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Are you want to know about Messho App?

If yes, then you are at the right place, In this post we will share the Meesho App review in details and also tell How you can earn money through the Meesho app.

Reselling apps have been gaining enormous popularity in India. Meesho is an online best reseller app where you can buy various products from many sellers.

You can choose the seller you want to buy the item from and buy the product for an extremely low price. Meesho is the best reselling app in India. With this app, you can also become a Meesho reseller.

You can also start your business and sell your items on the app. If you have business passion but don’t have enough money to start a shop, Meesho is the best platform for you. in this article; we are going to give you my Meesho app review to understand what it is like to use the app itself.

How Meesho App Works?

Does the desire to know about the best reselling app Meesho, do you know how Meesho app works?

If you wanna know, then you must read it all because we unveil the whole process of the Meesho App how it actually works.

Meesho is the best online product reseller app in India. It will give opportunities to Indian people who want to earn money without investment; By simply sharing the product link on social media with your friends and peers, and when you get the sale through the link, meesho will pay your commission.

Being a Reseller app, Meesho has a range of products almost one lakh, which are listed by many suppliers who are working with meesho to sell its items online. Resellers can earn money on selling products by sharing the product links on their Social media network like whatsapp and Instagram.

Also, you can share the products as an influencer. Reselling Meesho products can be done from the home, office, traveling, and anywhere you want to. You can work on the easy way from anywhere and in any condition.

After a successful sale, Meesho will give you commission for the product sold directly into your bank account.

Now, let see how everyone can earn money from Meesho App.

How to earn money through the Meesho App?

In today’s world, earning through affiliate programs like Amazon affiliate program or Flipkart has become very easy. Meesho also offers a safe way to earn money by selling products. This is by becoming a Meesho reseller.

We are going to guide you through the step-by-step process that is, How to earn money through the Meesho app? or How to become a Meesho Reseller?

  • Download the ‘Meesho App’ from google play store or Apple App store.
  • ‘Open’ the Meesho App and Select the ‘gender’ First.
  • Now, Click on the ‘Account tab‘ at the lower-right corner of your screen on the homepage. After Clicking on the Sign up Button, Now you have to make an account on the Meesho app, add your phone number, you will receive an OTP (a one-time password) which you will enter in the given space, and will Verify your account.
  • In this tab, Click on the “edit profile” option on the top right corner of the screen. then, fill in your contact, personal, and education information and save the changes.
  • Now go back to the ‘Account tab‘ and choose “My bank details.” Here fill in your bank account details and hit submit. Meesho will send 1 rupee to your bank account to verify account details.
  • Now, Click on the “Business logo” Option in the account tab. Enter your name and choose a logo. Also, you can download your business card.
Account Opening Process in Meesho App
  • Now, Go to the homepage and search the product you’d like to share with your friends and mates. Here, you will see different options such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, etc. Share the products any of these platforms.
Account Opening Process in Meesho App
  • When you find a potential customer, decide the price with them. After settling the price, add the product to the cart on the app. Then, enter the margin amount and Click on the Proceed button (When the customer pays the price for product, then meesho pay your margin price to you in your bank account).
  • Now, you’ve become a Meesho reseller and can start earning money in the best reselling app in India. You can also add a Meesho app review on the play store if you want.

Meesho App Review

Meesho App Review | Best Reselling App
Meesho Best Reselling App

Today, we will share my experience with the Meesho app and give my Meesho app review. we bought two shirts last week from the app by paying online. Many people were selling the same stuff. we compared their prices and selected the one that best suited me.

we paid online through the bank account. You can also pay by cash on delivery. It took 8 days for my package to arrive.

The quality of the shirts was average. However, as compared to the price, it was reasonable. we got a whopping 10% off by adding a referral code given by my friend. Ordering the package was pretty convenient. Customer service was excellent.

After getting the package, we found out that it was a size small. we requested a shirt for the exchange. After a few minutes, we got a call from customer care. They asked if they can come to pick up the package for exchange.

I gave them the package and received the changed product after a few days. It was a good experience, and I hope to buy from the app again soon.

According to my experience, it is the best reselling app in India. You can read other Meesho app reviews on the play store.
This was my Meesho app review. I hope you learned something from it!

Final Words

It is the best platform for earning some passive income, here you will make a good amount of money by sharing the products online and earn commission per sale. it is a unique and modern technique to earn money in 2021.

Meesho is the best reselling app in India, it can ship products across India and anyone here can list their product for sale in Meesho. In Meisho, you can choose cash on delivery as well as other payment options, it also provides returns and refunds for every product.

Meesho is beneficial for both buyers or resellers. If you are a buyer then you get quality products with returns and refund service, if you are a reseller then you get a commission in your bank after a successful sale. Meesho is reliable, safe, useful as well as a good opportunity to earn money.

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