Top 8 Best Refer and Earn Apps

Hello Friends, if you are searching the best apps to earn money then you are at the right place because here we will share some of the best refer and earn apps.

Today, the biggest problem for the students and the unemployed is that they are short of money and will have to earn a little to increase their pocket money so that they can live a comfortable life. Nowadays, if you are unemployed or illiterate, it can be very difficult for you to earn money.

If you are in trouble without money. If you face difficulty in earning extra income then don’t lose hope and keep calm because here we will share some legitimate ways to earn money. With these methods, you can earn a good source of income.

Through this article, we share some of the Best refer and earn apps. These apps will help you to earn money easily without doing any hard work.

If you are really keen to know how to refer and earn money by sharing the app joining links then read the article till the end.

What is Refer and Earn program?

It is a kind of program that increases the reach of the particular platform to gain more audience through referring. after successful referral, they reward that person who adds someone to his link or code.

in simple words, it is used to promote its products without advertising. the entire process is known as Refer and Earn.

The Refer and Earn program can be used on any type of platform, such as mobile apps, websites, and businesses. a lot of startups use it to increase their growth in the initial stage of business.

About Refer and Earn apps

the mobile apps have an option to increase their growth with the sharing method and for share, it gives users a chance to earn something.

When the app launch firstly They start promoting their apps through sharing links. also, they give an opportunity to earn some amount to their users when they share their apps.

They start to refer and earn campaigns on social media platforms to gain more users. When someone adds more users through a referral link then they pay good referral money.

So, lets start the review of these best refer and earn apps.

Best Refer and Earn Apps in India

In this post, we will review top 8 best refer and earn apps that give us chance to earn good amount of money. all these apps are available on the google play store.

#1. Google pay – Earn 21 Rs Cashback

Best Refer and Earn Apps
Image Source: Google Pay

Google Pay offers an Online payment service. it is very popular in India. the user interface of the application is very easy and unique. you can transfer and receive money through the phone number or by searching name.

it can provide fast and secure payment. through Google pay, you can pay directly to your bank account.

Google pay gives an opportunity to earn money through referrals. if someone joins with your link and adds his bank account then you can get a Rs 21 referral commission. you can earn a good amount of money from here. this is a legitimate way to earn money for a lifetime.

if you want to earn through Google pay then keep following some steps.

  • Download the ‘Google Pay app‘ from the google play store.
  • Signup with the ‘phone number’ that is linked to your bank account.
  • Verify your phone number with ‘OTP‘.
  • Now add your ‘Bank Account‘ with Google Pay.
  • Set the ‘UPI payment‘.
  • Now Click on the ‘profile icon‘ and share your link with your friends.
  • You are ready to ‘Refer and earn‘.
  • Enter my Google pay referral code id9Wo to earn ₹21 back on your first payment!

After a successful referral, Google Pay gives you 21 rupees cashback. When your friend joins with your link and sends his first payment, you get 21 rupees directly in your bank account.

#2. PhonePe – Refer and Earn Rs.200

Phone Pe – Best Refer and Earn App

Phonepe App is an online payment platform. It can provide UPI service and digital wallet to its customers. Through PhonePe, you can pay for anything with one click.

It offers many services like bill payment, phone recharge, DTH recharge, money transfer, buying or selling digital gold or coupon coupons, etc.

PhonePe is giving you a chance to earn 200 rupees. To earn money in PhonePe, you have to refer your link to your friends and family members. If someone joins the PhonePe with your link, the PhonePe app gives you a referring commission.

To earn money from PhonePe, you have to follow some steps.

  1. Install ‘Phonepe app‘ from google play store.
  2. Create an account with the mobile number linked to your bank account.
  3. Now Link your ‘Bank Account‘ with PhonePe.
  4. Click the ‘Refer and Earn‘ option.
  5. Now Copy and ‘Share your Link‘ on social media and Direct Message.
  6. You are ready to earn money. keep sharing your link with friends and family.

If you join through our link then you get 200 rs when you make your first payment.

You can earn 200 rupees after a successful referral. When they link their bank account to PhonePe and make their first payment using UPI. it one of the best refer and earn apps.

#3. Paytm – Refer and Earn Rs100

Best Refer and Earn Apps
Image Source: Paytm

The Paytm app is a digital wallet and online payment platform. Paytm offers lots of services like All Type Recharge, Pay Later service, UPI Payment, Shopping, Mutual Funds Investments, Etc.

Paytm is known for its digital wallet service. Through Paytm, you can send and receive payments without KYC and you can also make UPI payments by linking your bank account

To get more users, Paytm launched its Refer and Earn program. You can make a good amount of money through Paytm. If someone joins Paytm from your link then you get a referral commission of 100 rupees.

If you also want to earn money from Paytm, then follow the steps given below carefully.

  1. Install ‘Paytm app‘ from Google play store.
  2. Sign up with the ‘Mobile number’ that linked with the bank account.
  3. Now link your ‘Bank account‘ with UPI.
  4. Now Scroll to the end.
  5. In the end, you can notice the ‘Refer and Earn‘ Option.
  6. Tap on the ‘Refer and Earn‘ option.
  7. Share your link‘ with your friends and family.
  8. You are ready to earn money.

If you join through our link then you get 100 rs when you make your first payment.

when someone joins Paytm through your referral link then you can get Rs100 in your bank account when your referral makes the first payment using Bank Account.

#4. Myntra – Refer and earn 200 Rs Cashback

Best Refer and Earn Apps
Image Source: Myntra

Myntra is an online Fashin e-commerce app. It is the largest e-commerce platform for fashion and lifestyle items. It deals in wearables for all men and women. Myntra offers buyers a hassle-free and valuable shopping experience.

There are millions of products listed from different brands. All brands are premium and popular in the styling sector. only you can find here unique and original items of all categories.

Myntra launched its refer and earn program to beat the Competitors. They offer a cashback of Rs 200 after a successful referral. It is giving unlimited opportunities to earn money from here. You can earn a decent Cashback by sharing the link with your friends.

If you want to know how to earn money from here, then you need to follow all the steps safely.

  1. Open ‘Myntra App‘. if don’t have to install it first from the google play store.
  2. Signup with the ‘Phone number‘.
  3. Click On the ‘Profile‘ option on the bottom menu.
  4. Now you have to click on the ‘Profile picture icon‘ or ‘Name‘.
  5. On the next screen, select the ‘Refer and Earn‘ option.
  6. In ‘Refer and Earn section‘ you have to ‘share your Referral code‘ on Social media and with your friends.
  7. You get 200Rs when your friend signup using a referral code and also your friend gets Rs100.
  8. Download the app now from the given button and log in using my code g7qwa2.

You’ll get Rs.100 Myncash* + extra Rs. 300 Off + free shipping on your 1st order.

After successful referral your cashback credit in MynCash. You can use your cashback to purchase anything from Myntra.

#5. Meesho – Best Refer and Earn app

Best Refer and Earn Apps
Image Source: meesho

Meesho is an Indian reselling platform that is helping to sell products without investment. It helps individuals to grow their businesses. Here you can add products and share them on social media.

After a successful sale, Meesho pays a commission. In Meesho you can earn from home by selling products across the country.

Additionally, Meesho offers to refer and earn program. if you share the Meesho app then you can earn up to 15% per sale when your friend joins the app and purchase something.

If you also want to earn through Mishao then follow the given steps.

  1. Install the ‘Meesho app‘ from the google play store.
  2. Create an Account on Meesho by using your ‘Email address‘ and ‘Phone number‘.
  3. Verify‘ the mobile number with OTP.
  4. Now go to ‘Account Option‘ on the bottom menu.
  5. Click on the ‘My Bank Detail‘ option and ‘Add your Bank‘ Details by the following Instructions.
  6. then Select the ‘Refer and Earn‘ Option on the main menu.
  7. On the Nest Screen, Click on the ‘Refer a Friend‘ Button.
  8. Now ‘Share the link‘ with friends and family.
  9. Now you are ready to earn through Meesho.
  10. Get a 30% discount on your 1st order, if you sign up using my referral code: ZXRLKHN46523 and get 10% cashback on your first sale.

Meesho offers up to 15% commission per sale when your friend signup using your Referral code and purchase something. your earning credit in your bank account after a successful sale.

Note- If you are not interested in refer and earn programs. So by sharing the products directly, you can earn through Meeshow without a referral. Only by sharing the listed products with your friends. when your friend purchases your shared item then you get some commission.

#6. OYO Rooms – Earn upto 500 Rs Cashback

Best Refer and Earn Apps
Image Source: OYO Rooms

OYO is an online room booking platform. Oyo offers cheap rooms for customers to stay in all cities. OYO provides an easy booking portal for rooms, hotels, townhouses, villas. even you can book PG(paying guest) for a stay over the months. It has also the biggest hotel chain in the world.

When you share your referral code with your friend for a successful referral, you get 20 OYO Rupees. You can redeem your cashback at the time of booking the room using OYO.

If you are interested to know how OYO helps to earn money then follow the steps given below.

  • Download the ‘OYO app‘ from the google play store.
  • Sign up with a ‘Phone number‘ or ‘Email address‘.
  • Verify the ‘OTP‘.
  • Then Go to the ‘Invite and Earn‘ option on the bottom menu.
  • Now Copy your ‘Referral code‘.
  • Then ‘Share your Referral code‘ on any social media platform.
  • Now you are ready to earn money. when someone ‘joins using your referral code‘ then your cashback adds into Oyo rupee wallet.
  • Download the app from the button and use code YASHV2WV7W while signing up to get a signup 200 bonus.

The OYO Rooms app offers a cashback of 20 OYO Rupees when your friend signs up using your referral code and you get 200 Oyo Rupees cashback upon check-in when your friends book a room to stay. Also, your friend gets 399 Oyo Rupees on his first stay in Oyo rooms.

#7. Roz Dhan – Refer and Earn CashBack

Best Refer and Earn Apps
Image Source: RazDhan

Roz Dhan is the best online earning app that serves news, entertainment, and online games. Here you can earn points by reading and sharing articles. It also offers online games to play daily.

Roz Dhan offers a chance to earn money using the app. You can withdraw your earnings from your Paytm account.

Roz Dhan offers several earning models, but Refer and Earn is one of the best. Additionally, it offers a sign-up bonus of Rs 5O. If we talk about Refer and Earn cashback then after successful referral it can provide up to 50 rupees. On completion of 300 rupees, you can withdraw your money through Paytm.

If you want to earn money through Roz Dhan then follow all the steps given.

  1. Download the ‘Roz Dhan app‘.
  2. Then ‘Sign up‘ with the ‘Phone number‘(if you signup for Roz Dhan you get an 80 Rs bonus).
  3. Verify‘ mobile number with OTP.
  4. select the ‘Me’ Option on the bottom menu.
  5. On the next screen, click on the ‘Invite Friends‘ option.
  6. Now Click on the ‘Invite’ Option and share with your Friends and Family.
  7. Now You are ready to earn money.
  8. Click on the button to Register now and get Rs 80 instant for free.

You get up to 50 rupees when someone joins using your link. Once your account completes the Rs 300 milestone, you can withdraw the money. Additionally, you can also earn money by completing tasks on the Roz Dhan app.

#8. Cashkaro – Best Refer and earn App

Best Refer and Earn Apps
Image Source: Cashkaro

Cashkaro is a platform that provides online deals, the latest Coupons, Discount Codes & Offers. it can tie up with many companies to deliver offers and discounts to users. basically, it is an affiliate products platform.

In Cashkaro App, you get cheap deals on several items. here you can find all products and coupons. if you want to purchase the same products at cheap rates then check out CashKaro once. Cashkaro credit some cashback in your account when you also purchase items directly.

Carhkaro recently unveils our Refer and Earn Program. through this, you have the opportunity to earn a good amount of money. only you can share the app link on social media and any other network. it offers a 10% referral earning every referral purchase anything using CashKaro.

If you are interested to know how the CashKaro referral program works then follow the steps which we posted below.

  1. Firstly join the ‘Cashkaro app’ by Downloading App from the play store.
  2. now sign up with the ‘Mobile number‘ or ‘Email address‘.
  3. Fill in all the necessary details.
  4. Now Go to the ‘Refer and Earn‘ option on the bottom menu.
  5. In Refer and Earn Section you can ‘Share your link‘ with your friends and family.
  6. Now you are ready to earn money.

When you have reached the limit of 250 rs then go to the profile section and click on the payment option then request payment. After completing all the processes you can take your cashback to your Paytm wallet or bank account.


Throughout the post, we will share with you a total of eight Best refer and earn apps. Through these apps, you can definitely earn a good amount of money. Keep in mind that cashback will be credited to your account only after a successful referral count.

App’s referral link does not expire until the owner of the app stops the refer and earn service.

Let me tell you one thing clearly, the refer and earn program with a particular app may not be permanent. These kinds of services can stop at any time. So don’t lose such an offer just do work hard and grab all the cashback.

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Heartfelt thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which app is best for refer and earn?

Here are some best refer and earn apps.
-Roz Dhan
-Google pay

What is referral code in Make Money app?

it is a kind of unique code or number generated by apps when you create an account. you can use the referral code while creating an account on any app. with the help of a referral code, you can join your friend in the app and earn some money. when your mate joins the app using a referral code you will earn money.

Is there refer and earn in Paytm?

Yes, you can earn from Paytm through refer and earn program. Paytm will provide 100 Rs cashback after a successful referral.

How can I make real money online?

Refer and earn is one of the best ways to make money online. earn through refer and earn, you need an only smartphone or internet connection. after this join refers and earn apps and share his referral link with your friends and family.

Earn Through Referral app is Safe.

I would say not all Referral apps are app for users but some trustworthy apps will pay you definitely without harm your data. here we will suggest some best referral apps below.

-Raz Dhan
-Google Pay

Which apps give money for referrals?

Thousands of apps claim to pay per referral but some apps do not actually pay because they cannot detect referrals in the system and have refused to pay or do not want to pay. But don’t worry, here we will share some legitimate apps which are really giving a good amount to the users.

-Google pay

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