Cred App Referral Offer and Review

Cred App Referral Offer and Review

CRED app is a mobile application. This application is for the billing of credit cards.

The cred app is the application for starting of billing of credit cards. It is the starting of billing by the founder of FreeCharge, Kunal Shah.

This app is for paying credit card bills simple and easy. After the regular payments of credit card bills, the user can get rewards for paying the bills on time.

The app will be based on the phone number and the e-mail address of the users. The app will check the credit score CIBIL, CRIF, etc., from the users’ e-mail addresses.

What is the CRED app?

Cred app is the application for credit card payment. This application can make the payment system more straightforward for the users. This application also can record the credit card Cibil score, CRIF, and the Experian.

It also gives a reward if the user pays bills regularly. If the bills are pays regularly and the cibil score will increase, the cred app record this report of the score.

It will also give the coins for the payment of the bills. Whenever the user makes a payment for the credit cards, the cred app gives him/her the cred coins.

Each CRED coin is equal to 1 rupee; thus, the user also gets money from the cred app. Users can burn the coins and make cash, credited to the user’s credit card as the cashback.

The credit card also has the reminder function in the cred app.

Users have the reminder for the bill payment of credit cards every month or every credit card payment cycle.

Benefits of CRED app

CRED app is the best application for credit card users. The benefits of the cred app are as follows-

  • This is the best app for the bill payment of the credit card. This is the one-step application platform by which the credit card user can pay bills regularly.
  • This app will also give the rewards as the cred coins on the successful payment of the credit card bills. These coins are equal to The user can burn the cred coins as the cashback in her/him a credit card.
  • This app also has a reminder system that can help the user pay the bills of credit card regularly when the credit card bill cycle is completed and the new bill is generated.
  • The users can track the history of payment of/her bills of the credit cards in this application.
  • The cred app has the ‘kill the bill’ feature by which the cred coins can enable you
  • to earn cashback on the credit card.
  • The cred app also gives many offers for the credit card users for the credit card bill payment and can make the rewards according to the categories.
  • This cred app can manage multiple credit cards like American Express credit cards, standard chartered credit cards, ICICI credit cards, Kotak credit card, HDFC credit cards, SBI credit card, etc.

How to download the CRED app?

The cred app is the mobile application for bill payment of credit cards. This application is available in the play store.

  • The android mobile phone users can get the CRED app from the play store on the mobile phone. The iPhone users can get the cred app from the app store on the iPhone. Users can download it from the store.
  • After download, the cred app user can see the registration form, which the user has to fill.
  • Users have to fill in the name, mobile number, and e-mail address of her/him for the registration.
  • After the registration, you can get a free credit score report. The user can register in the cred app if the score is perfect for the cred app.

How to sign up and get up to 1000 rupees on the cred app?

The user can register in the cred app after download and fill the form. User can sign up in the cred app as following-

  • Users have to download and fill his/her name, mobile number, and e-mail address in the cred app.
  • The application will check the user’s CIBIL records by his/her mobile number and e-mail address.
  • If the user has a credit card CIBIL score above 750, the user can promptly verify his/her credit card details.
  • If the user has a credit score of 750+, he can sign up in the cred app. After sign up in the cred, the app user can make payments, pay the bills of credit cards, and get cred coins as the reward.
  • After sign up, you have to link all your credit cards in the CRED app.
  • Users can make a payment, and after sign up in the cred, app users can get up to 1000 rupees on the cred app by the various offers of the cred app.

How to pay a credit card bill using the cred app?

Users can use the cred app if he has the score above 750+. After the sign-up user can pay his/her bills using the cred app. The user can follow these steps to pay the bills using the cred app-

  • When you sign up in the cred app, you can see three sections in the application which have three options for you.
  • In this app, the option cards are available in the middle of the three. You have to go with the option cards.
  • In that option, you can see all your credit cards, which you linked in the cred app during sign up.
  • In that list, you have to select with which card you want to pay bills. Under the credit cards, there is an option named pay now.
  • By the pay now option you can pay, the app will ask which bank you want to pay your bills to. After selecting the bank, you can make payment of the credit card bills. You can pay your bills with this process.

CRED app referral offer

Cred app gives many offers for its users. The referral offer is also available for the users while using the cred app-

  • Cred app offering up to 1000 rupees cashback to all new users who never download the cred app.
  • For this referral offer, you have to download the cred app and sign up for it.
  • After that, you have to make your first bill of credit card and pay it.
  • Payment of a credit card bill will give you some unique coins: cred coins, and you can redeem them on your credit card.
  • You can get 1000 rupees cashback on the credit card’s first bill payment using the cred app.
  • After this payment, you may get the 10 gems that are helping you in the cred coins.

CRED app offers

CRED app gives you many offers. CRED app offers are as follows-

  • CRED app gives an offer as refer your friends and get 150 worth of gems for free,
  • Get 1-month unlimited cult class for free
  • Get up to 40% off on noise products by using cred vouchers
  • Earn one cred point when Rs.1 is paid. And so on.


There are many questions that users have in their minds about the cred app. The most common questions are-

Who is the cred app’s founder?

Kunal Shah, the CEO of FreeCharge, is the founder of the cred app.

Do they ask that if the cred app is an Indian company or not?

Yes, the CRED app is an Indian company.

Some ask why he/she in the waitlist on the cred app?

If someone has a credit score not above 750, then he/she will stay on the waitlist for the cred app.

Some have questions that are this app is free?

Yes, the cred app is free for credit card users.

Is the cred app safe?

  • As we know, the cred app is an Indian app. It is safe for payment.
  • User’s information also private and safe for users.
  • The payment details also remain private.
  • This app account can not access all the people without the permission of the account holder.
  • Thus cred app is safe for credit card users.

How to remove credit card from cred app?

If you want to delete a credit card from the account of cred app, you have to follow some steps as-

  • You have to visit your payment settings in account settings.
  • On the card, you have to select the credit card which you want to delete.
  • You can see remove on the top right corner of the card. By selecting that, you can remove your card from the cred app.

How to delete an account from the cred app?

  • If you want to delete an account from the cred app-
  • First, you have to go into the settings of the application. It can be erased through the support part of the cred application.
  • By the delete account option, you can delete your cred app account and erase the payments’ information.


The CRED app will be useful for credit cardholders. This app is the platform for all types of credit cards, and the user can pay bills easily by the cred app.

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