Top 10 Best Video Recording App for Android

Hello friends, if you face problems in recording video on your phone due to poor quality or bad camera settings, we recommend you to use video recording apps on your phone; Yes, if you record video through professional video recording apps, the video quality increases that’s why we are going to share some of the best video recording apps for Android that optimize the settings of your camera to do professional videography and Must provide high-quality video.

We all want our memories to be saved in the best possible and beautiful way. So for capturing these beautiful memories, we need the best shooting devices, but not all of us can afford those.

So, instead, we can use the best video recording apps that are easily available for our android phones. These help us to shoot amazing videos for our memories or our work purpose.

Also, if you are a beginner YouTuber and don’t have a camera then you can use these apps to record professional youtube videos.

Here is a list of top 10 best video recording apps for Android.

So, let’s start the article with a detailed review of the best video recording apps for Android.

Best Video Recording App for Android

In this post, we will review all the apps one by one and let you know highlighted features and pros and cons. All these video recording apps are available on the google play store; you can download these apps for free.

#1. Cinema FV 5 Lite App

Best Video Recording App

Cinema FV 5 lite is the best video recording app for android that helps the user gain an ultimate video-making experience just by using your android phone. It provides the user with all those properties that can be obtained in a camera, such as exposure, focus, light settings, etc.

This video shooting app is easily available on Play Store and can suit any android user. The user can use any audio and video type that he or she wants to use. Also, the sample rate and bit rate can be adjusted according to the user’s preference. 

Highlight Features of Cinema FV 5 Lite

  1. Change of Focus:  This app is the best video shooting app for android as it can change the focus automatically while shooting to give the user amazing results. The user can adjust the focus on one object according to his or her preference.
  2. Professional Shooting: The user doesn’t need any professional camera to shoot a wonderful video because this video making app has all the professional qualities of a camera.

Pros and Cons of Cinema FV 5 Lite


Easy to understand functioning.
Lite version is free
Opens fast
Record in 4K UHD


Portrait mode doesn’t work
Output is not as expected
The latest version is unstable

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#2. Open Camera App

Video Recorder App for Android

Open Camera is a top rated video shooting app for android with various features and qualities. It comes with an optional GPS location tagging. The user can avail many properties like light adjustment, exposure, focus bracketing mode, etc.

With all these kinds of properties, the app proves itself to be the best video recording app for users. It has noticeable volume keys and a user interface. Also, it is very convenient to shoot as there are no ads. The different modes and controls make this app more interesting.

Highlight Features of Open Camera

  • Controls: The app has a timer that gives the user an optional voice countdown. Also, the user can auto-repeat the video with the desired delay.
  • Modes: There are a variety of modes that allow the user to optimize the video accordingly. The app also has a low-light night mode that makes the shooting easy and clear during night-time.
  • Panorama: This video shooting app has a Panorama option for the back as well as the front camera.

Pros and Cons of Open Camera


Free to use App
No ads between shooting
Easy to use
Capture Unlimited photos and videos


Laggy video
Hard to change functions
Very slow open

#3. Footej Camera 2

Best Video Making App for Android

Among all the video making apps for android, Footej Camera 2 is considered to be the most easy-to-use app. But yet it is the powerful and best app for video shooting. The users can not only make videos but also make animated GIFs with the help of Footej Camera 2 app.

It has a bloat-free user interface. It has many options for exposure. The user can adjust the focus from any area 2 APIs of the android camera are used by this app. Also it is the best android app in 2021.

Highlight Features of Footej Camera 2

  • Shutter speed: The user can adjust the shutter speed manually or leave it to the app for the auto shutter speed. 
  • Exposure:  The user can give exposure from different areas of the android screen. 
  • Video Speed: The Footej Camera app allows the user to make slow-motion videos. Also, the user can take snapshots while recording the video. 
  • Amazing Modes: The burst mode is one of the main features of this android video recorder app. The user can capture amazing videos with the help of this model.

Pros and Cons of Footej Camera 2


Noise reduction feature
A great alternative to the stock camera.
Easy to use
Quick response
The picture quality is decent


Does not support a wide-angle lens
Lags too much while changing from portrait to landscape
Limited setting options
Panorama error

#4. Timestamp Camera Free App

Best Video Recording App

Timestamp Camera is one of the best video recording apps for Android. It adds a watermark of time & location to the picture and videos while capturing it. You can easily capture photos and videos through this app.

The time watermark which this app adds to the picture is accurate for up to milliseconds. It supports video capturing with & without audio. It is easily compatible with battery saver mode. It auto adds the location and GPS on the pictures and videos.

Highlight Features of Timestamp Camera

  • Timestamp: You can add a timestamp in you at 7 positions: top left, top center, top right, bottom left, bottom center, bottom right, center. 
  • Customization: It has 61 timestamp formats. You can also change the font, font color, font sizes, etc. 
  • Display features: You can display maps or map locations. You can also add text and emojis to the camera.
  • Resolution: You can change the resolution of your captures as you desire.

Pros and Cons of Timestamp Camera


Can click pictures while recording
Compass and map also available
Easy to use
Time, date, and location stamp available


Does not support 16:9 resolution
Bit lagging
Unable to enter text

#5. Camera MX App

Video Recording App for Android

Camera MX offers every android phone irrespective of their manufacturers a full-fledged camera app. Android users will find it to be one of the greatest video capturing apps available. You can not only click pictures and videos but you can also edit them in Camera MX.

You can change contrast, brightness, saturation, and color temperature for your photos and videos. You can also crop & scale your pictures and videos to resize them. You can also shorten your videos with a video trimmer tool. over all Camera MX is the best video recording app.

Highlight Features of Camera MX

  • High-Quality: Support of all resolutions and ratios your camera allows, fine-tuned autofocus, Auto Optimization, and HDR for high-quality photos in low light situations.
  • Next Level Video Recording: You can Pause your video recordings at any time and apply video cuts in real-time. Timelapse & slow-motion video recording.
  • Effect & Filter Camera: Hand-picked selection of beautiful camera filters like Kaleidoscope camera effect, Mirror camera effects for selfies, Pencil and sketch drawing effects, Colour Splash effect, Little Planet effect.

Pros and Cons of Camera MX


Timer for delayed shots
Selfie flash available
Video Quality is great
Adjustable filters


New update crashes on old phones
Sometimes crashes
Does not work on Android 11

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#6. Quick Video Recorder App

Best Video Recording App for Android

Quick Video recorder allows you to record video with a single click, as well as enable/disable camera shutter noises and view previews of your recordings.

It also has an easy-to-use one-click Video Recorder shortcut/widget & support for multiple languages, continuous recording even when your screen is off, and scheduled recording.

It also supports night mode and you enable & disable stutter sounds at your convenience. It also stops recording when device storage is low. It is an amazing video recording app for Android.

Highlight Features of Quick Video Recorder

  • Scheduled Recorder: You can schedule the camera to record the videos at specific times. 
  • Camera features: It supports both front and back cameras. It also has a Dash Camera Mode. 
  • Multiple languages: It supports almost 15 different languages including English, Polish, Turkish, French, Arabic, etc.
  • Editing: You can trim the videos after you record them. It also supports auto white balancing with multiple advanced options. 

Pros and Cons of Quick Video Recorder


Well-coded app
Free to use App
No ads between shooting
Quick video editing tools
Can records video secretly


The Recording limit is 30 minutes
The File size limit is 4GB
Sometimes there are recording glitches

#7. Professional HD Camera App

Best Video Recording Camera App

Professional HD Camera is a wholly featured camera with a professional shooting function. It is the best video recording app for Android. This HD camera is free. The Pro model of the HD camera provides detailed settings for you, such as ISO, SCE, AF.

Professional HD camera gives you the best brand-new professional shooting experience. It also has a countdown timer to click delayed photos. You can also use your phone’s volume key for clicking pictures.

Highlight Features of Professional HD Camera

  • Professional Adjustment: ISO: you can change the sensitivity of ISO to suit a particular scene, including insides or outdoors be it bright or dark, SCE: it is ideal for the night, party, sports, sunset, White Balance: you can adjust fluorescent, daylight, twilight, cloudy, etc with the tools.
  • Personalized Editings:
    • Filters: There are 34 beauty filters in this camera namely 
    • Border: It is possible to choose from 18 different styles of frames to enhance the appearance of your images.
    • Adjustment: You can crop, rotate, straighten, mirror, draw on your captures, remove red eyes.

Pros and Cons of Professional HD Camera


Best HDR quality
Various modes available
Easy to use
Autofocus available


Lags too much
Fails to save in SD card
Poor flash photo quality

#8. HD Video Recorder App

Best Video Shooting App

High Definition Video Recorder (HDVR) is a free and best video recording app for Android. A smooth and clear video recording is made possible thanks to this tool. HD video recorder has a variety of features such as video capture, video recorder, and video editor.

It is free, without any in-app purchases. HD Video Recorder also allows you to record videos in background mode. You can even record video while the screen of your phone is a turn-off. Android users will find it to be the best video recording app.

Highlight Features of HD Video Recorder

  • Video Features: It has three modes i.e., camera, panorama, and video feature. 
  • Timer & Shutter: It has the feature of a timer for delayed photos and a silent shutter. It supports both front and back cameras for capturing. 
  • No sound: The HD video recorder can record the videos with no sound. 
  • HD Quality: The HD video recorder supports Video Full HD (1920×1080). 
  • SMS recording: You can also Record the video by sending SMS.

Pros and Cons of HD Video Recorder


Record during a phone call
High-quality video
Easily accessible features
Good features


The file size limit is 4GB
Windows pop while recording
Too many ads

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#9. Pro Cam X-lite App

Best Video Recording App

Pro Cam X-lite is the best video recording app. Pro Cam X-lite transforms your phone into a professional camera, with controls for exposure, focus, ISO, white balance, and more, this will elevate your mobile photos to new heights.

You can capture the photo and even record your videos in high resolution. Pro Cam X-lite has all the complete features of professional camera packaged in a small compact size app with a clean interface.

Highlight Features of Pro Cam X-lite

  • DSLR Camera Features: DSLR camera feature to adjust the shutter speed. Manual Focus like DSLR HD camera and feature to choose manual ISO & Manual Exposure. 
  • Timer: Remote control (option of an audio countdown) timer (with configurable delay) with automatic repeat mode.
  • Use of volume keys: Adjustable volume keys (image to zoom receive or change the exposure compensation). Volume keys that can be customized to do rapid operations, such as az camera.

Pros and Cons of Pro Cam X-lite


Best for stop motion videos
Good controls
Quality is great
Control over settings


Processing is very slow
Crashes after 30-40 photos
No panorama option

#10. Video Maker App

Best Video Recording App for Android

Filmigo Video Maker is a very useful video editing tool to make amazing music videos and slideshows. You can trim up your video clips together and make memes from them easily. With few easy steps, you can combine a video with cool music, animation stickers, popular themes, special subtitles, and the latest transition.

It is one of the best video recording app for android users. You’ll look incredible and charismatic in the video. It also has many Gifs, emojis, and animated stickers which makes it easy and fun for users to use this app.

Highlight Features of Video Maker

  • Professional Editing Tool: Videomaker provides strong tools for you to reverse/duplicate/join and cut the clips. You can even merge images from your gallery and compress a video without losing quality.  
  • Trendy music: Flamingo video maker offers all the licensed trending music. You can even extract the music from any other video and use it in your video.
  • Unique themes: The flamingo video maker has Various exquisite themes and unique transitions to make the video more impressive.

Pros and Cons of Video Maker


Easy functions
Excellent for adding art
Easy to download
Capture Unlimited photos and videos


Too many ads
Sometimes videos are blurry

Final Words

The above-listed apps are a few of the best video recording apps for android. They have many professional camera features packed in compact size apps. The above apps suit the needs of most people regarding video camera recordings. They can avail the features of a professional camera on their phone without actually buying a professional camera.

We hope you like this review of these video recording apps. Now it’s your turn to pick the best app according to your requirements.

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