Best Indian file transfer app for Android

Are you searching for India’s best Shareit Alternative Apps, which is used to transfer files from one phone to another? Then you are at the right place because here, we will provide complete details about the Best Indian file transfer app for Android.

The listed app is great for those who want to share their apps or data with their friends and family members. Last year, around 59 Chinese apps like Shareit and Tiktok (Checkout best TikTok Alternatives in India) were banned in India.

When you share a document with another person, it can take a lot of time and effort if you’re sharing it via an online network or a Bluetooth network. But, if you want to share quickly and easily, we recommend using the best file transfer apps here.

So here I’ve listed the best Indian file Sharing Apps below that transfer your files from one phone to another or from phone to any of your laptop or computer very fast.

These file transfer apps send you documents via a locally established WiFi system without using your internet. It’s a great way to share data securely and without the risk of download limits or data charges.

So let’s take a look at these applications.

List of the Best Indian File Transfer Apps

Here is the list of best Best Shareit Alternatives:

  • MX ShareKaro
  • Jio Switch
  • Z Share
  • Nearby Share
  • File by Google
  • Send Anywhere
  • SFT
  • Share All

MX ShareKaro: File Transfer Indian App

Indian file transfer app for Android

MX ShareKaro is one of the best file sharing applications on the list and also it is the best SHAREit alternative Indian app.

Produced by MX Media & Entertainment — who are famous for MX Player — that program transfers all kinds of documents very quickly.

But if I have to mention the file types, all shared files like videos, music, photos, applications, documents, etc. can be shared with your friends or with anyone you want via MX ShareKaro.

The files are private and confidential, so no one else will be able to see them. Sharing documents is no longer a hassle and you don’t have to worry about a large quantity of ads while using this application.

Users can transfer large files without turning on their Wi-Fi on Mobile information toggle.

Benefits Of using MX ShareKaro App

  • MX ShareKaro is the best Shareit Alternative as it has all the features that shareit had.
  • You can send almost any type of file and data through this app, even any application apk and obb file.
  • You can also share files through QR Code or even with WiFi or Hotspot.

Pros and Cons of MX ShareKaro App


Not require high performance phone to use
Available for free
200x faster than bluetooth
It can share any type of document or file


Ads while sharing data

Jio Switch

India’s Best Shareit Alternative

Jio Switch is one of the leading Indian file Sharing App by Jio. Jio Switch is easy to use. It’s simple interface and fast speeds make it a perfect app for your on-the-go needs.

JioSwitch supports file-sharing between PCs and phones too. Users need to just scan a QR code using the camera. The application may be used for all kinds of file sharing as per the site.

It is compatible with every smartphone device whether it has Android or IOS. There’s no limit on file size and file types.

This Indian File Sharing App is over 100 times faster than Bluetooth and works with no internet or mobile data network. It has a simple, clean and user-friendly interface with no advertisements which makes people comfortable with it.

Jio Switch can share files with no active online connection very perfectly.

Benefits Of using Jio Switch App

  • Jio Switch is the Best Indian File Sharing App that is officially created by Reliance Jio.
  • It has a very simple interface, so that anyone can simply share files or receive files.
  • There is no limit of sharing or even no restrictions, share as you want or as you can.

Pros and Cons of Jio Switch App


You can use this app in any smartphone device
No advertisements
100x faster than bluetooth
No Flies Size Limit


Have some bugs

Z Share: Indian File Sharing App

Z Share Indian file Sharing App

The Z Share application is created by Shravan Hegde, a 21-year old boy who is a BCA student, he created this app to support the Campaign #BoycottChina.

That is why it is the perfect Shareit Alternative and Best Indian file transfer app for Android.

The transfer speed is 6 MBPS, which is much faster than the average of 4 MBPS. This means that it will take less time for your files to upload and download. The best part is that it works even without an active internet connection

With Z Share app users will have the ability to share sound files, videos, files, apps by setting a peer-to-peer connection using the WLAN network.

This Z Share app is available on the google Play store for free. It’s an appealing Dark Mode and consumers claim it provides faster transfer speeds compared to Chines app SHAREit and Xender.

Benefits Of using Z Share App

  • Z Share android application is made in India by Shravan Hegde after the ban of Shareit. And he launched this application as a Shareit Alternative.
  • The file sharing speed is decent.
  • You don’t need an internet connection to share files.

Pros and Cons of Z Share App


It will run smoothly on every smartphone device
Available for free
No Flies Size Limit
Upto 6 MBPS speed


Have little advertisements

Nearby Share: By Google

Indian file transfer app for Android

Google’s Nearby Share is a fast and reliable way of sharing files while on-the-go. It saves you time and energy so you don’t have to worry about speed and you can share any type of data or document you want.

The support is integrated within the Android frame and thus is available on all Android phones and users do not need to download any sharing program for Nearby share.

Google Nearby Share enables Android users to instantly share files, links, pictures and more with Android users nearby, while safeguarding your privacy. As a consequence, you can use Nearby Share even if you are completely offline.

Benefits of using Nearby Share App

  • It is not an application, and it comes with every android smartphone.
  • It does not take storage in your smartphone device.
  • You will not get any advertisement while sharing or receiving files or documents.

Pros and Cons of Nearby Share App


Integrated in every android device
Available for free
No Flies Size Limit
No Ads
High Speed


Comparatively less speed

Files By Google

Best Shareit Alternative in India

Files by Google is a multipurpose utility program that provides file-sharing as one of its key features. It can be used for a variety of things, from backing up your computer to accessing and sharing files remotely across the internet.

It allows users to browse, review, and transfer files offline. Shared files can be automatically backed up on Google Drive or alternative cloud storage apps.

Files by Google is a trusted program if you are worried about the transfer rates. It’s fast! As I’ve already mentioned, Files by Google’s core functionality is that of a document manager.

So, if you are fed up with all the storage managers on your phone, you won’t regret making a change to this Google’s application. It is the best Shareit Alternative as many Indian’s are using this after the ban of Shareit.

Benefits of using Files By Google App

  • The application is fully secured and it has all the privacy measures.
  • There are many more functions with file sharing.
  • You can manage your SD Card or even internal storage with this application.

Pros and Cons of Files by Google App


File Sharing + Other utilities
Available for free
No Flies Size Limit
No ads
High Speed Sharing


Bad User interface

Send Anywhere

Best Indian File Sharing Apps

The Send Everywhere application also helps the users to transfer files directly using WiFi. The Send Everywhere application not only helps the user share files with friends and family, but also makes it easy to transfer files from one device to another. That’s why it comes under the list of Best Indian File Sharing Apps.

You can even create links so that you can copy-paste the link to social messaging and media programs so users can quickly receive files. The app can be seen on both iOS and Android.

Send Anywhere is an excellent online solution for receiving and sending documents easily. One of the many features I like about this application is that it includes a file uploading and sharing feature that lets me transmit or receive files through the connection, through code or into targeted email addresses right securely.

Benefits of using Send Anywhere App

  • There is no limitation or restriction in this application to share or receive files.
  • It also has a file uploading feature which will help you a lot.
  • This application is available on both IOS and Android so you can share or receive files with both types of device.

Pros and Cons of Send Anywhere App


High Speed Sharing
Code and Email Security
256-Bit File Encryption
It can share any type of document or file


No Offline Mode

SFT (Swift File Transfer): File Transfer App In India

Indian file transfer app for Android

This SFT (Swift File Transfer) Indian app is the 6-time award-winning. Swift File Transfer is the best Indian File Sharing App which is developed in Bangalore, India.

File transfer indian app, Swift File Transfer is the fastest way to share files from one device to another. We are proud to say that with Swift File Transfer, you can share files of any size, including HD videos, documents, and photos. It can transfer HD movies, files, and graphics, in only 90 seconds.

You can use SFT without an internet connection but be sure to stay within 30 meters of the other person in order to share files. The app will save your files on your SD card or internal memory as you want..

Benefits of using SFT App

  • SFT can share or receive files very quickly.
  • This application is made in India, and it got many awards, that is why it is one of the Best Indian File Sharing Apps
  • You can store files in SD card or in internal storage.

Pros and Cons of SFT App


Share any document and any file
Available for free
200x faster than bluetooth
High Speed sharing


30 Meters range of offline sharing

ShareAll: Best Shareit Alternative

Best File transfer apps in India

The very best SHAREit alternative and also the Best Indian file Sharing App is ShareAll. This application is an Indian startup Quantum4u Lab developed keeping in mind the Indian users.

The app will help you send anything from your phone to your friends, family, and business associates. It’s so easy to send files, videos, music, APKS (Android Package Kit), and other Android devices.

This android application supports secure sharing by adding password protection. File-sharing works with no internet connection, in a world where internet access is always necessary. That is why it is one of the best File transfer apps made in India.

The developer has indicated that iOS and desktop web applications are being developed, so it will just be a matter of time before non-Android users are able to utilize ShareAll.

Benefits Of using ShareAll App

  • ShareAll is the best shareit alternative as it also has many of the features that shareit had.
  • This application is made in India, by Quantum4u Lab and it is one of the Indian file transfer app for Android
  • You can use this application without the internet too.

Pros and Cons of ShareAll App


Share any type of document and files
High Speed sharing
Full Security
Quantum4u Lab developed this


Ads Show

How To Transfer and Receive Files In Mx ShareKaro?

MX ShareKaro is a Best Indian file Sharing App that is easy to use and has fast and stable transfer speeds. It’s the best tool for file sharing on the market because it has all of the functionality of Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive without the monthly subscription or anything.

Now, if you want to share any file or document with this amazing Shareit Alternative android application, then you just need to follow some very easy steps.

  • Download MX ShareKaro from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • After downloading, Now Open the app, you will see the file sharing interface without sign up or login.
  • Then, you will see two options there, “Send” and “Receive” if you want to share any document or file to another phone then click on “Send” or if you want to receive then click on “Receive” option.
  • Let’s Say, if you want to send a file to another device Then you have to click on the “Send” button. Then you will see many options there; you can select any application to share, or also, you will see Videos, Files, and Photos options that you can share. You can select multiple files also.
  • After selecting applications or any file, click on the “Share Now” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then, the app will ask you for some permission of Location, or Hostspot, you just have to allow all of them.
  • After allowing all the permission, the application will find the receiver you have to select the receiver and your files will be shared very fast.
  • If you select the “Receive” button at the start, then you also see some permission’s option that you have to give to the application.
  • Then the receiver can find your phone and you can share any file with them.

Final Words

So, I hope you like all the Best Indian file Sharing Apps that can be used as a Shareit Alternative. All the file sharing apps I listed above are non-chinese applications and are easily available on Google Play Store or any app store. You just have to search for it and you will get it.

Choose any of these listed above and share files and documents with your friends and family members.

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