Top launchers for Android Phones

Hello Friends, If you are bored with the old user interface of the android phone, then we have a solution that changes the look and design of the android user interface. Yes, you heard right here we will share some top launchers for Android phones. They will change the whole look of the Android phones according to your need.

Android launchers are apps that are an integral part of the Android experience. With the Best launcher for Android we have listed here, you can control how the home screen and other things on your phone.

You will find a wide range of options to make your mark on the best Android phone design, from minimalist skins to those that bring explosive and high end designs and colours to your smartphone UI.

The look of Android has evolved over the years, and there is now more than one launcher for your phone.

If you don’t like the way the Home Screen looks, you can download the Best android launcher to change it. A good Android launcher can give your phone a complete makeover by changing the look and feel of your phone with different icons and themes and adding new features such as smart folders and search wizards etc.

Now, let’s look at some of the Top launchers for Android with which you can fully customize the looks and UI of your android smartphone.

Top launchers for Android Phones

#1. Niagara Launcher

Best launcher for Android

There are many different launchers available on the Google Play Store, but Niagara Launcher is one of the best for Android phones because of its sleek interface and advanced features.

It’s lightning-fast and great for devices with limited or less storage space. It’s a sleek Android launcher that aims to place your notifications front and center while keeping other distractions to a minimum. 

Notifications are displayed on your home screen without spam, and there is a permanent notification filter. An app drawer displays your favorite apps and provides handy alphabetical shortcuts or you can set the place of apps manually.

It’s a simple built-in theme, and it’s all in one layout. Stuck at the top of one or more widgets, you have a quick list of your favorite apps and on the right side of the screen you can access the rest of your apps with the alphabet A to Z.

Benefits of using Niagara Launcher

  • This launcher is specially made for those android devices which have less storage space. So it didn’t require a large space in your smartphone.
  • It removes all the spam messages and notifications from your homepage.
  • The launcher is fully customizable as it has several features with which you can do everything as per your choice.

Pros and Cons of Niagara Launcher


Fast and Easy Interface
Clean and Good looking UI
Less storage space required
Quick Setup process
It didn’t take high memory to run


Limited layout options available
Sometimes, its gestures can be overlapped.

#2. Nova Launcher

Top launchers for Android

Nova Launcher is a Best launcher for Android that provides a simple and easy way to customize your phone’s home screen. And it’s the perfect solution if you want more control over your phone without taking up too much time or space or losing the performance of your smartphone.

It includes features such as gesture control (swipe, double tap and more), unread counting, badges, messages, new tabs, folders and app drawers, hidden apps, custom actions (swipe between apps, shortcuts, folders etc) and more. 

The best thing about this Best android launcher is that the Nova Launcher development team regularly updates it to fix bugs.

There are many options to work with: color themes, icon packs, scrollable dock, customization of the app drawer, folder settings and endless scrolling. 

Benefits of using Nova Launcher

  • This Android Launcher takes very little space on your smartphone and also it consumes less memory.
  • The performance of Nova Launcher is fast in comparison to others.
  • It has several themes, icons, and fonts.

Pros and Cons of Nova Launcher


Quick Setup process
Easy To Use Interface
Less storage space required
Increase phone performance


The theming process takes time

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#3. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher Best Android launcher

Microsoft is one of the best companies when it comes to AI, so it’s no wonder that they have created their own excellent launcher. Microsoft Launcher is not only easy to use, but it also has a ton of great features. 

Well it is compact, context-sensitive app pages, customizable feeds and works to enhance interaction between your Android phone and your Windows PC. 

The Microsoft Launcher experience revolves around a clean home screen with a smart page on the left that feeds your Microsoft account and your daily phone usage, and Android widgets that you might want to add. 

Benefits of using Microsoft Launcher

  • The Microsoft launcher interface is easy and very simple to understand.
  • It has several design templates that you can install in your smartphone.
  • With the Microsoft Launcher it is easier to send or receive file through your windows computer.

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Launcher


Scrolling widget page 
Easy To Use Interface
Less storage space required
Very active support team
Increase phone performance


Two-level dock can be weird for some users

#4. AIO Launcher

Best launcher for Android in India

While other launchers may offer decluttering and visual customization options, the AIO Launcher is designed to display as much information onto your screen as possible.

Although some people may find this frustrating at first, it’s actually a practical way to quickly scroll through your feeds. But you can change it also.

It displays your most frequently used apps, system information, calls received, messages, emails, upcoming calendar events, and more. AIO Launcher for Android is considered the Best launcher for Android.

It provides 3D on screen effects and apps widgets which can be used to customize the menu, home screen and lock screen.

The 3D engine built into this launcher allows for a much faster and safer experience. It’s one of the best Android launchers available, and will help you get started with mobile launchers straight away.

With in-app purchases AIO Launcher is free to unlock other features such as widget support, app icons, Android notifications and home screen streaming

Benefits of using AIO Launcher

  • This app provides 3D widgets and other things with which you can design and customize your phone.
  • It takes very little space on your smartphone.
  • You can customize several things with this launcher. 

Pros and Cons of AIO Launcher


Light customization
Easy To Use Interface
Less storage space required
Increase phone performance


Not in active development
You can’t import settings in it from other launchers

#5. Apex Launcher

Top launcher for Android Phones

Apex Launcher is one of the Best android launchers that changes the overall look of the platform and adds additional new features that are used for good measure. It contains thousands of themes and icon packs that can be downloaded from this application.

For added convenience, it automatically sorts apps by app drawer, title, installation date and currently used apps. You can select any of these to sort apps.

Features of Apex Launcher include dynamic drawer adjustment, notifications, flexible icons, gesture and transition effects, and much more. 

Core features include the ability to resize the home screen from nine screens to scrollable docks of up to five pages. This is perfect for those who have a lot of apps and want to see them all without scrolling endlessly. Infinite scrolling, transitional animations, multiple folder styles and multiple app drawer styles add to the great customization.

Benefits of using Apex Launcher

  • With this Apex Launcher you can customize your home screen as you want, like it’s grid size, icons and more things.
  • This launcher provides you thousands of themes and icons which you can install through Apex Launcher.
  • It improved the performance of your smartphone.

Pros and Cons of Apex Launcher


1000s of themes and icons available
Easy To Use Interface
Advanced theme engine
Less storage space required
Increase phone performance


Stability issues

#6. iLauncher-Os

Apple launcher for Android Phones

Ilauncher OS is an innovative Apple launcher for Android  that provides you with a seamless iPhone X experience. It features an app drawer, a built-in search engine, and face recognition technology that iPhone X has. The polished and clean interface lets you surf the iOS home screen, even if you’ve never tried the iPhone.

 It’s fast and smooth operation allows you to enhance your Android experience. Its name is chosen to spell out the iOS title 

if it receives an iPhone theme on Android devices. The launcher is available for all Android devices starting with version 4.1 and is available as a free download. 

Whether you want to customize your home screen or lock screen, it offers really great customization capabilities. It has advanced transition effects and gestures that simulate the iPhone experience to make it feel like you’re using an iPhone. 

Some features, such as the number of unread badges, are limited to the paid version, which can be purchased for a price.

However, this is not a problem with the Ilauncher OS 12, as it allows you to interact with your device in different ways. For example, you can pinch the screen to access the screen preview and many more. But this Apple Launcher For Android is amazing and gives you Apple phone experience.

Benefits of using iLauncher-Os

  • This iLauncher-Os provides the experience of the IOS operating system in your android smartphone.
  • It has many features of IOS, which feels like you are using a real Apple phone.
  • You can use this launcher on all of your android smartphones running on Android 4.1 or plus.

Pros and Cons of iLauncher-Os


Make your phone UI same as IOS UI
Easy To Use Interface
Includes several features of a Apple phone
Less storage space required
Themes and Icons same as iPhone


Little bit performance issue
Stability issues

Final Words

So, we have covered and told you about some of the Top launchers for Android that you can use to enhance the User Interface of your android smartphone. Well, all these applications are freely available on any app store or Google Play Store.

You can download any of these applications and install themes and you change app drawer style, icons, fonts, and many more things that can totally change the User interface of your smartphone. So download any of these Best launchers for Android now and enjoy the different looks of your smartphone.

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