Top 12 Best and Secured Browser For Android In India

Hello Guys, if you are searching for the best web browser, then you are at the right place because here we will share some of the best browsers for android mobiles that are available on the google play store, and you can download them easily.

Most peoples want secure web browsers to surf the internet, so they search for the best browsers. Also, they need a fast and private browser where nobody knows what they surf; that is why they want a suitable and reliable browser for android mobiles.

To solve this problem, we will prepare the list of the top 12 best browsers that are easy to use and have a simple user interface.

S, let’s start the review of these best browsers for android in India.

Best Browser For Android In India

In this post, we will review the top 12 best browsers for android mobiles that are free to use and provide complete protection. Also, we will explore some unique features and pros, and cons of these web browsers.

#1. Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

Best Browser For Android In India

Google Chrome is the best browser for Android in India. This browser is developed by Google. So, this is the most popular Browser all over the world. Most Android phones come with a pre-installed Chrome browser. And many users download it knowing its best features.

There are approximately 5 billion users of google chrome. Moreover, this Browser is simple and well designed. So, this is easy to use. Along with this, the sync between Google chrome desktop and mobile works very well. 

Highlight Features of Google Chrome

  • Control your safety:-  Google chrome can keep you safe and secure. So, you don’t have to worry about safety because it gets updated in six weeks. 
  • Visual history:- Google Chrome can show you a thumbnail image of that web page which you are searching in the history. 
  • Use multiple tabs:- You can use multiple tabs together when surfing the internet on another tab.

Pros and Cons of Google Chrome


High-speed browser
It can Sync Across Devices
Voice Search
Easy to use
Incognito Mode


High memory usage
Changing Default Browser

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#2. Firefox Browser: fast, private & safe web browser

Best Browser For Android Mobile

Mozilla’s Firefox browser is a popular and the best browser for Android. When you search for the top Android browsers, then you will find Firefox browser one of them. This is the strong alternative when you want to avoid Google apps. This app will help you to prevent slowing down your internet speed because it can block more than 2000 trackers. 

Highlight Features of Firefox Browser

  • Adblocking:- Firefox browser is the best Android browser that can block unwanted ads. 
  • Share link:- You can share links easily on any social media like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.
  • Private browser:- Firefox can secure your protection. It offered private browsing and enhanced your tracking Protection. 

Pros and Cons of Firefox Browser


Fast speed browser
It can Sync Across Devices
Robust extension support
Easy to use
Adblocker feature
Customize homepage with addons


Consume High memory
Compatibility issues

#3. Microsoft Edge: Web Browser

Best Android Browser in India

Microsoft Edge is the best internet browser for android mobile that can help you browse the internet by maintaining your privacy. You can sync with passwords, bookmarks, and history with the help of this internet browser Android. As well as, you can browse on the desktop version from the mobile version. 

Highlight Features of Microsoft Edge

  • Work efficiently:- Microsoft Edge is a browser that provides the facility of managing your tabs on the side with a single click. 
  • Block ad:-  Microsoft Edge can block unwanted advertisements. 
  • Storage free:- Microsoft edge is the top browser app that does not store cookies, autofill information, history, and temporary files on your device. 
  • Install Websites as Apps:- Microsoft Edge can make it simple to manage frequently used websites by installing them as apps. 

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Edge


It can Sync Across Devices
Super-smooth scrolling
Easy to use
Distraction-free reading 
Save time with smart copy


High memory usage
lack of extensions
Slower than another alternative

#4. Opera Browser with free VPN

Best Browser For Android In India

Opera Browser with free VPN is also the most popular best browser for Android.  This is a very fast and data saving internet browser app. It can sync with the desktop version.

Opera autofill you details, and have a native adblocker. And it supports multiple platforms. Opera with a free VPN can enhance your privacy.

Highlight Features of Opera Browser

  • Discover personalised news:- Opera browser with free VPN is the best browser for Android Mobile. So, it can discover personalised news. 
  • Keep your connection:- Opera browser high-speed speed browser with Off-Road mode.
  • Manage your download:- With the Opera browser, you can start, stop, resume, save and rename downloads. 
  • Increased online privacy:- When users enable the built-in VPN in opera. Then users can create a private connection between their mobile and a remote VPN. 

Pros and Cons of Opera Browser


High-speed browser
It can Sync Across Devices
Data Saver
Free VPN
Easy to use


Extensions are not easy to find
Interface feels confusing

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#5. Samsung internet browser

Best Android Browser in India

If you are looking for the best browser for Android in India, then you must install the Samsung internet browser because it is considered the best browser for Android mobile. Therefore, it comes with several extensions pre-installed, like closeby mode. 

From this, you can access information about your nearby places and surroundings. Although, it has a QR reader with a quick menu. That is why it comes in the list of top browser apps. 

Highlight Features of Samsung internet browser

  • Quick Menu: Samsung internet browsers have quick menus. Which can be very easy for users of Samsung internet browsers.T his places a button near the bottom of the screen. 
  • Night mode:  Samsung internet browser android is the best browser for Android mobile, and it provides a night mode feature to simplify, care for your eyes. 

Pros and Cons of Samsung internet browser


High-speed browser
Night Mode
Quick Menu System
Easy to use
Adblocker available


No secure incognito mode 

#6. Opera mini – fast web browser

Best Browser For Android Mobile

Opera mini- fast web browser is the best android browser. Although, it is a lighter browser that contains less data while using it. Moreover, it saves 90% of your data. Opera Mini is the top browser app in India. Also, it has an offline reading mode and an ad blocker. 

Therefore, it includes games and news feeds related to your interest. Additionally, theme and so on. Opera mini is the fast web browser for android mobiles. To conclude, you can install it easily. Although, it is reliable and safe because it is the best browser for Android in India. 

Highlight Features of Opera mini

  • Adblocker- running apps and facing advertisements are quite irritating. That is why opera mini offers ad blocker features. Users love to use it. 
  • Offline reading mode-  here in this app, you can download your data, page and nobles and read it offline. 
  • Gaming news feed- Opera mini is on the list of the top browser apps because this will provide you with a gaming news feed. 

Pros and Cons of Opera mini


High-speed browser
Data Saver mode
Offline Reading mode
Light web browser
Ad blocker


No theme changing 
Hard to use

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#7. JioPages: Faster, Safer & Simply Yours Web Browser

Best Browser For Android in India

Jio pages Browser is the Indian newly launched web browser. Above all, first Indian web browsers. Jio pages provide high security to their users. Although, it is the best internet browser on android.  Alsoyou can choose your regional language according to your region. 

This top browser app provides you with a download manager, voice search and QR code scanner, and incognito mode. This user can secure it with a pin. Now, browse without disturbance. Hence, jio pages are the best browsers for Android mobile. 

Highlight Features of JioPages

  • QR code scanner- All browsers for Android don’t have a QR code scanner, But Jio pages have QR code scanners. 
  • In-built Adblocker: Enjoy web surfing without ads to enable adblocker mode.
  • Flash Player Support: Users can watch videos, listen to songs and open files using adobe flash player.
  • Download Manager: it has a download manager so you can manage all downloaded files easily.

Pros and Cons of JioPages


Fast speed browser
Secure incognito mode 
Choose your regional language. 
Ads Blocker
Easy to use


Overburden with features
little tough to use

#8. Tor Browser: Official, Private, & Secure

Best Browser For Android Mobile

Tor browser is the top-rated android browser in India. It is the best alternative to Mozilla Firefox and chrome browser. Also, you get similar features in tor browser.

Although, it is the most secure app in the list of best browsers for Android in India.  Moreover, the Tor browser blocks tracking, so you can visit any website ads that can not follow you, and after the checkout, this browser automatically cleans all the cookies. 

Highlight Features of Tor Browser

  • Automatically cookies cleaner-  this best android browser will automatically clean your cookies. To clarify, you don’t need to waste time cleaning up cookies. 
  • Third-party trackers– It has third party trackers that block the tracing. In simple words, it helps isolate each website you visit.
  • Multilevel Encryption- it is secure and provides multilayer protection to its users.

Pros and Cons of Tor Browser


High-speed browser
Tracking Blocker
Auto cookies cleaner
Simple user interface
Multilevel encryption
Hide availability


No offline reading mode available
No night mode

#9. Dolphin Web Browser–Fast Private Internet Search

Best Browser For Android In India

Dolphin browser is the best browser for android mobiles. Because it provides the best internet surfing experience, this browser has many features that make it the best android web browser: fast loading speed, HTML 5 video player, ad-blocker, anonymous browsing, flash player, and many more.

Dolphin browser is one of the best internet browsers for android in India. Furthermore, you can use multiple tabs, block popup ads and do private browsing without any security issue.

Highlight Features of Dolphin Web Browser

  • Multiple tabs: This best android browser have multiple tabs bars. so, you can do multitasking, watch movies, learning and personalized searches. 
  • Flash player Support: Dolphin browser offers dolphin video, Dailymotion, Vimeo videos and you can stream online content. 
  • Various themes available: Users can change themes According to their need. 
  • Ad blocker: It has ads blocker which provides ads free experience.

Pros and Cons of Dolphin Web Browser


Fast web browser
Allow to Change the themes
Incognito and private browsing system 
Easy to use interface
Quick share Available


High memory usage

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#10. DuckDuckGo privacy browser 

Best Android Browser in India

Those who want to be over-possessive with privacy should use the DuckDuckGo privacy browser. It is the best web search engine worldwide. Furthermore, DuckDuckGo will keep your privacy secure and protected. It is one of the best browsers for Android has a simple UI along with light browsing. 

Furthermore, it has an android built-in rendering engine, and it is a smart browser for Android. So, you can consider it as an alternative to the chrome web browser. This internet browser provides light and dark themes. Hence, you can choose what you like. Consequently, clear all tabs and data shortcuts. 

Highlight Features of DuckDuckGo privacy browser

  • Protection is all above- this best internet browser gives you protection on your privacy. It is the most secure and the best android browser. 
  • Alternative to chrome- DuckDuckGo is an alternative to chrome. Hence, perform features like data shortcuts clear with one tap, No time wasting in clearing all tabs. To conclude, it is the best among all browsers for Android. 
  • Light and Dark Mode: It has the light and dark mode for better focus.
  • Block Trackers Feature: it can hide your visibility when you check out the website and no one trace you.

Pros and Cons of DuckDuckGo privacy browser


High-speed browser
Android built-in rendering engine
Light and Dark Mode
Easy to use
Avoid online tracking


No extension, no customisation 
No desktop sync support available

#11. Brave Private Browser: Secure, fast web browser 

Best Android Browser in India

Brave browser is one of the best browsers for Android. The reason is its chromium web browser built-in. So, the user interface ( UI) of Brave browser is Similar to The chrome browser. However, chrome is considered the best browser for Android in India.

Brave Browser is the best among all browsers for Android. The homepage of the top browser app is more appealing. Although, it shows different wallpapers every time Whenever you open a new tab. So, try it out for a new experience. 

Highlight Features of Brave Private Browser

  • User interface- Easy and simple user interface, For users’ needs Similarly like chrome browser. 
  • The toolbar at the bottom- the best android browser has a toolbar at the bottom is so appealing because of its easy navigation. 
  • Appealing homepage-  it has the most appealing homepage. Thus, it is the best browser for Android mobiles in India. 

Pros and Cons of Brave Private Browser


Simple and clean homepage
Fast and Secure Web Browser
Battery Saving Mode
Easy to use interface
Adblocker feature


No advance features 
No availability of theme Change

#12. Puffin web browser

Best Browser For Android In India

Puffin web browser is the fastest web search engine. However, it uses an external cloud server to do the engaging. Furthermore, many features are available in the top browser app. 

Puffin web browser is an alternative to Google Chrome. The best browser for Android in India supports Adobe flash for a multimedia experience. 

Highlight Features of Puffin web browser

  • Mouse cursor emulation: the best browsing app for Android has mouse cursor emulation. Along with the Virtual Games pad provider.
  • Protected: the best puffin web browsers are conserved and encrypted. 
  • Flash Player: It has a flash player for live streaming of songs and videos.
  • Ad Blocker Included: This Top Browser App has an ads blocker feature that provides an ad-free experience.

Pros and Cons of Puffin web browser


High-speed browser
Saves 90% of your data while surfing internet
Data will be protected and encrypted
Easy to use interface
Flash Player available
Mobile and desktop modes for a complete web experience


Ban in some countries 
No theme provider as per user choice.

Final Words

So Guys, the review of the top 12 best browsers for the android end here. We hope you liked this review related to the best browsers. All these browsers are available on the google play store, and you can download them easily.

If you have any queries related to this article, then do comment and if you like this article, check out more articles on our website.

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