Best UPI Payment Apps in India

Are you looking for UPI Payment Apps for faster payment transactions? You are at the right place.

In this epidemic, the online payment revolution has increased, and everyone feels more right to pay contactless. UPI payment is the best solution for this situation. Mainly Unified Payment Interface (UPI) was announced by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) in 2016.

Under the PM’s Digital India campaign, everyone is starting to accept online payments through UPI. But UPI payment plays a significant role in the 2020 pandemic. During the pandemic, everyone starts using UPI payment apps for every transaction. It is the easiest way to send or receive money directly from a bank account.

Most of the new generation carries out cashless transactions for business, shopping, ticket booking, and many other things. They also get various benefits from using the UPI payment app. Given the situation, most fraudulent UPIs have entered the app market. Now it isn’t easy to find the best UPI Payment apps in India.

If you, too, are looking for the best UPI apps, then you are at the right place, here we will share the eight best UPI payment apps in India, which provide secure and encrypted transactions. These UPI apps follow all security protocols to make every transaction secure in terms of privacy.

Apart from UPI payment, these apps provide other valuable services like investment in mutual funds or digital gold and provide shopping vouchers, bill payment facilities, and other benefits.

What is UPI?

It stands for Unified Payment Interface(UPI). UPI is a digital payment service that instantly sends money from your bank account to another bank account. Users create their virtual payment address, known as UPI ID.

Using the UPI Id, money is instantly transferred from your bank account to the receiver’s bank account. UPI works 24/7 and is free to use. UPI is a better way to get or pay money instantly from a bank account.

Is UPI Payment Safe?

Online fraud activity is often frequent, and thinking twice before making any online transaction is wise enough, but the question arises about the safety of transactions through UPI.

UPI is safe to use as it provides a one-time password to your registered number which cannot be accessed by other and make transaction safe and secure.

Best UPI Apps offer multiple levels of security before making any transaction and report spam before any payment. The UPI ecosystem is safe until you do not share your UPI pin or OTP with anyone.

All these best UPI Payments apps are listed below with Total detailed reviews.

List of the Top 8 Best UPI Payment Apps in India

Best Payment AppsDownload App
Google PayDownload
Jio PayDownload
Amazon PayDownload

Google Pay (Tez)

Best payment app

Simple, secure, and the best payment app in India, GooglePay, previously known as Tez App, has gained users’ trust with the brand name of Google and exceptional performance in comparison with other UPI apps.

Google Pay is valid with all banks in India, supports BHIM UPI, and ensures multiple security layers when transferring money from a bank account. Google Pay is the best money transfer app in India, among others.

Google pay allows all the options like other UPI apps and the new scratch card concept where users get rewards in scratch cards after every payment.

Google Pay integrates some quick payment options for faster checkout, allowing you to make bill payments, mobile and DTH recharge, direct payments for businesses, and more.

Benefits of using the Google Pay Payments App:

  • Register UPI for direct payment through the bank account.
  • Make and receive payments using QR codes and phone numbers directly from your bank account.
  • Google Pay provides a screen lock for privacy.
  • They provide encrypted, secure, and secure transactions.
  • You get rewards and cashback on every UPI payment.
  • Contactless payment at your convenience.
  • Pay for businesses or utility bills.

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Top UPI App

The introduction of the best UPI app, PhonePe, has been a revolution to the digital payment method making it the best payment app in India. This best UPI app helps the user to transfer money quickly through their UPI into their bank account.

PhonePe app ensures a secure and safe transfer, making it count among India’s best money transfer apps. PhonePe is the best UPI payment app allowing the user to recharge mobile and DTH with ease and pay all other utility bills.

PhonePe UPI is the top app for online payments that gives users the best insurance plans, a platform to manage their mutual funds, and the opportunity to invest their money in digital gold.

Unlike other UPI apps, PhonePe offers instant refunds and Cashbacks, making it one of India’s best UPI payment apps, with higher transaction value than expected since its launch. In December 2020, PhonePe surpassed Google Pay in the count of transactions.

Benefits of using the PhonePe Payments App:

  • Send money directly from your bank account.
  • You have the option to pay with your wallet for faster checkout.
  • PhonePe provides triple-layer security on every payment.
  • You can invest in mutual funds and gold.
  • It provides immediate insurance coverage for you and your family.
  • Zero contact payment via QR code or phone number.
  • You can pay bills, recharge, gift vouchers, and do online shopping.

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Best UPI App in India

Trusted by more than 45 crore people, Paytm is the best payment app in India for all the online transactions needed in daily life. Along with being among India’s best money transfer apps, Paytm has introduced Paytm Money and Paytm Mall.

This best UPI app allows the bank to bank money transfer via UPI and sends or receives money into your bank account through any phone number or bank account.

Paytm UPI app allows you to check account balances, add beneficiaries and manage multiple bank accounts, making it count among the best UPI apps in India.

Through this best payment app, you can efficiently pay your mobile and DTH recharges, along with other utility bill payments.

Unlike other UPI apps, Paytm allows other options like booking tickets for the train, flights, buses, movies, and many more. Transactions through Paytm rarely fail. It has the most successful transaction rate making it the best UPI app in India.

Now, Paytm has become a multi-service provider, integrating various platforms such as shopping, payment bank, loan, investment platform, and mini app store.

Benefits of using The Paytm Payment App:

  • Send or receive money directly from your bank without KYC.
  • Paytm Payments Bank for KYC customers.
  • Pay or receive money via the phone number from Paytm Wallet.
  • You can pay by scanning any QR code at a nearby store.
  • Paytm security shield for security purposes.
  • You can pay bills, recharge, shop, and invest money.
  • Win exciting cashback and stickers on every payment.

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Mobikwik (BHIM UPI)

Best payment app

Mobikwik is the best UPI app in India, emerging significantly among other UPI apps. This UPI app allows money transfers, mobile recharge, bill payments, and online transactions for groceries, food, shopping, and many more.

Mobikwik is the fastest money transfer app in India that provides a credit line or loan of up to 50,000 to make online payments and works like a credit card within the limit you set for yourself.

Mobikwik allows users to use credit at 0% interest and settle their bills after 15 days at no extra charges. this interesting feature makes it the best UPI app in India. It also provides instant personal loans at an interest rate of 12-30%p. A tenure of 6 months to 36 months.

Mobikwik allows users to pay necessary bills, ticket booking, and send money from wallet to wallet.

Benefits of using The Mobikwik Payments App:

  • Link any bank account to UPI for quick payment.
  • You can transfer your credit card balance into your bank account.
  • Receive super cash and rewards on every transaction.
  • They offer a credit limit of up to 50000.
  • You can pay for bills, recharge, ticket booking, and more.


Best money transfer apps in India

Freecharge is another best UPI app where users get a lot more than just money transfer or recharge.

Freecharge allows users to create custom UPI IDs and link bank accounts for instant money transfers, and bill payments and enables QR codes to scan and pay. All the top features make the best payment app in India.

Like other UPI apps, Freecharge provides amazing cashback and discounts while doing transactions using this top UPI app. Freecharge offers personal loans and gold loans without a lengthy documentation process.

This best UPI app provides all new mutual funds feature to make your investment more convenient than before. Open FD in no time and buy digital gold through this best UPI app and enjoy your digital life without security stress.

Benefits of using the Freecharge Payments App:

  • You can invest your money in mutual funds, gold, and FDs.
  • Scan the QR code and make payment through UPI.
  • Get discounts and cashback on every transaction in Freecharge.
  • You can pay for recharge, bill payments, loan repayment, and more.
  • Get deals and offers from popular brands.
  • You can get the benefit of insurance directly from your phone.


PayZapp Best UPI App

Payzapp is a complete payment solution and one of the best leading payment apps in India.  It provides users with the option to recharge mobile and DTH, online transactions, and money transfers through one click.

Payzapp is convenient, fast, and secure among other UPI apps through which you can link your bank account and pay instantly.

Payzapp protects your card details without being stored on any transaction site or mobile phone. It allows users to add their money to a debit card and offers the highest cashback and rewards on every transaction for a particular deal with a debit card payment.

Benefits of using the PayZapp Payments App:

  • Payzapp is safe and reliable.
  • They offer a Visa debit card for online payment.
  • Register UPI for quick payment.
  • Pay or receive money directly in your bank account.
  • Pay directly by scanning the QR code or adding bank details.
  • You can pay for recharge, utility, and bill payment.
  • Get a commission of Rs 25 for every successful referral.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.

Jio Pay (MyJio)

Best money transfer apps in India

It is an integrated feature of the MyJio app. Jio Pay has no dedicated UPI app. Jio pay is the one-stop best UPI platform for transferring money, recharges, and bill payments. This best payment service gives exciting offers and helps you to choose from the best plans from a list of recharge plans.

Jio Pay is a top UPI in-app feature that provides an autoplay option for hassle-free payments. Through Jio Pay, you make payments to other UPI Apps using the UPI ID and phone number.

Through UPI, anyone can scan and make payments quickly, and Jio Pay stores all transactions in a conversation style, making it easy to understand later. Jio Pay offers a secure and reliable network for online payment with a user-friendly interactive interface.

Benefits of using Jio Pay:

  • You can register UPI for easy payment from a direct bank account.
  • Get paid by bank account and card.
  • Reward and cashback on every transaction.
  • Receive payment from any UPI app through a QR code or UPI ID.
  • Cross-platform payment via the phone number or UPI ID.
  • Check the account balance with one click.

Amazon Pay (Amazon)

Amazon Pay UPI

Amazon introduced an in-app feature that Amazon pays in the race to other UPI apps, which has scaled up high in a short frame of time. Amazon pay is the best UPI Payment platform making payment easier and contactless during this pandemic time.

Amazon Pay is counted as the top UPI app for making online transactions directly from a bank account. It allows you to recharge your mobile/DTH, pay utility bills, Shopping bills, book tickets, and much more.

Using Amazon Pay UPI, users can choose to pay for home delivery and pay for the delivery to their doorstep via Amazon Pay UPI and get exciting benefits and rewards for using this best UPI app.

Benefits of using Amazon Pay:

  • Send money directly from the linked bank account.
  • You don’t need a separate UPI App.
  • Check pending UPI transactions in one click.
  • You can do shopping, recharge, bill payment, and buy gift vouchers via Amazon Pay UPI.
  • Secure, Safe, and reliable payment medium.
  • Deregister and Block Amazon UPI ID.

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Our Experience With These UPI Payment Apps

We used all UPI apps once before writing this article; after testing, we found that these eight best UPI apps are efficient, among others. Then we start using them one by one.

These Best UPI Apps have a large user base with confidence and trust. This is why we recommend you to use these top UPI apps for online payment. You can use any of them as per your choice.

We mainly use Paytm and Google Pay for priority payments as they have the slightest possibility of unsuccessful transactions. But sometimes, we also use Amazon Pay and PhonePe.

Transactions with Paytm or Google Pay do not stick due for any reason, and both UPI apps have the highest success rate of completed transactions.

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Which mobile payment app is best in India?

We prefer Google Pay among others as it is the best online payment app in India that provides secure, legal, and complete privacy for your details. In Google Pay, transactions rarely fail. Using Google Pay, you can send or receive money directly from one bank to another bank account.

Which are the best UPI apps in India?

List of the Best UPI Payment Apps in India
-Google Pay
-Jio Pay
-Amazon Pay

Which is the safest payment app in India?

In terms of security, we recommend that Paytm is more secure because it has a security shield. Because of this, no one can assess your details, and no one can steal money from your account.

Can I transfer 50000 through UPI?

Yes, you can transfer up to 1 lakh a day through the UPI through the NCPI Guideline, but this is not mandatory due to the terms and conditions of the banks. Every bank has its guidelines for transferring money. But if you are a merchant account holder, you can send two lakhs in a day. Most banks allow the number of transactions with a fixed amount; you can do up to 20 transactions in a day to transfer the limit amount. UPI Transaction limits according to Bank
Kotak Mahindra Bank – Rs 25,000/transaction
-SBI – Rs 1 Lakh/transaction
-Bank of India – Rs 10,00/transaction
-ICICI bank – Rs 1 Lakh/transaction
-HDFC Bank – Rs 1 Lakh/transaction
-Central Bank – Rs 25,000/transaction
-IDFC First Bank – Rs 25,000/transaction

Can UPI Id be hacked?

Yes, UPI IDs can be hacked due to low-security reasons, and this can only happen when a hacker logs into their UPI App account. But it happens in rare cases because the security firewall of most UPI apps blocks hackers’ access to the user’s account.

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