Top 12 Super Exciting Racing Games for Android

Hello Friends, if you desire to play racing games on your phone, you are at the right place because here we will share some of the best racing games for android that never bore you. Also, we will share the unique features and playing experience for better understanding.

Racing games are most popular and demanding video games in which the player participates in a racing competition. They could be based on anything from real-life racing leagues to fantastical locations. They are divided into two categories: realistic racing simulations and fantasy arcade-style racing games.

There are general rules to follow when playing racing video games. You must know how to handle your car and know which racing game you play smoothly.

Here, we have listed some of the best racing games for android in 2021.

So, let us start the review of the best racing games for android.

Best Racing Games for Android in 2021

In this post, we are going to review some of the best racing games for android that are available on the play store and are free to play.

#1. Asphalt-9 Legend

Asphalt 9 Legend logo
Best Racing Games for Android in 2021

Asphalt 9 is known as the Asphalt 9 legend game, which is the best car racing game for Android, and the fantastic game was developed and brought to light by Gameloft Barcelona, and the Asphalt series games were published by Gameloft. 

The game was released on July twenty-five in the year 2018. Also, this game is the ninth main installment in the asphalt series. The different modes of playing this game are single-player video games and multiplayer video games

Highlight Features of Asphalt-9 Legend

  1. Improved visuals: This feature allows or involves a newer and clearer visual display for token and credit rewards. Also, this game has a new feature known as speaking of visuals.
  2. Upgraded controls: This feature involves how to add more cars to the garage, also about career missions, upgrade about the daily event, control of free card packs.
  3. The larger customization: This feature enables players to change the appearance of their cars. Customization is solely for cosmetic purposes and has no bearing on performance.

Playing Experience in Asphalt-9 Legend

This game has different features because of which it is loved by most of the players. Also, Asphalt 9 legends are the latest entrant in the series and are considered the best game of the Asphalt series.

It is one of the most popular car racing games on the market and one of the best racing games in India. The graphics and gameplay feel very smooth, and you can play this game at high FPS.

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#2. Street Racing 3D

Street Racing 3D logo
Best Car Racing Game in India

Street racing 3D is a free racing game because of which it is played the most. This fantastic game is a simple racing game that will appeal to anybody familiar with the genre.

It has options of various cars, with all different strengths and weaknesses. This game was published by Ivy, and the Android users play this game easily. It is the Best multiplayer racing game on our list.

Highlight Features of Street Racing 3D

  1. Different levels: This game has different levels according to your capability of playing. One can choose the level of their interest and can also modify the easiness or the hardness of the game.
  2. Race tracks: This feature helps you to different game modes that will show one their driving skills and also show them off to rivals also the best racing games for android
  3. Daily challenges: Through this feature one will get rewards that can be used to improve one’s cars. 

Playing experience in Street Racing 3D

This game is the best racing game and is suitable for Android users. This game has fantastic features, excellent graphics, and anyone can play this game for free.

Also, there have easy to the hard level so anyone can choose the level of their interests. Moreover, this game has different cars according to which can earn coins and update the racing car.

#3. Need for Speed- No Limit

Need for Speed logo
Best Car Racing Game For Android

The well known and Famous pc game and Play Station game Need for Speed. The good news is now this racing game is available for iOS and Android platforms; it is a mobile version of the Need for Speed franchise.

Need for Speed was developed by fire monkeys studios and is available for free and the game published by the electronic arts. The game was launched On September 30, 2015. It is the best racing game for android.

Highlight Features of Need for Speed

  1. Different modes: This feature enables one to play a single-player video game, a multiplayer racing game. So one can play the game as a single-player also and with friends as well.
  2. The racing events: There are 900 race events, and players can continue through the stages by climbing 100 levels.
  3. Upgrading cars: There is a lot of focus on updating cars for more power and performance and also a lot of accessories to splurge on.

Playing experience in Need for Speed

This is an arcade game, and Anyone can play with a multi-player. And also, this is the best racing game for Android users. Anyone can enjoy the game and simply earn points and buy a new car or items. There is straightforward gameplay control.

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#4. Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer logo
Best Racing Game for Android

Traffic racer is a fantastic racing game. If you want to drive on a highway full of traffic, then this game is suitable for you. It has more than fifteen different vehicles that are controlled with your android touchscreen gestures. The publisher of this game is Soner kara. The game is initially released on 26 September 2012. It is the top-rated and Best Games For Android in 2021.

Highlight Features of Traffic Racer

  • Stunning 3D graphics: There is a detailed environment such as suburb, desert, and city night. Also, there is more different graphic. 
  • Smooth and realistic car handling: car racing on very especially multiple designed speed track 
  • 4 games modes: There are different games mode all with amazing features and one can play with any mode depending on their interest. The best multi-player racing games 

Playing experience in Traffic Racer

This is an amazing game with many features, and the game is also smooth to play, and one can play with different game modes and their unique characteristics. The Traffic Racer is a fun racing game with outstanding graphics.

#5. Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider logo
Best Bike Racing Game

Traffic Rider is the most popular bike racing game in India. As a first-person driver in Traffic Rider, you ride the motorcycle and plough through traffic at full speed.

The tracks of this game are, as always, particularly straight vertical highways. This game has a great high-quality simulation experience. It is a free game for playing, and it has the large collection of luxury motorbikes.

Highlight Features of Traffic Rider

  • 20 motorbikes: There are different motorbikes according to the game level and all the motorbikes are different from each other and have different functions 
  • Day-night variations: This feature provides different environments while playing on different time modes. Depending on the time playing the feature changes it’s the environment.
  • Career mode: The career mode feature enables to fix missions for ahead gaming activities and there are around 40 Plus Missions.

Playing experience in Traffic Rider

This is an amazing game with multiple features. Also, this game can be played on various platforms like Android, iOS, windows, and more. This game is the best racing game in India.

The game had unique characteristics because of which it is loved by most racing game users. Also, the game is smooth to play and easy to understand.

#6. Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 logo
Best Car Racing Game For Android

Asphalt 8 airborne is a 2013 racing game most properly known as the asphalt 8 game. The game is developed by Gameloft as a part of the asphalt series. The game was first released on 22 August in the year 2103 which can be used on platforms like iOS and Android.

The game was also released on 13 November for windows 8 and windows phone 8. This series from asphalt is a multiplayer game. Anyone can play this game with other users.

Highlight Features of Asphalt 8

  • Brand new engine: This feature enables the user to race through, off bridges, down embankments.
  • Speed feature: This feature enables the user to modify the speed and allows them to perform dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts.
  • Common features: This game delivers on the fast-paced, high flying action that makes the arcade racing game fun

Playing experience in Asphalt 8

This game is the most popular and also one of the best asphalt series for Android users. It is the best racing game that can play offline. The Asphalt 8 game from the asphalt series had one of the best cars and also amazing features.

Also, It the best multiplayer car racing game. it has various luxury cars that can be used in racing and the graphics and cars design looking awsome.

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#7. Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt Nitro logo
Famous Car Game For Android

This is one of the best racing games of the asphalt series and is known for its features. The Asphalt nitro game was released on 15 May. The developer of the Asphalt nitro game is Gameloft.

The genre of the asphalt nitro game is racing video games. also, the asphalt nitro game can be played on various platforms such as Android and java.

The best part of this game is that u can play it even without having an internet connection. Anyone can play the asphalt nitro game entirely offline after installing it.

Highlight Features of Asphalt Nitro

  • Availability of many cars: The asphalt nitro game from the asphalt series is well known for its availability of different cars all with different features.
  • Adrenaline mode: For a limited time, the asphalt nitro increases the player’s car speed.
  • Nitro shockwave: As soon as the player hits twice on the nitro button with a full nitro bar, a purple pulse is emitted from the vehicle, causing it to accelerate.

Playing experience in Asphalt Nitro

The Asphalt nitro game can be played by anyone and has amazing features and cars. The best part of the game is that the asphalt nitro game can be played offline once installed.

The game is the best car racing game for android users. Also, the steps to play the games are easy and the game is very smooth to play and the best multiplayer racing game.

#8. Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 logo
Animated Car Racing Game

Hill climb racing game is a free-to-play racing game. This is an amazing game with a mixture of dozens of cars with amazing features and designs and also with many variants of tracks that have attracted users and players.

This hill climb racing part 2 has several amazing characters which can be customized or modified at your fingertips. The hill climb racing game was first released on 6 October 2016. The developer of the game is fingersoft. 

Highlight Features of Hill Climb Racing 2

  • Types of vehicles: This game has several variants in vehicles and all have different features and of which the best is the supercar.
  • The play and earn: This game is very famous for its simple method of playing that is the player can earn while driving over the hilly region and can spend those coins on buying the updated car 
  • Platforms to play: This game can be played on platforms like android, iOS, Microsoft, windows, windows phones.

Playing experience in Hill Climb Racing 2

The best part of this game is that the game can be played by all the age groups, not only the teenage groups but also the small kids can also play this game because of its withstand simple features. There is nothing better than a hill climb racing game. It is the Best car racing Game for android in 2021.

#9. Real Bike Racing

Real Bike Racing logo
Best Bike Racing Game

The Real Bike Racing game is free to play racing game and is also known as the bike simulator game by Italy games. On more than 10 superbikes, you’ll be able to compete against computer opponents on a variety of different tracks.

The real bike racing game is published by Italic games. The real bike racing game can be performed by Android users and it is the best racing game for Android users and small kids and teenagers.

Highlight Features of Real Bike Racing

  • The 3D environment of the game: This is the feature because of which the game has attracted users from all over the world. This feature enables different environments with different designs and colors.
  • The smooth and realistic controls: The game had a very simple way of playing, it has some specific areas to tap on, and once played it becomes smooth for next time.
  • Boosting speed feature: This is the feature that allows modifying your speed when requiring and playing the game softly.

Playing experience in Real Bike Racing

This game is mostly loved by all the users once installed. The game is the best racing game for android users and can be played with anyone because of its amazing and easy features. Such kind of games is good for small kids.

Also with the variants in cars, one can earn and play. Real Bike Racing is most demanding Racing games for android.

#10. Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing 2 logo
Best Buggy Racing Game

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is an island adventure game and beach buggy racing is a full action-packed game. The game has split-screen competition and a customized game rule. The game was launched on December 18th, 2018.

The developer of the beach buggy racing 2 games is the vectors unit. The game can be played on various platforms like Android, iOS, Microsoft, and many more platforms.

The genre of this game is the racing video game, action games. Beach Buggy Racing 2 is one of the Best car racing games in India.

Highlight Features of Beach Buggy Racing 2

  • Wheel championship: with this feature one can win and earn trophies. The feature is also called the hot wheel championship.
  • Adventure mode: one can explore a massive map tour once the user has reached the mentioned level in the game.
  • Game crafting: The user can customize their own game rules according to their interests and can save them for later battles.

Playing experience in Beach Buggy Racing 2

The game is loved by all the users. It is the best racing game for android users. The beach buggy racing game can be played on various platforms and it is also simple to play because of its simple and easy methods and ways of playing.

#11. Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing logo
Top Rated Car Racing Game

Rebel Racing is the best android racing game. It has realistic driving, market-leading graphics, real-world licensed cars. Now you cam mud and mayhem at Pine River Valley in the new season 4 of Revel Racing.

To win the Rebel Racing competition, you’ll have to collect, personalize and enhance a fleet of real-world classics and amazing supercars. It is America’s most exclusive racing event with the world’s elite players. You can play at stunning west coast locations.

Highlight Features of Rebel Racing

  • Classic cars: Own real-world licensed supercars and custom classics
  • Customize: Create your customized cars
  • Graphics: Take on the world’s best drivers In wheel to wheel action. Latest graphics and FX
  • Experience: Race real-world licensed cars and experience amazing driving moments
  • New Vehicles on pass prizes: Porsche 959 Dakar – Rebel Pass Prize and Porsche 928 – Clubs Season Prize

Playing experience in Rebel Racing

It is the best road racing game for android. The controls are right on point and the graphics of the game are amazing. The high-speed races are spectacular. To play it, you’ll have a great time. You can compete with a lot of elite players head to head.

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#12. GT Racing 2

GT Racing 2 logo
Best Car Racing Game For Android

GT Racing 2 is the best multiplayer racing game for android. No game provides you with a more realistic racing simulator than GT Racing 2.

It is the most real-life stimulates car racing game with over 71 licensed cars on 13 tracks, including some amazing cars like the real Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

You can improve your skills by competing in over 1400 events like knockouts, duels, overtakes, etc. The game has super-amazing collections of real cars from over 30 manufacturers.

Highlight Features of GT Racing 2

  • Amazing challenges each week: There are 28 new challenges. You can improve your driving skills & can win a new car for free.
  •  Vivid cars: A superb collection of real-life licensed cars like Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Ford, Nissan, Audi, and more.
  • Different tracks: The time of day and weather conditions of the asynchronous channels in GT Gaming 2 vary.
  • No costs: There are no repair costs or any time taken for the cars to be repaired.

Playing experience in GT Racing 2

The overall gameplay, graphics, controls, cars, views, maps, and mechanics is breathtaking. It contains many expensive, fastest, and breathtaking cars including Lamborghini, Buggati, Mazda, Audi, W motors, Ferrari, and many more. The gameplay is amazing and enjoyable to play. All these things makes It is the best multiplayer road racing game to play.

Final Words

We hope you like this review of the Best racing games for Android, all the games are free to play, and you can download all these games from The google play store. These racing games fill your requirement of racing in the virtual world. Now, it’s your turn to pick your favourite racing game from the list and play as you wish.

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