Best Hiking Apps for Android To Find the Easy Path In Hills

Everyone wants to go trekking on mountain trails; For this, they need some hiking apps which help in showing the right way in the hill station.

I remember once I went to Shimla with my friends, and then there we planned to climb the mountain to do some adventure.

But the challenge is that we didn’t have the right way to climb, and we lacked experience; Then, a friend of mine said, why can’t we use the hiking apps.

I didn’t know about hiking apps that day; Because that was the first time I heard the word “Hiking“.

After so much research, we found the best hiking apps and used them one by one.

I have used many apps, but I am satisfied with few hiking apps. Then, choose the best way to reach the destination and start the journey.

Guys, I am totally impressed with its features, they really help in finding the right path and recording your travel distance; Along with we can see the live location of other friends.

Through hiking apps we find the best route to reach the destination.

My experience with the best hiking apps was amazing.

So now, I thought, why not share it with you.

Then I start researching more apps and make a list of top 6 best hiking apps in India.

Here we will share the top 6 best hiking apps that help find the best routes, navigate things quickly, and many more benefits.

So let’s start the review of these best hiking apps for android. Here we will be going to review the top 6 best hiking apps. Also, we will share the highlight features of these apps.

Best Free Hiking GPS App For Android

#1. Google Earth App

Best Free Hiking GPS App For Android

Everyone likes hiking but finding the right spot is always challenging. Use Google Earth as the Best Hiking Apps For Android. It allows you to see the whole world from the view of the satellite. 

Google Earth is one of the Best Hiking Gps Apps For Android that can help you explore the surroundings so that you can decide the best spot for hiking without even leaving your home.

This app is considered the Best Hiking App because of its 360-view mode, which allows you to look everywhere in the image.

Highlight Features of the Google Earth App  

  • 3D Texture: This option helps you to look around like you are really traveling through the place.
  • Explore history: With this special option, you can also look throughout the history of a place.
  • Travel back in time: This option allows you to see the sunset without going back in time.
  • Perfect measurement: If the app is saying 1 Km, then it will be 1Km perfectly, thanks to the perfection.
  • Change measurement: This option allows you to change the measurement at which the distance is measured.

#2. AllTrails App: Hiking, Running & Mountain Bike Trails

Best Android Hiking App in India

Another app in the list is AllTrails App.

AllTrails App is the Best Hiking Apps that can be used to discover hiking trails around the world. Use the Gps tracker of this Best Android Hiking App to access his live location.

This allows you to download maps so that even if there is no connectivity, you can see the map. 

Helps you to have a better hiking experience. No matter who you are, if you are an adventure seeker, you should have the AllTrails so that it can inspire you to go for a new adventure with proper guidance.

Highlight Features of AllTrails App  

  • Share activity: This option helps you to share your progress on Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp.
  • View status: View the status of your hiking with just a glance.
  • GPS Tracker: This option helps you to follow the correct track so that you won’t get lost from the path.
  • Filters: With this app, you can filter the route based on animal, child mode, and several other modes. So it would be easy for everyone.
  • Offline maps: Save the online maps online to assess them whenever you want to.

#3. Komoot App: Cycle, Hike, MTB, Run

Best Android Hiking App in India

Komoot app is the Best Hiking Gps App For Android to keep track of your hiking status.

Join the community and share your status with them to get motivated. Plan your adventures easily and bring your plan into reality using the easy route planner. 

This Best Free Hiking Apps can also be used by cyclists and mountain bikers to find good routes.

This app can calculate elevation, and distance and helps you to profile the pathway. This Hiking App for android is available for free.

Highlight Features of the Komoot App

  • Voice Navigation: This option acts as a guide and helps you to travel without taking your eyes off the roads.
  • Offline Gps: This option helps you to track your path without the internet.
  • Sync devices: This app can be synced with other devices so that there are no worries about connectivity.
  • Inspire the community: Share your experience and inspire the community.
  • Become an expert: With this app, you can become an expert on your local terrain.

#4. Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS App

Best Free Hiking GPS App For Android

Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS App is one of the Best Hiking Apps For Android can help you find millions of trails throughout the world. Choose between several other kinds of sports activities using this Best Android Hiking App. Connect with the Wikiloc account through your device and save routes on your phone. 

This app allows you to access offline maps, so there are no worries about the internet with this app.

This Best Free Hiking GPS App is excellent for all sports especially hiking. If you like more options, you can also subscribe to the premium version of this Best Hiking Apps.

Highlight Features of Wikiloc Outdoor Navigation GPS App

  • Choose specific area: Choose and location and find trails in that location.
  • Real-time sharing: This option helps you to share your current position with your family and friends.
  • Weather forecast: This app also comes with a weather forecast option so that you will know if it will rain or not.
  • Towards earth: When you purchase a premium 1% of your purchase goes to the planet.
  • Search filters: Use the most advanced search filter to search as per your requirement.

#5. ViewRanger App

Best Free Hiking GPS App For Android

ViewRanger App is one of the Best Hiking Apps that can be used to improve your natural and outdoor activity. This app is best for people who are seeking adventures.

These Best Hiking Apps For Android can be used to track all your outdoor activity. Search more than thousands of routes and create your own adventure or plan through this app.

You can also take photos and save them from making them memorable. You can also access other challenges like walking, running, etc.

Highlight Features of ViewRanger App

  • Smartwatch connectivity: Connect this app with smart devices to track and view status from smartwatches. 
  • Stop-Start: If you are resting, you can stop the tracking and start tracking when you start again.
  • Data: This app also gives you data relating to the altitudes.
  • Split-screen capability: This option allows you to use more than one app at the same time.
  • Follow other hikers: This app allows you to follow another person online through social connectivity.

#6. Runkeeper App

Best Free Hiking GPS App For Android

Last app of this review is RunKeeper app.

This app is the Best Hiking Apps which can also be used to track your pace and distance. These Best Free Hiking Apps can also function as a weight-loss tracer.

This app shows you the easiest ways to be fit and healthy

This app can also help you to become the best hiker. You can track and improve all your activities just using your mobile phone.

You can track your progress directly from your home screen. This app can also function as a heart rate monitor.

Using this best hiking app, you can track your running and walking, you can use as a running app.

Highlight Features of the Runkeeper App

  • Training calendar: Keep track of your progress using the training calendar.
  • Audio coaching: Create your own plans with the audio coaching option.
  • Sleep cycle monitor: This app can also be used as a sleep cycle monitor.
  • Track distance: This app is the best to track the distance that was covered.
  • Compare: Compare your current record with old track records.

Final Words

So, these are the best hiking apps that help find the right way in the hills trek and record your journey distance. You can use hiking apps for your long trips if you plan the trip in the mountain or plain.

They always mark your location on Gps, and you can sync your live location with your friends. If you are planning a trip, then you must use these hiking apps.

So, the review of the best hiking apps ends here; we hope you like the review. If you like this article, share it with your friends, and if any query then comments on us.

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