Top 10 Best Wallpaper App For Android

Hello Friends, if you want the good looking and attractive wallpaper for your android phone, then you need to install a wallpaper app. if you are searching for the best wallpaper app, then you are in the right place because here we will share some of the best wallpaper apps for android that have an extensive collection of live and attractive wallpapers. Also, they have various categories of wallpapers.

Wallpaper on the home screen and lock screen is looking attractive; that is why most people search for the best wallpapers on google. But after so much research, they don’t get the right and perfect wallpaper for their phone.

Don’t worry; here, we will solve your problem; we will share the top 10 best wallpaper apps for android that provides thousands of wallpapers for free. Now there is no need to waste time searching because there are plenty of wallpaper apps for android that is available for free.

So, let’s start the review of the best wallpaper apps for android.

Best Wallpaper App For Android

In this post, we will review the top 10 best wallpaper apps for android that are freely available on the google play store. All these wallpaper apps have a large collection of wallpapers.

Also, we will share the highlighted features of these apps and the pros and cons for better understanding. If you want to change your phone looks, then use launchers for android phones, but if you wish to have an attractive and glossy screen look, then use the wallpaper app.

#1. Wallpaper App by Google

Best Wallpaper App For Android

Wallpapers by Google is the best wallpaper app for android. Google wallpapers will help you keep your device’s screen updated and appealing.

You may select from a variety of backgrounds, including photos from the Google Earth Collections, amazing sceneries from Google+, and much more. You may switch up your background as your taste evolves.

Wallpaper app used to set new wallpaper on your phone screen quickly and simply. it is one of the best android apps.

Highlights Features of Wallpaper App by Google

  • Growing collection: You can access the images from various partners including Google Earth, Google+, etc.
  • Dual option: Wallpapers by google provides wallpapers for both your home screen and your lock screen.
  • New wallpaper every day: You just have to choose a category and the app will send you a new wallpaper every day.

Pros and Cons of Wallpaper App by Google


Wide range of categories for wallpapers.
Amazing features
Great collection of wallpapers.


The fonts are incorrect.
Sometimes Wallpaper quality degrades after applying.
Crashes sometimes

#2. Zedge Wallpapers & Ringtones App

Best Home Screen Wallpaper App

Zedge is the best and free wallpaper app for android. It has thousands of high-quality wallpaper for android phones which can be set on the home screen and lock screen.

The Zedge app has completed 100 million installs on the google play store and has 70 million regularly engaged users.

It has constantly ranked in the most popular free applications in Google Play store in India. It is the best wallpaper app and the best ringtone app.

Highlights Features of Zedge App

  • Stickers: You may customize your wallpaper by adding stickers to it. It may be used as a background or shared via chat applications.
  • Video Wallpapers: You may use amazing video animations as wallpaper on your main screen.
  • Quality: High HD and 4K wallpaper for android are supported, as well as backgrounds for smaller displays.

Pros and Cons of Zedge App


You can upload your own choices too.
easy to use.
Great collection of wallpapers and ringtones.
Amazing live wallpapers


It contains too many ads.
The users often face bugs.

#3. Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds App

Best Wallpaper App For Android

In Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds App, There are many high-quality backgrounds Wallpapers available. It is one of the Best Wallpaper App For Android

This app provides wallpapers for many different devices like iPhones, tablets, laptops, and ipads. In this app, you get fresh wallpapers and designs every hour, which upload by the professional graphic designer’s team and photographers.

Highlights Features of Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds App

  1. Supports many devices: It supports all android device, including devices with large screens: 1080×1920 pixels and 2160×3840 pixels.
  2. New Wallpaper every hour: It provides more than thousands of 4K wallpapers for phones.
  3. Battery saver: The application displays only wallpapers and screensavers adapted to the size of your screen. Thus, utilizing less battery.

Pros and Cons of Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds App


Home screen and lock screen wallpapers are available 
Amazing features
Useful for phones or tablets.
New wallpapers every hour.


Slow processing.
It contains ads.

#4. Pixel 4D Live Wallpapers 4K App

Best Home Screen Wallpaper App

Pixel 4D Has 300+ amazing 3D live wallpapers and animated lock screen backgrounds for android phones. it is the best wallpapers app for android. You can make your home screen and lock screen attractive with some special live wallpapers. Here, you get latest various kind of wallpapers for home screen and lock screen.

Highlights Features of Pixel 4D App

  1. Live Wallpapers: The app provides live wallpaper for both home screen and lock screens.
  2. Battery efficiency: The app does not take up a lot of battery of your phone. 
  3. Wide range of wallpapers: It has a wide range of live wallpapers including Anime HD Wallpapers, Dark-Black wallpapers, coolest 4D live wallpapers.

Pros and Cons of Pixel 4D App


Wallpapers of almost all genres.
The graphics are of high quality.
Every update is free


Slow processing.
Takes a long time to download.
Not working on some phone.

#5. 10000 Nature Wallpaper App

Best Wallpaper App For Android

10000 Nature Wallpapers is the best wallpaper app for Android. It has a massive compilation of popular and amazing best wallpapers & backgrounds with daily updates.

No other app has such a vast collection of high-quality and best wallpapers and backgrounds. You can download them and set them as home screens for free and there is no hidden charge or circumstance.

Highlights Features of 10000 Nature Wallpaper App

  1. A wide category of nature wallpapers: It has over 30 categories of nature wallpaper you can browse and select the one you like.
  2. Compatibility: It is compatible with almost all Android devices. Its HD wallpapers are compatible with every android phone.
  3. Free Use: The app is completely free and there is no charge for using any wallpaper.

Pros and Cons of 10000 Nature Wallpaper App


Wallpapers of almost all nature genres
Amazing features
Large collection of wallpapers.
Easy to use wallpaper app


Doesn’t work offline.
Takes to much time to load.
Crashes sometimes

#6. Background HD App

HD Wallpapers Apps For Android

Background HD is an amazing app for wallpapers for Android. The application already has accomplished 120 million downloads globally. The app provides new backgrounds including videos, images, drawings that are uploaded every day.

You can browse through and even like the pictures you are fond of. You can find amazing and fun wallpapers and backgrounds on this app. Also, you can download the good looking background for editing photos through the best photo editing apps.

Highlights Features of Background App

  1. Sell your images: You can sell your photographs and images on this app.
  2. Communicate: You check out the backgrounds of people with the same taste and communicate with comments and messages.
  3. Discover wallpapers of your genre: Discover backgrounds from interested tags and creators on the feed!

Pros and Cons of Background App


High Resolution and HD pictures.
You can choose the category of wallpaper you want to see.
Large collection of wallpapers.
Easy to use App


Sign in through Google or Facebook account is compulsory
Doesn’t work offline.
Crashes sometimes

#7. HD Wallpapers (Backgrounds) App

HD Wallpaper app provide large collection of wallpapers in different categories. All wallpapers are high quality and graphics. they specially designed for phone wallpapers. it is on of the best home screen and lock screen wallpapers app for android.

You get all types of wallpapers in this app for free. it is one of the best wallpaper app in India which offers lightweight and good looking designed in the form of wallpapers.

Highlights Features of HD Wallpapers App

  1. Simple UI: Easy to download and set as wallpaper. 
  2. Lightweight and Fast: Lightweight interface consumes less memory give better performance.
  3. Setting HD Wallpapers: Share images to anyone and so the opposite applications in a simple way. 
  4. Size of HD Wallpapers: Sizes of HD Wallpapers are very less whether or not these wallpapers are in HD. 

Pros and Cons of HD Wallpapers App


Various categories for wallpapers.
Easy to set up.
large collection of wallpapers.


Takes too long to download.
The app has bugs and lags sometimes.
Too many ads.

#8. Wallpapers App By Android Station

Best Wallpaper App For Android

The wallpaper app provides many amazing Wallpapers to people all across the world. It is the best wallpaper apps. You can bring your screen to life with the latest Wallpaper supplied to you by Android Station Team.

Android Station Team specially selects every Wallpaper then uploads it on the app. You have to tilt your device to see a more realistic view of 3d wallpapers.

Highlights Features of Wallpapers App

  1. Categories: The app provides a list of various categories for you to choose your wallpaper from.
  2. Search engine: The app has a search engine for you to search your favorite wallpaper from thousands of tags.
  3. Auto wallpaper: The app has a feature in which your wallpaper will change automatically. You can also decide the duration of changes.

Pros and Cons of Wallpapers App


Wide varieties of wallpaper available
Quality is great
HD wallpapers available


Too many ads
Some functions don’t work
Unclear instructions

#9. Water Garden Live Wallpaper App

Best Home Screen Wallpaper App

Water Garden Live Wallpaper provides high quality 3D live wallpaper. It change your mobile screen into an incredibly elegant and ultra-realistic water pond filled with fishes and plants. 

You have to use your finger gestures to fell stunning, velvet soft water swells and water waves that are unbelievably true. it’s an incredible wallpaper app for android. You can use it on phones as well as TVs the quality of wallpapers will not degrade.

Highlights Features of Water Garden Live Wallpaper App

  1. HD Graphics: The app provides high-definition graphics and visuals on both large and small screens.
  2. Specially designed program: The app has a specially coded C++ program, coded from starch for water stimulation.
  3. Personalization: It has a store full of many features and effects that help, you personalize the wallpaper.

Pros and Cons of Water Garden Live Wallpaper App


Great backgrounds
Amazing features
Realistic view wallpapers


The paid version is not good
Sometimes Wallpaper quality decrease after applying.
No customization option

#10. 4K Wallpaper App

Best Wallpaper App For Android

4K Wallpaper is an amazing live wallpaper app for Android. It provides new and unique top-quality 4K wallpapers for your phone. It is a wallpaper store where you can find the most creative and beautiful background wallpapers for your phones.

The app works on any screen size and resolution like phones and tablets. It has an enormous number of backgrounds with over 22+ categories.

Highlights Features of 4K Wallpaper App

  1. Favorites: You can favorite the wallpapers you like and you can find them all in the same place.
  2. Auto-changer: The app has a feature of auto background changer which changes your background automatically after a while.
  3. Easy, fast, and light: The app is easy to use, quick and battery efficient.

Pros and Cons of 4K Wallpaper App


Smooth transition animation
Amazing features
Great collection of wallpapers.


It contains too many ads.
The paid version is necessary to avail of all features.
Crashes sometimes

Final Words

The apps mentioned above are some of the best wallpaper apps for Android. It is essential to set an appropriate wallpaper because your wallpaper affects your mood.

For example: If you set your wallpaper as something soothing like beautiful scenery, looking at your lock screen and home screen might help you relax and relieve the stress.

So you have to choose an appropriate wallpaper for your phone. You can use the above apps to get the best wallpapers.

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Heartfelt thanks for reading!

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