Top 5 Best Cricket Games for Android

If you like to play games on mobile, you must be seeking the best cricket games for Android, and if you are searching, then you are at the right place because here we will review some of the best cricket games available on the Google play store.

Cricket, a game that’s followed religiously in India, is about to receive an unmatchable enthusiasm in the country. In fact, people here are so eager to play the game that they don’t skip an opportunity to convert any location into a mini playground for a quick game of cricket.

So if you also want to play cricket games on the go on your smartphone, then you must read this article at the end.

The Google Play Store has a huge selection of cricket games for android, which are all great quality and provide the best experience. We have handpicked a few of the Best ipl cricket games, which are free and have amazing graphics with fantastic gameplay, so check them out.

Here’s the list of the five best cricket games for android that you must try on your own Android smartphones.

So, let’s start the review of these best cricket games for android.

Best Cricket Games for Android

In this post, we will review some of the best cricket games for android that are available on the google play store for free. these cricket games are very famous and provide amazing gameplay.

#1. World Cricket Championship 2

Best Cricket Game for Android

The World Cricket Championship 2 is an excellent Cricket game for all cricket fans. It features real-time action with 3D graphics, more than 200 levels of difficulty, detailed player stats, and a one-touch control system that anyone can pick up and play.

The android game also provides a lot of customization choices and numerous modes to play. This best Cricket game is a challenging game that requires patience and careful strategy. World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the best games for android in 2021.

It’s possible to make the most of the play using quite a few cricket shots such as Dil-scoop, paddle sweep, Helicopter shot in addition to Upper-Cut. Additionally, it has 14 distinct bowling actions, which makes the batting a little challenging.

Benefits Of Playing World Cricket Championship 2

This Famous Cricket game brings a selection of 24 national teams, 10 international teams, and 32 different stadiums. You will delight in playing cricket with the realistic 3D graphics and detailed environment. Just notice that the sport is somewhat heavy on graphics and resources, so you’ll require an excellent phone to enjoy the game in all of its glory.

World Cricket Championship 2 is a fascinating Cricket game that you’re able to play in 11 different types of tournaments, involving many different-different teams from around the world. Along with this, you can also play with your beloved national team in the game.

Playing Experience

There are thousands of reviews of this game in Google Play Store, and almost everyone reviews that this game is awe-inspiring and the UI (User Interface) is excellent. I personally played this game many times, and the gaming or playing experience of world championship 2 is literally fantastic.

Pros and Cons of World Cricket Championship 2


3D Graphics
Many national & international teams
32 Customizable Stadium
Easy To Use UI


You will need good specification phone to play it smoothly

#2. Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20 is the Famous Cricket Game

Whether you’re a hardcore cricket fan or you’re just looking for a new game to play or searching for Famous cricket games, Real Cricket 20 is the best choice. It’s set in real-world cricket stadiums, and it contains all those little details that make the sport so immersive.

Each game begins with a small pre-match demonstration followed by a toss which is followed by the game itself. Do not worry, it is easy to skip the parts you are not interested in. The game offers tight control to gamers.

Real Cricket 20 is an exciting update to Real Cricket 19, which retains all the features that Real Cricket 19 had, including customizing your teams and picking where you want to bowl. Real Cricket is one of the best Cricket games for Android in 2021.

Benefits Of Playing Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20 provides different gaming modes, such as a multiplayer gaming mode which allows you to test your ability from friends and arbitrary players online. The game may look a bit tough at the beginning but it’s rather simple to learn and get used to. After a few minutes of play, you’ll be able to understand and use most of the features.

At the end of each over, the game shows you the trajectory of All of the chunks you confronted and an action replay for Each Time a wicket falls or you hit a boundary.

Now players perform exactly the very same shots differently, which makes it appear more realistic. Each batsman is split into one of those four classes: Defensive, Balanced, Radical, and Brute. it is one of the best multiplayer games for android.

Playing Experience

The playing experience of thisbest cricket game is as great as the previous one. It offers you many features and modes which you can play and enjoy the fantastic graphics of this cricket sport game.

At the start you will find it hard to play this game but with time you will definitely understand all the things and then you can play it very easily. There are also modes to make this game more hard or easy too.

Pros and Cons of Real Cricket 20


Realistic gaming experience
Multiplayer mode
Customizable weather and other things
Lot of teams to play


Little bit difficult to play

#3. Big Bash Cricket

Best IPL Cricket Games

If you’re a fan of T-20 Cricket, then this game is perfect for you. The Big Bash Cricket has everything that T-20 Cricket does; the only difference is that it’s in the form of a video game.

The Big Bash Cricket League is the world’s first big-hitting, fast-paced cricket tournament based on the successful Australian model. The league has all the fun and excitement of traditional T-20 Cricket. Big Bash Cricket gives the taste of the best IPL cricket games.

The Big Bash Cricket gaming app is inspired by Big Bash League; a domestic T-20 championship played in Australia during summers. The app is virtually a carbon copy of the actual IPL Cricket game; it is going to give you eight groups to pick from, has players with authentic titles and offers a 360-degree ground experience.

You can start the game by choosing your favorite club and then progressing through the league to win the championship. Not only is this game a great way to enjoy Cricket on a smartphone, but the best part about it is also that because it’s an official sports game, the staff roster is always up-to-date. So you’ll never be left out.

Benefits of Playing Big Bash Cricket

The graphics of Big Bash Cricket are literally amazing and best looking. The play is fast, and the batsman hits exciting shots, which are only possible in T-20 Cricket. Of all of the games on this listing, this is actually the one I’ve enjoyed playing with the most and recommend to everyone who’s searching for a quick, fast, and challenging Cricket game for Android.

The Big Bash Cricket application has been designed in collaboration with the official Cricket Australia to replicate the real-life game of Cricket.

The program provides a range of training drills to make you a better player, as well as a tournament mode that allows you to play some amazing matches and modes of Cricket.

Further, it offers three modes which you choose involving Quick Match, Tournament, and Challenge. All such things make it like the best ipl cricket games which are famous cricket games in India.

Playing Experience

The playing experience of this game is too amazing like the previous two games. This game offers you different kinds of modes that enhance the gaming experience of the player.

Many reviews say that the game has a fantastic atmosphere and high-quality graphics and sound. However, a lot of users would love to see a person of the match award at the end of the match for the best performing player.

Pros and Cons of Big Bash Cricket


Multiplayer Modes
Real gaming experience
Different-Different teams
Customizable weather & stadium
Easy to play


In game ads

#4. T20 Cricket Champions 3D

Famous Cricket Game in India

Play T20 Cricket Champions 3D with full 3D graphics and real animations. The ball physics used in the game recreates Bowling in the real world. You can play on amazing cricket pitches like Lord’s and Eden Gardens.

T20 Cricket Champions 3D offers a variety of cricket modes such as Quick Match, ODI, and 20-20 tournaments. It also features additional game modes for T20 matches. Cricket T20 also features motion-capture animations for a real cricket experience.

The game tries to be a realistic game and includes a powerplay system. The game also allows fielding and Bowling. The look is okay, and the 3D graphics make this game look more amazing and definitely increase the gaming experience. T20 Cricket Champions 3D is one of the best cricket games for Android.

This shows how much hard work has gone into making this game possible. There are several game modes that will keep you busy for hours. Fast play mode, regular T20 match, and cup match. The game has 5 locations, including Eden, Garden of the Lord, etc.

Benefits Of Playing T20 Cricket Champions 3D

The features of this game are amazing; it offers realistic 3D graphics and animations. It provides various cricket modes such as Quick Match, ODI, 20-20 tournaments, etc. We can upload our results and compete with our friends.

The game offers many different tournaments, including the World Cup. In addition, it has introduced a new Power Play (Beta) mode. This best cricket game gives you a realistic feel of the Best IPL cricket games.

The game features motion capture animations for a real cricket experience, So we can watch the cheerleaders dancing on the basket. Over 50 million users have already downloaded the game. So you can see how amazing this is.

Playing Experience

The gaming experience of this game is really good. You can do batting, Bowling and even fielding too. The best thing which enhances the gaming experience is its customizable stadium and weather features. And different types of modes make this game more unforgettable and enjoyable.

Pros and Cons of T20 Cricket Champions 3D


3D Graphics
Easy to play
Customizable Stadium and Weather


Fewer teams in comparison to other cricket games

#5. Stick Cricket Super League

Best Cricket Game for Android

Stick Cricket Super League is a fun and Best cricket game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is easy to learn, and the variety of modes will keep you coming back again and again.

It is one of the famous cricket games I especially enjoyed playing. Stick Cricket has been widely popular on the Play Store for a long long time and the Super League is the new T-20 version of the game.

While the title is changed and the graphics are improved, the gameplay itself is the same as preceding stick games. This means you will enjoy a fast-paced game with simple controls.

This cricket game for Android is best for passing time when you don’t wish to believe a lot about the game and just need to hit some sixes and unwind. we can play this game offline, it is best offline game for android.

Benefits Of Playing Stick Cricket Super League

Timing is key to the win in the Stick Cricket Super League. However, you cannot move your batsman without swiping the screen to play a shot, and there are only two optical buttons for selecting a shot. So with stick cricket, you have to stand still and deliver.

This app is for people who hate bowling. Users can choose to play against their favorite teams in the Stick Cricket Super League. It is a smooth game, and users can enjoy transcending boundaries at will. The goal is that you reach the limit in any case.

Playing Experience

You can play this game with a single hand that makes it great for passing the time while drinking or eating. In addition, it is among the very most recognizable cricket games for Android users.

This Best Cricket game is for those who just want to pass the time while playing smartphone games. As this is a stick game, you don’t have many things to do in it or many controls.

Pros and Cons of Stick Cricket Super League


Easy to play
You can play with only one hand
Required fewer resources
Less data required to download


Many people don’t like stick games
Bowling is not available

Final Words

So, we told you about some of the Best Cricket Games For Android that you can play on the go on your smartphone without any problem. If you are a hardcore fan of cricket, then these Best cricket games are only for you. Pick anyone you want which satisfies your needs or which you want to play.

All the Famous Cricket games on the list are free. However, there are some in-app purchases. You can purchase them if you want to increase the gaming experience. So, if you like all these games, then you must share this article with your cricket lover’s friends and do comment.

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