Top 10 Best Emulators For Android

Hello Friends, if you are looking for game emulators for android, then you are at the right place because here we will share some of the best emulators for android that are freely available and run all PSP games efficiently on android devices.

We all want to play PlayStation games, but everyone cant afford PlayStation. But you can play PSP games; we have a solution that is game emulators.

Yes, you can download emulators on android devices and play all PSP games smoothly; there are many emulators available online for free. You can download these game emulators and enjoy the gameplay as much as you can.

Here we have listed the top 10 best game emulators for android.

So, let’s start the review of these best emulators for android.

Best Game Emulators For Android

In this post, we will review the top 10 best game emulators for android that are available on the google play store; you can download these game emulators for free. Also, we will share the amazing features, pros, and cons of these emulators for android.

Moreover, let me tell you one thing the name of apps changes many times then; to save time, you can download directly from the given button.

#1. PPSSPP – PSP emulator

Best Game Emulator For Android

The PPSSPP is one of the Best Emulators For Android, and it can be the best Game Emulators For Android. PPSSPP is the original PSP emulator that is avaiable for free. It can make your device a mini PSP and allows you to play the Play Station Portable games.

There will be no game preinstalled with the app, you can use your own PSP games ISO file or CSO file to play the game, and it can read your SD card and internal storage; this is a free version of PPSSPP. There are many best games to emulate on android with the help of PPSSPP emulator.

Highlight Features of PPSSPP – PSP emulator 

  • PSP Save state: It allows you to save your game files, and also, accessing your games is easy.
  • Enhanced Graphics: It enhances the graphics of all the games played on your mobile as if it were a PSP device.
  • Booster: It also comes with the booster mode to boost the phones that lag.

Pros and Cons of PPSSPP – PSP emulator


Make your phone a portable PlayStation
Can save multiple games at the same time.
Save game files are easy to access.
Comes with best PSP emulator features.
User-friendly Interface
Enhanced Graphics


Sometimes the buttons get stuck.
External controller does not work properly

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#2. Citra Emulator

Best Emulator For Android In India

Citra Emulator is the Best Emulators For Android, and exceptionally it provides highlighted gaming applications. It can help you play many Nintendo 3DS games, and on high-end smartphones, the gaming will be at a new level.  

Citra comes with a Premium in-app purchase option, and it also comes with dark mode to help its users play in the night. The Citra application does not come with games inside. If you want to play, you have to download PSP game files.

Highlight Features of Citra Emulator  

  • External Gamepad: This app allows you to connect an external gamepad to your android phone, and you can play using the external gamepad.
  • Specific Features: It comes with several inbuilt features like camera and microphone access and also has motion control ability.
  • Capability: It allows you to play hundreds of games for all android devices without any problem.

Pros and Cons of Citra Emulator


Make your phone a portable PlayStation
Support for external gamepads
Increases the resolution according to the device.
Can access any game file on SD card or device.
User-friendly Design
Converts your phone into a Nintendo device.


It contains ads.

#3. Dolphin Emulator

Best Free Emulator For Android

Dolphin emulator is used to playing the best games on the emulator for android; It is designed to allow users to adjust their device ROM and can also work as a Nintendo emulator; It is one of the best game emulators for android in India.

The gaming capacities of the Best Emulators on Android and somehow the app allows us to access and play a wide range of games. the dolphin emulator also comes with the latest updates, and the developers update the app frequently.

Highlight Features of Dolphin Emulator

  • Free and secure: This app is free for everyone to use, and it is the most secure emulator app for android.
  • Access Games: It comes with a ROM feature that allows it to read the internal storage of our device and access games.
  • Reliable: It allows you to play games on your android device faster, and it also has a turbo speed network connection.

Pros and Cons of Dolphin Emulator


Run all PSP games
Takes less storage space.
Smooth controlling
Enhances the speed of the device.
User-friendly Design
Free of cost


Difficulty changing controllers sometimes

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#4. M64Plus FZ Emulator

Best Game Emulator For Android

The M64Plus FZ app is the Best Game Emulators For Android, and it can help you store your game data in your SD card and Gdrive as a backup. It has a support option. To use this support option, you have to turn on the support option. 

These kinds of Best Emulators On Android allow you to play the PSP games available on the Internet, and you can also connect your device to the local wifi and act as a LAN connection.

Highlight Features of M64Plus FZ Emulator 

  • Video plugin: This emulator comes with the bust plugin options, which allow you to change plugins as required by the game.
  • Translator: This app can change the language into English.
  • Quality Enhancer: It can enhance the games and make the quality of games better to play.

Pros and Cons of M64Plus FZ Emulator


Pro version comes with a netplay server
Wifi Lan connectivity.
Play high fps games.
Every game runs smoothly.
User-friendly Design
Free of cost
Allows us to play online games


some bugs in the app

#5. ClassicBoy Gold – Retro Video Games Emulator

Best Emulator For Android

ClassicBoy Gold is one of the Best Emulators For Android, and every gamer likes it as it is the most advanced and effective emulator. This emulator can run all PSP games on your smartphone. It can allow you to play different types of games and can make your android device into a gaming device.

It also has the option to resume your game from the place you left, it can import and export data from your device and Internet, and it also supports an external controller.

Highlight Features of ClassicBoy Gold Emulator 

  • 2D control: The ClassicBoy Gold is one of the best emulators for android that comes with a 2D on-screen console.
  • Multiplayer support: This emulator can support multiplayer functions up to a maximum of 4 players. 
  • Cheat option: This app has a unique feature to win the game easily by using the cheat option.

Pros and Cons of ClassicBoy Gold Emulator 


Many Features in Free version
Control using gestures
Downloadable plugins
Every game runs smoothly.
User-friendly Design
Graphics editor settings
Saves the files automatically.


No distinct difference between both the paid and regular version.

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#6. John GBA Lite Emulator

Best Emulator App For Android

The John GBA Lite is the Best Game Emulators For Android, and as the name suggests, it is the best GBA game emulator. It can search the GBA game files automatically so that you can consider this as Best Emulators On Android.

It is used to play the Best PSP Games To Emulate On Android and converts your device into an emulator. This can be used to play the latest GBA games on your android mobile.

Highlight Features of John GBA Lite Emulator

  • Duplicate files: The unique feature of this app is that it duplicates the saved game file.
  • Virtual Gamepad: It comes with a virtual gamepad so you can play games without an external controller. 
  • Dropbox: This is the best option that most emulators miss the dropbox option to save the files.

Pros and Cons of John GBA Lite Emulator


Search game files in SD Card and Internal Storage
Customizable keys
This emulator has a game screenshot option.
Every game runs smoothly.
User-friendly Design
Cloud storage supports
Good customer support.


It contains ads.
All Games in this emulator are mostly 2D

#7. Nostalgia.NES (NES Emulator)

Best Game Emulator For Android

Nostalgia Emulator is one of the Best Emulators On Android, and it is a high-quality emulator; and it is highly customizable and can be used to find and play Best Games To Emulate On Android.

It also comes with wifi support and multiplayer support, and the best part about this is sharing the game through several sources such as Gmail, Skype, etc.

It has eight slots to save our games, and it also has the autosave feature. you can use this emulator to play best games to emulate on android.

Highlight Features of Nostalgia Emulator

  • Rewind game: This emulator comes with the rewind option, which allows you to go back a few seconds if you lose the game.
  • Special codes: These special codes give you more power than any other gamer.
  • Bluetooth: This Best Emulators For Android has the ability to provide a Bluetooth external controller connecting option. 

Pros and Cons of Nostalgia Emulator


Turbo buttons and A+B button
wifi controller mode
This emulator has a game screenshot option.
Supports high audio frequency up to 44100HZ stereo sound.
User-friendly Design
Automatic ROM finder.
Hardware acceleration mode.


It contains ads.
Supports only the NES zip file.

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#8. My OldBoy! Free – GBC Emulator

Best Game Emulator For Android

The My OldBoy! Free – GBC Emulator is one of the best performing Game Emulators For Android. It is high-end and the fastest emulator to run Game Boy Color games on various Android gadgets, from low-end phones to high-end phones.

It has a custom option to select the game mode, and it can access the device sensor like tile and vibrator. This is a very compactable version of the emulator, which requires less storage space.

Highlight Features of My OldBoy! Free – GBC Emulator  

  • Fastest emulation: This Game Emulators For Android is the best as it can run games at 60fps.
  • Super game boy color: It has the super game boy stimulation, which helps to create more color depth in the game.
  • Editor: This emulator comes with the most advanced screen editing emulation tool to make gaming easy. 

Pros and Cons of My OldBoy! Free – GBC Emulator


Very good game compatibility
Video filter tools for the games.
Saves your battery as much as possible
Change screen layout.
Digital on-screen keyboard Controller
cheat codes support


It contains ads.
Accessing online facilities is not easy.

#9. SuperNDS Emulator

Best Emulator For Android

The SuperNDS Emulator is one of the most satisfying and best Game Emulators For Android. It can support many game files like ZIP, RAR, and 7Z files. It also has good ratings and reviews from every user.

These files are most commonly not assessable in other emulators. SuperNDS Emulator can be used to play the NDS games, and it can save your files easily; assessing the files is also easy, and it is one of the best performing emulators for android.

Highlight Features of SuperNDS Emulator  

  • Multiple Synchronizer: Use one mode to control several modes so that assessing the games will become fast and easy.
  • Autokey Mapping: You can customize your keyboard layout to make yourself play like a pro.
  • Macro Recording: You can record and replay the game tracks if you want and can be used anywhere as you like.

Pros and Cons of SuperNDS Emulator


Autokey Mapping
Record Gameplay
Use uncompressed ROM to play faster.
Good Customer Support
Access files easily
Increases gaming performance.


It crashes constantly.
Too laggy and slow
It contains ads.

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#10. RetroArch Emulator

Best Game Emulator For Android

The RetroArch is the most downloaded emulator, and it is one of the Best Emulators for Android, which more than 127 crore people download, and it comes with a massive collection of games and modes to play with this Emulators For Android.

There are many emulators, but no one can win this; it is a one-stop-shop for an emulator with all the features that another emulator has. You can find Best Games To Emulate On Android within this app itself.

Highlight Features of RetroArch Emulator

  • Gameplay Enhancer: It has the ability to enhance the gameplay of the lesser quality games into higher quality.
  • Customized Mapping: you can change your control settings using the inbuilt settings of this Best Emulators For Android.
  • Cheat Codes: This app lets you add cheat codes into the game and better your competitors.

Pros and Cons of RetroArch Emulator


Multiplayer mode available
Ability to remap controls
Multi-language support
Automated weekly updates
Access files easily
Download programs online


The play store version only supports 50 core files.
Crash sometimes
Very confusing UI

Final Words

So, the review of these best emulators for android in India ends here. We hope you like this review. If any emulator meets your expectations, download it from the google play store and start using it for free.

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