6 Best Water Drink Reminder Apps That Always Keep You Hydrated

Hello friends, if you want to stay hydrated all the time, but you forget to drink water on time, you can use the water reminder app; If you don’t know about it, don’t worry because you are here at the right place, we will share some of the best water drinking reminder apps which are available for free on the Google play store or Apple apps store.

The water reminder apps will help achieve our water intake goals, we can set the water reminder according to time, and the app will remind us on time. Also, water remainder apps demanded some personal details like weight and height to show our body’s actual water intake.

Here we have listed the top 6 best water drinking reminder apps that are free to use.

So, let’s start the review of these best water drinking reminder apps in India.

Best Water Reminder App For Android in India

#1. Water Drink Reminder App

Best Water Drinking Reminder App

Water Drink Reminder App is one of the best water drinking reminder apps for android that is available in more than 30 countries. Enter your weight in the app, and it will suggest to you how many litres of water your body requires per day. 

This App For a Reminder To Drink Water can be the best possible thing. So that you are doing to help your body stay hydrated during this hot season. Drink water as much as the app suggested.

Water Drink Reminder App app takes care of your health and provides the actual report on water intake according to your body. We can consider this app as best health apps for android.

Highlight Features of Water Drink Reminder App

  • Graph Record: This app tracks your data in the form of a graph along with the date and time.
  • Google login: This app allows you to log in with your Google account so your data will be secure.
  • Reminder: This app is the best reminder app so that you can stay hydrated.
  • Customize timing: You can set the timing of your drinking water duration from morning to night.
  • Keep yourself healthy: This app helps you to your skin healthy and helps fight kidney stones.

Pros and Cons of Water Drink Reminder App


Keep you hydrated
Track your drinking habits
Support Multiple languages
Automatic backup data in cloud storage
Transfer data between different devices
Show your progress through charts and statistics


It contains too much ads.

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#2. Water Drink Reminder App – Hydro

Best Water Reminder App For Android

Water Drink reminder App By Hydro can be the perfect Water Drink Reminder App. This app can improve your total body hydration. Use the Best Water Reminder App to calculate and achieve your daily water intake goals.

You can adjust and monitor your daily water intake. Compare your results with your old record data. Due to its fully personalized option, you can personalize your settings. The hydro app is the best app to remind you to drink water.

Highlight Features of Water Drink Reminder App

  • Language support: This app supports more than 8 languages worldwide.
  • Adjust the quantity: You can adjust the quantity of your water intake as required.
  • Transfer: This app allows you to transfer the data between different devices easily.
  • Improves health condition: This app can improve your total health condition within days of usage. 
  • Backup: You can backup your data to the cloud automatically.

Pros and Cons of Water Drink Reminder App


Water demand calculator
Smart Reminder App
Customizable water intake reminder
Login with google account
Show actual water intake you should be drinking


It contains Ads.

#3. Water Reminder App – Remind Drink Water

Best Water Drinking Reminder App

Water Reminder App is the best health care app for everyone that remind us when we need watter. This Water Drinking Reminder App can remind you to drink water daily. After downloading this app For a Reminder To Drink Water, you will never forget to drink water.

This app is available totally for free. If you are busy and constantly forgetting to drink water, this app is the best deal for you. You are required to select your gender and weight to start your hydration journey.

Highlight Features of Water Reminder App

  • Water Tracker: Track your water intake for even months or years.
  • Achievements: It unlocks new achievements to keep us encouraged to achieve our hydration goals.
  • Smart reminder: This option will stop its reminding function when you are going to sleep.
  • Gender-based classification: Based on our gender and weight, this app will suggest the amount of drinking water. 
  • Health care: This app helps you to connect with health care data.

Pros and Cons of Water Reminder App


Set daily water intake goals
Keep you hydrated
Diverse menu of around 20 different drinks
Customize your own cup
Easy to use app


It contains ads.
Expensive in-app purchases

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#4. Hydro Coach App: Water Tracker

Best Water Reminder App For Android

Hydro Coach App is an award-winning Water Drinking Reminder App. Use this app to lose weight just through drinking water. This app was recommended to be the best by vogue and Healthline. You can download and use the Hydro Coach app for free.

More than 2 million people use this Best Water Reminder App daily. It is the best water reminder app that you can download for free. It helps the users achieve their hydration and weight loss goals.

Highlight Features of Hydro Coach App

  • Connect: Connect the app with other devices such as the Google fit bit etc.
  • Boost energy: Through proper hydration reminders, it helps to boost energy.
  • Auto adapts: Pro users can select the auto adapt option to the water intake as per the weather.
  • Pregnant helper: Can be the best reminder app for pregnant and breastfeeding women. 
  • Customizable: This app can help you customize your water intake based on 80 different vessels.

Pros and Cons of Hydro Coach App


Challenge your friends and relatives
Sync app with other fitness apps
Dark theme available
water intake analysis
User friendly interface


It contains ads.
Costly in-app purchases

#5. Aqualert App: Drink Water Tracker & Reminder Google Fit

Best Water Drinking Reminder App

Aqualert is the best  Water Drinking Reminder App that can improve your habit of drinking water. It motivates you by sending daily reminders and keeps you motivated to drink water daily. It keeps the data of daily water intake and can connect with google fit and other devices.

 The benefits of drinking good water are that it will increase your overall physical and mental health, and it helps you to keep track of water intake and the amount of water that should be consumed.

Highlight Features of Aqualert App

  • Simple and easy: it is very easy to use this app; just add details like gender and weight.
  • Calculate requirements: this app allows you to calculate your water requirement. 
  • Energizer: this app can increase your energy while making you slimmer.  
  • Reduce stress: it reduces the stress level up to 85%.
  • Prevent cramps: when following the steps suggested by the app, it prevents muscle cramps.

Pros and Cons of Aqualert App


Easy to add or remove serving sizes
Google Fit Integration
Keep you hydrated
Daily water intake calculator
User friendly interface
Consumption through charts and graphs


It contains ads.
forget to remind sometimes.

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#6. To Do List, Planner, Calendar & Reminders

Best Water Reminder App For Android

Any-to-do-list app is the best reminder and task manager app for android. It can help you organize your daily water intake and improves your overall health as it works as a water drinking reminder app. Also, You can Create a Grocery list and shopping list in this app.

You can schedule your hydration time. It is recognized as the best Water Drink Reminder App as it can remind you of all your drinking schedule. you can customize you water intake goals and keep us hydrated. That you have already listed in that app so that you won’t forget to drink water as you did in the past improves your mental health.

Highlight Features of To Do List, Planner, Calendar & Reminders

  • Calendar planner: This helps you to plan future drinking events. So you don’t have to worry about changing the settings.
  • Sync: this app allows you to sync with Facebook, Outlook, and Google and connect with several other apps.
  • Reminder: Set your own reminder and make yourself stay hydrated always.
  • Connectivity: You can connect with your family members and can continue your hydration journey together.
  • Remind everything: The best part about this Water Drinking Reminder App is that this app can remind you of anything, including your works, entertainment etc.

Pros and Cons of To Do List, Planner, Calendar & Reminders


Set water reminder notification
Create task and events
Manage your tasks and to-do lists
Create Grocery list and shopping list
User friendly interface
Ads Free


Expensive premium membership

Final Words

Guys, these are the best water drinking reminder apps; you can choose any of the apps from the review to achieve your water intake goals and keep yourself hydrated all the time. So the review of these best water drinking reminder apps ends here; we hope you like the review; if you find any water reminder app helpful, then download it for free from the Google play store or Apple apps store.

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