Top 8 Fantastic Rhythm Games for Android

Hello Friends, if you are feeling low or depressed due to pendimic, then you can try rhythm games to refresh your mood. Yes, music games are very entertaining and funny. That is why here we will review some of the best rhythm games for android that you can play on your phone for free and have fun with these games.

If your mind is not calm, then music brings you great relief. And if you get the musical sound of music while playing the game, what can be better than this? Your android mobile gives you the chance to play many musical instruments while playing the game.

That is why we recommend you to play these best rhythm games once, and enjoy the game with music. they will relax your mind and calm your brain, and also, get through your anxiety for some time.

Although there are many rhythm games on Android, we have brought you the best rhythm games among them.

So, let’s start the review of these best rhythm games.

Best Rhythm Games for Android

In this article, we will review the top 8 rhythm games one by one and share all the valuable information. Also, we will share highlighted features and playing experiences of these games for better understanding. Moreover, all these games are free and available on the google play store.

#1. Magic Tiles 3

Best Rhythm Game Android

Magic Tiles 3 is an android rhythm game in which musical notes keep falling on the screen very fast.  You have to tap all the tiles. If you miss to tap any of the notes, this game takes you to the very beginning.

Magic Tiles 3 is at the forefront of rhythm based games. The graphics and sound quality of this game are excellent, it is also a great test of your cognitive skills. it is one of the best android games in 2021.

Highlight Features of Magic Tiles 3 Game

  • Android and iOS :– This game was first available for Android, then later it came to iOS as well.
  • Music and Song :- Many varieties of music and songs make it very attractive.
  • Tournament :- In this game you can play tournaments and challenge any individual also. 

Playing experience in Magic Tiles 3 Game

Magic Tiles 3 game has great fun for both kids and adults. You keep playing while challenging the best players of the world, it is very enjoyable.By typing the will that appears in the game, you get suggestions for the challenges ahead. You can also share your score and capture video of your game. 

#2. Drum Solo HD – The best drumming game

Best Music Band Game for Android

Drum Solo HD is the best android rhythm game for drum lovers. This game also gives you the option to record your composition.  You can also listen to your composition whenever you want.  You can export your composition in mp3 format.

It also provides different lessons to learn playing drums which is great fun. Drum Sl Hd is very delightful for children, drummers and musicians. This game requires very little memory so I highly recommend it.

Highlight Features of Drum Solo HD Game

  • High no of demo:- There are many demos in this game so that you can learn to play the drums.
  • Audio Packs:- choose any audio pack among Classic rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz and Synthesizer.
  • Record:- double your experience by recording your composition.

Playing experience in Drum Solo HD Game

Drum solo HD enables you to  share your recordings with friends.You can also play the drum on your favorite songs.This game has multitouch drums and 20 fingers can be used simultaneously.  Stereosound of this game is very good. Loading time of this game is very less. It has 11 touch sensitive pads. 

#3. Arcaea – New Dimension Rhythm Game

Top Free Rhythm Game

Arcaea is one of the best and free rhythm game. The problem with fans of rhythm based games has always been a very attractive game. But to end this, I have brought a very good game for you named Arcaea.

Some people have a habit of listening and playing a song for a long time. If you want to fulfill this hobby of yours, then you will not be able to stop yourself from taking orders.

Highlight Features of Arcaea Game

  • Music Library:- A distinctive quality of this game is its music library.
  • Two play types: There are two distinct type of games in Arcaea.
  • Level of song :-Inside the song you will also find different difficulty levels.
  • Story Mode:- Story mode have 60 different chapters.

Playing experience in Arcaea Game

In this game you have to touch all the notes that are dropped from the screen. Try to touch all the notes to get as many points as possible. The biggest feature of this game is its music collection with make it highly commendable. This is an excellent fun  game highly recommended to play.

#4. MELOBEAT – Awesome Piano & MP3 Rhythm Game

Best Online Rhythm Game for Android

Melobeat is a very interesting online rhythm game. In this game we integrate melody and beat.You have to hit very carefully otherwise you will lose hit points.You have to hit very carefully otherwise you will lose hit points.

You have to hit very carefully otherwise you will lose hit points. This game will give you real piano playing experience. You will feel like making mistakes when playing offbeat.

Highlight Features of Melobeat Game

  • Modes:- This game have multiple modes – easy, normal and crazy.
  • Song:- This game contained many songs of different genres. Each month 30 new songs are added. You can also play game with your own choice of song. 
  • Customize Gameplay:- You have many options to customize gameplay.

Playing experience in Melobeat Game

This game requires some setup to be done. First of all you have to Download Melobeat Awesome Piano & MP3 Rhythm Game APK file and install it using in your phone. Now enjoy playing this game. This game runs on a bigger screen and have very low battery requirement. All the function working smooth and provide best playing experience.

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#5. Cytoid: A Community Rhythm Game

Best Rhythm Game for Android

Cytoid is the free rhythmic game for android and is an open source game in which you can create, shape and play your own level. It is equipped with a magnificent variety of music genres to enjoy a distinct range of gameplay.

By using the score leaderboard, you get connected to other players.It is a very interesting game you should definitely try once. This game is available in 14 native languages including english. This game has higher calibrated music.

Highlight Features of Cytoid Game

  • Redesigned UI:- It is very easy to navigate as it has a redesigned UI.
  • Built in Community:- You will be able to download 4000+ user levels without leaving this game.
  • Rating System:- There is a redefined rating system that tests your rhythm spirit and ensures you compete with the best. Unlockable characters help you along the game journey.

Playing experience in Cytoid Game

This game runs on PC as well as android. if you want to play on PC, you have to download an emulator after that search for the Cytoid: A community Rhythm game App and install it. This game has very interesting features. A community rhythm game is now available on your laptop screen and start enjoying this fantastic game.

#6. Tiles Hop: EDM Rush

Free Rhythm Game for Android

Tiles Hop is one of the best music rhythm games for android. In this game the player takes a tiny ball and makes it jump over a floating platform from one to another.The more platforms you cover, the more points you get. This is a very simple game system for android. 

In this, you have to press the screen for a long time otherwise the ball will fall down.You have to swipe up on the screen to avoid the ball falling down.In this game the movement of the ball has to be synced with the melody of the music.

Highlight Features of Tiles Hop Game

  • Control:- There is one touch control inside this game
  • Song:- There are 30 songs in this game.
  • Backgroud:- There will be 20 different types of backgrounds in this game which are very interesting. For this game you can connect to Facebook and also share your record with your friends.

Playing experience in Tiles Hop Game

This is a very easy game which can be played by anyone with less experience. Its graphics are very attractive. Very little storage is required for this game which makes it very user-friendly.

#7. Lanota – Dynamic & Challenging Music Game

Android Rhythm Games

Lanota is one of the best Android rhythm game. Your task in this game is to tap the notes coming from the rotating circular playing field. If you tap these notes again and again at the wrong time you will have to start the game again.

In this game, we keep flicking with both our hands across the screen.  The latter stage is very entertaining.  There are sometimes very tense phases throughout the game.

Highlight Features of Lanota Game

  • Unique Music:- The game has a long list of songs and a great variety of music styles.
  • Modes:- There are two modes in this game , “Tune” and “Purify”.
  • Characters:- There are many attractive characters in this game such as Ritmo, Fisica, Nero and Rossa.

Playing experience in Lanota Game

The game has dynamism which makes it more effective than the static game.  But the moving playfield of this game makes it a bit difficult and stressful too. The audio and graphics of this game are very good and commendable.  Overall it is a very interesting and highly recommended game.

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#8. Smash Colors 3D – Beat Color Circles Rhythm Game

Best Rhythm Games for Android

Smash color 3D is a free rhythm online game. smash color 3D is a great game that involves trying to keep a ball in constant motion and keep it within the elements of the same color.

In this game, with the help of both your fingers, you will move forward by controlling the ball according to the elements on the way. As you progress in the game, you will face more challenges. it is one of the best rhythm games for android in India. Anyone can play this game online and offline, it is the best offline game for android.

Highlight Features of Smash Colors 3D Game

  • Graphics:- Smash Color 3D have a very commendable graphics.
  • Soundtrack :- The music of the game will get better as you progress in the game.
  • Simple Game:- The interface and controlling of this game is very simple.

Playing experience in Smash Colors 3D Game

Smash Colors 3D is a very easy game in which you just control with the fingers of both your hands. Songs playing during the game will never let you get bored. If you have a good understanding of music beats then you will find this game very exciting. So without waiting too long, start both the music and the game together.

Final Words

Most of the people also have an understanding of music, and they like it too. Now, what can be better than that both music and game come together. These best rhythm games are very easy to play and easy to control. So all the lovers must try the above mentioned games. These games do not require much expertise.

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