Top 10 HD Video Player for Android

Hello Friends, if you are looking for the best video player, stop seeking because here we will share some of the best video players for android that offer various unique features thatprovide a smooth streaming experience.

Videos content are meant to be watched properly. Any single detail that you miss can lead to the loss of your precious movie time. But are you using the best video player for Android? If the answer is no, then no worries, we have some best video players for you.

We have the perfect and amazing list of the best video player apps for android available in 2021. Please note that the following list consists of both, the paid and free apps available for Android.

Best Video Player for Android

So, let’s start with the review of the best video player for Android. Here we will mention top 10 best video players that will enhance your viewing experience. You can watch your favorite videos in high quality. All these apps are free and available on Google Play Store.

#1. MX Player App

Best 4k video player For Android

MX Player is one of the best video player apps for Android. It is quite famous for its handy features and simple design. You can download this app from the Google Play store or you can download the APK and install this on your phone for the best video playing experience.

It is one of the best free ott platforms in India that provide thousands of movies and web series for free. Also, here you can listen the latest songs according to your choice.

Features of MX Player App

  • Entertainment: You can play the local videos which are present in your phone. It also gives you the option of editing of videos. Also, it has its own series and shows along with the news and tv. 
  • Gaming: You can also play many interesting games. There are various tournaments going on here.
  • MX Taka Tak: This is a Short Video platform like TikTok, where you create your own content or videos and share it with the whole world.
  • Music: It is powered by GAANA, so obviously there is a lot of music that you can listen anytime. You can create your own playlists, choose your favorites and also play the local music present in your phone.
  • View Menu: This option provides you the facility to change the layout and design of the app.
  • OTT Platfrom: MX Player provide ott platfrom to indian viewers for free.

Pros and Cons of MX Player App


Streaming videos is quite easy and with a nice video quality too.
It has its own wonderful shows.
Play online games
You can also listen to songs.
Short video platform called MX Taka Tak


Has a lot of Ads.
Increases the brightness while playing the videos.

#2. PLAYit App

Best Video Player for Android

PLAYit is Another the best android video player available in 2021. You can download it from the Google Play Store directly. It has a super cool design with advanced features that makes it the best media player for Android.

Features of PLAYit App 

  • Video Player: As the best android video player app, you can watch the local videos that are present on your phone. You can also download some from the PLAYit Browser. You can always alter the speed of the video playing. You can lock the video so that it keeps playing without any interruptions by hiding other options. You can also adjust the brightness and volume by sliding your finger on the mobile screen left and right respectively.
  • Music: You can also listen to music that is already downloaded in your device. 
  • Browsing: It has got its own browser where you can search and use any website you want. You can also download movies, videos and songs from here.
  • MP3 convertor: You can successfully convert your videos to audios from this feature.
  • Transfer Files: You can use this app to transfer files from one phone to another.

Pros and Cons of PLAYit App


Super smooth functioning with multiple features.
You can always continue watching videos from where you left last time.
Great Layout
Transfer files with someone else
Internet browser available


Frequent Ads are the major issue present here.
Paid subscription is also available.

#3. VLC for Android

Best Media Player for Android

VLC video player is one of the best android video players, which you can download easily from the Google Play store. Just like the VLC media player on our computers and laptops, this app can be used for playing videos, playing music, surfing through its browser, and many more. 

Features of VLC for Android

  • Video Player: It divides the videos according to date and month of its recording so you can easily check on the video which you want to play. Many other features like lock screen, jump to time, playback speed, sleep timer and many more are present here.
  • Audio Player: You can play the music available on your phone.
  • Stream: You can search for any URL through this browser provided.
  • History: There is the history of all the videos you watch but you can delete it from the delete option provided.

Pros and Cons of VLC for Android


Decent app with a simple design.
Easy to use
Browser available
Audio player


Takes a lot of time to load the local files in the app.
It takes a lot of time to refresh the app.
Works only in the landscape mode

#4. KM Player App

Best Media Player for Android

KM Player is the best video player for android without ads. You can download this another best media player app from the Google Play store. It has got an easy design which makes it one of the best video player apps for android. You can change the home screen settings of this app and also sort the videos arranged as per their name and file size.

Features of KM Player App  

  • Video Player: It fits accordingly to both horizontal and vertical screen of your phone. You can search for any video that is present in your phone locally. It supports all the formats of videos.
  • Streaming: You can copy any URL and search for it through the browser provided.
  • Music: Unlike other best video player apps for android, this media player asks for your permission to import the music from your internal storage. 
  • Mylist: You can create your own playlist here and enjoy watching videos on one of the best video player apps for android. 

Pros and Cons of KM Player App


You can play all types of videos with subtitles.
Supports all video formats.
It has the repeat mode function.
Great Layout
Free of annoying ads.


Paid subscription

#5. Video Player All Format – XPlayer App

Free and Best Video Player App

XPlayer App is a professional and best video player app for android as well as on tablets too. It protects the privacy too of its users. You can change the theme and the language of the app. There’s the option of background play that plays the videos even in the background of your phone while you can do something else. 

Features of XPlayer App  

  • Video Player: It plays the videos smoothly and also divides them in various categories. Videos can be played in the background too. The theme can be changed as per your need. Although, the brightness of the screen automatically increases, it has got the night mode feature.
  • Music Player: Music can be played just like any other music player app. It has got the equalizer too. You can change the playback speed of the song.
  • Create Playlist: Create your own playlist of your liked songs and videos. 
  • Stream: Copy and paste or type any URL of your choice that you want to stream.
  • Password Protected File: Another useful option is to create a password protected folder where you can hide your videos and songs safely.

Pros and Cons of XPlayer App


It provides an option of taking a screenshot in the middle of the video. 
Smooth functioning 
Easy but great design
Password Protected


Ads are always there to annoy you.
Takes some time to refresh the data.
Automatically increases the brightness while playing the video

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#6. Video Player HD App

Best Video Player for Android

Video Player HD is the best video player for Android which supports HD quality videos. You can download this app from the Google Play store and enjoy with its super cool and easy design. It’s a multitasker as it has many other features which make it different from others.

It has an in-built High-quality music player where you can listen to the latest songs easily.

Features of Video Player HD App

  • Video Player: While playing the video, it increases phone’s brightness. You can change the speed of playing the video. It plays the video with subtitles. You just have to choose the option of picking subtitles.
  • Gallery: A different feature which is usually not provided by any pf the best video player apps for Android. You can see all your photos separated in different folders. It gives you the option of Slideshow for your photos. Also, you can share the photos from here.
  • Audio Player: Play your songs and create your own playlist with this feature. You can also share the song directly from here.
  • MP3 Cutter: Cut that full audio and save the part which you actually like with this feature.
  • Status Saver: It saves all the WhatsApp status, which you can delete later if you don’t want them. You can also create your own album.

Pros and Cons of Video Player HD App  


Super smooth functioning with multiple features.
Takes less than a second to refresh the data.
Great Layout


Doesn’t support 4k resolution.
Frequent Ads.
Increases the brightness of the phone automatically while playing the videos.

#7. FX Player App

Best 4k Video Player

FX video player app for android which is very easy to use. There are a lot of interesting and new features that come with this video player app. It has an easy structure that is not at all difficult in understanding. It supports high-definition playback including 4K, 8K, and full HD.

Features of FX Player App  

  • Video Streaming: It shows the videos as per their location in your gallery. You can preview the videos. You can lock the screen too if you don’t want any interruptions in your streaming. 
  • Network: You can surf safely through Facebook, Instagram and many more through this app.
  • Trends: You can see what is trending globally and, in each country, too. You can search out these trending videos too.

Pros and Cons of FX Player App  


You get to see what’s trending in the world.
Great Layout
Internet browser available


it contains ads.
Increases brightness while playing the video automatically.
Lazy Loading

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#8. BS Player App

Best Android Video Player

BS Player App is the Best Video player app for Android users, which has a bit different layout that might be difficult for some users. From the library, who have to select what you want to stream. You can also see your own playlists here. 

Features of BS Player App  

  • Video Player: This video player app for android is not so attractive and though the same features are present, they are not clearly written on the screen.
  • File Browsing: You can browse all the files available on your device.
  • Open URL: You can paste the URL from any source and can search from hear safely.

Pros and Cons of BS Player App  


All the options are displayed on your screen in the menu.
Divides the data into multiple categories
Great Layout
Search Videos easily


Slow to load
Ads are present
Every time you switch from video to audio or any other folder, it starts reloading.

#9. Xtreme Media Player App

Best Video Player for Android

Xtreme Media Player is the best HD video player for android. Once you install this app from the play store, you will know that it has quite a simple yet attractive design. You might find it similar to BS Player but it’s easier here.

You can play your videos, audio, or songs and surf through any website safely. You can create your own playlists. It also gives you the option of changing the theme of the app.

Features of Xtreme Media Player App 

  • Video Player: It might take some time to detect those videos on your phone but it works very smoothly after that.
  • Audio Player: You have to allow it to access your media and also set the preferences so that it can play them.
  • Stream online: You can always copy or type the URL to search whatever you want safely stream online.
  • Directories: Saves all your videos and audios in a very systematic way which makes it easy to use.
  • Casting: You can cast the videos on your TV with its wireless casting option.

Pros and Cons of Xtreme Media Player App


Super smooth functioning
Easy to use
Wireless Casting feature


Takes time to load the media
Due to its design, some people may find it irritating

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 #10. Nico Video Player App

Best Media Player for Android

Nico Video Player is actually one of the best HD media players for android. Download this classy app from the Play store and enjoy watching your videos perfectly. it delivers the best quality videos and audio. Also, it has the option to set the captions to your favorite language.

Features of Nico Video Player App

  • Video Player: It plays the videos smoothly in one go and also allows you to rotate the screen, change the playback speed and much more.
  • Status Saver: It automatically saves the WhatsApp status of your contacts and shows them along with all other videos.
  • Set Your Favourites: Make a separate folder of all your favourite videos and status to find them easily at one place.
  • Dark Theme: Change the theme according to your phone settings or your requirements into dark or light theme.

Pros and Cons of Nico Video Player App


Saves the WhatsApp status of your contacts
Dark theme to reduce the eye strain
Easy to use 


Frequent Ads
Paid subscription
Takes some time to refresh the data

Final Words

We hope that you must have decided which one would be the best video player for you with this much information. Both free and paid apps were listed in this article; you just have to choose what is best for you.

Besides their video playing option, there are many other features too, as listed above. So, these were some of the best video player apps available for android.

Hope you like it, and let us know your views in the comment section below.

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