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Hello Friends, if you want to earn money through IPL by playing fantasy cricket games, then you are at the right place because here we will share a detailed review of the Batball11 Fantasy App and also share how you can earn money through the BatBall11 referral code.

Fantasy App NameBatBall11
BatBall11 Referral CodePLAY100
Sign up Bonus50 Rs
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Use Batball11 referral code to get a free Cash bonus. Our BatBall11 Referral Code: PLAY100

If you like to play Fantasy Cricket then Batball11 is the best Fantasy Cricket app for you because it has everything you need to play your favorite Fantasy Sports as well as it provides several benefits to its users.

You will get several Prizes and BatBall11 Promo Codes through which you can earn money, also, you can earn a referral bonus through the Batball11 Referral Code too. So, there are many benefits, if you play your favorite Fantasy Sport in BatBall11.

What is Batball11 App?

BatBall11 logo
BatBall11 Fantasy Cricket App

BatBall11 is one of the best Fantasy Cricket apps through which you can participate in several Live Matches and Leagues and can play cricket with your favorite player.

It has the feature, through which you will get all the live updates and notifications about the Match and also it tells you How your players are performing.

Batball11 Brand Ambassador
Batball11 Brand Ambassador

The best part about BatBall11 is that you can create your team and challenge your friends to play against each other. There are several prize pools for those who win, and the top players will get the highest prize in the contest.

With this amazing Fantasy Sports app called BatBall11, you can join any Prize Pool you want and Contests and create your team of 11 Members, and play. It will show you all the previous records of the Players so that you can choose your team player wisely. 

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BatBall11 Refer & Earn Offer

There are mainly two methods of earning through the BatBall11 application. The first one is by playing Fantasy Sports Game or Fantasy Cricket and joining in leagues and the second one is through its Refer & Earn Offer.

Yes, there is a Refer & Earn offer in this Fantasy Sports app through which you will get a unique Batball11 Referral Code, and when any of your friend or anyone register in the application and enter your Referral Code, you will get money into your BatBall11 account.

Also, when your friend or your referral, deposits money into their BatBall11 account, you will get a 50 INR Bonus. So the refer & earn offer of BatBall11 is amazing and different from other Fantasy Apps.

BatBall11 Referral Code

BatBall11 App Referral Code
BatBall11 App Referral Code

BatBall11 Referral Code is the unique code that you can share on your social media handles or with your friends. This unique Bat Ball 11 Referral Code can benefit you a lot.

Well, the BatBall11 app has no daily limit of referrals like some other Fantasy Sports app, so you can freely refer it to your friends as many you want.

If you want instant 50 Rs. bonus to your BatBall11 account just after registering into it, then you can use the BatBall11 Referral Code: PLAY100. After entering it while registering, you will automatically get 50 Rs in your BatBall11 account.

*if you use BatBall11 referral code then you get a Rs.50 Sign up bonus. BatBall11 Referral Code : PLAY100

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Highlight Features of BatBall11 Fantasy Cricket App

Here you will get some highlighted features of the BatBall11 fantasy cricket app.

#1. Create Your Own Team

BatBall11 is an online fantasy cricket game based on 11 players. It allows you to create your own 11 players cricket team in BatBall11 Fantasy Cricket with various options of customization.

You can choose the team name, logo, and also you can select any player as Bowler, Batsman, Wicket Keeper, and All Rounder. After creating a team, you can enter in Prize Pools and compete against several other players. 

#2. Live Updates

BatBall11 is an app that will make your Cricket experience more enjoyable. This app has live updates to the scores, information of players and teams, through which you can create your team wisely.

Also, you can select Captain and Vice-Captain of your team. Well, after this, you can keep track of your player’s performance through its live updates features.

#3. Refer & Earn

As you know that you can earn money through Prize Pools and participating in the contests in BatBall11 Fantasy Cricket App. Not only this, but you can also earn from it through Batball11 Referral Code.

Yes, it has an option of Refer & Earns through which you will get a unique Batball11 Referral Code and by sharing it with your friends and family, you can earn money.

#4. Find Guru

In this Fantasy Cricket App, there is an exciting feature called Find Guru, through which you can take help to guru to create your team and earn a good amount of money.

There are top 100 gurus available in the Find Guru section; you can follow them. Also, you can follow Gurus to learn their tips and tricks.

Benefits of Playing Games in the BatBall11 Fantasy App

Here we will learn about the benefits of the BatBall11 Fantasy App.

  • BatBall11 Fantasy App has a clean and simple interface, so no matter if you are a beginner, you can easily play any Fantasy Sports game.
  • BatBall11 Fantasy Cricket App gives 50 Rs. as a signup bonus to everyone on their BatBall11 account. 
  • You can create your own Team of 11 Cricket Players through BatBall11, which you can also customize later.
  • This Fantasy App shows all the live updates, commentary, and performance of the players.
  • There are several prize pools in BatBall11 in which you can join and win.
  • The competition in BatBall11 is very less. So, there is a high chance of you to win Prize Pools and in Contests.
  • Rather than earning from Prize Pools and contests, you can also earn money from this app through Bat Ball 11 Referral Code.
  • Through BatBall11 Promo Codes and discount offers, you can save a lot of money while adding money into your BatBall11 account.
  • You can find guru and follow them to earn more money.

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How To Download BatBall 11 Fantasy App?

Friends, Downloading the BatBall11 is very easy. If you don’t know the process to download the app, then here we will share easy steps to download the BatBall11 Fantasy Cricket Apps. If you want to download the app directly, then you can click on the given button.

Keep following all the steps carefully.

  • First of all, you have to open the browser on your smartphone and go to BatBall11 official website.
  • Now, You can see App download button on the website; click on it.
  • After that, the BatBall11 App starts the download.

How To Register On BatBall11 Fantasy App?

If you want to earn money from the BatBall11 Fantasy Cricket app, then you have to create an account on this BatBall11 app. If you don’t know how to register on the BatBall11 app, then don’t worry.

Here, We will share the steps to register on this app, keep following all the steps carefully one by one.

  • First, install the BatBall11 Fantasy app and open it.
  • Now, you can see the banner on the homepage, click on the Next button, or swipe all banners to the left.
  • Next, You have to click on the Register button.
  • Then, enter your phone number, full name, email, team name, choose a password, add the BatBall11 Referral Code (PLAY100), and click on the submit button. If you use our BatBall11 referral code, then you get 50 rs sign-up bonus.
  • Then, You have received the OTP on that phone number you filled in, now enter the OTP and Click on the verify button.
  • All Done! Now you can play fantasy cricket and earn real money. Also, you can share your BatBall11 referral code with your friends and family and make money.

How To Complete KYC in BatBall11 App?

As you now know BatBall11 App is one of the best fantasy game apps in India; you can earn money through playing Fantasy Sports and sharing the BatBall11 Referral Code with your friends. But you need to complete the KYC in the app to earn money. 

Suppose you don’t complete your KYC in the BatBall11 Fantasy App. You can’t be able to withdraw your winning amount in your bank account and Paytm wallet.

KYC has to be done for the BatBall11 app withdrawal. And KYC is easy to complete. Simply follow the below steps:

  • First of all, open the BatBall11 App and log in with your mobile number.
  • Then click on the Wallet Option on the bottom menu.
  • In Wallet Section, You can see various options, find Update KYC, and click on it.
  • Next, you will land on the Account verification page; your app asks you to fill in the Pan Details and Bank Details.
    • Now, Click on the Pan Details option and Update Pan card Details and upload the Pan Card photo, then click on the verify button.
    • Then, click on the Bank Details option and update Bank Details and upload passbook photo, then click on verify button.
  • All Done! Now it may take some time to verify your details.

So, if excited to earn money through the BatBall11 referral code, then complete your KYC fast and share your refer code as much as you can.

So, now here we will share steps on how we can play fantasy cricket on the BatBall11 Fantasy Cricket App.

How To Play Fantasy Cricket On BatBall11?

Playing Fantasy Cricket on the BatBall11 app is very easy and simple. As the user interface of this app is simple, there are no complications in it. Well, if you still are confused that How To Play Fantasy Cricket on BatBall11, then must read the below-given steps carefully.

  • Firstly open the BatBall11 app and log in with your registered mobile number and password.
  • Then at the Home Page of the app, you will see several Fantasy Sports at the top. There is Cricket, Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Handball. Select Cricket from the options.
  • Then you will see the list of Upcoming Matches and Leagues. You have to select any league in which you want to play.
  • On the next page, you will several Prize Pools, all prize pools have different Entry Fees and win prizes. You can select anyone according to your preference of Prize Pool Win prize or Fee.
  • Then on the next screen, you will see the leaderboard. You have to click on “Join More Teams”.
  • After that, you have to create your team in which you have to select 11 players and Wicket Keepers, Batsman, Bowlers and All Rounders and then click on “Next”.
  •  Then you have to select Captain and Vice-Captain and click on “Confirm”.
  • On the next page, you have to pay the Entry Fees and all are done.

Now you have to watch the match scores and updates and also how you select team players that are performing in the match. As they perform well in the match, your points will increase. And more points mean more chances of winning.

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BatBall11 Add Money Offers

BatBall11 also offers several Add Money Offers to every user. Firstly, when you made your first deposit in the app, you will get 100% cashback in your account. Also, they provide some discounts and cashback on your second deposit.

Well, if you need Money Bonus in your account after registering, then you can use this PLAY100 BatBall11 Referral Code, through which you will also get some additional money offers.

So, here we will share how you can add money to your BatBall11 account and also share how you can make withdrawals easily in your bank account and Paytm wallet.

How To Add Funds in BatBall11 Fantasy App?

  • Open BatBall11 Fantasy Cricket app and log in with your mobile number.
  • Then, Click the “ Wallet” option on the bottom menu.
  • Now, you can see Total Balance Amount and many other options; click on the “Add Deposit” button under Deposit section.
  • On the Next page, “Enter the Amount” you want to deposit on the BatBall11 app and Click on the “Add Cash” button.
  • On the next page, You can see many payment methods, select anyone and complete the transaction.
  • Now, your funds add to your account succesfully.

How To Take Withdrawl From BatBall11 Fantasy App?

  • Open BatBall11 Fantasy Cricket app and log in with your mobile number.
  • Then, Click the “ Wallet” option on the bottom menu.
  • ow, you can see Total Balance Amount and many other options; click on the “Withdraw Now” button in the Your Winning section.
  • On the Withdraw page, Enter the amount and select the Paytm or bank account to get the withdraw.

*BatBall11 minimum Withdrawal amount is only 200 Rs, or maximum withdrawal limit is 500000 Rs per day. Only you can take withdrawal when you verify your account.

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So, we have covered all the essential topics related to the BatBall11 fantasy cricket app. Also, we have shared all aspects of the BatBall11 Fantasy app and all possible ways to earn using the BatBall11 referral code.

If you like this article, then do comment and follow us on social media.

Heartfelt thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many fantasy games are there in the BatBall11 app?

There are 5 fantasy games in the BatBall11 app. you can play any fantasy sport and earn money by using your knowledge.

List of the fantasy games in the BatBall11 app.
1. Cricket
2. Football
3. Basketball
4. HandBall
5. Baseball

How to share the BatBall11 referral code?

Here we will share the steps to share the Batball 11 referral code as much as possible. Which you can earn up to Rs 50 on each referral in this app.

-First, you need to open the chrome browser on your smartphone and visit this BatBall11 official website.

-Then, you will see a Download App button on the website homepage; click on it to download the BatBall11 app.

-After download, install the BatBall11 Fantasy Cricket App and Open it on your phone.

-Now, Sign up with the phone number and email id and enter our BatBall11 referral code (PLAY100) to get a 50 rs sign-up bonus.

-After Sign Up, click on the “Profile” icon on the top left corner.

-After that, click on the Invite Friends option in the Menu.

-On the Invite Friends Page, you can see your BatBall11 referral code, Simply copy the referral code and share it on social media platforms.

Who is the owner of BatBall11 fantasy cricket App?

Dhawalsinh Bihola is the founder and owner of the BatBall11 fantasy app.

What is the minimum withdrawal in BatBall11 fantasy app?

BatBall11 fantasy app minimum withdrawal limit is Rs 200 only. You can make a withdrawal in your bank account and Paytm wallet after completing the amount of Rs 200.

What is the BatBall11 customer care number?

You can connect with the BatBall11 customer team via email, and its official email ID is

Who is the brand ambassador of Batball11 App?

The Indian Cricketer and commentator Abhinav Mukund has been signed by the platform as its brand ambassador and will be promoting BatBall11 through his social media reach.

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