Top 10 Best Apps For UPSC Preparation That Help To Crack Exams

We all know that education has become very expensive in the present scenario, due to which most people do not get proper education to crack top civil service exams like UPSC and PCS, so they fail. But don’t worry, in this article, we will share the top 10 best apps for UPSC preparation that provide proper knowledge and help in cracking the exams.

Apart from this, with the help of the UPSC Preparation App, you can get higher education sitting at home, so your selection for these jobs is also possible. Some of the Best Free Apps For UPSC Preparation have been shared in this review but to learn from the advanced apps, you have to subscribe to them.

#1. IAS baba UPSC & IAS Preparation

IAS baba is one of the Best apps for UPSC preparation and the leading app in the market in the education field. It is a joint venture of IIT and IIM students.  they are offering a different way of learning experience to their subscribers, and aspirants are enjoying the way the app is helping in their preparation that’s why they are number one on our blog. 

This app is unique because it not only helps you in your initial stage of preparation but also guides you in your Mains exam and even in an interview. They have an expert team who will guide you on every step and offers you many attractive things in the free package.

Key Features of IASbaba UPSC & IAS Preparation App

  • They will offer you free daily current affairs with a quiz so that you can learn them very efficiently
  • You can read the analysis of All India radio news
  • They will analyze PIB news for you
  • It will provide you with important news from Rajya Sabha for your preparation
  • You can subscribe to their monthly current affairs magazine
  • Also keeps you motivated through their motivational quotes

#3. Current Affairs GK for SSC, Banking, IAS By Online Tayari

The next app which is number two in Apps For UPSC Preparation on our review is Online Tayari, if you are an aspirant of UPSC and looking for an app that can become your guide and put you ahead of other aspirants then you should give it a try to this app. 

This app does not only help you in your UPSC preparation if you ever pursue or you are preparing for any state examination like UP PCS, SSC, and Banking this app will guide you and provide you with exam-oriented study material. With this app, you can get daily current affairs for free.

Key Features of Online Tayari App

  • They will provide you with current affairs free of cost.
  • They not only support UPSC exams but also guide you for railways, banking, and SSC exams.
  • They provide you with the study material in Hindi, English, and even Marathi language.


Vision IAS is one of the most renowned institutes that provide coaching for civil services aspirants. They produced many UPSC toppers from their institute and they are also available in the form of the UPSC Preparation App. 

They guide their subscribers with the help of their experts, and their interactive learning system, and they are technologically very updated so that students can get updated content.

If you are going to prepare through their app then you can feel the class-like experience because on the app they provide you a live class stream so every student gets equal learning.

Key Features of the VISION IAS App

  • Can take classes with a live stream of actual classes
  • They provide you with daily assignment self-test so that aspirants can check their preparation regularly.
  • Aspirants can ask or clear their doubts with expert faculty in ask from the expert section.
  • You can save particular questions and check and revise them later.

#4. BYJU’S – The Learning App

Another useful IAS preparation App is BYJU’s they are initially guiding only school students, But now they provide content for Civil services aspirants like weekly current affairs, and quizzes so that you can learn everything through revision.

It is India’s no1 learning platform that gives the training of many services including UPSC. On Their UPSC Preparation App, They are offering free study material and short notes for all subjects which is very helpful for your exam time revision.

Key Features of BYJU’S App

  • NCERT books are very important for civil services, they provide all the NCERT books on their app you don’t have to roam everywhere to search for those books
  • They provide you with important tips and tricks to learn difficult terms.
  • You can read the economic survey in an exam-oriented manner, daily important news, etc.

#5. Unacademy

Unacademy is India’s largest learning hub which provides every type of knowledge on its app, and UPSC exams are also included in these. If you are a UPSC aspirant and want to prepare with the best faculties from all over India then Unacademy is one spot solution for you.

What makes Unacademy different from any other app is that if you choose their course. they will assign you your personal guide who will guide you throughout your journey, you have to pay once and you can learn from more than one teacher for the same subject.

Key Features of the Unacademy App

  • They offer you a planner option inside the app so that you don’t miss anything which you have missed and didn’t complete
  • The aspirant can prepare with live interactive classes
  • You can ask your doubts and even can upload questions or screenshots directly on the app to ask your doubts.
  • You can join different study groups and compete within groups.
  • You can take live quizzes and mock tests.

#6. ClearIAS Learning App for UPSC

If you are searching for an app that can help you in your civil services preparation by providing fun and engaging study material then the Clear IAS app is designed for you. You can read many types of notes created by Clear IAS for all the subjects and they are very helpful for your exams.

The app is created for aspirants who need everything for their preparation, from guidance to test series. Currently, it is one of the Best Apps For UPSC Preparation in India.

The Clear IAS Preparation App is available for iOS and Android devices. It makes no difference if you lack the funds to purchase all the necessary study materials for the UPSC tests. You can download the app to your phone, practice, and look for assistance.

Key Features of Clear IAS Preparation App

  • Subject-wise notes in an exam-oriented and comprehensive way.
  • The app is not only focused on core knowledge but also offers you tips and tricks to remember and retain those things in your mind for the long term.
  • Full UPSC curriculum for preliminary, main, and interviews.
  • Users can access all regional and national newspapers in multi-languages.
  • You can download UPSC Clear IAS eBooks in PDF form.

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#7. IAS UPSC Civil Services by Civilsdaily

CivilsDaily is an app that is known for providing current affairs and other notes for UPSC in a very concise manner. They will provide you with exactly what you need to study for UPSC exam nothing irrelevant. This is one of the Best Free Apps For UPSC Preparation in India that provide valuable content.

The aspirant doesn’t have to read all the newspapers the app facilitates aspirants to read important news in a summarized manner so that they can save valuable time. They provide important news in flashcard form and aspirants can read and even bookmark them for the future.

Key Features

  • Aspirants can read current affairs in a concise manner.
  • Can attempt quizzes and even can save them for future revision.
  • They provide you with all the news and analysis of different newspapers in this app so that you don’t have to search for material.
  • Various Notes on UPSC exam-related topics are available in PDF format.

#8. Faster UPSC Exam Preparation

Faster app by Examarly is a self-study platform that emphasizes UPSC exam preparation and result-based learning for Civil service exams. They aim to provide the right strategy for preparation to a UPSC aspirant. 

They have a team of passionate experts who give their 100% to guide the aspirant in the best possible way.

Whether you are experienced or you are a beginner in the UPSC preparation faster app is for everyone and they are committed to providing you best approach to clear your exam in the shortest duration.

Key features of the Faster UPSC Exam Preparation App

  • They prepare a personalized plan to crack the UPSC exam by concentrating on and strengthening weaknesses.
  • They provide you exam oriented current affairs from leading newspapers in India
  • They have a unique feature of micro-tests, with their help of them you can assess your current performance and know where you are standing right now.

#9. Sprint UPSC IAS Test Series

Sprint UPSC app is come at 9th position in our review but is no less important than any other top app as it is one of the Best Apps For UPSC Preparation in India. It has a unique feature to create your own mock test from their unique set of questions from the app.

Aspirants can solve more than 23000+ questions which are hand-picked from 40+ books and 300+ topics. The news questions are introduced every week on the app so that aspirants can read updated and fresh content.

Key Features of Sprint UPSC IAS Test Series App

  • Facilitates the aspirant to create custom tests in English and Hindi language.
  • Provide you with a deep analysis of your current level of performance through quizzes and test series.
  • They provide you reward points for every correct answer and you can redeem your reward point against the cash and can transfer it into your wallet or bank account.

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#10. Insights IAS UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

Insight IAS is one of the popular UPSC preparation apps that provide you with help in your UPSC preparation. This Bangalore-based app is very famous for its UPSC study material.

It is one of the Best free apps for UPSC Preparation in India that provides UPSC study material free of cost. If aspirants want to study in their offline coaching center then they are also available with offline classes with very minimum fees. This app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Key Features of Insights IAS UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation

  • They guide students to improve their writing skills.
  • Aspirants can prepare their static and current affairs section with the help of this application.
  • Aspirants can attempt weekly essay challenges.
  • Aspirants can take part in debates.

Bonus Apps For UPSC Preparation

#11. Drishti IAS learning App

Drishti IAS learning App is one of the best apps for UPSC preparation in Hindi and English. If you have started to prepare for civil services then it provides a top level of knowledge that help to crack exams and interviews. The Drishti IAS test series should be considered because it is the best available for UPSC preparation. You could also obtain more study resources from this app.

Although some elements of this application may require payment, it is not entirely free. However, the content’s quality is fantastic. Drishti is undoubtedly one of India’s top institutions for the Civil Services Exam. It is founded by one of the most renowned teachers of UPSC Dr. Vikas Divyakirti Sir.

Features of the Drishti IAS learning App

  • Civil Service Books and Current Affairs Magazines are available for CSE, UPPSC, MPPSC, BPSC, HPSC, etc.
  • They provide Daily Current Affairs and Quiz (MCQ Tests) for free.
  • Video course on USPC and PCS preparation.
  • Tutorials based on social views in Hindi and English.


So, these are the best apps for UPSC preparation which are available on the Google play store and Apple app store. Anyone can download these apps for free and start learning. Some apps also have paid features so if you are willing to get their paid subscription then go for it and start preparing in advance.

We hope, this article will be helpful and informative. Now, you can choose the best apps for UPSC preparation as per your requirements. Also, share the article with your friends who have the same need.


What are the best apps for UPSC preparation?

List of the top best UPSC preparation apps in India.

1. IAS baba UPSC & IAS Preparation
3. Current Affairs GK for SSC, Banking, IAS By Online Tayari
4. BYJU’S – The Learning App
5. Unacademy
6. ClearIAS Learning App for UPSC
7. IAS UPSC Civil Services by Civilsdaily
8. Faster UPSC Exam Preparation
9. Sprint UPSC IAS Test Series
10. Insights IAS UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation
11. Drishti IAS learning App

Which is the best platform to crack UPSC?

Drishti IAS learning platform is the best to crack UPSC exam.

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