Best Video Calling Apps in India

If you seek the best video calling app that provides a free video calling service, you are at the right place. Today we will talk about video calling apps.

During the lockdown or epidemic, people are anxious to find out the best means to connect with relatives and family. In this situation, everyone avoids going out to meet someone directly.

But you have another way to connect with people and do your work from home. Now, it is easy to connect with the family and do work from home through the live video calling app.

Yes, live video calling is the best medium to have a face-to-face conversation with someone using a mobile app. Now, you can talk as long as you want. Even most people search for the best video calling app for their business and office.

In this article, we are going to review the best video-calling apps in India that are compatible with vulnerable networks and support all network types. All video calling apps are free and simple to use, also providing better protection for personal data.

You can use it as you like, we will list the five best video call apps that are available on Play Store and Apple App Store.

List of the Best Video Calling Apps in India

Best Video Calling Apps
Google Duo
Facebook Messenger

What is Video calling?

Video calling is a medium that is used to communicate face-to-face for any task on a call using a digital platform. In the video call, both people can see or hear each other to no effect.

Here we will review some of the best video calling apps in India that are used for your convenience for free.

Benefits of using Video calling Apps

  • People can interact face-to-face at any time
  • Video calling is a free service provided by the app.
  • Video calling is always better than other means of chatting
  • You can join any event and occasion through video calling without being physically present.
  • You can attend meetings and classes from home.
  • You can get a realistic visual experience with high-quality video and audio through video calling
  • You can watch movies and videos with friends on video calling.

Google Duo Video Calling App

Live Video Call App

Google duo is a live video call app that gives you a platform for connecting people worldwide. Google duo provides the highest quality video calling for free, making it one of the best video calling apps in India.

Google duo allows you to start group video calls with up to 32 people at once, serving the purpose of connecting your bonds more vital than ever. You can share video messages instantly through this best video call app and shares your lives.

Google duo focuses on maintaining your chat and calls security by encrypting your privacy one-to-one.

Google duo allows you to capture your moments during calls and share them automatically in your video call group, making it popular among the best video calling apps in India.

This 3g video calling app is available on Android, iOS phones, and tablets and provides better calling even in low light available.

Google duo makes your calls more fun and interactive with the addition of features like doodles, face effects, masks, and stickers, so it is well known to live video call apps.

Google duo is an India free video chat app that allows you to share the link of group calls and increase your connectivity with other people.

Benefits of using Google duo Video Calling App

  • High-quality video calling app.
  • You can do group video calls with up to 32 members.
  • You can share video requests, messages, photos with your friends.
  • It is a Safe and Encrypted video Calling platform.
  • You can capture photos during the video calls.
  • You can create doodles, and masks and do fun with the entire family using amazing effects.
  • You can make video calls between IOS and Androids operating systems.
  • It has a low-light mode.

Skype Video Calling App

Skype Best Video Call App

Skype is the best video call app connecting people across the world through phone or Pc. Skype provides you HD quality video call with other more features making it one of the best video calling apps in India.

Skype is India free video chat app with smart messaging and connects your people through messages and chats and allows you to create chat groups to get attention with mentions in chat.

Skype helps you to express over chats through emoticons and GIPHY in conversation. Skype enables you to read and reply to your phone SMS on skype on your PC or Mac book. You can voice call your contacts through skype whenever you want.

This live video call app allows sharing videos and photos to your contacts, save them in your camera roll, and allows calls on landlines and mobiles at low rates, characterizing it as the best video calling apps in India.

Benefits of using Skype Video Calling App

  • You can make HD video calls even in a weak network.
  • Skype is free to use, it can take operator data to connect peoples.
  • You can send text messages, photos, videos, and more.
  • End to End Encrypted video calling app.
  • Even you can connect a voice call at any number.
  • You can connect up to 24 peoples at the same video call.
  • Skype is available for computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

WhatsApp Video Calling App

Best video calling apps in India

WhatsApp is counted as one of the best video calling apps in India for providing video calls at high quality and robust connectivity free of cost. It is a simple, credible, and private live video call app.

WhatsApp is India’s free video chat app to share videos and photos instantly in personal chat, group chat, or story. WhatsApp connects with your friends and family chargeless using your mobile data connection.

WhatsApp is the best 3g video calling app that helps you avoid usernames and pins, which were tough to remember and connects you using your contact number and seamlessly work with your contacts present on the phone.

It supports WhatsApp Web to start your WhatsApp on the computer and regulate your chats and calls. Group video calls in high quality make WhatsApp the best video call app.

It allows you to share photos, videos, voice notes, documents with your contacts and enhance your connectivity, making it one of the best video calling apps in India.

Benefits of using Whatsapp Video Calling App

  • You can make voice or video calls across the world without any cost.
  • Group chats with friends and family.
  • You can make calls on the network of 2g, 3g, 4g, and wifi.
  • You can share your shorts moments on the status.
  • It is simple, reliable, and private.
  • it provides end-to-end encryption to chats and calls.
  • You can send or receive files, payments, photos, videos, and more.
  • You can add up to 10 peoples for the video call.

Facebook Messenger Video Calling App

India’s Best Video Calling App

Messenger is an accessible all-in-one communication app and one of the best video calling apps in India, where it gives fun, interactive, and new ways to hang out with your friends and family.

Messenger is a live video call app that gives free services for voice calling and video calls using your data connection. Messenger is India’s free video chat app that offers free group video chat, video calls, voice calls, and text messaging services.

Messenger provides cross-app messaging and calling options to connect with your friends from different social media platforms and is the best 3g video calling app.

Vanish mode is introduced to your chats to disappear chats after exiting it, maintaining your privacy. You can watch videos with friends using the watch-together option within this live video call app.

Messenger allows you to invite anyone to your chat room with the link and connect across the world.

Messenger gives you the chance to customize your chat with themes, making it attractive and providing high-quality video calls starting group calls free of cost, making it one of the best video calling apps in India.

The messenger app gives you the option to secure your chats with a privacy setting where you can hide any conversation with passwords. In this live video call app, group video conference is very efficient and crystal clear in quality.

Benetifs of using Messenger Video Calling App

  • It provides safety and security to any kind of chats.
  • You can join up to 50 peoples in the video chat room.
  • Using Messenger you can connect with businesses.
  • You can Customize your chat section using attractive themes.
  • You can invite anyone for a video call via link.
  • Send files, videos, photos, and text.
  • You can stream movies and short videos in the video call.
  • You can make voice or video calls in the app.
  • You can use fun stickers and backgrounds during the video calls.

IMO Video Calling App

IMO Live Video Calling App

IMO is a simple, fast, and free live video call app that provides instant messaging, high-quality video calls, and interactive video chat, making it one of the best video calling apps in India.

IMO is the best 3g video calling app compatible with all networks providing free services to connect with your friends and family.

It allows sharing multimedia like fast photos, share videos, documents, and voice messages. The best video call app IMO provides excellent quality video calls. It starts a group video call with 20 people at once, making it one of the best video-calling apps in India.

IMO allows free International calls to your friends and family and charges less messaging across the world. It enables group chats to over more than a thousand group members to transfer large videos and heavy documents instantly.

Hundred of stickers and emoticons are available on this best video call app making your chats fun and interactive. IMO sync your history and conversations in the IMO cloud for backup and free up your phone storage.

Benefits of using IMO Video Calling App

  • IMO supports all networks.
  • You can make HD national or international calls.
  • You can connect to 20 people for video chatting.
  • It is even compatible with 2G or 3G networks.
  • You can share videos, photos, files, and audio.
  • It can use fewer operator data for any kind of activity.
  • In IMO, you can join nearby groups for chatting.
  • You can make calls on landlines or mobiles in the IMO.

Final Words

Video calling or chatting is one of the best sources for interacting with friends and family. Using the live video calling app, people can connect with anyone from anywhere at any time. Most people use them to work from home and to connect with clients and colleagues.

At this time, it is not difficult to search for the best video calling apps, as most of the popular social media platforms provide live video call facilities to interact with people according to your needs.

The best video calling apps are listed above with a detailed review. You can find them and self-connect with friends, family, and work.

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Which apps are the best for video calling?

Some of social media platforms facilitate video calling and some apps are dedicated to video calling, but the main thing is that they offer video quality. Here we will list some of the best video calling apps which are available on the Google play store and Apple App Store. List of the Best Video Calling Apps in India
Google Duo

Is Google duo safe than WhatsApp?

Yes, most professional Clients prefer Google Duo over WhatsApp to interact for any meeting or work. Because Google provides better privacy than WhatsApp in terms of security and safety. But in terms of popularity, WhatsApp is more used than Duo.

Is Google duo better than zoom?

Both are free and simple to use, but they are different from joining members, in Google duo, we can join only 12 members, but in Zoom, we can join up to 100 people in a single video conferencing. Zoom has a 40-minute video call limit, as well as no time limit for video calls in Google Duo. we personally feel zoom is better than duo for the short video conferencing.

How long can you talk on Google duo?

You can continue the call on Google duo as much as you can. Yes, there is no time limit for video calling, even you can call all day long. It provides end-to-end encrypted calls means that no one can see your personal chats and calls.

Which apps are safe for private video calls?

Most video calling apps are safe for any type of private call, all video calling apps providing end-to-end encrypted calls and chats. Even they store your data on their cloud servers for better privacy.

Video calling apps are based on a simple user interface and are free to use. They secure all your chats from hackers, no one can see your chats and calls. We suggest that you use legitimate and reliable apps like Google Duo, WhatsApp, and Zoom.

Can I use video calling apps for work from home?

In this epidemic, most people use multiple video calling apps for video conferences from home. Video conferencing is the best option for attending office meetings and business classes. You can work from home using these apps. Some of the best video conferencing apps are Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and Skype, they provide end-to-end encrypted call details.

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