How to get an Amazon Prime membership free?

Everyone wants to use all the benefits of Amazon Prime Membership, but sometimes people are compelled, due to which they are unable to subscribe to Amazon Prime and somehow want to get the opportunity to experience Amazon Prime membership.

But many people do not think it right to spend money to try something new and they want to take advantage of that service in some way. So Amazon has given its users the opportunity to experience free Amazon Prime.

Yes, you can take advantage of Amazon Prime. But the question is how. So through this post, we are going to tell you in detail about Amazon Prime and briefly explain how to get Amazon Prime Membership for free.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a kind of premium service provided by amazon to its customer. The objective of Prime membership is to make its customer more priority and to serve higher values ​​than normal users.

Amazon prime covers services like exclusive prime Day sales, faster delivery, amazon prime videos, and music, games. Amazon Prime users have the right to access all prime sales and offers before non-prime users.

Benefits of amazon prime

How to get an amazon prime membership free
Amazon prime membership Benefits
  • Fast Delivery:- Users get a better prediction of delivery times and faster delivery across all Indian eligible PIN codes as well. Amazon Prime is the best option for those who want the same-day product.
  • Free Shipping:- In Amazon Prime, users have the opportunity to receive free shipping on all Amazon products. They are not required to pay any delivery charges for any product.
  • Early Sales Access:- Early sale access is the most demanding service of amazon prime. The users have the right to access all the prime days or any sales before non-prime customers.
  • Early access to lightning deals:- Sometimes we have an option to buy exclusive products at cheaper rates in Amazon prime. That is why we feel proud of amazon prime for allowing us to grab lightning deals.
  • Exclusive deals of the day:- Amazon offers exclusive deals of the day for our prime subscribers. In the deal of the day section, users get items at cheap rates with fast delivery and free delivery. Amazon offers mostly the products that you like most.
  • Amazon Prime Video:- In the end this the one of the most demanding benefit of amazon prime membership. In starting, users only subscribe to the plan because of the content of amazon prime videos. Everyone love to stream on the prime videos app.
  • Amazon Prime Music:- After the success of the prime video app, amazon started Prime music services. In prime music, users have millions of songs access. They can listen to and download songs at high quality.

All the benefits are coming with Amazon Prime membership plans. Users have access to all the benefits by subscribing to prime membership plans.

Amazon Prime membership

It is the kind of service provided by Amazon. In Amazon Prime membership, users get lots of benefits like fast delivery, free delivery, amazon prime video app, and prime music app.

At Amazon Prime, you get deals at fast rates with fast and free delivery. If we count the benefits of its membership, then your money is not worthless here. Amazon offers a valuable service at a low price.

for taking advantage of Amazon Prime membership, you have to subscribe to it. You can get Prime Membership in many ways, if you want to experience Free Amazon Prime, then you can enjoy its trial period.

You get 14 days of trial membership. after signup with the trial period, you get all the benefits free.

There are many more ways to take Amazon Prime Membership, we will tell you in detail about all these methods.

Amazon Prime Membership plans

In prime membership plan amazon serve some discounts for getting high subscriptions. so they set all the plans selectively.

mostly they provide discounts with annual or 3 months subscriptions. Currently, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime membership in only 2 plans.

Amazon Prime MembershipChargesAfter Discounts
3 Months plan₹387₹329
Annual Plans₹999
Amazon Prime membership plans

Amazon Prime Youth Offer

In the youth offer, Amazon is offering a discount of 50% to 18- to 24-year-old users. To get 50% cashback, you have to verify your age via uploading PAN Card or Aadhar card.

How to get an amazon prime membership free?

Amazon Prime Membership is a hot topic among Amazon lovers. everybody wants to get free membership of amazon prime. so here we will reveal for you and also suggest some ways to get an Amazon Prime membership free.

yes, you heard right, you can get it for free. You have to claim free amazon prime for 14 days. Amazon offers 14 days free trial of amazon prime membership to its users.

To subscribe to the 14-day free Amazon Prime, you will need to check eligibility for a free trial in your account. If you are eligible, you are ready to use all the premium benefits by joining the 14-day free Amazon Prime Surprise offer.

  • 30 days Free Trial offer ( Recently Discontinued)
  • 14 days free Amazon Prime Surprise ( Currently Active)
  • Airtel Prime Video Mobile Edition Offer (Temporary)

Airtel offer will be applicable only if you are an existing Airtel user, and your number will be recharged.

Let’s see how to get free Amazon Prime Membership (step by step)

Here we will tell you the easy method to get an Amazon Prime Surprise Trial for 14 days free. Follow all the steps carefully.

  • You have to visit the Amazon App or website first.
  • Signup or Login with the email address or phone number. Then, Fill in all the necessary details if you will sign up for the first time.
  • Find the offer banner on the scroll banners (Try Free 14 days prime, 14 days free Prime membership) and Click on any Banner. ( if the Banner does not show in your account, then you will not be eligible for this offer)
  • Click on the Start my Prime Suprise Button.
  • Now, Enjoy your 14-day free amazon prime Suprise.

Airtel Prime Video Mobile Edition Offer

Now, let’s avail of Airtel’s free 14 days Amazon prime video edition offer. Keep in mind that you can avail of this benefit only if you have an Airtel SIM and have to recharge it for at least one month.

Friends, let me tell you that in this plan you get the benefit of Amazon Prime Video only. If you are looking for full prime benefits, then you should go with the 14 days free trial offer itself.

  • Go to the Airtel Thanks app. if you don’t have the app then download it first.
  • Now go to ‘Discover Airtel Thanks‘ or ‘More offer section‘. Also, you can search the banner of the free 30 days amazon prime mobile edition in the More offer banners.
  • In the Discover section, you will get an offer ‘Banner of Amazon Prime Video Mobile edition‘. You have to click on it.
  • On the next screen, you have to click on the ‘Activate now‘ button.
How to get an Amazon Prime membership free
  • Then, login or Signup to your Amazon account and ‘Activate the amazon prime‘ video mobile edition plan.
How to get an Amazon Prime membership free
  • Now Enjoy your videos in the Amazon Prime video app.

if you are not interested in any free offers then you can subscribe to amazon prime membership plans. Amazon offers various types of cashback after getting annual or 3-months plans. Read below for more information.


Amazon Prime has many advantages, which is also good, but if you prefer to shop only on Amazon, you may not like it. If you need all its benefits, then this is a very useful thing for you. You can then take the Amazon Prime Membership.

Streaming videos on Amazon Prime Video is like an addiction, if you are used to it, it does not go away easily. Similarly, listening to ads-Free Songs on Amazon Prime Music is also a different pleasure.

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