Top 13 Leading Android Cleaner Apps

Hey Guys, If you are upset about your phone performance due to full storage, junk files, and cache memory, you need to clear your junk files and make some storage accessible, but, doing this process, you need a perfect Android cleaner app to clean your phone’s junk files. If you are searching for cleaner apps, you are at the right place because we will share some of the best android cleaner apps that will help to clean your phone storage, junk files and cache memory.

Android phones offer a range of features, not just the ability to surf the Internet. Your phone could also be used for entertainment or productivity needs in the office, school, and more. Even though Android phones are the most popular, a lot of people have a problem with their phone slowing down. 

The reason for this is that they are not clearing the cache on their phone. Cache is where all of your data and temporary files are stored. You need to periodically clear this out to allow your phone to perform properly.

But it is not possible to clear all the cache from the phone manually, there you need Phone cleaner app to clear cache.

So, here is the list of some of the Best Android Cleaner Apps.

Best Android Cleaner Apps

Let’s start with the review of the best android cleaner apps that we will discuss today in this article. Also, we will share some important features of these apps. Al these Android cleaner apps are available on the google play store; you can download these apps for free. Some Android Cleaner apps work as Antivirus, App lock and phone boosters; You can use all the features at your convenience.

#1. Phone Cleaner App (Super Cleaner Studio)

Best Android Cleaner App 2021

Phone Cleaner by Super Cleaner Studio has been a popular Google Play Store app. Super Cleaner Studio Phone Cleaner is a fast and effective magic cleaner app with virus and junk removal. 

Phone Cleaner will optimize your phone by removing junk files, antivirus, app lock booster, app manager and CPU cooler.  it is one of the best Android Cleaner App that offers various features for free.

Features of Phone Cleaner

  • Scheduled scanning: Scheduled scanning can be configured with this phone cleaner app, it is a very important feature of it.
  • Junk File Removal: The junk file removal identifies and deletes any files that are  not needed, such as app caches.
  • Boost Phone: Background processes are identified and closed by this application that drain the battery and cause a waste of processing resources.

#2. Norton Clean App

Best Android Phone Cleaner App

Norton developed the Best android phone cleaner app. Norton is well-known for its anti-virus tools. It’s one of the most popular phone cleaner apps that doesn’t have ads. Yes, it’s a Best android cleaner app without ads.

The cleaner app is trusted for its efficiency and for protecting user privacy. Similar to the other entries it will search and delete your cache and remove junk files. 

It can also help you quickly get rid of any unused apps that you have installed.

Features of Norton Clean App

  • Clutter: Norton claims it can “remove clutter” from your Android phone. 
  • Manage Apps: This section lists all your apps. It allows you to sort them by last use, date of installation, and how much storage they use.
  • Premium Feature: Premium subscriptions unlock additional security tools like an App Advisor and Privacy report that evaluate the potential risks of your apps.

#3. Phone Master App– Files clean, Security, Booster, APP Lock

Best Android Cleaner App in India

Phone Master can free up space on your phone as safely as possible. The app will locate files and folders you don’t need after you allow it. 

The user can decide what should be kept and what should go. Phone Master is an Best android phone cleaner app that can do everything you need to keep your phone in good health. The Phone Master app is also extremely intuitive and easy to use. 

Features of Phone Master App

  • Cleaner: The cleaning feature gives you detailed information about the folders it suggests to be deleted. 
  • Phone Boost: Phone Master includes a simple function called “Phone Boost”, which can clear up RAM by removing background apps & processes that may be draining your phone’s resources. 
  • Battery Saver: Battery Saver allows you to identify apps that drain your battery, even if they aren’t being used. These apps can be deactivated to save power.

#4. Files By Google App

Best Android Cleaner App without Ads

Google Files is an app by Google. Although this app is primarily a file manager, it’s far more than that. The cleaning tips included in this app will help you clean out your phone. 

Here you can also view detailed information about your phone’s storage. Google Files is an Best android cleaner app that’s easy to use. 

Features of Files By Google App

  • Storage: It will check your phone’s storage space and any microSD cards you have inserted.
  • Browse: You can also use the browse tab to manually explore your phone’s storage while letting the app take care of the rest is easier. 
  • No-Ads: This makes it a great all-rounder. There are also no ads. It’s also the best android cleaner app, without ads.

#5. KeepClean App

Best Android Phone Cleaner App

KeepClean is a Best android cleaner app specially designed to make phones faster. Keep Clean is an Android app that uses technology to accelerate your phone’s performance. 

It helps you to clean up junk documents, stop apps from restarting constantly while running background processes, slow down your CPU, and even prevents overheating. 

KeepClean, an Android app that is free to use, helps users reduce storage space and speeds up their devices by clearing out unnecessary files. 

Features of KeepClean App

  • Clear Unwanted Storage:  It can be used to delete WhatsApp files like unwanted photos, audio files and documents.
  • Space-saving: The app only requires a small installation package and takes up very little storage space.
  • Smart cleaning: It speeds up the phone’s performance by freeing up memory and increasing its speed. 

#6. Avast Cleanup App

Free Phone Cleaner App

Avast, another top-of-the-line antivirus provider, also offers a Best android cleaner app. The features of the app are very similar to AVG cleaner. It has a photo analyzer and an option for hibernating apps.

It scans your device first to find files that do nothing but eat up space. The app allows you to delete them in a matter of seconds after they are detected. 

Avast Cleanup is a powerful cache and junk cleaner that allows you to manage your Android device’s performance, memory and other features.

Features of Avast Cleanup App

  • Simple: Avast Cleanup cleans your phone cache and it is simple to use and quick. 
  • Cache:  Its most important feature is its ability to delete cache files from an app without having to remove the app.
  • Improve Performance: Avast Cleanup improves the performance of your phone and speeds up its speed by removing junk files from it.

#7. Smart Phone Cleaner App

Best Storage Cleaner App for Android

Systweak’s Smart Phone Cleaner for Android offers a familiar set of tools to optimize your Android phone’s performance and remove junk files. This app comes with a junk cleaner, RAM booster, and a cache and junk file remover. It is the Best android cleaner app.

Cleaner for Android’s One-Tap Boost feature optimizes your Android phone’s overall performance and releases cache. This feature can be accessed by simply tapping the “Tap to boost” button on the app’s homepage.

Features of Cleaner for Android App

  • Battery Life: The best thing about the battery saver extension is that it can increase your device’s battery-life by several hours.
  • Boost Performance: Cleaner for Android is an essential phone cleaner app with exceptional capabilities to boost your device’s performance. 
  • Game Booster:  It also has a Game Booster that clears background processes to give gamers extra memory.

#8. Powerful Phone Cleaner App

Android Phone Cleaner App

Powerful phone cleaner is an Best android phone cleaner app that cleans and boosts your mobile. It includes boost memory, cache cleaner, junk cleaner, storage cleaner, notification cleaner, free up RAM, free space, CPU cooler, battery-saver, game booster, and other super-clean features.

Powerful Phone Cleaner is a simple but powerful cleaner and booster app. It is only 3MB in size and can clean junk files and cache to increase speed and save battery. Powerful Cleaner offers the ability to monitor your device’s temperature, and will notify you when it gets too hot.

Features of Powerful Phone Cleaner

  • Free Up Memory: This Android speed booster can clear out background apps to free up memory.
  • Performance: This app will improve the performance of your phone and make it last longer. It has been proven to be durable and effective. 
  • App Lock: AppLock is a feature that protects apps that contain sensitive information. You can choose between pattern lock and number lock. 

#9. Droid Optimizer App

Free Android Cleaner App in India

Droid Optimizer is a well-known and Best android phone cleaner app with more than a million downloads from the Google Play Store. 

Droid Optimizer can be used for both quick and more thorough system optimization.

All you have to do is tap once and your phone will be clean. Your stats will appear at the top of your screen. 

An App Manager allows you to bulk uninstall apps and view permissions. You can even use the handy automated scheduling mode to automatically clean up or disable Wi-Fi nightly with this app.

Features of Droid Optimizer App

  • Easy To Use: The interface is simple, especially for beginners, and walks you through permissions.
  • Auto Cleaning: Droid Optimizer lets you set up automatic cleaning. The auto-cleanup will clear your cache, disable background apps and delete all unnecessary files. 
  • Goodnight Scheduler: The program also includes a “good night scheduler“, which conserves energy and disables Wi-Fi features when they aren’t in use.

#10. AVG Cleaner App

Best Android Phone Cleaner App

AVG Cleanerby AVG mobile offers a familiar set of memory and storage cleaning utilities. It includes a Memory Boost tool that reduces RAM load by killing background tasks, a Junk File cleaner to clear out any app caches, and an App Manager and Lock. 

AVG Cleaner is currently ranked in the top 10 cache cleaner apps on the Google Play Store. It’s a fantastic app. AVG stop all the background app and running process that are Drain Battery Fast , after this it can work as the Battery Saver App.

Features of AVG Cleaner App

  • Lightweight: AVG Cleaner App is an extremely lightweight app. This is the app for you if you are looking for a small cache cleaner, but with tons of additional features. 
  • Performance Boost:  It claims it can increase your phone’s speed by up to 60%, especially for older phones and entry-level smartphones.
  • Conserve RAM: The application can clear your app cache but that’s not all. The app provides advanced process monitoring and intelligently cleans the background app too.

#11. 1Tap Cleaner App

Best Android Cleaner App

1Tap Cleaner makes system cleaning easy with just one tap. There are additional tools to clean your phone’s text messages and call history. This app can be set to clear cache automatically when there is not enough storage.

1Tap Cleaner can be used as a cache cleaner app. It is multifunctional. Upon opening the app, all its main features will be displayed on the main menu. The name “1Tap” has a meaning. It allows you to clear all items in one tap or once for each category. 

Features of 1Tap Cleaner App

  • Auto Cleaner: The auto cleaner button will clear your phone’s junk files and search history.
  • Cache Details: The app comes with a useful widget that shows storage and cache information.
  • App Manager: You can also use the app manager to remove unwanted apps from your phone.

#12. CCleaner App

CCleaner App logo
Best Android Cleaner App Without Ads

CCleaner, one of the most powerful PC maintenance tools available for Windows computers, has been made mobile with an Android application that is the Best android phone cleaner app

You can choose to uninstall multiple apps at once. CCleaner, a trusted Android app, is rated high in the Google Play Store. This app can clear your application cache, clean up browser history, download folders, clipboard content and more. CCleaner offers fast, ad-free, and effective cleaning. It is one of the best Android App in India that are mostly used for Phone related problems.

Features of CCleaner App

  • Storage Analyzer: You can get a better understanding of how your smartphone’s storage is being used by the Storage Analyzer.
  • Optimize Storage: You can uninstall any unwanted apps and it can optimize your phone’s storage. 
  • Several Tools: It also includes an app manager, meters to monitor CPU, RAM, storage, and battery, as well as temperature and temperature tools.

#13. All-in-One Toolbox App

Best Android Phone Cleaner App

The All-In-One Toolbox, appropriately named, is here to help you to clean all your phone cache easily. The app also has a regular file manager. If necessary, the app can also cool down your CPU

The app contains all the system information, plus much more. The app’s User Interface is very modern. All-In-One Toolbox is a multi-purpose Android cleaner that can do more than simply clean up junk files. 

Features of All-in-One Toolbox App

  • 30+ Tools: It has over 30+ tools that can help you increase your smartphone’s productivity.
  • Boot Speedup: Boot Speedup allows you to choose which apps, including system apps, should be started when your phone is restarted. 
  • Easy Swipe: The handy “Easy Swipe”, which opens a radial menu, allows you to quickly access utilities from other apps or your home screen.

Final Words

These all apps are available for free on Google Play Store, and all the applications are the Best Android Cleaner Apps. It is all upon you which Phone cleaner app you select for your android device to clear cache files and increase its performance.

Many of the applications listed above contain ads as they are free. Many of the applications also have in-app purchases to increase the features of applications and boost your phone performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which app is best for cleaning junk files?

Many Android cleaner apps are available on the google play store, but we personally like Avast cleaner app and Files by google because both apps have many features. Files by Google offers free features that are used for clear storage from junk files, cache memory, and duplicate files.

On the other hand, the Avast Cleaner app boosts your phone’s performance by eliminating junk files. It scans your phone and finds the junk files and duplicate files that make your phone slower.

Which are the best cleaning apps for Android?

List of the Best Cleaning Apps for Android.

1. Phone Cleaner App
2. Norton Clean App
3. Phone Master App
4. Files By Google App
5. KeepClean App
6. Avast Cleanup App
7. Smart Phone Cleaner App
8. Powerful Phone Cleaner App
9. Droid Optimizer App
10. AVG Cleaner App
11. 1Tap Cleaner App
12. CCleaner App
13. All-in-One Toolbox App

How do I deep clean my phone storage?

You can clean your phone storage using an Android cleaner app that Deletes the junk files and cache memory of your phone. There are many apps available; you can use the Files by google app to clear your phone storage easily.

It is easy to clean your phone using Files by Google App. Here we will guide you on how to clean your phone storage.

-Download The File By Google App from Google Play Store.
-Now, Open The App.
-When you open the app you will show various folders.
-Now, Select the file and folder which you want to delete.
-You will see your phone Storage bit clear now.

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