Top 12 Best Keyboard Apps For Android

Hello Friends, if you are looking for fantastic keyboard apps for android, then you are at the right place because here we will share some of the best keyboard apps for android that are available on the google play store for free. These keyboards apps support multiple languages and have many other features.

So, let’s start the review of these best keyboards apps for android.

Best Keypad Apps For Android

In this post, we will share the best keyboards apps for android review. You can download these keyboard apps for free from the Google play store. Also, you can download directly from the given button to save time. Furthermore, we will share the highlight features, pros and cons of these keyboard apps.

Apart from this, friends, let me tell you one thing: the names of the apps change many times; So if you want to save time, you can directly download the app from the given button.

#1. Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard

All Language Keyboards For Android

Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard is the amazing mobile keypad that has the best Keyboard for android phones. It has 3 steps for installation. First, you have to enable this Keyboard for the phone to use this input method.

Then select SwiftKey keyboard and finish it up at last. You can sign in, download more than a hundred beautiful themes, and backup your words across multiple devices. You can also save your tasks and manage them directly from other Microsoft apps. 

Highlight Features of Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard  

  • Themes: This app has the best keyboard themes pre-installed, but you can also create your own theme.
  • The Keyboard features: Get features like emoji predictions, gesture input with other basic typing options.
  • Different languages: This free keyboard app for android is available in multiple languages.
  • Typing data: You can clear your typing data anytime you want.

Pros and Cons of Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard


Best themes available
Fast Keyboard for android
Sign in and save your data
All language keyboard for android
User-friendly Layout.
Check your typing metrics


Collects your typing data

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#2. Gboard – the Google Keyboard

All Language Keyboards For Android

Gboard is one of the top keyboard apps which is provided by Google. This is another all language keyboard for android. Along with the basic features of any best keyboard app.

this new style keyboard has a number of new features like different keys, layouts and many key press functions. There are many themes specifically divided into subgroups, which makes them easier to use. To download Smart Keyboard for android, you can use Google Play Store. 

Highlight Features of Gboard Keyboard

  • Themes: There are the best keyboard themes categorized here for your use.
  • Text correction: It shows you word suggestions, corrections and you can also check for spelling and grammar here.
  • Typing: You can do voice typing or glide typing along with simple keyboard typing with this new style keyboard.
  • Dictionary: Have your own personal dictionary by adding words to this new version keyboard.

Pros and Cons of Gboard Keyboard


Smooth functioning mobile keypad app
Fast Keyboard for android
Adapts Gboard to your usage patterns
Themes are categorized, which makes them easier to find
User-friendly Layout.


You cant create your own customized theme.
Collects your typing data
Automatically sends keyboard usage statistics to Google

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#3. Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence

Best Keypad App For Android

Grammarly is one of the best keyboard apps for android users. It allows mistake-free writing in all your apps. Choose your go-to theme and select the languages you want to have on your Keyboard.

With limited themes available, this free keyboard app for android comes with fewer options comparatively. You can choose what you want to see and use on your Keyboard with this mobile keypad app. Select the keypress features available in here. 

Highlight Features of Grammarly  

  • Account: Login or sign in with your Gmail or email account to save your keypad features.
  • Synonyms: This mobile keypad app shows you synonyms of the words you type.
  • Multiple languages: This free keyboard app for android can be used in different languages simultaneously.
  • Personal dictionary: Create and manage your own personal dictionary in here.

Pros and Cons of Grammarly


Multiple language support keyboard for android
Fast Keyboard for android
Checks for grammar mistakes
Shows synonyms after the delay
User-friendly Layout and Easy to use


Very limited themes
After reboot, this app cannot start until you unlock your device.

#4. GO Keyboard – Emoji, Sticker

All Language Keyboards For Android

Go Keyboard is among the best keypad apps for android, available in multiple languages. This Keyboard for the phone gives you so many themes and background options, both free and paid.

You can also download amazing stickers from this best android keyboard. Create your own avatar emoji or choose a celebrity avatar. Select typing sound and vibration from the options available in this top keyboard app

Highlight Features of Go Keyboard  

  • Themes and backgrounds: Many excellent themes and backgrounds are available in this best keyboard app for android.
  • Personal dictionary: Create your own personal dictionary with personalized suggestions and contact names. 
  • Display: Select the general and advanced display options available in this best Keyboard for android. 
  • Premium: Get a premium subscription to unlock all options, ads removal.

Pros and Cons of Go Keyboard


Multiple language support keyboard for android
Amazing themes and backgrounds
Personal dictionary
User-friendly Layout and Easy to use


Premium subscription
Collects your typed data
It contains ads.
After reboot, this app cannot start until you unlock your device.

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#5. Chrooma Keyboard – RGB & Emoji Keyboard Themes

Best Keypad App For Android

Chrooma Keyboard is another top keyboard app that is the best keyboard app for android. Besides those basic best keyboard app features, this app comes with a lot more. There are multiple input options like gesture typing, swipe gestures, typing feedback and much more.

You can also get the premium subscription to get advanced styles and layouts on this best android keyboard. This best keyboard app is supports many languages.

Highlight Features of Chrooma Keyboard  

  • Input: Select your preferences, typing feedback, swipe gestures, gesture typing with this option.
  • Languages: Select the languages you want on your keypad and create a custom combination between language and layout.
  • Color scheme: Select the color and different designs available with it, for your Keyboard in this best Keyboard for android.
  • Text corrections: Use this option in this best keyboard app to keep your text quality the best.

Pros and Cons of Chrooma Keyboard


Multiple language support keyboard for android
Spin the wheel to win chroma premium
Personal dictionary
Text corrections


Limited and boring themes
A bit difficult to use
Premium subscription

#6. Bobble Indic Keyboard – Stickers, Fonts & Themes

All Language Keyboards For Android

Bobble Indic Keyboard is one of the best keyboard apps that is made in India. It is thus available in many local Indian and foreign languages too. This best android keyboard comes with a lot more interesting and fun features.

You can use long-press to send bigger emojis. This free keyboard app for android is super secure and safe to use. You can allow this best android keyboard to use your contact names and their email ids to recommend content.

Highlight Features of Bobble Indic Keyboard  

  • Themes: Get hundreds of inbuilt themes here. You can also create your own personal themes.
  • Create: Create your own bobbleheads, stickers, gifs, stories with this app.
  • Invite friends: Invite your friends and chat with them using those amazing bobble features.
  • Personalized Keyboard: Personalize your own Keyboard with the multiple options given.

Pros and Cons of Bobble Indic Keyboard


Available in both Indian and foreign languages
Personalized Keyboard
Well categorized Catogries
Easy to use


Uses your photos and other details

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#7. Fleksy Free keyboard Themes with Emojis Swipe-type

Best Keypad App For Android

Fleksy free keyboard is one of the best keypad apps for android which is very easy to understand and hence use. It has smart gestures and comes with endless customizations that you can do.

Just like other top keyboard apps, this app comes with a whole bunch of new and exciting features. Create or use the inbuilt themes in this free keyboard app for android. You can create your own personal dictionary by typing and adding words in this best Keyboard for android.

Highlight Features of Fleksy free Keyboard

  • Settings: Settings have moved inside the Keyboard so that you can change it anytime in this best keyboard app for android.
  • Tutorial: In case you need any help with using the app, watch the tutorial anytime.
  • Badges and stats: Check for your typing efficiency all the badges that you will earn in top keyboard apps.
  • Themes: Check out the different amazing themes available.

Pros and Cons of Fleksy free Keyboard


Buy themes with fleksy coins
Personalized Keyboard
Tutorial available
Settings available inside your keyboard
Easy to use
Badges and Stats


Themes are not free
It contains ads.
In-app purchases for available extensions

#8. Xploree AI Keyboard – GIFs, Stickers, Smart Themes

Fast Keyboards For Android

Xploree AI Keyboard is one of the best keyboard apps for android with unique features, products and services as you type across your apps. It comes with many interesting and smart themes.

This best keyboard app comes in almost all Indian and foreign languages. It also has an inbuilt translator that translates anything written in your local language into English. You can also customize the themes, fonts and keyboard size.

Highlight Features of Xploree AI Keyboard

  • Themes: Check out the amazing themes properly categorized as well as the smart themes for cricket and fitness freaks.
  • Languages: This app is available in almost all the languages used.
  • Translator: The Indic Transliteration translates your local language into English properly.
  • Customization: Customize your own Keyboard theme along with the font and keyboard size.

Pros and Cons of Xploree AI Keyboard


Inbuilt Indic Transliteration
Smart themes available. 
Multiple languages support
Customize your own Keyboard
Easy to use


It contains ads.

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#9. Fast Typing Keyboard 

All Language Keyboards For Android

Fast typing keyboard is one of the best Keyboard apps for android that comes with exclusive emoji and stickers. You can also customize your Keyboard and use the various themes provided in here.

This free keyboard app for android comes with trending and customized themes for your phone. With this best keypad app for android, you get the basic as well as advanced features too. In-app purchases of various themes, wallpapers and fonts with app coins can be made.

Highlight Features of Fast Typing Keyboard

  • Themes: This best keyboard app has around a hundred themes for your keypad.
  • Stickers: Buy the stickers from the in-app coins and use them in your Keyboard.
  • Other typing options: Check for wallpapers, typing sounds, fonts in this fast Keyboard for android.
  • Languages: Get your Keyboard and the best keyboard app in multiple languages.

Pros and Cons of Fast Typing Keyboard


Use Keyboard in multiple languages.
Exciting themes and stickers are available
Categorize your favourite themes
Easy to use


It contains ads.
In-app purchases
Limited features

#10. Multiling O Keyboard + Emoji

Best Keypad App For Android

Multiling O Keyboard is one of the fast keyboard apps for android, along with being the best keyboard app. It is a very simple and free keyboard app for android but comes with amazing features.

It has a small keyboard for android, which some might not find easy to use. Along with the basic features of the best keypad app for android, this app can also guess the missing letters, passwords and much more. 

Highlight Features of Multiling O keyboard

  • Languages: Slide through the Keyboard to write in multiple languages in this best Keyboard for android. 
  • Layouts: Choose the layout you want for your keypad with this free keyboard app for android. 
  • Size: Choose the size of your Keyboard and of all the features provided here. 
  • Themes: Select the best theme for your Keyboard from the different options available. 

Pros and Cons of Multiling O keyboard


Various exciting themes are available. 
Customized themes option available.
Mulitiple languages Support
Check the Different Keys on Your Keypad
Amazing typing experience 


It can be a little difficult to use
Small keypad size
Characteristics exist in the same place, not separately.

#11. AnySoft Keyboard

Best Keypad App For Android

AnySoftKeyboard is another best keypad apps for android with small keyboards for android. It comes with different and unique keyboard designs. With gesture typing, you can get your smart Keyboard with this free keyboard app for android.

Setup different emoji sets for quick text groups. You can also pick and configure keyboard themes according to you in this best keyboard app for android

Highlight Features of AnySoft Keyboard

  • Keyboard effects: Save the settings and animations according to you in this best Keyboard for android. 
  • Gestures: There are many moves designated for different gestures in this free keyboard app for android.
  • Special dictionary: Get suggestions for the next word and grammar in here, along with contact dictionary. 
  • Keyboards: Enable different keyboards and languages as you want in this best keypad app for android.

Pros and Cons of AnySoft Keyboard


Special dictionary available 
Customized themes option available.
All features present on the keypad
User-friendly Layout.
Unlimited gestures and their use.
Amazing keyboard experience 


Limited features comparatively 
The app can be a little difficult to use.

#12. New 2021 Keyboard

All Language Keyboards For Android

New 2021 Keyboard is one of the best Keyboard apps for android in 2021. It has an amazing set of trending and customized themes along with sticker collections.

It is one of the fast keyboards for android with settings in the keypad itself. You can change themes and settings directly from the keypad. You can also have some of the best wallpapers, fonts and typing sounds too.

Highlight Features of New 2021 Keyboard

  • In-app purchases: Buy app coins and purchase whichever theme or wallpaper you like.
  • Languages: Get multiple keyboard languages along with app languages.
  • Features in keypad: Almost all the app features are present on the keypad so that it’s easier to find.
  • Sign in: Sign in to save your achievements and purchases in here.

Pros and Cons of New 2021 Keyboard


Delete your data and withdraw the consent anytime.
Best themes and other features available
All features present on the keypad
User-friendly Layout.


After reboot, this Keyboard app can’t start until you unlock your mobile phone.
In-app purchases for almost everything.

Final Words

So, the review of these best keyboard apps for Android ends here; We hope you liked this review. If you find a suitable keyboard in this review, then download it for free from the given button. All these keyboard apps are top-rated. They have millions of positive reviews and ratings on the Google play store.

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