How To Hide Apps In Vivo Phones?

If you have a Vivo phone then you must want to know how to hide apps in vivo phone, if you really want to know then you are at the right place because here we will tell you the easiest way to hide apps in vivo phone.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives these days and maintaining the privacy of data is a more considering thing.

This pandemic made us realize how smartphones can be useful to such an extent that they made you miss your loved ones a little less by providing you with the means to stay connected with them.

This trend of purchasing smartphones seems to never end and rather increase.

Let the discussion start on how to hide apps in vivo phones.

if you use Vivo smartphones, You may be wondering how to hide apps in Vivo phones for a variety of reasons.

With the popularity of mobile payments, many people have confidential financial data on their phones, which is accessible to anyone who can get through the lock screen.

On their children’s smartphones, parents often use content-locking technology, and hiding apps on Android is a perfect way to prevent kids from looking at something they shouldn’t. If you’re lending your phone to a friend or family member, you may want to keep certain stuff private or to hide apps in vivo phone.

Here we will share a detailed guide on how to hide apps in Vivo phones. Also, we will share some apps which hide the mobile apps easily if your inbuilt feature does not work properly in your Vivo phone.

Steps how to hide apps in Vivo Phones

Some smartphones come with inbuilt features and applications to hide apps in phones, Vivo is a great example of this as it has an inbuilt feature to hide apps in vivo phones which are not needed on a daily basis. 

You can choose to hide apps in vivo by following a few steps. all the steps are mentioned below.

  • Go to the Vivo ‘home screen‘ and do a long press on the ‘blank space‘ which is available on your phone.
  • By doing this a ‘hide icon‘  option will appear in front of you.
  • Set up a ‘password‘ in the next step. If anyone tries to unhide your hidden apps they will have to enter the password. The device automatically asks for a pin in order to gain access to the hidden apps in vivo.
  • Now all you need to do is slide the apps downwards to hide them.

If these steps do not work to hide apps in Vivo smartphones then you can follow the steps mentioned below to hide apps in phones.

  • You need to go to your Vivo home screen and click on the ‘Menu‘ option.  This option is generally next to the left side of your home screen.
  • Two options will appear in front of you as soon as you complete the first step. One option will be ‘Widgets‘ and the second option will be ‘Hide icons‘.  You need to select the option ‘ Hide icons‘ which will appear on the right side of your home screen.
  • A list of all the apps which you have installed till now will appear in front of you along with those apps which were already there when you purchased the smartphone. All you have to do now is choose the apps which you want to hide in Vivo smartphones. 
  • As soon as you click on those apps they will ‘Disappear from the app list‘ and they will also disappear from your home screen. 

How can you restore the hidden apps? 

Restoring the hidden applications on your home screen is like a cakewalk. It is as simple as it was to hide the applications on the phone. You need to follow the same steps which you followed above while hiding applications in your Vivo smartphone

  • The user needs to open the Vivo home screen and click on the ‘Menu‘ option which is on the left side of your home screen. 
  • Two options will appear again in front of you. One is ‘ Widget‘ and the other one is ‘Hide icon‘. Click on the ‘Hide icon‘ which will be present on the right side of your Vivo screen.
  • Now you just have to ‘Deselect the apps‘ which you have selected earlier to hide the app in vivo smartphone.
  • By doing this all the apps which you ‘Deselected‘ will appear back in the place where they used to appear earlier.

What if your Vivo smartphone does not support this feature?

The steps mentioned above to hide apps in the android do not feature in your Vivo smartphone then one can make use of the application encryption feature. This feature is available on almost all Vivo devices.

You need to follow these basic steps:

  • Go to the ‘Settings‘ bar on your Vivo smartphone and click on it.  
  • Go to the ‘Privacy‘ option and select it.
  • Choose ‘ App encryption‘  and then set up a password.

 This feature does not assure you to hide the applications but prevents others from using your selected applications.

In the future, if you decide to remove apps from app encryption then you need to follow the same steps mentioned above and tap on the ‘disable privacy password‘. Just enter the password again and the apps you prevented, will no longer require a password to open.

Same method work with other Vivo models like Vivo y91, Vivo y15, Vivo s1, Vivo y11. if any method does not work on your phone then try the third-party apps to hide mobile apps. we will share the list of apps that hide mobile apps.

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List of android applications to Hide apps in Vivo smartphones

some third-party applications are used to hide apps in vivo phones because sometimes the Vivo user interface does not support inbuilt features when you restart your phone in any condition. if you feel the same problem then install these apps for more safety in hiding apps.

Here some android apps provide better security than the in-built features. now we mentioned all the apps below. you can install all these apps from the google play store.

  • Calculator Lock App
  • App Hider(Hide Apps Hide Photos Multiple Accounts)
  • Hide App(Hide Application Icon, No Root Required)
  • AppLock
  • Calculator Vault
  • Private Zone
  • Hide it Pro

Here we will use the Calculator Lock application to hide apps on android phones. it has many options to hide apps in this section we will share the guide to hide apps on phones. this method will work on all android phones.

Steps to hide apps using the third-party application

  • Download ‘Calculator Lock App’ from the play store.
  • Click the ‘Start to use‘ option.
  • Set the ‘4-digit‘ pin.
  • On the next screen, Set your ‘security question‘.
  • Click on the ‘Plus Icon‘ in the bottom menu.
  • Select the ‘Hide Apps‘ Options.
  • Click on the app‘ which you want to hide.
  • Now Click the ‘Import‘ Option.
  • Then ‘Uninstall‘ the app from the main apps gallery.

Now your app is hidden. if you want to use the app which you hide then go to the calculator app and use it from there. the hidden app placed on the home page of the calculator lock app.

Final Words

We hope you understand how to hide apps in Vivo phones. If you have any questions then comment below and if this article helped you, then share it with your friends who have Vivo phones.


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