Top 10 Best Calorie Counter Apps In India

Hello Guys, if you want to fit, toned body and perfect calorie counter app, you are at the right place because here we will share some of the best calorie counter apps in India that accurately count the calories of each food and provides the detailed report of macros and micros.

In this lockdown, everyone, irrespective of their gender, put on weight. It has become very hard to do the same works that were done quickly before, and obesity affects our daily functioning. It is hard to lose weight without guidance, so we will look into the 10 Best Diet Apps and the Free Diet Plan App for easily losing excess weight at home.

So, lets begin the review of these best calories counter apps in India.

Best Calorie Counter Apps In India

In this post, we will review of the best calorie counter apps in India that are available on the google play store, everyone can download these apps for free.

#1. Calories Counter App By FatSecret

Best Calorie Calculator For Indian Food App

Calories Counter App By FatSecret, is the best Nutrients App that uses a calorie counter, and it is available for free to download; it was created by an Australian company named Aussie. This App can also keep track of your daily exercise routine and calorie intake and suggest you take the world’s best nutritional foods.

This App can be a better companion for you to get back into shape by helping you with selecting the best-balanced diet foods. if you do home work out then you can easily track your burning calories, it is best app for home workout.

Highlight Features of Calories Counter App  

  • Widget support: You can find your workout or diet flow within a glance, so you don’t have to access the App every time.
  • Exercise Diary: This exercise diary which helps you to keep track of your daily workout routine.
  • Exercise Tagging: You can tag your exercise like Jogging, Running, etc.
  • Food ideas: It also comes with excellent food recipes to make and consume.

Pros and Cons of Calories Counter App


Support 18 languages
Acts as a weight loss tracker.
Popup ads are not present in the App.
Recipes and meal ideas
Well Executed User Interface
Compactable with IOS.


The Premium version has more options.

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#2. Calorie Counter by Lose It! for Diet & Weight Loss

Best Calories Counter App in India

Calorie Counter by Lose It is the Best Calorie Calculator App in Indiawhich can help you to move on with a stable diet and help you achieve your weight loss goal. This App can keep track of your calorie intake.

It will suggest the best foods and exercises to follow to keep your weight at a constant and can also help you lose weight. You can download this Best Calorie Counter App Android from the play store for free. it is one of the best health apps in India.

Highlight Features of Calorie Counter by Lose It  

  • Barcode Scanning: You can scan the barcode of the food packets and track your calorie intake.
  • Snap a picture: You can take a picture of the food, and it will show you the calorie in it.
  • Nutrition Tracker: This option can help you take proper Nutrition that is required for your body.
  • Target set: This mode allows you to set your own target in weight loss.

Pros and Cons of Calorie Counter by Lose It


It comes with workout guides.
Customize your diet routine.
Sync with other fitness devices.
Track weight loss progress.
User Friendly Interface
Measure your sleep cycle.
Recipes for Keto diet, Vegan diet, Vegetarian diet


The App can crash rarely.
It contains ads.

#3. Calories in Food App – Best Calorie Counter App

Best Calorie Calculator For Indian Food App

Calories in food App is one of the best Calorie Calculator For Indian Food App, which can give you the accurate calorie intake details and energy quotient in every food item. It has a list of 8700 items, Both cooked and uncooked, which you can decide to eat according to your health goal.

the food items are differentiated based on their energy value, fat, protein, and carbohydrates in the table. The food items are also shown in the form of the list, which you can see the calories according to food. It is one of the Best Calorie Counter Apps in India.

Highlight Features of Calories in Food App  

  • Calorie analysis: This App analyzes every food item and its nutritional value for every 100 grams.
  • Target calorie: It allows you to target a correct balanced calorie intake.
  • Different food schedule: Different food scheduled allows you to have a proper diet with all requirements as the Best Diet Apps.
  • Classification: Food items are classified based on their nature and are easily assessable. 

Pros and Cons of Calories in Food App


More than 8700 foods to choose from.
Choose your favourite food list.
Get health notification.
Know the fat consumed.
User Friendly Interface


Every calorie calculation is based on 100 grams of the food.
It contains ads.

#4. YAZIO Calorie Counter & Intermittent Fasting App

Best Calorie Counter App Android

You can use the YAZIO Calories Counter to track your diet and weight loss, and it also comes with fasting methods to help you lose weight faster, and within few days, you can find your drag towards your goal and be ready to say goodbye to the old unhealthy diet tips and make the wise step by choosing the best Calorie Counting App, it also comes with the Best Calorie Calculator.

Highlight Features of YAZIO Calorie Counter & Intermittent Fasting App  

  • Food Tracker: This App can help you track nearly 4 million food items and choose between them.
  • Calorie Tracker: It allows you to track the calorie and enables you to determine the best diet.
  • Special fasting: You can also schedule your fasting through this App, and it comes with special one-time meal fasting.
  • Meal plans: Choose your meals, best tricks, and tips to lose calories. 

Pros and Cons of YAZIO Calorie Counter & Intermittent Fasting App


Vegan recipes list.
Better fasting analysis.
Track water intake per day.
Takes notes about your feelings and symptoms.
User Friendly Interface
Evaluate your progress.
Automatic activity tracking
Ads Free


Only paid version can analyze Nutrition.

#5. Calorie Counter App- MyNetDiary, Food Diary Tracker

Best Calories Counter App in India

Calorie Counter App is one of the best android health and fitness app in India, which is also used as a Calorie Counter And Diet Tracker. It comes with a nutrition assistant to help your body get all the required Nutrition through fewer calorie foods.

And this Best Nutrition Apps can help you lose weight without losing your health and lifestyle. You can lose nearly 12% of your total body weight in few months by following the procedures.

Highlight Features of Calorie Counter App

  • Scanner: This App can help you scan the food and analyze the food for Nutrition.
  • A timely reminder: This Nutrients App can remind you of your sleep cycle, weight gain, and blood pressure.
  • Nutrition Tracker: This App can help you track more than 40+ micro and macro Nutrition.
  • Exercise tracking: Track your exercise routine and helps to keep you in shape.

Pros and Cons of Calorie Counter App


More than 400+ recipes.
Works with other devices like Fitbit.
Customize diet as per your requirement.
Get accurate feedback.
Track calories, macros and micros
Tips on diet food
Ads Free


Little bit hard to understand

#6. MyPlate Calorie Tracker App – Best Calorie Counter App

Free Diet Plan App And Calories Counter

MyPlate Calories is the best Calorie Calculator For the Indian Food App; this App has a larger database of nearly 2 million food items to make your diet an easy go.

You can create customized food consuming pattern and allows you to keep track of your complete water intake. It allows you to get connected with the other persons who are going through their weight loss journey and keeps you motivated.

Also, you can set the reminder for meal in this calorie counter app, it is one of the best reminder apps for android.

Highlight Features of MyPlate Calorie Tracker App  

  • Custom exercise: Create your own customized exercise routine and set the number of calories you like to burn.
  • Real-time support: These Best Weight Loss Apps can provide you with real-time support and motivation.
  • Customer support team: For every member, the customer service responds with care and caution.
  • Water tracker: Track your daily water intake.

Pros and Cons of MyPlate Calorie Tracker App


Set meal reminders.
Track your workout data.
Manage nutrients consumption.
Choose your own diet system.
Track your heartbeat rate through devices.
User Friendly Interface
Ads Free


Paid members are given more priority.

#7. Macros App – Calorie Counter & Meal Planner

Best Calories Counter App in India

Macros App is the Best Weight Loss and diet planner Apps in India that can help you lose weight quickly at home, and you can also gain weight if you want.

It is one of the Best Calorie Counter App for Android that can be used by anyone who wants to get back into shape, and this App is both a Calorie Counter And Diet Tracker so you can track your weight loss and at the same time keep yourself fit.

Highlight Features of Macros App  

  • Food Database: These apps come with the data of more than 5 million food items.
  • Nutrition goal: Set the nutrition goal yourself.
  • Bodyweight tracking: Track your body weight through visual graph representation.
  • Food list: Access the food list easily, and it allows you to have multiple meals each day.

Pros and Cons of Macros App


Sync with IOS devices.
Artificial Intelligent system to help in weight loss.
Manage your diet.
Track water intake and weight gain.
Set low and high-calorie days.
User Friendly Interface


Paid version has more options than free the version.
It contains ads.

#8. SmartDiet Planner App – Indian Diet Plan, Weight loss

Best Free Diet Plan App For Android

SmartDiet Planner is an AI-powered Best Weight Loss Apps, it comes with advice from world-class nutritionists, and it can help you manage your weight.

This App can plan your daily calorie intake normally, and you can forget the old manual way thanks to the AI system in this Calorie Counting App. It can help you adopt a better and perfectly healthy life based on your own food intake.

Highlight Features of SmartDiet Planner App  

  • Diet plan: • this diet planner breaks down your diet plan as per the distribution of calories in the meals.
  • Auto analysis: When you select any food item, it automatically analyze all the data in the food.
  • BMI planner: It gives you the perfect plan for weight loss without changing your habits.
  • Alter diet: You can alter your diet list whenever you want to change.

Pros and Cons of SmartDiet Planner App


Adaptive to our lifestyle.
Manage diet with any health condition.
Analyze the nutritional value of foods.
AI-powered smart diet planner
Personalized weight loss solution.
User Friendly Interface


Paid version is expensive.

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#9. Calories, Carb & Fat Counter App

Best Calories Counter App in India

Calories, Carb & Fat Counter, is the best App to make you live a healthy life as it helps with different problems like losing and gaining weight.

This App is the Best Calorie Counter App for Android as it can take into account all the calories consumed by you and analyze the data based on your meals.

The best thing about this free Calories Burned App is that you can earn a reward for following the diet plan.

Highlight Features of Calories, Carb & Fat Counter App  

  • Expert Analysis: • The food consumed and the data are checked by experts.
  • Create your own diet: You can select your desired diet and follow the suggestions to lose weight.
  • Weight percentage tracker: Keep track of the percentage of weight that you have burned from your goal.
  • Fitness Collaboration: This App is collaborated with several fitness gyms and trainers to provide excellent results.

Pros and Cons of Calories, Carb & Fat Counter App


Best Calorie, Carb & Fat Counter
It comes with a virtual gym.
Keep track of your weight loss and gain.
Animated exercise plans.
Complete workout sessions.
User Friendly Interface


Server gets overloaded sometimes, showing wrong data.
It contains ads.

#10. Diety App- Diet Plan, Calorie Counter, Weight Loss

Best Diet Plan And Nutrition App

Diety App is the Best Calorie Counter App India and the main focus of the App is to get fit naturally through food. This is one of the Best Nutrition Apps for getting the perfect data of your body’s nutrient intake.

This App is built for both men and women, and this App is the most accurate Calorie Counter And Diet Tracker app that gives positive results.

Highlight Features of Diety App

  • Track Calorie: You can track your calorie intake easily as per your meals.
  • Personalized diet plan: Select your own diet plan and achieve results in few weeks.
  • Recipes: It comes with millions of recipes to make and consume.
  • Fitness tracker: This App can track your fitness and help you throughout your weight loss journey.

Pros and Cons of Diety App


Keep track of water intake.
Customized diet plans.
Create your own meals schedule for a calorie counter.
Data over large varieties of food items.
User Friendly Interface
Calculate daily nutrients consumed.
Best calorie counter app


Paid version has some activation problems.

Final Words

Everyone wants to be in shape, but it is not possible to get fit easily; with these Best Calorie Counter Apps in India, you can lose weight easily at home without any pieces of equipment. This Calorie Calculator For Indian Food Apps can be used to get all the information about the food that is consumed.

So, friends here Best Calorie Counter Apps review ends here, we hope you like this review.

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