Top 6 Amazing Ludo Games in India That Everyone Should Enjoy

Hello friends, you will laugh at us if we say that you can play Ludo on your phone, but it is true. Now, you can play Ludo games on your phone as many Ludo games are available on the Google play store. Here we will share some of the best Ludo games for Android that you can play with your friends or play online.

Ludo is a game that reminds everyone of their childhoods. Since the past lockdown, many Ludo games for playing with people worldwide have been developed. Ludo games have been extensively played in India. It’s a game that never lets us get bored. That is why today, we have reviewed some of the best ludo game available in India.

So here is the list of best ludo games for android

Best Ludo Games in India

So, let’s start the review of these best Ludo games for Android. In this post, we will review some of the famous mobile Ludo games. Also, we will share its features and pros and cons for better understanding.

#1. Ludo Kind

Ludo King logo
Best Ludo Game for Android

Ludo king is the most popular and the best ludo game available in 2021. It has been advertised the most by some of the renowned actors and singers. It has an amazing design which make it very attractive.

In app purchases can be made for different themes, coins and many more. You can create your own room and send the code to your friends by WhatsApp or any other source.

They can join the room and you can play and chat together. You can also Host a game or view your other friends playing without actually playing the game.

It is the best multiplayer game for android users. You can download this game from Play store directly or by clicking on the link provided below. 

Highlight Features of Ludo King

  • Play with friends: You can create your own room and send the code with your friends and family. .
  • Play Online: By choosing this option, the players can play with 2 or 4 or 5 or 6 player games with anyone around the world.
  • Inbuilt Snake and Ladder: You can play Snake and Ladder here just like you play ludo. The features are same here.

Pros and Cons of Ludo King


Great layout and functions smoothly
Login with Facebook to save your progress.
Snack and Ladder Game
Multiple playing modes and options available


Frequent Ads
Biased sometimes

#2. Ludo Superstar

Best Multiplayer Ludo Game

Ludo Superstar is another best ludo game with a multiplayer option. This app has also got some amazing features like Ludo King. A super cool design with an option for in-app purchases is provided here. It has amazing features like live match, play with computer and chat while playing.

You can download this game from the Google Play store or by clicking on the button below directly. It is one of the best games for android that achieves the best ratings and millions of downloads.

Highlight Features of Ludo Superstar

  • Chat while playing: Chat with your friends while playing this multiplayer ludo game.
  • Live Match: Play live against any person from the whole world. Select the mode, the number of coins you want to bet, and start playing.
  • Team up: It’s a quite different feature. Team up in two and play against the other two players together as a team.
  • Play against computer: Play against computer offline also. There’s no need of internet connection to play against the computer and raise your coins.

Pros and Cons of Ludo Superstar


Easy to understand design
Chat other players
Play offline with your friends locally or against the computer.
Play in teams


It contain Ads.
Play in leagues only after clearing level 4

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#3. Ludo

Ludo Game Logo
Best Ludo Game for Android

Ludo, once again a simple yet amazing ludo game app. It has a simple design which helps to understand the app and it’s functioning easily. Though the options are less, it is still a nice app to play ludo with your friends and family.

This ludo game supports many languages. Download the app directly by clicking on the button below or get it from Play store for free.

Highlight Features of Ludo

  • Play against computer: You can use this feature to practice or play when offline.
  • Play local: Play a 2player or 3 player or 4 player games locally with your friends and family.
  • Different Languages: The app is available in 8 different languages which are English, Hindi, Nepali, Le Francais, Portugues, Arabic, Espanola, Bahasa Indonesia.

Pros and Cons of Ludo


Simple design
Multi-language Support
Easy to use app
Play against computer


Can’t play online worldwide
Less features and options as compared to other Ludo games

#4. Ludo Club

Ludo Club Logo
Play Ludo Game Online Multiplayer

Ludo club is another best ludo game available for android. It has a simple yet classy design that makes it easy to understand and play as well. It has many different features like piggy bank, inventory, store from where in app purchases can be done.

If you like this game then Download this game for free from play store. it is one of the best and famous ludo multiplayer game in India.

Highlight Features of Ludo Club

  • Online: Play online with people from around the world anytime and anywhere. 
  • 2 vs 2: Play in a team of 2 people against other 2 people to win the game and coins too.
  • Local: Play locally with your friends of family just like the days, when you used to play it on board.
  • Computer: Play against computer to practice or to win coins or when you are offline.
  • Friends: Create or join the room with your friends and play as a single player or 2 vs 2 players.
  • Inventory: Watch some ads to unlock various things from the inventory like different dices, emojis and frames.

Pros and Cons of Ludo Club


Login with Facebook to save your progress and restore it on any device.
Game can be played in different languages.
Play online or offline
Check your ranking among other players.


Frequent Ads
You can only use some features when you connect the app with your Facebook account.

#5. Ludo Master

Ludo Master logo
Online Ludo Game in India

 Ludo Master is one of the best ludo games available for android. An easy-to-understand design with many features like Ludo King and other ludo games. You get free coins everyday while checking in and also every time you complete a task.

You can check your achievements in that section too. The features here are a lot similar like Ludo king. You can download the game directly from the play store or from the button provided below.

Highlight Features of Ludo Master

  • Play against Computer: Play against computer to increase your skills and also to increase your coins.
  • Local Multiplayer: Get to play with your friends or family locally, just like old times when you played this game on board.
  • Online Multiplayer: Play ludo online with random people from the world in a 2 player or 4 player games.
  • Play with friends: Create your own room or join those created by your friends to play with them anytime and anywhere.
  • Snake And Ladder: Inbuilt snake and ladder provides you a change, in case you don’t want to play ludo anymore.

Pros and Cons of Ludo Master


Easy and attractive layout.
Connect your Facebook account to save the progress
Snack and Ladder Game
Many levels and features to make the game interesting.


You have to clear some levels to unlock some modes.
Too many Ads

#6. Ludo Champion

Ludo Champion Logo
Best Ludo Game for Android

Ludo Champion is the best ludo games available for Android. It not only has ludo and snake and ladder, but also many other games too. So, if you get bored of any of them, you always have some other game to play.

You can easily download this game from the google play store or download it by clicking on the button below. It has many features like multiplayer, online paying, and online chatting while playing.

Highlight Features of Ludo Champion

  • Many Games: This app not only has Ludo and snake and ladder but also other games like tic-tac-toe.
  • Easy to use: It’s simple and handy design makes it easy to use and understand.

Pros and Cons of Ludo Champion


Simple yet attractive layout
Many Games to play
Multiple playing modes


Frequent Ads
Though it has many games, the other features like themes etc. are not present.

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Final Words

Ludo is a game that anyone can play. There’s no need to learn anything to play it. It gives you the happiness or relaxation that you might need after a tiring day. It also gives you a chance to refresh those old school memories.

These were some of the best ludo games that are available in 2021. All these games are available on the google play store. Now it’s your turn to pick any best ludo game and start playing with friends and online players.

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Heartfelt thanks for reading!

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