Top Fighting Games Like Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is an amazing mobile game that’s a mix of role-playing and action games. With its detailed backdrop graphics, a slew of weapons, and easy controls, the game doesn’t take long to become your favorite. But avid gamers are always hungry for more. 

You can also try playing it on a PC via any good Android emulator. You just need the APK file, which you can get from:

But should you feel like playing more games like it, here are some recommendations:

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is one of the most popular fighting game franchises globally, which you can play on almost any platform, including Android and PC. The game can be played solo or with friends with both single-player and multiplayer action. 

You have plenty of character choices, with each offering unique capabilities. In single-player mode, you’ll be fighting AI-controlled characters, whereas, in multiplayer mode, you fight other players. Either way, the fight is epic. 

There are different stages, and within each stage, two or more levels. As you progress, more characters and environments will unlock. 

Mortal Kombat is the OG game of this franchise, but there are many more to play, including Mortal Kombat II, III, IV, and Gold.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is another fighting game that you’ve probably heard of and maybe even played. It’s an adventurous fighting game where your main job is fighting other players and winning. Simple!

However, for each match, you also have to select two assistants. Those assistants can be called upon should you need their help. 

Although it won’t take long to understand the game, there’s a battle training mode as well where you can practice your skills and complete challenges. 

Then there are boxes you can unlock like Morph Boxes and Corruption Boxes.

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Star Knight 

Star Knight is perhaps the closest to Shadow Fight 2 in terms of graphics and gameplay. It’s a side-scroll 2D game that looks easy in the beginning but isn’t really.

The game’s story follows a massive planet whose peace is being threatened by dark forces and monsters. It’s up to the player, the knight, to fight these forces and save the planet and its peace. 

As you fight and progress, you can grow your character. In other words, you can gain more stuff and make the character strong to fight the bigger forces. But at the same time, you can also take your chances with bigger battles even without needing to progress through all those stages. 

There’s also an arena mode where you can compete. For beginners, the Simple Stages are the way to go as those will train them to understand the gameplay better.

Iron Snout

You wouldn’t expect a fighting game’s main character to be a rather jolly-looking pig. But that’s exactly what Iron Snout features, a pig who fights against enemies. As expected, those enemies are animals too, like wolves. 

This pig has got some action, as you can jump, punch, kick, slam, and throw. There are multiple levels, and each advancing level unlocks when you have gained ample experience through points. 

The controls are pretty easy, much like Shadow Fight 2, and you have a decent variety of weapons. The soundtrack is not bad either!

Shadow Fight 3

Of course, if you want to play something like Shadow Fight 2, why not Shadow Fight 3, the successor to the game?

This version of the game brings new characters with better abilities, so even though the action is pretty much the same, the characters give it a new feel. You have three different fighting styles to choose from. 

But here’s where it gets even better, you can even make the character your own with customization!

Wrap Up

Shadow Fight 2 may be a great game, but it becomes incredibly hard as you advance. While quitting is never recommended, you may want a refresher with another game. Any of the above games will give you the same fighting chance, but with a little story and backdrop change. 

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