Top 6 Best Samsung Fast Charging Phones in India

Hello Friends, if you are a Samsung brand lover and plan to buy a smartphone from Samsung which has fast charging then you are at the right place because here we will share some of the best Samsung fast-charging phones in India that come with the charging speed up to 45 Watts.

List of the Samsung Fast Charging Phones in India

Top Samsung Fast Charging PhonesDirect Buy Link
Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S22 UltraNo products found.
Samsung Galaxy S22 PlusNo products found.
Samsung Galaxy S22No products found.
Samsung Galaxy S20 FENo products found.
Samsung Galaxy M53No products found.
Samsung Galaxy A53No products found.

So, let’s start the review of these best Samsung fast charging phones in India.

#1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

No products found.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a super phone that is packed with the most unique features, it comes with an inbuilt S pen that can run smoothly like pens on a notebook. The latest update of Samsung notes makes it more advanced and easy to use while taking notes and other activities. 

Some of the latest features have made it work on artificial intelligence that can control every action. This Samsung galaxy is a combination of the most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and Adreno 730GPU that the fastest processor of 4nm fabrication. 

Its Super Dynamic 2x super AMOLED display can show up to 1750 units in the peak brightness of outdoor light. With a refresh rate of 120 Hz users can experience the most smoothing usage and can optimize different view settings.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra supports the third generation of Fast Charging USB type c cables which can take only 60 minutes to get fully charged to a 5000 mAh battery with a 45 Watts fast charger that makes it the best Samsung fast charging phone in India.

It has the most advanced camera setup on the rear side, which features a 108 MP primary camera, a 12 MP ultrawide, a 10 MP telephoto lens, and a 40 MP front camera for making night photography epic, and its sensor absorbs more light to make night selfies and clicked photos clearest. Currently, it is one of the best Samsung phones under 1 lakh rupees in India.

Performance Score of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Antutu Benchmark Score943880 Points
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Geekbench 5 Score1287 (Single Core)
4288 (Multi-Core)

#2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

No products found.

Samsung S22 plus includes some plus features like a display size increase of 6.6 inches display with a sleek design and symmetrical polished frame for a balanced display. 

Galaxy S22 Plus comes with the third generation super fast charging USB type c cables with a 4500 mAh battery which charges the phone in less than 60 minutes with a 45 W fast charger that makes it one of the best fast charging Samsung mobiles.

It has a 120 Hz refresh rate in the super Dynamic 2x display that enhances the viewing experience and bright colors like the Galaxy S22 with a vision booster inbuilt for outer visibility. 

With screen protection of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus + on both the back and the front side of the phone protects the phone at the highest level from a scale of one to five with the fastest 4nm processor making CPU and GPU most powerful.

It has a triple camera setup with LED flash on the backside, the camera setup features a 50 mp primary camera, a 10 MP telephoto lens, and a 12 MP ultrawide camera which makes the Galaxy S22 plus the king of night photography with fast-acting AI deliveries and clearest glass and lens.

Performance Score of Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Antutu Benchmark Score820974 Points
Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus Geekbench 5 Score1133 (Single Core)
3574 (Multi-Core)

#3. Samsung Galaxy S22

No products found.

Samsung Galaxy S22 supports Fast Charging with a USB type c third generation cable and makes the user’s phone gets fully charged from 0 to 100% in just one hour with a 25 Watts of fast charger as it has a 3700 mAh battery capacity. With this charging speed, it is one of the best fast charging Samsung mobiles.

Its glossy design is made to express the uniqueness of this phone. Slim bezels and a polished frame maintain the 6.1 inches display of the phone with a protection of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus + on both screen and panels side.

Its 120 Hz super Dynamic 2x display is made to show real and enhanced colors and make outdoor visibility of the outdoor brightest in clear daylight time. To boost the performance, it has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor of 4 nm process.

Samsung Galaxy S22 is popular for its night photography with a sensor that can pull most of the lights with its Super clear glass dials and lens flares with the fastest object-detecting AI technologies.

It has a triple camera setup that features a 50 MP primary camera, a 12 MP ultrawide camera, and a 10 MP telephoto. Also, it has 12 megapixels front camera. the main camera of this phone can record video up to 8k at 24 fps. Currently, it is one of the best phones for photography in India.

Performance Score of Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 Antutu Benchmark Score842080 Points
Samsung Galaxy S22 Geekbench 5 Score1126 (Single Core)
3876 (Multi-Core)

#4. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

No products found.

Samsung S20 FE comes with a 6.5 inches super AMOLED display with full HD capacitive is made to enhance the colors and video quality on the screen. With a snapdragon 865 processor, S20 FE runs apps and files very smoothly without any lag and issues. 

This phone has a triple camera setup on the back side that features an 8 MP telephoto lens, a 12 MP lens for a wide view, and the last 12 MP ultrawide camera with LED flash. Also, it has a 32 MP front camera and can go up to 1080 × 2400 pixels resolution.

It has a 4500 mAh lithium-ion battery with fast charging of 25 watts, it has third-generation USB type c cables, and the 25 W fast charging took only 70 minutes to get a fully charged this phone. It comes in five different color variants and two storage options.

Performance Score of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Antutu Benchmark Score554252 Points
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Geekbench 5 Score901 (Single Core)
3028 (Multi-Core)

#5. Samsung Galaxy M53

No products found.

The next phone in the review of the best Samsung fast charging phones is Samsung Galaxy M53 which comes with a Quad Camera setup and different features like an object eraser, single click, photo remaster and many more, its camera setup is designed to take good photos in low light as well as in bright light. 

Samsung Galaxy M53 supports HyperFast 5g experience with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh supporting fast charging of 25 Watts and one of the most powerful Knox security by Samsung. It comes with inbuilt latest software of Android 12.0 and the Samsung ONE UI 4 operating system.

It has a 6nm octa-core processor which gives unmatched performance. With 6.7 inches super AMOLED display it gives the user the clearest view and quality of the video with a support of 1080 × 1300 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. 

Performance Score of Samsung Galaxy M53

Samsung Galaxy M53 Antutu Benchmark Score441219 Points
Samsung Galaxy M53 Geekbench 5 Score733 (Single Core)
2224 (Multi-Core)

#6. Samsung Galaxy A53

No products found.

The last phone on the list of fast charging Samsung mobiles is Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, this phone comes with amazing features. This phone is packed with a 5000 mAh battery which gives 35 hours of battery backup on a single charge and it will support 25 watts of fast charging. Currently, it is one of the best Samsung mobiles under 30000 in India.

It is powered by the Samsung Exynos 1280 processor based on 5nm fabrication technology, it will give you smooth performance in any kind of heavy usage.

Samsung Galaxy A53 has a super AMOLED display which has a 120 Hz of refresh rate. The screen of this phone is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 5. This phone is also known for its camera functionality, it has a quad rear camera setup with an LED flash.

Performance Score of Samsung Galaxy A53

Samsung Galaxy A53 Antutu Benchmark Score379516 Points
Samsung Galaxy A53 Geekbench 5 Score690 (Single Core)
1846 (Multi-Core)


So, these are the best Samsung fast charging phones in India as it has a massive battery pack and gives the charging speed up to 45 watts in top models. All these phones are available for purchase from Amazon and Samsung’s official websites.

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What are the Samsung fast charging phones in India?

List of the Fast Charging Samsung Mobile in India.

1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus
3. Samsung Galaxy S22
4. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE
5. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
6. Samsung Galaxy A53
7. Samsung Galaxy M53
8. Samsung Galaxy M52

Which Samsung phones support 25W fast charging?

There are many Samsung phones which have 25W fast charging speed but Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, Samsung Galaxy A53, and Samsung Galaxy M53 are the best.

What Samsung phones support 45W charging?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has 45W fast charging.

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