Top 8 Best News Apps That Covers Only Real And Legit News

If you are looking for the best news apps in India, you are at the right place because here, we will share some of India’s best news apps that provide the latest news before TV.

We know, everyone wants to read or watch the news daily, but due to a lot of work, you will not get time to read the newspaper and watch the news on TV. But this complaint is with all those who are busy with work.

This is why people then want a quick and easy way to get an update for the latest news. Thereafter, many people search for other sources to get the latest news like the best news apps in India.

But don’t worry now because here we have given you a unique and best way to read the latest news which is news apps. Yes, many popular news channels and publishers publish their news apps to mitigate this problem. using these news apps, you can read the latest news on the go.

Reading news in apps is a trend these days, everyone is a fan of a particular news app. These days the craze of news apps in India is increasing. Some Indian famous news apps exist in the market which provide the best and live news every moment.

But here’s a problem again, the problem is mostly news apps that are charging subscription fees for the news. But again no worries just read the article till the end because here we disclose free news apps in India. You can install applications and start using them.

Daily Hunt News App

Best News Apps in India

Daily hunt is an Indian famous news app and one of the best news apps in India. It is not confined to the local area but has an extensive audience database due to the multiple languages. It is all newspaper app in one as it provides news from different platforms and different categories.

The user of this news app gets a feature of live news and top headlines on its feed which is more like having television and newspaper at the same time. It has an option for users to choose topics related to their field of interest.

Users with the help of the “featured topic” option can choose news accordingly. The “For you” option in this news app makes it very handy to use as it displays all the headlines and latest news from every genre on the same page, making it very accessible for everyone to read. Daily hunt provides enough in-depth news and information about a business to be considered the best business news app.

Just one click and I will update you with all the details of the particular news. Users can also be notified whenever breaking news is, thereby a notification option once activated. It is all an Indian news app followed by being an top app in India. We can count this as the best news apps in India.

Benifits of using Daily Hunt News App

  • You get fast and free news all day.
  • Get Live cricket updates through short video clips.
  • Get your favorite news in 14+ regional languages.
  • News updates through Short articles.
  • You get Notifications when any latest post publish.
  • LIVE news channels and debates on channels.
  • National and international news coverage at every moment.
  • Live election updates and Exit polls report.

Inshorts News App

Best News Apps in India

In short news, the app is all newspaper in one app as it has a collection of news from all other newspapers gathered in one news app, making it accessible for users to stop at in short and have all the information. 

What makes it, in short unique is that it summarizes and gives 60-word news making it India’s popular news app. Business news descriptive engages the audience from company sectors and makes it one of India’s best business news app.

This all-India news app must be on your device if you are a news junkie but running short of time. Thus, all these features make it the best news apps in India.

Benifits of using Inshots News App

  • 60 words Short news articles.
  • You can read the news offline.
  • It has the night mode feature which you can read the news at night in dark mode.
  • You can watch news videos and your latest news play one by one due to the autoplay feature.
  • Through Search bars, you can discover any type of news.
  • You can short your favorite news according to his interest that called my feed section.
  • It has a bookmark and share option to save and share the content.
  • You can view interesting photos from the latest events.
  • It has a wide range of news categories.
  • You Get limited notifications of the latest news.

Way2News App

Best News Apps in India

Trendy yet informative, this Indian news app ‘way2news’ is a short news app for all news junkie wants to be updated in the middle of their work. Way2news manages stress and gets through a daily routine with much ease by bringing few news points.

Way2news is considered the best news apps in India because of its engaging interface that allows different options to explore news. This news app is excellent for the user who is keen to know the headlines and read the summary.

Recently way2news app has launched a new feature for users to earn through writing short news. Its popularity in local areas has significantly increased due to its hyperlocal short news format and became an Indian favorite news app.

It provides users with information in a magazine-style form, making it more demanding and counted in the Best news apps in India.

Benifits of using Way2News App

  • You can read short news articles on this app.
  • Live cricket score and commentary.
  • Daily Digital magazine for a better experience.
  • Wide range of trending news categories as your interest.
  • Share your interesting news on social media platforms.
  • Bookmark and save your favorite news stories.
  • It has a dark mode for all phones. now you can read the news at night.
  • You can get the job alert for particular criteria.
  • You get horoscopes and astrology on the daily basis.
  • Get national and international news.

Jio News

Best News Apps in India

Jio News is a large platform providing a wide range of information. It has the option of ‘My city’ where users can directly read the news about their area. Talking about a wide variety Jio News has an interface providing users content in a format of magazines, newspapers, video, and live streaming TV, making users glued to this app. it is a famous Indian news app platform for free users.

Jio News offers users to choose options for the category they want to read. For your feature on its interface, provide all the top stories covered in every type. Users also get the chance to read the editor’s choice news which has a prominent effect on its popularity.

It gives depth insight into business and marketing, making it one of India’s best business news app. This all-India news app is also an Indian favorite news app providing news locally to internationally. Jio news is the best business news app.

This best news app in India has the option of ‘ cricket contest’ updating users’ information about the Indian premier league. Thus, users can trust this Jio news as the best news app in India.

Benifits of using Jio News App

  • You can download or share free digital magazines and newspapers daily.
  • It has 20+ regional language support.
  • You can read 250+ different newspapers on the app.
  • It has a photo gallery of the latest events.
  • You get live videos of the latest news on tv.
  • You get all newspapers in one app.
  • It has 800+ magazines in 15 different categories.
  • You get live news from 190 news channels.
  • You can download videos, share videos, and watch live tv.

The Hindu News App

Best News Apps in India

Realm of journalism The Hindu is all Indian news app in the English language. It is considered a very classic news spot that captures every youngster and elderly’s sight. World’s insight is crafted beautifully in words for users.

The Hindu much more lives up to the reputation it has built in the past so many years. Its main cover point is the latest news, updates, top stories, and opinions it provides for users. Its method of delivering the content to a user is contemporary and to the point.

This Indian favorite news app is enriched with news in all aspects, whether it be business or breaking news. Every company trusts it and MNC holder, considering it one of the best business news apps and top-ranked in Best news apps in India.

Benifits of using The Hindu News App

  • You can get unbiased election coverage and exit polls.
  • In-depth coverage on cricket from experts.
  • You can listen to the news using Read aloud feature.
  • Get every state’s latest updated news.
  • Discover your news as per your interest.
  • It is one of the best news apps in India.
  • Ads-free user interface for premium subscribers.

Dainik Jagran News App

Best News Apps in India

Dainik Jagran is a platform that gives different news in the Hindi language to users and keeps them up to date. This is listed as one of the best news apps in India as it connects its audience in the local language with breaking news and the latest updates.

It has interfaces that help choose the user to watch and read the information of their local area. Video and live streaming options make it more user-friendly. Language friendly app connects with every age group.

Users get the chance to search for news of their interest even if they don’t find it in any section. Consumption of news by a large audience makes it the best news apps in India.

Benifits of using Danik Jagran News App

  • it provides 400+ City and state news in Hindi.
  • Get every moment updates of IPL.
  • You can read the news offline.
  • Get notifications from the latest news.
  • You can Watch News in video format.
  • It has 200+ digital newspapers.
  • You get All types of news as entertainment, tech, sports, and politics.

First Post News App

Best News Apps in India

Network 18 media has launched one of the best news apps in India, “First Post,” with a super engaging interface. The First Post provides the audience, news from all the fields, whether it be business or politics, the latest news, and breaking news.

The Big Story feature on the interface provides the user easy access to information, and live updates about the big story are featured. It gives the most-read part, which consists of top news searched by users, which may be necessary for others.

From entertainment to history, all sort of news is provided by First Post. It is one of the best business apps in India and an Indian favorite news app. News Content of the First Post makes it all India news app among the Best news apps in India.

Benifits of using First post News App

  • Get every single breaking news before tv.
  • You can explore video and audio news as well as news articles.
  • Save and share which content you like.
  • It is an Indian famous news app.
  • Explore the photo gallery and video.
  • Wide range of news categories like politics, tech, business, sports, and entertainment.

AP News App

Best News Apps in India

Associated press news app provides news in captivating any engaging manner. The interface is very easy and quick to use. News from the AP news app is the source of journals done independently from every corner of the globe.

News on this app is reduced to essentials which make a user-friendly interface. Users got an option to choose the time of news they want to read. Top news videos are displayed on the interface.

This All-India news app is a real-time investing app as it provides content very simple and yet informative, making users choose to stick to it. AP news’s marketing and business insight news is very up-to-date and counted as one of India’s best business news.

It provides breaking news, top stories, and fact-based global news, making it count as one of the best news apps in India.

Benifits of using AP News App

  • Get a live news feed on the app.
  • Get National and international news coverage.
  • Free to use and easy user interface.
  • Famous Indian news apps.
  • You can save and share your favorite news.
  • You can listen to the news on Radio.
  • Search your interest news.
  • Various news categories like business, lifestyle, technology, and more.


Everyone knows the importance of daily news in daily life. If you keep updated about the latest trends or news then you are a good citizen according to society. But if you are not aware of what is going on in the country or the world, maybe you can face insults in front of friends and family.

but don’t worry, these apps which be will review in the post will keep you updated on every single news. they share the latest news and information about the country, place, and world.

You must take advantage of these apps because even the busiest person carries one of these apps on their phone. So why don’t you get updated and install the best news app in India on your phone and make yourself aware of the news.

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