Best Medication Reminder Apps That Remind To Take Medicine

Guys, we know that you always forget to take pills on time like me. I always forget to take pills and medication; due to this, I face the consequences, but finally, after so much research, I found the solution.

Yes, now I always take all the medicines on time, and my family members are happy with this too.

Friends, if I can take advantage of this, then why can’t you, and that is free of cost.

That’s medicine reminder apps; Yes, since I have installed this app on my phone, I am very calm and don’t worry about any medicine because I set the pill reminder once a day, and it reminds me to take pills at the correct time.

These pill reminder apps save my time and effort; that is why I will going to share them with you guys.

In this post, we will share some of the best medication reminder apps that remind us to take pills on time. And the best part is that these apps are freely available on the google play store and apple apps store.

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So, the review begins from here.

Best Medicine Reminder Apps in 2021

#1. MyTherapy Pill Reminder 

Best Medicine Reminder App

MyTherapy is the best Best Medication Reminder App. This Medicine Reminder App is free from ads that mean no irritating ads. 

This app has won the award for being the best Pill Scheduler and Medication Tracking app.

It can also function as a mood tracker and can help you track your mood. 

MyTherapy app can be the best for people who forget to take their medication due to their busy work schedules. This pill reminder app also comes with options to record your health log.

So that it is easily assessable for doctors to assist you in case of any health issues, and this can even help you stay healthy.

Highlight Features of MyTherapy Pill Reminder

Here you get to see some of the unique features of this pill reminder app.

  • Pill Tracker: This app can be the best medication reminder and prevents you from skipping medications.
  • Support medications: It supports several medications so that you can set proper reminders.
  • Tips: This app gives you personalized tips and tricks depending upon your body condition.
  • Health trackers: It can track your blood pressure, your mood, and several other factors.
  • Motivation: this app also motivates you to take the pills so that you can cure your problem.

Pros And Cons of MyTherapy Pill Reminder


Personalized tips for your treatment
Reminder app for all medicines
Personalize health Goals
Family sharing feature
Ads Free
User friendly interface


App can sometimes crash due to Bugs or heavy trafic

#2. Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker by Medisafe

Best Medication Tracking And Pill Scheduler App

This is another Medication reminder app that I always use on my phone, which is the Medisafe app.

Medisafe App is an award-winning unique Medicine Reminder App. Its Medicine Tracker feature is top-rated and recommended by Pharmacists and Doctors.

Even more than millions of people are using this Medication Reminder App to Track your medication log easily and set reminders such as alarms.

Tracking medicine with a free app was never so easy but makes it possible as it provides a medicine tracker feature for free. It keeps your pills on reminders so you’ll never forget your medicine again. No registration is required to use this pill reminder app.

It is the Best Medication Reminder App that everyone should have. This app is designed for everyone, irrespective of their disease and age.

Highlight Features of Medisafe App

Here you get to see some of the amazing features of this medication reminder app.

  • Med friend: this option can help you get support from your family or caretaker.
  • Mark important dates: it helps you to remember important dates like doctor appointments.
  • Android wear support: This app can be used with other android wearable devices too.
  • Customize settings: This app can help you set reminders and allows you to set weekend mode so that you can sleep.
  • Auto-renewal:  If you have subscribed to this app once, then it can auto-renew your subscription

Pros And Cons of Medisafe App


Reminder app for all Pills
Drug-to-drug interaction checker
Personalize health Goals
Reminder with Alarm
Customizable reminders and time setting
User friendly interface


It contain ads.

#3. Lady Pill Reminder App

Best Medicine Reminder App

This app in the list is useful for women, I include this app because women forget to take pills due to stress or being busy in work. So now, they can set reminders to take pills.

“Lady Pill Reminder” is recognized as one of the most preferred Medication Reminder App. This is the perfect app for women to make them remember about taking birth control pills. This is a very modern and very user-friendly app for womens. 

It will indicate to you what kind of pill you should consume. And this Best Medication Reminder App is the best app to track your birth control pills.

This app also tells you about how many pills should be consumed per day as per your body’s requirement. This Pill Reminder App is suggested even by doctors to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Highlight Features of Lady Pill Reminder App

Here you will get some of the unique features of this pill reminder app.

  • Widgets: These widgets will help you know about the pills that are available and when it should be taken from your home screen.
  • Remind to buy new pills packet: This app helps you to remember when you have to buy the pill using this Pill Reminder App.
  • Customize notification: You can customize this app and set your own ringtone and vibrations.
  • Auto reminder: This app turns itself off when it is not needed for you to take the pill.
  • Notification: This app reminds you in the form of notification so no more unnecessary alarms.

Pros And Cons of Lady Pill Reminder App


Best pill reminder for womens
Set a monthly pill reminder
Remind through notification or vibration
Customize notification
User friendly interface


It contain ads.

#4. ARP Alarm and Pill Reminder App

Best Medication Tracking And Pill Scheduler App

Now, if you want the pill reminder with alarm, then this app is helpful for you; I personally tested this app, and currently, my grandfather uses this app.

APR Alarm and pill reminder is one the best Pill Reminder App with an alarm which almost everyone loves. This Best Medication Reminder App can also give other general reminders. The app can set the priority-based reminder on the time the medicine should be consumed.

APR Alarm and Pill Reminder is also used as an alarm clock and a normal reminder tool. It can remind you of even small things like drink water or do your work etc.

This Pill Scheduler is the best to schedule your pill intake. Set timely reminders and customize your own tone as an alarm.

ARP Alarm & Pill Reminder comes with a premium subscription; You can take it if you want, but the free version is enough.

Highlight Features of ARP Alarm and Pill Reminder App

Here you get to see some of the unique features of this medication reminder app.

  • Show Pending Reminders: Even if you reboot your phone, it will show the pending reminders.
  • Connect via Bluetooth: Connect this app with other devices with the help of Bluetooth.
  • Sleep mode: This mode prevents all alarms and will only send notifications.
  • Prioritize: It prioritizes the pills based on the consumption period in colors like Red, Yellow, and green.
  • Repetition:  This app reminds you to repeat your medication once a week or even months.

Pros And Cons of ARP Alarm and Pill Reminder App


Alarm and pill reminder
Select audio to play at alarm time
Sleep Mode
Show Pending Reminders
User friendly interface


It contain ads.
Can’t pause or stop alarm

#5. Medication Reminder App

Best Medicine Reminder App

The another app in the list is Medication Reminder App, it is the best Medicine Reminder App because can help and remind everyone to eat their pills before or after food. It is the best and simple way to improve your health.

This Best Medication Reminder App can also help you to manage your medicine in case of a refill; it will remind you to buy the medicine.

Medication Reminder App is free to use and helps you to manage more than ten medicines at a time.

You can also edit or replace your meds by adding or removing more pills. You can also track the past medical history of your family members. And the best part is this app is very supportive and unique; everyone can use this pill reminder app without any problem.

Highlight Features of Medication Reminder App

Here you get to view some unique characteristics of this medicine reminder app.

  • Simple reminder: Reminds you of your medication easily through notification.
  • Connect Via Bluetooth: Connect this app with other devices with the help of Bluetooth.
  • Family medication mode: This mode helps you to refill the medication needed by your family members.
  • Free Trial: The free trial option helps you to access the premium subscription for 12 days.
  • Pet medication reminder: With this mode, you will never forget the medication of your pets. So, if you are a dog lover, then you should use this app.

Pros And Cons of Medication Reminder App


Best pill reminder app
Pet pill reminder
Connect this app to another device
Medication reminder for kids
User friendly interface
Diary for personl medication


It contain ads.
Expensive in-app purchases

#6. Pill Reminder & Medication Tracker – TakeYourPills

Best Medication Tracking And Pill Scheduler App

I found this app when we started researching the best medicine reminder apps. It can be used as a pill reminder and medication tracker. After reading all the features, I started using this app, and it was a great experience for me.

TakeYourPills App is the Best Medication Reminder App. This Medication Reminder App helps you to take your pills and medications correctly without delay. Never compromise your physical and mental health again with this amazing Pill Reminder App. 

This is one of the Best free Medication Reminder Apps. This app can be used by kids and grandparents. It is a combination of both Alarm and notification reminders with a history tracker.

So you will never miss or take more than the required dose again. More than thousands of people are using this best Medication Tracking App in his phone.

Highlight Features of TakeYourPills App

Here you find some unique features of this pill reminder app.

  • Organizer: Organize your medicine intake based on time and quantity.
  • Multiple organizers: Use this mode to keep track of the medicines of your family members.
  • Safe app: This app is totally safe, your data will be secure, and there is no possibility of data leakage.
  • No personal data: The app will never ask you for any personal data, so you can feel more secure.
  • Overdose alarm:  This overdose alarm helps you to prevent overdosage through medicine consumption.

Pros And Cons of TakeYourPills App


Manage multiple drug profiles
Best pill reminder app
Overdose Alert & Drug Alarm
Pill Tracker & Medicine Time Reminder App
User friendly interface
Pill Tracker


It contain ads.
Can’t pause or stop alarm

Final Words

So, Guys, These were the some best medication reminder apps that me and family use on his phone to set pill reminders. You can also use any one app which you like suitable. I hope you like this review.

If you really enjoy this article, then share it with your friends and family and if you have any problem, then comment us.


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