Top 10 Best Keto Diet Apps For Android

Hello friends, if you want a slim and fit body shape, then you can try the keto diet app; They will provide low carb diet which helps to reduce fat quickly, but if you don’t know about these apps, don’t worry; here we will share some of the best keto diet apps for android which are available on the Google Play Store for free. They provide free keto recipes and diet plans.

So, let’s begin the review of these best keto diet apps for android.

Best Keto Diet Apps For Android

In this post, we will review some of the best keto diet apps for android that are available on the google play store, and you can download these apps for free and get keto diet recipes and pre-build diet plans.

Also, we will share the highlighted features, pros and cons of these keto diet apps for a better understanding that gives you a better idea about the app.

Also, let me tell you one thing that the name of the apps changes many times; To save time, you can download directly from the given button.

#1. Carb Manager App: Keto Diet App & Macros Tracker

Best Free Keto Diet App for Android

Carb Manager is so more than just a macro carb tracker; and it is one of the Best Free Keto Diet Apps for android. It comes with the most advanced food tracker in the industry to be used as the Best App For Keto Diet, and it comes with AI image recognition technology.

You can follow a low carb diet or Ketosis with this macro carb calculator, which can automatically track your fat, carbs, and protein intake with limit alerts to prevent over carb intake. you can take of your health with this app, it is one of the best health apps in India.

Highlight Features of Carb Manager App  

  • Food Dairy: This feature helps you to have your own food diary and keep track of calorie intake.
  • Calorie Counter: use the calorie counter and set limits based on your weight loss goals.
  • Connect Your Friend: Connect with your friends to weight loss community and share your progress.
  • AI Analysis: Automated food analysis with just a picture of the food item in this Keto Diet Apps.

Pros and Cons of Carb Manager App


Track water consumption.
Track your exercise routine.
Calculate keto intake.
Recipes and meal ideas
Personalized keto meal planner.
Predict weight loss.


The subscription will get renewed automatically.

#2. Keto Manager App: Keto Diet Tracker & Carb Counter App

Best Carb Manager Ketogenic Diet App

Keto Manager is the best Keto Diet Apps, and it is an all-in-one app for living a healthy life with only a low-carb diet; and this Ketogenic Diet Planner App can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

You can also access the keto data or analysis with just one tap, and this can act as both the guide and planner for your weight loss journey. It can track your daily workout; if you use any workout app, then it will provide accurate data about your progress.

Highlight Features of Keto Manager App 

  • Voice Search: This feature helps you to search for everything you need in the App with just your voice.
  • Gain and lose: Use this App to both lose and gain weight without worrying about your health.
  • Guide: This App comes with an expert guide to guide you towards your keto diet goals.
  • Diabetes management: This App is also suitable for people with other ailments like diabetes.

Pros and Cons of Keto Manager App


Low Carb diet information.
Track your exercise.
Keep track of nutrition.
Automated macro carb calculator.
User friendly interface
Help you track blood sugar levels.


The cost for a premium upgrade is high.

#3. Keto Carb Counter Diet Manager: Carb Manager App

Best Free Keto Diet App for Android

Keto carb counter diet manager is the Best Keto Diet App for Free that comes with recipes and can track your calorie and carbohydrate intake. it has nearly 1000 keto recipes to choose from.

Also, it can keep proper track of your exercise routine and can help you access diet resource with this App. you can achieve your weight loss goal in few months with this Best Free Keto Diet App.

You can use the best calorie counter app to track your daily calorie intake and get a better diet according to your fitness goals.

Highlight Features of Keto Carb Counter Diet Manager  

  • Recipes: This apps comes with more than 1000 keto recipes to choose from.
  • Beginner’s diet: This option helps beginners to achieve the perfect keto diet from the beginning.
  • Shop list: This App allows you to add the ingredients to the shop lists and makes the purchase of ingredients easy.
  • Macro Carb Tracking: This App can track your daily carbohydrate consumption even at the macro level.

Pros and Cons of Keto Carb Counter Diet Manager


Customized meal plans.
Track your exercise schedule.
Reduces overeating.
Increases protein intake.
User friendly interface
Reduce carb consumption.


App Update resets the schedule.

#4. – Keto diet tracker

Best Carb Manager Ketogenic Diet App is one of the best Carb Manager and Keto Diet App for tracking your nutrition intake during a low-carb diet. This is one of the best free Keto Diet Apps which can help you stay within the carb consumption limit to be in the state of Ketosis. 

Whether you want to lose weight, maintain weight or gain weight, this App will help you. You can track the calories that are burned, and you can make changes as per your requirement.

Highlight Features of

  • Customized recipes: This helps you follow the desired recipes and increase your meals from 3 big ones to 5 small ones.
  • Food Avoider: This option is the best to prevent yourself from eating unhealthy fatty foods.
  • Alcohol extinguisher: This App will remove all food items that contain alcohol from your diet.
  • Access FAQ: The FAQ mode can help you know about all the difficulties faced during a keto diet.

Pros and Cons of


Huge food database.
Track water consumption.
Barcode scanner for foods.
Track your nutrition intake.
User friendly interface
Examine your calorie intake.


To add more meals require a subscription.

#5. Stupid Simple Keto App- Low Carb Diet Tracking App

Best Free Keto Diet App for Android

Most people fail to follow low carbohydrate diets due to their carving for tasty meals that ruin their overall progress. 

The stupid Simple Keto app is the Ketogenic Diet Plan App that can help to avoid unwanted carbohydrates consumption so that you can finally succeed in your keto diet plan. 

When the correct food is consumed in the right quantity, it will automatically promote weight loss through this one-of-a-kind Keto Diet Apps.

Highlight Features of Stupid Simple Keto App  

  • Daily Tracking: This App comes with the best daily tracker to track your carb intake and diet.
  • Warnings: This App will warn you at times when your daily limit of carbs reaches limit.
  • Selfie Progress: This App comes with a selfie tracker so that you won’t be able to cheat the keto diet easily.
  • Custom meals: This App allows you to add your own custom meal list.

Pros and Cons of Stupid Simple Keto App


Sync between different devices.
Conserve calories for special incidents.
Learn new habits.
Track your water consumption.
User friendly interface
Review food items easily.


It doesn’t have some sugar-free foods on the list.

#6. Lazy Keto App – Easy Low Carb Keto Diet Recipes

Best Carb Manager Ketogenic Diet App

Lazy keto is one of the best Keto Diet Apps; This Carb Manager Keto Diet App can help you get fit and also improves your health. It is the perfect App for the keto diet as it teaches everything from the beginning so that you can become an expert.

As per the research conducted on a diet followed in this App, it is proved to improve mood, can also reduce your blood pressure, and can prevent heart ailments.

Highlight Features of Lazy Keto App  

  • Recipes: This App can help you follow your own diet irrespective of vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
  • Health benefit: It also has major health benefits like preventing heart problems and maintaining.
  • Picture Recipes: Unlike other Ketogenic Diet Plan App, this App has pictures with all recipes.
  • Exotic recipes: This App has some special and exotic healthy recipes to try.

Pros and Cons of Lazy Keto App


Search ingredients for the recipe.
Many favorite recipes.
Keto recipes are added daily.
Improves your overall health.
User friendly interface
Best Keto analysis.


Many ads in this App.

#7. Diet Doctor Eat App— low-carb & keto recipes

Best Free Keto Diet App for Android

Diet Doctor Eat App is the Best Free Keto Diet App, and it’s one of the world’s best App. The goal on which the App was created is to empower everyone on their fitness journey.

In this Best Keto Diet App Free so that you can use it for free without spending money and achieve your weight loss goals, this Ketogenic Diet Plan App is already used by millions due to its benefits.

Highlight Features of Diet Doctor Eat App  

  • Personalized plans: Let the App know your weight loss goal, and it will choose your diet.
  • Tested by doctors: More than 120 doctors have tested this diet plan and assure results.
  • Shopping list: This shopping list option works marvelously, and it can also be used offline.
  • Languages: This App is available in three languages like Spanish, English, and Swedish.

Pros and Cons of Diet Doctor Eat App


1000+ low carb recipes.
Meal planner setting.
User-friendly interface.
Works both online and offline.
Best weight loss recommendations.
Best Keto Diet App.


Cannot cancel membership if brought.

#8. Keto Recipes App: Easy Keto Low Carb Recipes

Best Carb Manager Ketogenic Diet App

Keto Recipes is the Best Free Keto Diet App was created by Recipeno, and it can be used even when it is not connected to the internet. There are many keto recipes available on this app which you can access for free.

This is the best App for following your keto diet without any flaws, and this Ketogenic Diet Plan App is the most fantastic app that helps you to follow the best keto diet without worrying about your health.

Highlight Features of Keto Recipes App

  • Keto Recipes: This App helps you to choose from several keto recipes.
  • Fat percentage: This feature helps you keep a note of the percentage of total fat burning.
  • Browse recipe: This option helps you to browse and choose different recipes.
  • Offline access: You can use this App offline and follow your keto diet.

Pros and Cons of Keto Recipes App


More recipes are added each day.
Keep note of the keto recipe.
Calculate personal keto diet.
Improves your overall health.
User friendly interface
View recipe cooking time.


For Pro Recipes, you need to get a subscription.

#9. KetoDiet App: Keto Diet App Tracker, Planner & Recipes

Best Free Keto Diet App for Android

Keto Diet App is the best Carb Manager and Keto Diet App, and this App is not about only losing weight. It is about both losing weight and adapting to a better healthy lifestyle.

It is proven to improve both type 2 diabetes and blood pressure level. This Best App For Keto Diet can help you achieve your goals without losing your appetite, and there is no need for skipping meals.

Highlight Features of KetoDiet App  

  • Expert Advice: This App comes with the expert advice option to help beginners.
  • Reliable source: All data that is available on foods are from various reliable sources.
  • Privacy: The information you add in this App about you will be kept secure and will never be sold.
  • Set limit: you can set the limit for carbohydrates intake and can also set carb goals.

Pros and Cons of KetoDiet App


Find unique recipes.
Select food serving size.
Build-in keto calculator.
Improves your overall health.
User friendly interface
Track your progress.


When you switch phones, data will be reset.

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#10. Keto Diet Weight loss Plan App

Best Carb Manager Ketogenic Diet App

Keto Diet Weight loss plan App is an exclusive Best Keto Diet App for Free the gives you all the required pieces of information to follow the Ketogenic Diet low carb program. 

Learn from experts, and it will help you not miss your keto diet at any instance and this can help your health too.

this App allows you to make your keto meal. This can also perform the function of the Carb Manager Keto Diet App and helps you maintain weight.

Highlight Features of Keto Diet Weight loss Plan App  

  • Information: This App gives you all the required information so that you can follow a better keto diet.
  • Shop list: This App also comes with a shop list so that you can input the ingredients that you like to buy.
  • Own recipes: This App allows you to make your own keto recipe.
  • One-week planner: you can use the one-week meal planer to decide the food consumption per week.

Pros and Cons of Keto Diet Weight loss Plan App


Healthy diet program.
Daily recipe updates.
Helps people with health issues.
Improves heart function.
User friendly interface
Secure your diet goal.
Tips for healthy lifestyle


Too many ads.

Final Words

We all want to be a fit and healthy body today, and it is impossible to be fit without a workout and balanced diet; But with these best keto diet apps for Android, you can lose weight quickly at home without any high-intensity training. If you follow a keto diet regular, you can get a fit body shape within a few days; There are many keto diet plans and recipes free in these apps.

So, friends, the Best keto diet Apps for android review ends here; we hope you like this review. If you find any app suitable in this review, then download it from the google play store for free.

If you like this article, then do comment and follow us on social media.

Heartfelt thanks for reading!

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