Top 10 Fascinating Boxing Games for Android

Hello Friends, if you are searching for free boxing games for android phones, then you are at the right place because here, we will share some of the best boxing games for android that can be played online and offline. Also, some games have multiplayer feature so that you can play easily with your friends and family.

Boxing is a world-renowned sport with a history that goes back centuries. It’s not just any sport; it’s an honour for bodybuilders. the Boxing Games have been popular for decades, and there are no signs of their popularity waning.

In fact, more and more people seem to be warming up to play boxing games as mobile video games in the 20th century. There are so many best boxing games for smartphones and tablets.

We have selected the top 10 boxing games for you that you should play if you like online multiplayer boxing games.

So, let’s start the review of these best free boxing games for android.

Best Boxing Games for Android

In this post, we are going to review the top 10 best boxing games for Android. People’s interest towards mobile gaming has increased after the pandemic, so they search for the most suitable video games to get rid of boredom.

Throughout the review, we will share the complete detail regarding these games. Also, we will share the unique features of these games and the playing experience for better understanding.

#1. EA Sports UFC

Best Boxing Game For Android

EA Sports UFC is one of the best boxing games for android that contains over 70 MMA fighters, a detailed career mode and challenging “fight night” showdowns. It also includes all the best fighters from the UFC.

It is on No.1 in our list of top 10 boxing games. EA Sports UFC boxing game is one of the best android games in 2021 because it has the unique concept of fighting with another boxer.

Highlight Features of EA Sports UFC

  • 70 MMA Fighters: The game contains 65 MMA fighters and five legends of the sport.
  • Knock Mode: This one of the best multiplayer boxing games also features a special mode called Knockout Mode. In this mode, players knock out opponents by tapping on them.
  • New Fighters: The roster is constantly updated with new fighters so you don’t have to worry about your favorite fighter being left out of EA Sports UFC.

Playing Experience in EA Sports UFC

Electronic Arts announces the release of EA Sports UFCthe best fighting game for android. This is an epic battle of mixed martial arts, where players can fight in real-life venues or create their own MMA world. The graphics are realistic and the playing experience is really good.

#2. Punch Boxing 3D

Best Multiplayer Boxing Game

Punch Boxing 3D is second game in the list of top 10 boxing games , it is an arcade-style boxing game that has been designed to provide a high level of entertainment and realistic graphics.

This one of the best boxing games game features different modes of play for casual players and hardcore gamers with the ability to compete in tournaments.

Highlight Features of Punch Boxing 3D

  • Combos: With this game, you can punch at a speed of 180 pounds per second, and even do combos to get more points.
  • Trainer Mode: The game also includes a trainer mode that will teach you how to play!
  • Realistic: It is one of the Best boxing games for android for all those who love boxing, since it is designed to be like the real thing.

Playing Experience in Punch Boxing 3D

Punch Boxing 3D is an arcade boxing game where you can enjoy the thrill of being a professional boxer and fight against players. It’s playing experience as it is also one of the multiplayer boxing games.

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#3. Real Steel Boxing Champions

Best Boxing Game For Android

Real Steel Boxing is a boxing game that can be played by two or more players as it is one of the online multiplayer boxing games. The player controls a robot and runs on a platform with one button for punching, another for dodging. 

the game is based on the Real Steel movie, which is the most famous Hollywood Robot fighting movie. It is one of the best online multiplayer games for android.

Highlight Features of Real Steel Boxing

  • Two Characters: You can play as either Charlie Kenton or Max Kenton in the single player campaign.
  • Upgrade Robot Parts: where each fight you win will earn you money to upgrade your robot with new parts.
  • Online Multiplayer Boxing Games: Multiplayer matches are also available for 1-4 players.

Playing Experience in Real Steel Boxing

The playing experience of this Real Steel game was tremendous and exciting, and it is one of the best boxing games. the game is impressive and unique as in it you are a robot, and you have to fight with other robots. The gameplay is fun and memorable.

#4. Boxing Star

Best Multiplayer Boxing Game

Boxing Star is the fourth game in the list of the top 10 boxing games, and it comes with cartoon graphics. You can do boxing with another boxer and hit your name to the top of the World Boxing Association.

To win the title, train hard and fight for glory and Knockout your opponents in a variety of locations and win.

Highlight Features of Boxing Star

  • Several Players & Arenas: With tons of boxers, gear, and arenas to choose from, you’ll have hours of intense fun.
  • Cartoon Graphics: The incredible cartoon graphics paired with realistic physics make this game a must have for any boxing fan.
  • Story Mode: There is also a story mode in this one of the best boxing games free.

Playing Experience in Boxing Star

Boxing Star is one of the Best Boxing Games for Android and for those who love boxing games. It has cartoon graphics that make the playing experience great and fun. 

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#5. Real Boxing 2 

Best Online Multiplayer Boxing Game

Real Boxing 2 is one of the best free boxing games, that’s free from the same old boxing games. With this game, you can enjoy different modes like career mode and challenge fighters.

You can also have fun with mini games such as darts, etc. if you want some action then try this game one, it is one of the best action game for android. 

Highlight Features of Real Boxing 2

  • Realistic: Real Boxing 2 game is designed to be responsive, realistic and challenging.
  • Challenge Fighters: You can challenge fighters, play  mini games or train players to be the next champion.
  • Online Multiplayer Boxing Games: There is also a multiplayer mode with which you can connect with your friends and fight.

Playing Experience in Real Boxing 2

Real boxing 2 is the best boxing game as the graphics of it are realistic and the user interface is also good, that is why the playing experience of this boxing game is great. 

#6. Real Punch Boxing Games: Kickboxing Super Star

Best Boxing Game For Android

Real Punch Boxing Games is one of the Best boxing games for android that will let you experience the excitement and thrill of boxing. This game is not only fun to play but it offers you the chance to be part of the action!

It can be played offline and it is the best offline game, so, you don’t need internet to play Real Punch game.

Highlight Features of Real Punch Boxing

  • Select Fighter: You will be able to choose your favorite fighter and take on the world’s best kickboxing champions. 
  • Damage System: The game also features an intuitive control scheme and an advanced damage system that reflects how hard you hit your opponent.
  • Easy To Learn Controls: The gameplay is easy to learn, even for boxing beginners.

Playing Experience Real Punch Boxing

The playing experience of Real Punch Boxing Games is amazing as it consists of several tournaments and realistic graphics. Also one of the best things is that it contains several best boxing games, which means it has mini games too, that you can play and win in game money. 

#7. World Boxing Challenge

Top Rated Boxing Game Free

World Boxing Challenge is the Best boxing game for android, an arcade boxing game that lets you create your own boxer, train and challenge other fighters from around the world. The game features a simple but challenging gameplay, addictive score-chasing gameplay and a lot of customization options.

Highlight Features of World Boxing Challenge

  • Create Boxing Avatar: World Boxing Challenge is the boxing game free  that helps players to get their boxing avatar to fight against their opponents.
  • Customize Boxers: The game allows players to create up to 10 different styles for their boxers.
  • Tournament mode: In tournament mode you can challenge other fighters and start boxing with them. 

Playing Experience in World Boxing Challenge

It is one of the top 10 boxing games, that is a 3D boxing game. The graphics are HD and you will get a lot of features in this game. So, the playing experience of this game is great as you can challenge other boxers and also can play with your friends. 

#8. Boxing- Fight Clash

Best Boxing Game For Android

Boxing: Fight Clash is a realistic android boxing game and also it is one of the Best boxing games for android with lifelike graphics and sound. Knockout your opponent with one powerful punch to the head or one swift kick. Fight for the championship belt in this fast-paced, heavyweight boxing game!

Highlight Features of Boxing- Fight Clash

  • Realistic Experience: The game has various features and modes to offer the players, which give them a realistic experience of virtual boxing.
  • Online Multiplayer Boxing Games: There is also a multiplayer mode in this Boxing – Fight Clas game. You can do boxing with your friends anywhere, anytime.
  • Character Customization: You can also customize your boxer character in this one of the Best Boxing Games For Android.

Playing Experience in Boxing- Fight Clash

The gameplay is designed to be as close to the real thing as possible, with sound effects and quality graphics. The playing experience is good and you will not get bored playing this boxing game.

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#9. Kick Boxing Games: Boxing Gym Training Master

Top Rated Boxing Game Free

Kick Boxing Game is the best way to take out your aggressions and feel like a true warrior. It is one of the boxing games free.

With a variety of opponents, you can challenge yourself and get fit while beating your opponent. In this game, you get many game modes like classic and knockout modes. Also, this game can be played offline.

Highlight Features of Kick Boxing Game

  • Classic Elements: The game features all the classic elements of boxing such as power, defense, and speed which are all essential to become a champion boxer.
  • Classic Mode: In Classic Mode, players can fight against a computer-controlled character in a single round.
  • Knockout Mode: In Knockout Mode, players need to knock out their opponents within three rounds.

Playing Experience in Kick Boxing Game

Kick Boxing Game has multiple game modes that you can play. In the Classic Mode, you will fight against 5 opponents and try to knock them out with power punches and combos. There are also several modes, so playing this boxing game is great.

#10. Tag Team Boxing Game: Kickboxing Fighting Games

Best Online Multiplayer Boxing Game

Tag Team Boxing Game is the last boxing game in the list of top 10 boxing games. It is a game for two players. You can choose between five boxers. Once you have selected your fighter, you will be in the ring.

The player who knocks out their opponent first wins the match! but you need to make a proper strategy to win the match.

Highlight Features of Tag Team Boxing Game

  • Two Tag Teams: Tag Team Boxing is a full-featured boxing game with two tag teams of characters.
  • Customize Characters: You can customize the name, appearance, and abilities of each character.
  • Realistic: The graphics and the boxing of this Tag Team Boxing Game is realistic. That is why it is one of the Best boxing games for android.

Playing Experience in Tag Team Boxing Game

The playing experience of Tag Team Boxing Game is realistic and amazing. You can punch, kick and do several moves to defeat your enemies. You can also customize your boxer character. So the gameplay is great.

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Final Words 

So, these are the handpicked and one of the Best Boxing Games For Android that you should play if you are the hardcore fan of boxing and wants to play some of the best boxing games in your spare time.

There are also some online multiplayer boxing games and free games listed in the above list of best boxing games. So, select any game, download and play with your friends. 

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