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Hello Friends, if you are looking for the best graphic designer tool, canva is the best for you because it is one of the best graphic designing platforms. If you are a beginner, then I’ll recommend using it. In This post, we will share the Canva Review and its promo code, and we discuss about Canva in detail.

Canva is a free graphic design program with professional themes for invitations, business cards, posters, lecture plans, zooming backgrounds, and more. In Canva designs, you may also upload your own pictures and fill them with a drag-and-drop interface.

It’s almost as if the basic Photoshop version is free and does not require extensive knowledge of photo editing.

Here’s all you need to know about using Canva.    

What is Canva?

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Best Online Graphic Design Software 

Canva is an online design and publishing platform that aims to allow anyone to design anything and share it with the rest of the world. Canva is a platform for graphic design, presentations, posters, journals, and other social media visual stuff.

Canva is a famous web application for content creators in the business and social media searching for professional design solutions. Canva offers a wealth of capabilities that require no prior knowledge or understanding to use; the program is well-balanced for both professionals and beginners.

Benefits of using Canva

  • Canva offers more than 40,000 templates to pick. 
  • Canva’s free most of the time. Canva offers several fonts and pictures that may be used free of charge. Without paying for membership, you may establish an account.
  • For social media posts, postcards, posters, cards, and flyers, Canva provides predefined sizes and layouts.
  • Canva provides an easy and quick file sharing function. 
  • Canva provides you with a capability to communicate a design you work on to an individual if you belong to a team.

Top Features of Canva App

  • Simple Design: Canva layout is simple to utilize.
  • Huge Pre-designed template collection: More than 40,000 templates are offered by Canva.
  • Predefined sizes for posts: – For social media posts, postcards, posters, cards, and flyers, Canva offers preset sizes and layouts.
  • Sharing: Canva enables you to convey a design you work to a person if you are a team member
  • Grid technology: To design and modify your pictures, use the Canva grids.
  • Better image cropping: Place several images or crop images together.
  • Compositions: Drag your images into the frames of Canva and simply drop them to build magnificent compositions.
  • Text holders: Move texts simply by employing text holders across your designs.
  • Drag and Drop: Speech bubble dragging, dropping, and quickly adding your own dialogue.
  •  Automatic size: For various social networks, it has pre designed templated.
  • Various formats: Get png, pdf, jpg, svg or even mp4 videos or gif from your creation.
  • Easy to use: Change your design without losing and updating previous design clones.
  • Background eraser: Canva can remove the background of any image easily. overall canva is best background removal app.
  • Graphic creator: Canva allows you to make amazing images without having to use any complicated tools.

Canva Review

Canva lets you create stunning graphics without the need for complex software programs. Canva has many design materials, such as pictures, video art, backdrops, and other components for design.

It is easy to use and it provides a ton of free materials for design. You don’t have to go outside Canva for pictures. Canva is easy and inexpensive to use, great for most of our marketing personnel with low graphic design ability.

Unlike Adobe In-Design, Canva is user-friendly and does not require expert graphical designers to be able to design. While Photoshop provides more editing and working options, Canva provided all we needed at a far lower cost, and it became much more appealing due to both the freemium and premium editions.

Canva has the most demanding feature which is Photo background remover tool, but is available for paid subscribers. Also, you can edit short videos for Instagram and youtube.

How to use Cavna?

  • Go to to get started or download the Canva app from the google play store.
  • Next, You will need to Create an account if this is your first visit.
  • After you create an account, click the ‘create a design‘ button in the upper right corner .
  • You can pick from a number of pre-selected sizes or “unique measurements“. Canva explains the process of getting started with your design by providing templates for the optimum sizes on major social networking platforms.Choose a Size and Shape.
  • Now, You select the pre-design template and also use a Pinterest image, a tweet from Twitter, a Facebook post, or something else.
  • Now, Customize a Background. You can choose between a solid colour and a pattern. There are abstract as well as photographic photos to select from. As a background, you may alternatively use a photograph. This includes any images you post.
  • To make a basic text box, go to the left-hand menu and pick ‘Text.’ Alternatively, some font and effect combinations.
  • To begin, choose a font combination notion. Enter the quotation you want to use.
  • Choose one you prefer, then magnify it by clicking on the round dots in each corner.
  • Little purple lines will appear to help you position it in the center.
  • Give the name of your quote to your computer, so you can find it. The default is often “untitled” to the text on the screen and To receive the design, click the ‘download‘ button. Select the format that you like.
  • Now, Your quote is ready for use now!

We will share the youtube video for a better understanding How to use Canva. If you are a beginner, then this video will help you to learn complete Canva.

How to use canva?

Canva Promo Code

Here we will share some canvas promo codes which help to provide an additional discount when you purchase its premium subscription.

You can click on the given button to get free premium features for 30 days.

Canva Pricing

Free 25000+ templatesEverything freeEverything pro
100+ designs types (social media posts, presentations, letters, and more)Create 1 Brand Kit and upload your own fonts and logosBuilt-in workflows to get approval on your designs
Thousands of free photos and graphic designsBackground Remover FeatureControl team uploads into Canva
You can Invite members to your teamMagic Resize FeatureGet Unlimited storage
Collaborate and comment in real-timeSave designs as templates for your team to useSingle-sign on (SSO)

Strengths of Canva

  1. Canva is your biggest and easiest-to-use tool to generate your own advertising.
  2. It offers different sorts of files which make it easier to collaborate with the team.
  3. It’s a terrific tool that provides its users with a superb experience in the design industry. Simply design logos, postcards, brochures, newsletters, yards signs, etc.
  4. You don’t have to seek pictures outside Canva, but if you prefer, you may search. It is great for developing simple social banners or marketing elements quickly.
  5. Canva is a new and unbelievable way to show itself. PowerPoint must no longer be utilized and shown in an old way. Moreover, if we wish to invite or give you the Facebook ad, use Canva exclusively, largely free, to build your templates.
  6. It’s extremely easy to use when you have to do something fast, and you don’t want to use a more complex programmer, such as CorelDraw/Adobe. It has various templates that may be directly utilized or inspired by your own stuff.
  7. You can create video and edit videos easily in Canva.

Weaknessess of Canva

  1. The image editing application has limited functionality, and many features, such as image resizing, are locked in the Premium edition. 
  2. Unlike Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, you can’t change, distribute or export your design without your canva account.
  3. The Canva mobile app has no functionality the same as the website, mac or desktop edition. In addition, it isn’t easy to reach the different features of the mobile design tab.
  4. Designs are overused. Because so many others have utilised your preferred template, you may believe your design isn’t very distinctive.

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Not everyone is a graphic designer. However, you’re going to require graphics if you operate a tiny blog or small business. The employment of a designer may not be an option given severe cost limitations. Canva is used in this case.

You may use its free tools to create stunning graphics for your blog or corporate website. Yes, there are many tools that you cannot use with the free plan, but what you receive for free is more than enough to get you started with the design!

We hope you like the detailed Canva Review; if you find the right information through our article, then do comment and follow us on social media.

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