love to play with that music.

Playing Experience in Jungle Adventures 3

Jungle adventure 3 is one of the best running games for android. It is the best game for adventure lovers with the forest surrounding. The game is easy to play, and the controls are perfect, but it also contains a lot of ads to disturb while playing. the graphics of the game looks animated that provide a clear view of the forest.

#7 Join Clash 3D

Best 3D Running Game For Android

Join Clash 3D is a game developed by Supersonic Studios LTD that features extreme racing experiences as well as survival runs. Join Clash 3D is an adventure running game that is available for free on the play store.

From start to finish, the gameplay will keep players on their feet, and you must persevere with your group members. This game is among the top 10 running games for android. 

To begin, you will run by yourself and gather others along the route to form a large group. You can play this game in 3D, it is one of the best 3D games for android.

Highlight Features of Join Clash 3D

  • Unique levels: There will be a variety of levels to choose from, each with its own set of prizes and bonuses. You will love the levels of this best running game for android.
  • Survival race: You need to dodge a mountainous round sight, a tangled chasm, and enormous crushing spheres in the hazardous survival race to reach it to the finish of the adventure.

Playing Experience in Join Clash 3D

This running adventure game’s simple control scheme will be useful to you. Moreover, you’ll be drawn in by the eye-catching visuals. There are many ads in this game. But overall, this is an amazing run game. the graphics gives you the realistic feel of gameplay.

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#8 Subway Princess Runner

Best Adventure Running Game for Android

If you have ever imagined playing a princess running game, then this adventure running game is for you. Subway Princess Runner is nearly identical to the first one we described. The objective of this best running game for android is to acquire a large number of gold coins.

You have to confront several problems including buses, trains, automobiles, woodlands and more. You have to overcome many challenges, and this game is among the top 10 running games for android.

Highlight Features of Subway Princess Runner

  • Different missions: It contains several missions to complete while according to a set of guidelines. You must get a great deal of expertise in this aspect.
  • Various roles: You get to play the different roles of the rich kids.
  • Elements: This online running game includes various elements. You must learn how to utilize it and also enhance it.

Playing Experience in Subway Princess Runner

Subway princess runner is the best run game for android users. The graphics of the game is very great, and you will be amazed by the audio quality. You must download this game and try it right away.

#9 Cat Runner: Decorate Home

Best Running Game For Android

Cat Runner is an adventure running game that is available online for free. It is one of the top 10 running games for android. It adds significant roadside surfing action to the never-ending running type.

You begin your adventure to capture the criminal after you’ve been robbed. You will appreciate spending hours with your beloved pet in a city environment. It is an endless running game that you will enjoy a lot, and I will also recommend your friend to play this game.

Highlight Features of Cat Runner

  • Easy Controls: The controls are straightforward to operate.
  • Athletic mode: Athletic mode contains several mysteries as well as chests containing gems, cash, and accessories.
  • Rushing mode: In the rushing mode, you compete against other gamers to earn the reward.
  • Various options: There are numerous entertainment options to play this videogame, including a score booster, super head start, and a hoverboard.

Playing Experience in Cat Runner

Cat runner is the best running game for android that is available for free. The graphics of this online running game is amazing, with easy-to-use controls. Overall the run game for android is good, but the cat runs slow.

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#10 Crash Bandicoot: On the run!

Best Adventure Running Game for Android

So now let us end our top 10 running games for android list with this amazing run game. Crash Bandicoot: on the run is an adventure running game and is the best game to kill your boredom.

There are 12 locations with a variety of unique surroundings in this running adventure game. Through seasonal tasks, you may collect prizes and other great incentives. Finish as much as feasible to increase the total number of prizes and rise the leadership teams.

Highlight Features of Crash Bandicoot

  • Survival run: A survival race is an entertaining method to win prizes and points by fighting bots. The quicker you travel, the sooner, the more awards you acquire.
  • Graphics: The graphics of the game is excellent and eye-catching. Also, the background sound is best, and you will love it. You will get addicted to this run game for android.

Playing Experience in Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is the best running game for android. Running games lovers and adventure game lovers will enjoy this run game for android. This is a very addictive game, and you must try this game once. we enjoyed to play this game.

Final Words

So, the review ends here; we hope you like the review of these best running games for android. If you like any game in this review, then download it from the google play store for free. In addition, some games can be played online, and some games can be played offline.

These are the top-rated running games for Android, which are very popular, and have completed millions of downloads and got good ratings on the Google Play Store. So, now it’s your turn, just go and download your favorite game and enjoy the gameplay.

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