Top 10 Best Camera Apps for Android That Use for Photography

Everyone loves to take pictures but they don’t have a good camera app to take good pictures so we will solve your problem here we will review some of the best camera apps for android which provide the best picture quality with balance colors.

Smartphone cameras are much more important than they used to be. Companies are chomping at the bit to improve their cameras’ reliability, and low-light performance, and add features that users want.

Many people would make purchasing decisions based on the camera’s capabilities. The argument is that cameras are increasingly critical on mobile devices.

All, from ordinary people to influencers and celebrities, are in a never-ending sprint to create the best content for their social media platforms. This is why the cameras on today’s smartphones are so critical.

People continue to use camera apps to make high-quality images and videos. We’re still on the lookout for new photo editor software because we’re in the business of making them. 

As a result, stock camera apps are usually superior to third-party camera apps. OEMs simply have a greater understanding of their camera setups and can refine them more effectively. In certain cases, however, a third-party app can be useful.

Here we will share the best camera apps for Android which are available on the Google play store. all these are full HD camera app for android and free to use, you don’t need to pay for clicking good pictures.

List of The Top 10 Best camera apps for Android

Best Camera Apps for AndroidRatings on Play storeDownloads
Candy Camera4.4100M+
Adobe Express and Lightroom4.3100M+
Camera MX4.310M+
Bacon Camera3.81M+
Here is the list of the best camera apps for Android

B612 Camera App

Best camera apps for Android
Best camera apps for Android

B612 is the best camera app for android. It is an all-in-one camera that facilitates you with photo &video editing. It comes up with different free features and various tools to make every moment of yours special. it

Some of its unique features include enormous filters with trendy stickers and filters that get updated frequently. You can also create your own filter with this best camera app for android and share it among your friends, which is a very easy process.

It is the best Full HD camera app for Androids that gives beauty and realistic filters to capture every moment of your day. Build your own beauty style by getting a great recommendation for your face shape.

With the Gif Bounce function, you can capture the fun moment. To make it even more interesting, turn it into a gif and share it with your mates. From videography to post-production, with over 500 different types of music.

Make a music video out of your everyday life. By extracting a sound source from you, you can build a custom sound source for music.

Main Features of B612 Camera App

  • It has a Quick Editing tool.
  • lots of Beauty modes
  • DSLR feature in the editing menu.
  • Reshape Mode use to change the face structure.
  • Various Filters for photos.
  • lots of different Stickers to make funny images.
  • Effects can be used to make more attractive images.
  • It has AR Filters inbuilt.
  • Body Reshape feature.

Cymera App

Best camera apps for Android
Best camera apps for Android

Cymera is another well-known and widely used camera software, which focuses primarily on mainstream features.  It places a greater emphasis on conventional features. Users will have access to a variety of features, including filters, stickers, special effects, and other options. 

In addition, this digital camera app has a beauty camera mode that allows you to add or remove features from your face and body.  If you want to edit anything other than selfies, a body editor is included.

You can also use the app to edit memes and adjust the brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation of your photographs. A collage maker and poster tool as well.

This software is mostly for selfies, and it will significantly improve them if you use it. The app has a great user interface that you’ll definitely enjoy using.

This camera has real-time selfie filters as well as a crop feature for YouTube thumbnails, Instagram photos, and Facebook cover photos. 

In reality, the Full HD Cymera camera app for Android includes a photo editor, allowing users to make slight changes to their captured images. So, for a limited time, you can download this camera application for free. In-app purchases enable users to purchase additional items.

Main Features of Cymera App

  • Cymera is a beauty camera with several filters and makeup options.
  • It has more than 150+ filters for instant photos.
  • Many camera lenses.
  • it has 200 hair and makeup options to edit the photos.
  • Collage-making feature.
  • Quick photo editing tools are advance.
  • It has an option to share images on social media directly.
  • Free and easy to use.

Retrica Camera App

Best camera apps for Android
Best camera apps for Android

Retrica is the best Android camera app for Android of 2021. It’s a fun selfie camera application. Every image captured by Retrica comes to life. Retrica is designed to be easy to use, with no manual controls over your camera.

Furthermore, its UI architecture, in addition to its functionality, attracts a large number of users. Retrica allows you to add the filter at the point of capture, unlike other filter-specific Android camera apps that only allow it at the processing stage.

The Retrica is made up of over 100 different filters that provide a wide variety of effects and hues. Aside from that, Retrica’s Camera controls are minimal, making it an ideal camera app for capturing high-quality images quickly.

Retrica pictures app users will see a live demo of how it would look in this way. If a user can’t settle on a filter, the Retrica pictures app offers a ‘Random Filter’ option that can be pressed repeatedly.

Main Features of Retrica

  • Many different UI is inbuilt.
  • Easy to use and free application.
  • Instant collage Option
  • Share the photos and videos on social media platforms directly.
  • It has lots of Fun stickers and stamps.
  • We can create Gifs using the app.
  • Look like social media apps.
  • it is the Best Camera apps for android phones.
  • Newsfeeds are in the app.

Candy Camera App

Best camera apps for Android
Best camera apps for Android

It is one of the best Camera apps for Android. Taking pictures with beautifying filters and silent mode makes it the best Indian camera app. It comes up with a diverse range of filters, designed specifically for selfies.

Candy Camera will make your skin look amazing with its filter. Candy Camera’s filters are shown in real-time when you take a selfie, ensuring that you always look and feel stunning.

There are additional editing options for the ideal selfie in addition to the filter camera slimming, whitening, concealer, lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and mascara. To look beautiful in all of your selfies, edit or use make-up stickers. Candy Camera is the ultimate selfie beauty weapon.

It is the best full HD camera app with its own set of stickers for Every season, occasion, and fashion trend. Candy Camera’s large sticker set can be used to embellish your selfie. The silent mode on Candy Camera can be used for any occasion.

Take a selfie without being humiliated because the camera is quiet. You can make a collage of multiple images and Choose from a variety of grids and designs.

Main Fetures of Candy Camera App

  • Good Looking Homepage and Fill with Lots of Features to edit existing photos.
    • App has its own Camera Gallery.
    • Lots of Filters for editing photos.
    • Reshape the body structure using the Body edit option.
    • Beauty edit provides various color tone effects for photo editing.
  • Makeup Tools
  • Live photo editing option.
  • Impressive Stickers.
  • Live Filters can be used in live photography.
  • Clicking the Full Image or set the image ratio.
  • Create Videos using filters and Stickers.

Camera 360 App

Best camera apps for Android
Best camera apps for Android

Camera 360 is one of the most popular free Indian camera apps on the Google Play Store. It comes with robust camera software that can do a lot of things.

For selfie addicts, this is the perfect Download selfie app for Android. In the younger age group, the app’s face beautifying filters and makeup editing choices gained popularity. 

Aside from selfie apps for Android, it includes a wide range of effects, options, and features including stickers and cartoon effects that you can easily add to your retrica images 2015 before saving or sharing them.

With funny stickers and motion stickers, this digital camera app is primarily for entertainment. For those who want a little color in their images, Camera360 includes a real-time makeup camera and an auto beauty cam.

It employs a lens-filter device that can be applied prior to the consumer taking a photograph. This means that users won’t have to wait until later to see if the photo can be improved by applying the filter.

Main Fetures of Camera 360 App

  • App homepage fills with the best visual experience.
  • It has 3D funny stickers.
  • Various capture photo challenges in the Best Camera apps for Android.
  • Inbuilt beauty camera and selfie photo editor.
  • Cartoon Effects
  • Lens-filters.
  • Photo Collage and Grid
  • Automatically save images
  • The camera App decrease the image size without affecting the quality
  • Best User experience
  • Apps update automatically roll out.

Adobe Express and Adobe Lightroom

Best camera apps for Android
Best camera apps for Android

Adobe currently has two best camera apps for Android phones: Adobe Photoshop Express and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

They’re both excellent in their own right. The key difference is that the former is a one-stop-shop for smartphone photographers, allowing them to import, edit, and upload photos all inside the app.

The photoshop lightroom, on the other hand, requires that you own the desktop edition of Lightroom in order to use it to its full potential. Now, which of these is best for you is determined by your needs.

Many people would find Photoshop Express more simple and useful, while others will find the opportunity to sync mobile images with the desktop invaluable.

In any case, both camera apps for Android phones offer a diverse set of features as well as a decent selection of digital filters.

Furthermore, both Adobe apps are completely compliant with DNG raw files, which are also created by smartphones.- Although there are hundreds of similar free cam apps for Android, the mentioned above are the best Full HD camera app for Android currently available.

This isn’t to say that other apps haven’t been successful. Many of them make a decent living off the market and are even useful to many smartphone photographers.

Main Features of Adobe Express and Adobe Lightroom

  • Free to use and Easy
  • Large collection of digital filters.
  • Supports DNG raw files
  • Live effects for image modification.
  • Updates automatically Roll out.
  • Most using camera stickers.
  • Simple User interface.
  • Pro-level camera app for android.

Camera MX

Best camera apps for Android
Best camera apps for Android

Camera MX is one of the most well-known and widely used Indian camera applications. It’s perfect for basic tasks. It can also be used to take photographs and videos. The best Android camera app for creating fun Live Shots from perfect moments and reliving them over and over.

Not only that, but the software also allows users to easily create animated images and videos, There’s even a GIF mode for creating your own animated GIFs. As well as experiment with a variety of Live effects and filters.

The built-in photo editor can also handle the basics. Photographers who are serious about their work may want to look elsewhere. The composition screen, which allows you to preview how a photograph would look right before you take it, is one of the app’s most useful features.

In comparison to other bright camera apps, this one offers a lot of customization options, allowing users to add effects including color balance, captions, and so on.

Main Features of Camera MX

  • Photo convert into Moving live images.
  • Lots of effects and filters can be used for editing images.
  • Video photo capturing technique.
  • Autosave Photos and Videos.
  • Turn your camera into high-speed burst mode.
  • Edit photos with stickers, filters, and color effects.
  • Easy and Free to use the app.
  • One of the Best camera apps for android.

Panorama 360 App

Best camera apps for Android
Best camera apps for Android

One of the cool camera apps is Panorama 360. it is the best camera app for android, This Android video camera software takes 360-degree high-quality photos and videos.

Since 2011, this app has become the most popular way to capture and share panoramas on Android.

With this Full HD camera app for Android, you can easily build seamless panoramas. 

With Panorama 360, constructing seamless panoramas is just a matter of seconds with just your fingertips Users can hold down the capture button while moving the handset slowly from left to right (360 degrees).

Frames can be stitched together automatically to create a panorama. It has a special feature of automatic storage in SD cards and geo-tagging.

Main Features of Panorama 360

  • Best Camera app for android.
  • Capture 360 Images.
  • Create 360 videos.
  • Best filters and stickers.
  • Good quality images and videos.
  • A free version is sufficient for good photography.

Bacon Camera

Best camera apps for Android
Best Camera apps for Android

It’s a good bright camera app. Focus, white balance, exposure compensation, ISO, and other manual controls are available. Along with the standard JPEG, RAW and DNG are also supported.

On devices that don’t support Google’s Camera2 API, it supports manual controls. GIF support, a panorama mode, and timed shots are among the other features. 

Users can quickly see how effective their camera module is, as it is optimized with all possible functionality, using the Bacon digital Camera app. In a nutshell, it’s a DSLR for everyone.

Furthermore, this bright camera app for Android devices offers extensive control over simple camera parameters such as color balance, effects, and scenes, as well as helpful tools for shooting like a pro.

Main Features of Bacon Camera

  • It has an Exposure bracket feature. it is used for shooting multiple images at the same time.
  • Simple and Easy to use.
  • This camera app offers a flash slow sync feature.
  • It supports original Qualcomm Ubifocus and other DSLR effects.
  • Quick photo editor tool by which we can modify an image on our phones.
  • It can take a roomy panorama with the front camera.
  • Multi exposer feature.
  • Live Zooming feature.
  • Free to use camera application.

Pixtica Camera App

Best camera apps for Android
Best Camera apps for Android

Pixtica is one of the more recent additions to the list of Full HD camera apps for Android. It includes a number of cool little tricks as well as some good post-production.

The availability of applications that we need is the day by day as millions of mobile app ideas brew in minds around the world. Pixtica is a Full HD camera app for Android that is designed to keep up with the fast-paced world of today. Even for beginners, the app is designed to be the best companion.

Pixtica will reward you with the perfect pictures of your perfect moment thanks to its impulsive and fast techniques. it is the best camera apps for android.

Live filters, manual controls, exposure control, a GIF recorder, slow motion mode, RAW file support, QR code scanner, and more are among the features. It also includes a simple gallery and photo editor. 

Main Features of Pixitica App

  • Provide Quick Editing tool.
  • Lots of Attractive filters and Stickers.
  • Photos can be taken in portrait mode.
  • Free to use application.
  • Instant Collage photo option.
  • It has lots of photo capture modes like MEME, Panorama, slow motion, Hyperlapse, and Photobooth.
  • Allow creating Gifs easily.
  • Full HD camera app for android.
  • These types of apps are the Best camera apps for Android.
  • Convert image into less size without affecting Quality.
  • Easy and Simple user interface.


These are the best camera apps for android which are available on the google play store, all these apps are free to use. they enhance the image quality by clicking through and provide a quick editing tool with lots of loaded features that help to make a good picture.

This camera software is a full HD camera app for android. we all know the in-build camera app is not stable for good images, it can capture only basic images due to this most people search for the best camera apps for android.

You can use these camera apps for taking plenty of photos and modify your photos with the help of various features that load in the Camera apps. these Digital camera apps are in trend these days.

Some of the apps are one of the best Indian camera apps for android that are made by Indian developers for the huge demand of users.


Which are the best camera apps for Android phones?

There are many best Camera apps for Android available at the google play store. but some camera apps are paid and useless, therefore we will not recommend these Apps here. We will mention only free-to-use camera apps that can capture good and clear photos, through these you can edit the photo using Filters and stickers.

these are the full HD camera apps for android phones. some of the apps are known for best blur app in the camera app category and Some camera apps are capable to capture photos like DSLR.

List of the best camera apps for android
B612 Camera App
Candy Camera App
Camera 360 App
Adobe Express and Adobe Lightroom
Camera MX
Bacon Camera

How can I make my Android camera better?

If your camera quality is also not adequate then we have a solution which we mention here. Here we mention some best camera apps for android which captures really impressive and high-quality images. you can use these apps to make his Android camera better. B612, Candy camera, and Cymera Trust me these are the best camera apps for android capable to take Full HD photos with several modes, also offer a quick photo editing tool to make an image more immersive and cool. you can use them as selfie apps for Android.

Which camera app do celebrities use?

Celebrities use various camera apps to make their photos delightful. First, they click their pictures with DSLR high-quality cameras, then use apps to edit photos. But here we will use some best camera apps for Android phones that can capture very good images. All these apps capture the best shots to look good in photos and enhance image quality.
Candy Camera
Adobe Lightroom Camera
Camera 360
These are the best camera apps for Android phones.

What apps make you look pretty?

we highly recommend the two best camera apps to look pretty in photos. both the apps are the best camera apps for android phones. B612 and Candy Camera is really good camera apps and they help to click photos in different ways like Background blur photos, use filters in the live photo, add stickers and Reshape the object. Furthermore, they provide Full HD images of the object. these are the best camera apps for android which is free to use.

What Camera app makes skin looks flawless?

Everyone wants flawless skin in photos but the real camera of the android phone will not provide a good texture in the image, therefore some of the users want to use the external camera app to look their skin flawless.

Here we mention some best camera apps for android phones which look your skin flawless and glowing. these are apps enhance the image texture and offer final pretty images.

we use Candy camera, Camera MX, Retrica, B612, and Adobe lightroom camera apps to capture good-looking and pretty pictures. these are free-to-use camera apps that are available on the google play store. these are the best camera apps for android without cost.

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