Top 7 Best Cab Services Apps in India That Provide Cozy Ride

If you are looking for a cab services app in India, you come to the right place. The demand for cabs has suddenly increased as most people prefer cabs for travelling in or out of the city. These taxi booking apps will help solve your travel-related problems; you can book cabs easily and travel safely using Taxi booking apps.

Cabs are a major source of transportation these days as cab services provide doorstep pickup and drop service for every ride, due to which most people prefer cabs as their convenience.

The trend of cabs is increasing due to the epidemic. Most people suggest cabs because it helps with quick traveling and gives the chance to ride private anywhere. Now people have chosen cabs as the primary transport, which is why they seek taxi booking apps for taxi booking in India.

We will list the top seven car service apps in India that can provide a smooth ride experience. By installing these apps, you can book cabs from anywhere and at any time.

Let us start the detail review of these apps.

List of Cab Services Apps in India

Cab Services AppsRatingsDownload
Uber Cab4.4/5500M+
Ola Cab3.9/5100M+
Meru Cab4.0/55M+
Fasttrack Cabs3.9/51M+
Savaari Cabs4.3/5100K+
Carzonrent Cabs3.4/550K+
Mega Cabs2.8/550K+

Uber Cab Service App

Uber is trending among Taxi services apps in India. Cab services provided by this Taxi booking app ensure your ride to be safe, less time-consuming, and reasonable at the fare.

Drivers are appointed to have a high driving experience as the safety and security of riders are prime concerns. Riders can track their ride with a cab app India and feel secure about the journey. Uber accept payment through various methods including, Cash and UPI Payments.

Uber cab app India gives a very friendly interface which makes riders easy to book their ride quickly. Uber cabs are very quick, with pickups saving your time along with their comfortable AC rides.

Uber gives attention to all its riders by providing facilities as per their needs. This taxi service India provides throughout call support system if any trouble occurs. Uber cab gives wider cab options to choose from below.

  • Uber x – choose for a ride all for yourself, at a fair price. Uber x is available with great ease and comfort traveling at affordable charges.
  • Uberpool – Ride with sharing your cab with others for a short distance and split out fare through the Uber cab app India.
  • Scooters – Heavy traffic might create a problem with cabs but easy to hide from traffic and reach your destination with ease, comfort, and affordable rate.
  • Uber WAV – Uber WAV came with a special facility for riders with wheelchairs where they provide a special seat for them to travel with great comfort.

Charges depend on the city, distance, time, and mode of Uber cab.

Some benifits of using Uber Cab Service App

  • You can book a cab anytime and anywhere in metro cities.
  • Get started your ride at your doorstep.
  • See the Final price before starting the ride.
  • Airport picks up and drops service.
  • 5 layers Safety and security.
  • Include Free wifi and AC.
  • Multi Payment options are available.
  • Luxury car models include in the cab.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

How to book cabs using Uber Cab App?

  • Download the Uber app from the google play store.
  • Open the app and allow the permissions.
  • Click on the Get started button and sign up using your phone number.
  • Enter your pick-up and drop-off destination.
  • Select the cab which you want and select the payment method.
  • Click on the Confirm button at the bottom.
  • Your cab book successfully, you can see the waiting time on the screen.

Ola Cab App

Cab Service Apps in India
Cab Service Apps in India

Need cab service at affordable fares; Ola cab is pocket-friendly and the most downloaded taxi booking app in India. Cab services provided by ola cab helps riders to go through all the travel problems they faced earlier.

The most popular taxi booking app in India, Ola taxis, are available as per your needs. Ola cab services provide a wide range of options with your pocket and guarantee your ride safe.

Drivers in ola cab services are verified and ensured for rider’s safe and comfortable journey. Ola cab app India is most booked among all other Taxi service apps because of its features, like live ride tracking with the emergency alert button. Ola engages its riders with free Wi-Fi at Ola play to entertain themselves. 

A city taxi, outstation, and rental facilities are included in their Taxi booking app. Ola cab services provide the widest variety of car options to choose from

  • Auto ride– Riders looking for cheaper and time-saving rides then auto ride provided by ola services would be best.
  • Bike – worried about getting late in traffic, ola bikes help to get through it with ease and comfort without spending a lot.
  • Ola share – The need for traveling and spending would be minimized by ola shares where riders can share their cab and split out the fare.
  • Micro – This option cuts out large expenses over short rides. It takes small fare and comfortable rides.
  • Mini– It is a go-to ola cab and most booked by users with a basic fare charge
  • Prime– Booked for executive and lavish rides provided by this cab app India where experienced drivers with extra luxurious features are at your service

The price charged for ola ride depends on the city, distance, time, and mode of the cab.
Rs6/km excluding all basic fees and taxes.

Some benifits of using Ola Cab Service App

  • Ride with 5 Layer Safety for Corona.
  • Start your ride at your doorsteps.
  • Free wifi service in cabs.
  • Secure multi-payment options.
  • Insurance benefits with the ride.
  • Secure OTP for every ride.
  • Emergency Alert System.
  • Most affordable charges for cabs and auto rides.
  • Comfortable and convenient service all over India.
  • More than 3Lakh vehicles and in 100+ cities service available.

How to book cabs using Ola App?

  • Download the Ola app from the google play store.
  • Sign up with a phone number, Facebook, and google account.
  • Allow a few permisions.
  • Enter your pick-up and drop-off location.
  • Now select the Cab form listed options.
  • Choose the Payment method and Confirm the booking.

Meru Cab Service app

Meru is a rising cab app among all the Taxi booking app in India. Cab services offered by Meru cab service are trusted for every occasion. This taxi services app provides outstation, rental and local rides. 

Cab services of Meru are safe and comfortable. It also offers the option to reserve a month before the day of the ride. Charges may vary depending on the city, distance, and time of the ride. 

It provides riders with quite an option.

  • Meru lite– This is better with the local door-to-door ride. It gives riders a comfortable, cheap ride. In Mumbai, Rs 64 with Rs15/km rate after 1km and Rs1/ min during trips.
  • Meru comfort– This goes with the riders for a long and comfortable journey along with a safe and secure ride. In Mumbai- the base fare is Rs74 with an Rs16/km rate after 1km and Rs1/km during trips.
  • Meru 6 plus– It gives you a comfortable and executive ride. It is mostly chosen for business and corporate rides. Charges in Mumbai – Base fare Rs299 with Rs19/km after 1 km and Rs2/min during trips
  • Meru6 pro – It is premium car services with a luxurious. Base fares 399 with Rs21/km rate after 1km andRs2/min during trips.
  • Meru sedan EV– comfortable and safe ride at affordable price. Base fares Rs74 with Rs16/km and Rs2/min ride.

Charges are quite high for some riders, therefore, Meru has not been famous among taxi services apps.

Some benifits of using Meru Cab Service App

  • You can add multiple spots to your ride.
  • You get rental car offers.
  • It can operate in more than 7000 destinations across India.
  • Clean and Clear cabs and experienced driver.
  • 24/7 Customer support in all Indian languages.
  • Most affordable cab service with various car options.
  • Multiple payment modes.

How to book cabs using Meru App?

  • Download the Meru cabs from the google play store.
  • Open the app and allow some permissions.
  • Sign up using the phone number and verify OTP.
  • Enter your email address and name.
  • Now, Enter your pick-up and drop-off destination and click on the Continue button.
  • Select the Cab according to price.
  • Then, Click on the Book button.

Fasttrack cab

 Taxi booking app India introduced a new Taxi service app ‘Fast track cabs’ which provides cab services according to your traveling needs. This Taxi service app ensures safe rides, fair deals, and comfort.

Fastrack gives you a local cab service, outstation taxi service, and cabs for corporate use. Fastrack is still to be grown cab app in India. 

Charges are applicable on distance, time, and city, respectively. Local cabs are providing cab services at just Rs 12.5/km in Delhi, NCR.

Some benifits of using Fasttrack Cab Service App

  • It has wide range of car models.
  • Sedule your trip according to your convenience.
  • Select multi and flexible payment methods.
  • See Astimated cost before travel.
  • Book cab in few minutes with affordable charges.
  • Choose packages as per your need.
  • Get start your ride from your doorsteps.

How to book cabs using Fasttrack App?

  • Download the FastTrack app from the google play store.
  • Sign up using your phone number.
  • On the next screen, Enter your pick-up and drop-off location.
  • Select the package or cab options and select the payment mode.
  • Then, Click on the confirm booking option.

Savaari Cab App

Savaari Cab Service is a local Taxi booking app running in a limited city for now but soon to be seen in different cities. Savaari app India allows riders to provide taxi services to major cities, people independently ride safely and pay fair charges without any hidden cost.

You can book your taxi for the outing. This is a local business in this cab market growing out in great demand. This taxi booking app offers to spot booking when you the taxi, just like hiring an auto or taxi in the market.

It gives riders options of spot taxi service, outstation taxi service, rental services. Charges are applicable as per government rates, so it’s not expensive like other cabs and charged like local transport with a comfortable ride.

Some benifits of using Savaari Cab Service App

  • You get a Trip cost estimation before the ride.
  • No third party involved.
  • You get Live tracking on the app.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Get a discount on the ride charges.
  • Wide range of cabs available.
  • Multi payment options.
  • Track your cab after booking.

How to book cabs using Savaari App?

  • Install the Savaari App from the google play store.
  • When you open the app you have to allow the permissions and skip all the posters.
  • Now, you can Sign up. for the signup, you have to fill in some details like Name, email, phone number.
  • Then click on the Register button.
  • On the next screen, you can choose the round trip or oneway.
  • Enter your pick-up and drop-off details.
  • Then select cars and payment methods.
  • Confirm the booking.

Carzonrent Cab App

Cab Services Apps in India
Cab Services Apps in India

The need for emergency cab services gave rise to the new taxi booking app Carzonrent which provides cab services as per your demand. Carzonrent has its hub near all significant airports helping Riders with last-minute booking.

This taxi booking app has transparent fares and is committed to riders’ safety and security. Carzonrent provides options of spot booking, outstation rides, airport transfer.

Carzonrent provides cab services where riders can rent the car and drive themselves and charge hourly. This taxi booking app has flexible charges and provides zero stress drive Assurance in chauffeur drive packages.

The fare depends on distance, time, and place of traveling, but they charge Rs6/km with a fuel charge applicable for 10km. Its efficient and dedicated cab service is making the car on rent app popular.

Some benifits of using Carzonrent Cab Service App

  • You can use both corporate and personal services.
  • You can pay through cash or other digital payment methods.
  • Door step pick up and drop off service.
  • Manage bookings for later Ride.
  • Live location tracking on the app.
  • Quick booking service across india.
  • 24/7 customer support.

How to book cabs using Carzonrent App?

  • Download the Carzonrent app from the google play store.
  • Open the app and allow some permissions.
  • Sign up using the phone number and verify OTP.
  • Fill in details like Name, email, gender, and account type.
  • Enter your pick-up and drop-off location and choose the cabs from options according to price.
  • Now select the payment method and confirm the booking.

Mega Cab App

Cab Services Apps in India
Cab Services Apps in India

Rising cab app mega cabs is giving tough competition to other Taxi services apps. The mega cab has taxi services in over six cities, ensuring cheap, affordable rides.

Soon Mega cab app India will roll over the streets of every corner of the country and become a popular taxi booking cab app in India.

The introduction of the mega cab in the race of other cab services was to provide pocket-friendly, safe, trusted rides.

This taxi booking app gives riders the option for radio taxi, outstation taxi services. Charges differ from city to city. The base fare is Rs69 minimum with Rs23/km.

Some benefits of using the Mega Cab Service App

  • Easy and booking across India.
  • Ride safely and securely.
  • Book now and Ride later option.
  • Wide range of cars available.
  • Easy and Flexible payment methods.
  • Live Track your ride.
  • 24/7 Customer support.

How to book cabs using Mega App?

  • Download the MegaCabs app from the google play store.
  • Sign up using your phone number by clicking on the Register option.
  • Verify with the OTP.
  • Now, Enter your pick up and drop off location.
  • Select the cab from the listed options.
  • Click on the Ride Now button if you want to ride instant or Ride later option if you want to Ride later.
  • Select the payment mode and pay the fair charges.


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