Top 10 Best Job Portals That Have Various Job Profiles

Hello Friends, if you are searching for a job or are a fresher, then you may face many difficulties getting the job. Still, we will solve these problems because here we will share some Best Job portals in India that help you find a good and high salary job easily according to your need.

These days it has become more challenging for freshers and job seekers to get a job after studies. A lot of job recruitment information does not reach the needy person, due to which most of the people do not get the job on time. It is the most common problem for job finders, But don’t worry, here we are going to solve this problem through this article.

In this article, you will find the best job finder apps that help you find jobs quickly. Also, we will share its benefits, pros and cons for your better understanding. So, now read the article till the end to get the complete information; if you read this article, then you will definitely get the best job searching app.

This review will be about top job portals in India. There are many job-related apps available in India. Now, Let’s have a look at our list of leading ten job portals in India:

Naukri Job App

Top Job Portal in India

Naukri is one of the top job portals in India. Founded by Sandeep Bikhchandani, it is one of the best job interview apps in India. It has been operating in India as well as the middle east since then. It is among the top 10 job portals in India.

The site also has some paid services known as Naukri FastForward services, including resume writing, priority applicant others and many more. You can easily register yourself with the site and build your resume.

Now, search for the jobs you want to apply to and hit apply. They will send your resume to the company, and you will hear back from the company by email or phone that you have provided them.

Benefits of using Naukri App

  • With Naukri App, you can apply for several Jobs. Yes, there are several Jobs available in top companies. You just have to find a perfect one for you and then fill out an application form.
  • This portal also sends you a notification when a relevant job is available for you according to your qualification.
  • You can also track the Job Application to send for the job. You can check whether the authority checks it or not.

Pros and Cons of App


Search job online at home
Compatible with all devices
Track Job Application
Several Jobs Available
Free to join


Large numbers of employees available
High level of attrition

Indeed Job App

Best Jop Searching App in India

Indeed is also among the top 10 job portals in India. It is an American job finder apps that work worldwide. It is one of the best job interview apps in the world.

Its system of applying to jobs is also straightforward. You register with email and phone number. Then, you make your resume and apply to as many jobs as you want. It is a free platform.

The company will get back to you by email or phone number. That is the reason; It is one of the best job portals in India.

Benefits of using Indeed

  • The very best benefit of Indeed platform is that it’s user interface is easy to use as well as easy to understand.
  • This platform also has several Job Opportunities for almost all people. You will get online jobs too in this portal.
  • Indeed is a free platform, means you just have to sign up there and fill the qualification of yours and done. Then you can search for relevant jobs and then fill out the application form.

Pros and Cons of Indeed


Process Automation
Easy to understand UI
Several employees available
Several Jobs Available
Free to use


Jobs Advertising can be costly

Note: If you are unemployed, then you have a good opportunity to earn money. yes, you can earn money online with the help of some apps; if you are interested in earning money from home, then check out these article.

Work India Job App

Best Job interview App in India

As the name suggests WorkIndia, is one of the Indian job finder apps that only operate in India. Patil and Nilesh Dungarwall founded it in 2015. It has been among the top 10 job portals in India and has been one of the best job interview apps since then.

Thousands of jobs are published on this application on a daily basis, and many people already have positive experiences with it. It is among the top job portals in India. You can apply to many jobs by downloading the app or visiting their website.

Benefits of using Work India App

  • In the WorkIndia portal, you can find a job according to your qualifications and profile. There are several jobs available for every Blue or Green collar candidate.
  • This portal has a location feature, in which you can set your location and search a job in your entered location or area.
  • WorkIndia job portal interface is easy to use and daily thousands companies post jobs on this portal.

Pros and Cons of Work India App


Find jobs according to your profile
Find jobs nearby your location
Advertise your jobs profile
Various job categories available


Less job opportunities in comparison to other portal

Kormo Jobs App

Best Job Finder App in India

Kormo Jobs is a job interview and job finder app launched in 2018 in India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia by Google. As the app owner is Google, it is among the top job portals in India. The app is a job-related app that can download on Play Store.

Developers first created the app exclusively for Indians. Thousands have found jobs on this job finder app. Thousands of employments of many types are launched on the app daily. You can filter the jobs and find the best app suited for you! That is why it is one of the best job portals in India.

Benefits of using Kormo Jobs

  • This Kormo Jobs Portal is officially launched by Google for India, Bangladesh and Indonesia, so that people can easily find jobs according to their qualifications online.
  • In Kormo Jobs, several companies and people post jobs, and then if anybody is qualified for that job, they can apply for it. This simple process makes this portal popular.
  • The user interface and sign up process is very easy.

Pros and Cons of Kormo Jobs


Several jobs available for each and every candidate
Post your jobs for free
Free to use and sign up
Various job categories available


There are lots of fake job profiles.

LinkedIn App

Best Job Search App

LinkedIn is one of the world-renowned job finder apps. The job-related app was founded by Reid Hoffman and his team in 2002 in the USA. It was later launched in India in 2010. Microsoft later brought the job interview app.

LinkedIn has helped many people find their dream job. People can post their CVs, and employers can post jobs on which people can apply. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for people finding jobs, as it is a top-rated job finder app and among the best job portals in India. Ryan Rosansky is the current CEO of the platform.

Benefits of using Linkedin

  • LinkedIn provides many job opportunities to the people who are searching for jobs online. There are many features available in this that help you a lot.
  • As several companies post Job vacancies here, you take advantage of it and apply for jobs according to your qualification and interest in the job.
  • You can search for the job on LinkedIn in which you are interested. As there are several jobs available, you can apply for the one you want.

Pros and Cons of Linkedin


Search jobs near your location
Several jobs available
Free signup
Little profile setup required


LinkedIn is not a job site, However there are several people who find jobs and you can also.

Shine Job App

Top Job Portal in India is one of the Indian leading job finder apps. You can find your dream job through this app. Buying the premium version will provide you with even more facilities.

You can get a refund within 30 days of paying for Premium services. Launched in 2008, it has become one of the best job-related apps in India. It has more than 3 lakh job posts which are increasing every day.

Thus, the site is becoming much better and improving every day. According to the market, It is one of the best job portals in India.

Benefits of using Shine App

  • Shine Job Portal has refined search capabilities. Means you can search for a job according to many different qualifications and interests.
  • Sing Job Portal also provides you the notification when there is a relevant job available for you. But for it you must have to enter genuine details in your Profile.
  • This job portal teaches you how you can fill a Job application form, so that you will fastly get a job.

Pros and Cons of Shine App


One resume many job opportunities
Several job categories
Search jobs near your location
Easy to use interface


Once register, you can’t delete your account

Monster Job App

Leading Job Search App in India

Monster job is an online recruitment platform founded by Jeff Taylor in 1999. Its headquarter is based in Weston, Massachusetts. It is a paid service and requires you to pay before you can post a job. It has three subscription plans with different facilities. It is one of the best job finder apps in India.

Even though the platform is not as big as Indeed, it is still very trustable. It is a job interview app where thousands of jobs are available on the site. That is the reason; It is one of the best job portals in India.

Benefits of using Monster Job

  • With Monster Job portal you will get your dream job easily by just filling an application form online.
  • This job in this portal will also provide you Performance Bonuses and some other types of bonuses too, that attracts many employees.
  • The search strings of this portal are very accurate. As, if you search for a job according to your qualification and interest, you will get the exact results of it.

Pros and Cons of Monster Job


Wide variety of job filter options available
Advertise jobs
Several jobs available
Easy to use interface


Lots of clicks on the sites required for job application

Glassdoor Job App

Best Job Finder App in India

Glassdoor was launched in 2007 by Rober Hohman and the team. It offers many services other than a job search. One such significant benefit of this job finder app is that current or past employees of a company come and review that company without revealing their identities.

Glassdoor is also very suitable for job search. As this platform is famous as an employee reviewing the site, it attracts many employers who offer their jobs on the app. That is the reason; It is one of the best job portals in India.

Benefits of using Glassdoor App

  • This job portal provides several employees job opportunities according to their qualification and also according to interest.
  • Glassdoor is specially made for employers who are searching for employees for their brands and company. So, you have a vast opportunity to get a job.
  • If you want employees for your brand or company, you can also join Glassdoor to find the best and relevant employees.

Pros and Cons of Glassdoor App


Diversity and Inclusion Programs and Goals
Promotional Badges
Several employees and employers available
Free signup process
Easy to navigate


Time consuming sign up and profile building process

Apna Job Search App

Top Job Search App in India

Apna Job search is a Best job finder app in India that is famous for its job searching and connecting people, and it also helps you upgrade your skills.

The user experience with the app has been recorded as average. It is a safe way to apply to apps as it is an open platform. That is why it is one of the best job portals in India.

It is founded in 2019 by Nimit Parikh. It is a relatively new app. Thus, it has the latest qualities a job-related app should have. Many people have found jobs on this job interview app. You can easily register on the app and find your dream job!

Benefits of using Apna Job Search

  • This job portal provides you with the advantages of searching for job openings, so you will also get notified about job openings.
  • You can also apply for the job through this application, for it, you need some details of yours and qualification document, CV and other essential things.
  • The best thing about this application is that you can also do Government Exam Preparation with this application as there several questions and answers of government exams have been shared.

Pros and Cons of Apna Job Search


Government Exam Preparation
Send Jobs notification
Job openings
Free signup process
Apply to the Jobs for free


There are few jobs that are from unverified sources
Lack of licensing and certification

Waah Jobs App

Best Job Search App

Waah jobs App is another Best job finder app that helps to find jobs quickly; it was founded in 2014. In starting, Waah jobs was known as The name of Aasaan Jobs when it was launched.

It is a leading job search app in India which has provided many people with their dream job. Here job seekers get jobs according to their needs and requirement.

If you are looking for a job, then you must try Waah Jobs App once because many people get their dream job within months using this job finder platform. That is the reason why it is one of the best job portals in India.

Benefits of using Waah Jobs

  • Waah Jobs provides several job opportunities like Sales Jobs, Delivery Jobs, Customer Care Jobs, Government Jobs, Bank office jobs and several categories of jobs.
  • There are also online jobs available for those who want to earn money online from home.
  • This Portal allows users to search for jobs according to their interests, and also, you can post a job requirement too in this Job Portal.

Pros and Cons of Waah Jobs


Several categories job available
Good salary packages
Easy to navigate
Free signup process


Career growth is comparatively slow

Final Words

We hope you like this review of the best job portals in India. All these apps are available on the Google play store or Apple Apps Store; You can download these for free. In some apps, you will see a paid advertising system to promote job applications. If you want to show your applications to more companies, you can choose the advertising option.

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