10 Amazing Online learning Apps in India

Hey Guys, if you want to read online to prepare for your exams, you must be looking for online learning apps. If you are searching for these kinds of apps, Then you are at the right place because we will share the Best online learning apps in India that provide coaching on various subjects.

Online learning is the future of education. When we talk about online learning, it means that students are enrolled in courses that are taught by a qualified instructor, but these classes are not limited to physical classrooms. Online classes allow students to learn from their own home or anywhere where they have access to the internet.

There are thousands of Learning apps in India available online with which you can study, but many of them don’t have all the features that are required by a student.

That is why, here we have listed some of the Best Online learning Apps in India, with which you can study and learn things.

Best learning Apps in India

Let’s start with a review of Best online learning apps in India.

#1. Byju’s App

Best learning apps for students

Byju’s provides online classes, live tutoring, and doubt-resolution. Students from grades 4-12th can access Byju’s learning app to find online classes and study materials related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology, and many other subjects. 

It is one of the well-funded and well-managed learning video apps which has the motto to make learning fun for students. It is one of the most popular and Best learning apps for students

To give children a different experience, Disney BYJU’S Early Learning app also includes a lot of 3D animated content. 

Benefits of using Byju’s App

  • It is a wonderful platform that explains concepts to children using animated videos, games and worksheets.
  • The app has all the features you need to master any concept, from High School Foundation Class 6-12 Math and Science to Competitive Exam Prep such as JEE, AIPMT CAT & IAS.
  • It recently acquired whitehat Jr. to teach programming to children all over the globe. 

#2. Unacademy App

Online learning Apps in India

The Unacademy learning application is one of the most popular learning apps in India. It’s ideal for students preparing for competitive exams such as JEE, NEET, as well as government exams such as UPSC, SSC, and others. 

This app is available 24 hours a day and offers live classes, mock tests as well as quizzes, and notes

In Unacademy there are many outstanding educators available, including Kiran Bedi, the first Indian Women IPS officer

This learning app has helped more than 300,000 students, even those who live in the most remote corners of the country. Unacademy, just like BYJU, is also a paid service, with a few additional courses. It is one of the most popular Online learning apps in India

Benefits of using Unacademy App

  • The app offers more than 2400 video lectures as well as specialized courses on competitive exams. 
  • You can learn concepts through daily live classes, practice and revision as well as live mock tests.
  • Students have been able to improve their writing skills, their ability to communicate and their knowledge with this app.

#3. Vedantu App

Best learning app in India

Vedantu, an Indian online education app that is very similar to BYJU’s, is another great option. Vedantu’s name is derived from the Sanskrit Veda, which means knowledge, and Tantu, which means to network

Vedantu, India’s largest tutoring company, was founded by three IITiian classmates. It helps students learn online by connecting them with the best-curated teachers. 

Vedantu offers live content and classes for free. However, a V Pro package includes live online teaching, test and assignments, and crash courses. The education app is interactive and fun for students and teachers.

Online classes are available for grades 6-12. It also offers competitive exams and co-curricular courses.

Benefits of using Vedantu App

  • Vedantu has a high quality staff of teachers, which is one of their best qualities. You can choose from individual or group classes. 
  • Vedantu also offers live classes and preparations for JEE, NEET and NDA exams. 
  •  It has two-way audio, whiteboarding, and video features that allow students and teachers to interact in real time. 

#4. Doubtnut App

Best learning app for CBSE students

Doubtnut is a platform that allows learners to clarify their doubts. The basic idea is that you download the Doubtnut app for your question and upload a picture of the problem to get the answer. 

To help you better understand, the video will provide the answer. You can also find study materials and classes. 

Doubtnut is an educational app that uses a unique concept. A student can upload a photo and get a video answer to any math question. Doubtnut is a great app for clearing your doubts about board exams and IIT, JEE preparation.

Benefits of using Doubtnut App

  • Doubtnut offers NCERT courses for classes 6-12th, and IIT JEE preparation. T
  • Doubtnut also offers a scholarship program for JEE aspirants, where the top 1000 candidates receive a fee concession.
  • There are Mathematics courses for NCERT (class 6-12) as well as IIT-JEE, which include videos, books, and PDFs. 

#5. WhiteHat Jr App

Best App to Learn Coding Online

Coding is an integral part of education today. WhiteHat Jr, India’s most popular app, will help your child achieve her/his dream of becoming a well-known programmer. 

WhiteHat Jr was founded by Karan Bajaj as an e-learning startup in 2018. It has been a success because it is a high-quality company. The app provides a variety of programming courses for children and young adults via one-on-one live video classes. 

The teachers are highly professional and help the children to use their creativity in real life.

Benefits of using WhiteHat Jr App

  • With this app, kids can learn how to create their own computer games and apps. This is a great way to get them excited about coding.
  • The courses are designed for kids in grades 2-6, so it’s perfect for those who want to learn more about technology and coding!

#6. Brainly App

Best online learning app

Brainly is an app that allows students to socialize with each other. It allows users to ask questions regarding homework assignments. Other professional teachers and even students too can answer questions with explanations of how the problem works.

 It is not limited to math. However, many of the problems we see are math-related. You can choose from elementary school questions to college. It really depends on how many people are connected. It’s free to use the app and service. This one of the best online learning apps allows you to ask homework questions, search homework answers practice essays and research in many subjects.

Benefits of using Brainly App

  • Brainly is the biggest social learning community in India! Brainly has 200+ million students who trust it and learn with them every month. 
  • Brainly is a community of experts that includes school teachers, students, PhDs and other geniuses ready to answer your toughest questions.
  •  Brainly’s community is always buzzing with excitement from endless collaboration. It proves that learning can be more fun and more effective.

#7. Google Classroom App

Best learning app for students

Google Classroom is a free, cloud-based service that lets teachers create and share assignments with students. With this tool, teachers can automatically hand out and collect work, including essays and projects, without the need to spend time physically distributing hard copies of work.

Google Classroom allows teachers to create an online classroom where students can access all documents. Google Drive stores documents and allows for editing in Drive’s apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and others. 

This is the most important thing that you as a teacher can do. Teachers can upload documents to an assignment so that students can read them or work on them. You can then grade them. Students can comment on announcements and assignments, as well as email each other via the Classroom interface. 

Benefits of using Google Classroom App

  • Google Classroom will allow teachers to assign homework for students.
  • Students are notified by email about a new assignment. Students can also uploads the assignments once they are done. 
  • Through the creation of a Google Classroom Class, students from upper grades can help lower grades students.

#8. Teachmint App

Best learning app in India

Teachmint is a learning app that integrates live online teaching, student management, and coaching. It allows teachers to teach students from all over India and conduct live classes.

Teachmint offers a complete solution to teach online classes and live classes.

Teachmint allows teachers to hold online classes using a two-way interactive learning platform that allows for video sharing.

The Teachmint android application also offers a tutoring management software-as-a-service (SaaS) to help teachers mark attendance, conduct tests, create virtual classrooms, and more.

Benefits of using Teachmint App

  • This app allows teachers to hold classes from their smartphones using a simple, secure online teaching tool. This app is made in India
  •  It is the best online teaching tool, with features such as automated attendance marking, automated grade, content sharing and many more.
  • It is the ideal choice for teachers and coaches, thanks to its built-in LMS features.

#9. Toppr App

Online learning apps in India

Toppr is an educational app that believes in personalizing learning for students. It offers a variety of courses for up to 12th class students. 

One of its best features is the live classes feature, which allows students to ask questions and clear up their doubts in real-time. 

The company recognizes that each child is unique and has different learning goals. Therefore, they use the latest technology to help them learn. 

They also have mock tests and live doubts. Toppr, an online learning app that was created for CBSE, NCERT students, it is one of the best Online learning apps in India

Students from other boards may also find this app useful. You can access study materials such as NCERT solutions, past year question papers, CBSE notes, and important questions.

Benefits of using Toppr App

  • This allows you to analyze and improve your child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Toppr prepares students for JEE Main, JEE Advanced and Olympiad exams.
  • It provides performance reports and feedback on your child’s progress. Students in grades 6-12 can use the app to learn through live classes, online classes and adaptive practice.

#10. Khan Academy App

Best Learning App For School Students

Khan Academy is an online education android application. It offers a self-paced and self-guided learning experience to anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy is a not-for-profit with a vision for a world where a free, world-class education is available to anyone, anywhere. It’s on a mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Salman Khan, an American educator, founded this education app. This app is completely non-profit and serves only one purpose to improve learning tools for students. 

The app contains more than 10,000 videos on various academic subjects, with a majority of them focusing on science and mathematics. Also, Khan Acadmey App upload current affairs on daily basics.

Benefits of using Khan Academy App

  • Khan Academy offers free online classes and study materials through its mobile app. The app allows students to learn and study in the privacy of their own homes.
  • They have partnered up with institutions such as NASA, MIT, and the modern museum of Art to provide specialized content that will empower learners beyond the classrooms. 
  • Students preparing for competitive exams such as NEET, JEE, etc will find this app especially useful.

Final Words

So, if you are a student then these applications will help you a lot. All these Best learning Apps in India are available for free in Google Play Store or Apple App store, you can download any of these and use them. However, there are some in-app purchases like subscription of courses and premium content. 

If you want an online tutor, you will get in some of these applications with some monthly charges. So, download any of these applications now, and prepare for your exams, learn each and every concept from the professional teachers.

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