6 Amazing Ad Blocker Apps for Android Phones

Hello Guys, if you are upset about disgusting ads on your android phone, then we have a solution to block all ads and get ads free experience on your phone. Yes, let us review ads blocker apps in this whole article. So, here we will share some of the best ad blocker apps for android.

Do you like it if something comes up in the middle of your streaming that makes noise, interrupts your working, and unnecessarily uses your mobile data?

Yes, we are talking about Ads. These are something that no one likes but still pop up every time, like the ad holdings next door. Well, you can’t get rid of that holdings but surely from online ads like these.

All the ad-blocker apps have many common features like they provide protection from viruses that come free with them, increase battery life, and save data. They have the option for paid subscription but work properly even if the subscription is not taken.

While there are many apps available on the Google play store, here we are sharing some of the best ad blocker apps for android.

Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android

So, let us start with the review of the best ad blocker apps for android.

#1. AdBlock Browser App

Best Ad blocker for Android

AdBlock Browser is one of the best ad blocker app in India, This Ad blocker app for android is actually a browser much like Chrome. Once you install this app and activate it, it immediately takes you to its own browser.

Here you can access any site like YouTube,  Amazon, Wikipedia and many more. It gives an ad-free experience to the user, which makes the streaming smoother. 

It’s design is similar to that of Chrome, so you can manage it very easily. All the features of Chrome like the Incognito mode, are also present here. 

Also, by removing ads, it increases the battery life of your phone and saves the data too. Many Ads bring viruses with them, so this app will protect your phone from any malfunctioning too. 

Pros and Cons of Adblock Browser App 


Protects the privacy of user.
Similar Layout as Chrome.
Blocks ads from every platform.
Clean User Interface


Opens new tabs in group (which some find irritable)
Not completely ad-free.

#2. AdGuard App

Best Ad blocker App for Android

After installing AdGuard app, it will ask you to select a browser which you want to be ad-free. It can be either Samsung Internet or Yandex Browser. Then you have to install the one which you select and it’s done. You can simply use it like you use Google. The layout is similar to Google which makes it easy to use.

It also provides you direct access to YouTube, Facebook and many other websites. You can simply click there and enjoy an ad-free experience. 

There’s an option to whitelist websites, if you want to see those ads. Also, there are many filters. There you can select the type of ad that you want to be blocked. 

This Ad blocker app for android doesn’t affect the functioning of your phone. So your phone just becomes better, if you use it.

Pros and Cons of AdGuard App  


Parental control present
24/7 Customer support
Warns about websites with questionable reputation
You can cancel your paid subscription and get the full refund.


Works only for Samsung Internet and Yandex Browser
Some technical glitches can occur.

#3. Blokada Slim Ad Blocker App

Advance Ad blocker for Android

Once you install Blokada Slim ad blocker app, all you have to do is to activate it simply by tapping on the screen. You can always check the app’s activity. It shows you the websites that were showing ads and so blocked. Also, you can choose which apps and websites you don’t want to be blocked. 

There is a list of FAQs and you can also ask your questions to the bot if you face any problem. It’s a trustworthy ad blocker app for android users.

So, again your phone’s battery life, your mobile data and your privacy is taken care of. It’s design is very cool and stylish. In app purchases can be done here. If you use ad blocker then you don’t need to use Antivirus apps in your phone.

Pros and Cons of Blokada Slim Ad Blocker App


Manage your Activities regarding blocking the sites and apps.
24/7 Customer support
Subscription can be cancelled within 7 days with full refund.
Super cool layout


Sometimes it blocks you from using other apps
Can crash after some time

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#4. Adshield App

Free Ad Blocker App

As this Adshield ad blocker app is installed, it will ask your permission to create a VPN, so that it can block ads, identify questionable websites. It will thus protect your phone. Also, it won’t take any other personal information like IP address or anything. You can always deactivate it just by a single click. 

It also shows the total data saved by blocking the ads. You can also watch the numbers of ads that have been blocked. Basically, you can track everything. 

It’s quite simple and ready to use ad blocker app. In app purchases can be done. 

Pros and Cons of Adshield App  


Works on all browsers
Gives you control for what you want to block
Easy to understand layout


It crashes more easily than the other ones.
It itself contains ads which are continuously on the screen

#5. Free Adblocker Browser App

Best Ad blocker for Android

Another amazing ad blocking app which creates VPN and keeps your profile anonymous. You can choose the search engine that you wanf to use for surfing. This can be changed later. Once it’s done, it opens a similar Chrome that you use. Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia and many other websites can be used from here then. 

The design is similar to Chrome and provides the same features as Chrome. Like the Incognito mode, desktop site, downloads,  bookmarks and more.

It protects your privacy and provides a similar design as that of Chrome. This makes it trustworthy and easy to use. It’s one of the best ad blocker app for android users. In app purchases can be done. 

Pros and Cons of Free Adblocker Browser App 


Blocks all types of Ads (Pop-ups and Banner Ads)
Great Design
Advance and easy to use


This app itself contains some ads
Crashes sometimes

#6. Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet- Browse Safe

Adblock Plus App Logo
Best Ad blocker App

Adblock plus app is the best adblocker app for android phones. This ad blocker app works for Samsung Internet users. Once you are done with the installation, it’s quite simple here. All the features and options available are right in front of you. 

You can choose the language of the ad that you want to be blocked. If you want to see ads from some websites, you can whitelist them. You can also disable tracking of your phone. This is a very different and important feature that comes with this app.

Overall, it’s a very simple and useful app. You can surely depend on it to make your phone ad-free. In app purchases can be done. 

Pros and Cons of Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet


You get to control which ads you want to see
You can disable device tracking. 
Easy to use


It’s available only for Samsung Internet, as the name says too.
Unattractive design

Final Words

These days No one likes useless products or offers, which these ads show. By blocking ads, we not only improve our user experience but also protect our data from hackers. Maybe after reading about some of the best Ad-blocking apps for android, you must have decided which one will be the best for you.

We hope you like our article about the best ad blocker apps for android. These all ad blocker apps are available on the google play store; you can download these apps for free. Now, it’s your turn to pick any ad blocker from the list and use it as per your requirements.

So “Bye Bye Ads” and “Hello to privacy and a smoother ads free experience”.

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Heartfelt thanks for reading!

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