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iPhone 13 Mini Review | Is iPhone 13 Mini Worth Buying in 2022?

Hello Friends, After the launch of Apple’s new iPhone series, the users want an excellent and detailed review of the iPhone 13 mini. Also, they have many questions in his mind, so they want to know, is the iPhone 13 Mini worth buying in 2022.

Guys, I have written this article to solve all your queries which I found on the internet or forums websites like Quora and Medium.

Here we will share the detailed article on iPhone 13 mini review and tell you Is iPhone 13 Mini is Worth Buying in 2021 or not. In the end, we will share a comparison of the iPhone 12 Mini vs. iPhone 13 Mini.

so, let’s start the article with iPhone 13 Mini Review.

Apple iPhone 13 Mini Review

iPhone 13 mini review is as given below:

The premium smartphone with high-quality features is all set to thrill the world. iPhone 13 mini comes loaded with unbeatable features in this price bracket; it offers good performance and outstanding design.

iPhone 13 mini screen size is 5.45 inches, and it has a resolution of 1080×2340 pixels. iPhone 13 mini functions on the iOS 15 operating system.

The smartphone is an unquestionable requirement purchase for the person searching for a camera-focused smartphone. The Cinematic Mode and Photographic Styles are new camera features.

#1. Apple iPhone 13 mini Chipset and Internal Storage

iPhone 13 mini is powered by Apple’s A15 Bionic chipset; it is a Hexa-core processor. Regarding features, this iPhone is made to serve you better than some other smartphones in this price bracket.

iPhone 13 mini is going to roll out a progressive improvement in technology. The base variant of the iPhone 13 mini offers 128 GB of ROM, and the top variant offers 256 GB ROM to customers. The process is very good for smooth performance and a lag-free experience.

#2. Apple iPhone 13 mini Screen Size And Design

It is a very compact and travel-friendly product. It weighs around 140 gm to make it look stand out among the crowd of premium smartphones. The weight can sometimes be noticeable by new users; but, it doesn’t affect the gripping.

iPhone 13 mini frames are made of aluminum and glass. On the back, it has a glass build and Apple’s own Ceramic Shield material on the front, which is supposed to be tough to scratch. It has IP68 certification for dust and water resistance.

#3. Apple iPhone 13 Mini Cameras

iPhone 13 Mini comes with two primary cameras of 12 megapixels and 12 megapixels, respectively, with a rear flash and autofocus technology. For selfie lovers, it has a front camera of 12 megapixels.

The customer will be satisfied with the quality of the image that the iPhone 13 mini click. However, cameras have drawbacks: the ultra-wide camera cannot take macro shots either. But, the Cinematic Mode is suitable. Still, it can be utilized in everyday situations.

Overall, smartphones provide a good image quality in the daytime, but cameras can be shaky at night. You can shoot recordings at up to 4K 60fps, and Dolby Vision HDR is upheld. It is one of the perfect smartphones for vlogging.

#4. Apple iPhone 13 mini Battery And Performance

the iPhone 13 mini battery fuels upto one day in normal usages. The capacity of the battery is 2,406 mAh. The battery is practical to work throughout the day if your phone usage is moderate.

In battery drainage, where we played an HD video on loop, it has been observed that the iPhone 13 mini managed to last 12 hours and 17 minutes.

iPhone 13 mini lacks its competitor when you are searching for a small size compact phone.

On the benchmark of AnTuTu, it scores 8,14,866 and the Geekbench 5 reported a virtually single-core score of 1,725.

The Apple brand doesn’t talk officially about RAM despite the fact the smartphone runs quite perfectly in normal usage.

Apple iPhone 13 Mini Camera Samples

Apple iPhone 13 Mini Price in India

iPhone 13 was officially launched on 14th September 2021. iPhone 13 mini price for the base variant of 128 GB is Rs. 69,900.

Add Rs.10,000 for the price of the 256GB variant so that the costs would be Rs. 79,900. Interestingly.

iPhone 13 mini comes in various options of colours that give a premium in-hand look to the model. These are Starlight, Midnight, Blue, Pink, and Red.

Is the iPhone 13 Mini Worth Buying in 2021?

The iPhone 13 mini can be a good option if you want to upgrade from the less-featured smartphone. The iPhone 13 Mini is currently a strong smartphone with no disturbing compromises; it has strong cameras, a great battery, and an agreeable structure factor.

It has a powerful chipset which provides lag-free and smooth performance in any hard task. in 2021, there is no smartphone that competes with iPhone 13 mini in performance.

Therefore, investing in iPhone 13 mini is a good option for potential new buyers in 2021 only if you want to upgrade from a less-featured smartphone or want to start your iPhone journey.

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 Mini
5.4 inch Super Retina XDR Display
12MP + 12MP | 12MP Front
A14 Bionic Chipset
64GB/128 GB ROM
2225 mAh Battery
Nano + eSIM

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 mini
5.4 inch Super Retina XDR Display
12MP + 12MP | 12MP Front
A15 Bionic Chipset
128GB/256GB ROM
2445 mAh Battery
Nano + eSIM

My Opinion of the iPhone 13 Mini

If you have a low budget, you can purchase iPhone 12 because it is the perfect device for gaming, streaming, and vlogging. But if you want the latest iPhone, then you can check out the mini iPhone 13, but I prefer if you increase your budget and then purchase iPhone 13.

Final Words

So, Guys, the iPhone 13 Mini Review ends here; I hope you like the iPhone 13 mini-review. Here we share an in-depth review and also tell our opinion on whether the iPhone 13 mini is worth buying in 2021 or not. Also, we did share the comparison of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini for better understanding.

Now, it’s your choice to buy a mini iPhone or go with a regular iPhone; it depends on your preference and budget.

If you like this iPhone 13 mini review, then share it with your friends and family, and if you have any queries, then do comment; I will reply as soon as possible.


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